The Beowulf

I was once a man happy and free.

Doing work day by day, being a good person.

Having friends, having family, it's like all's fine with the world.

Yet, one terrible day an army of invaders struck my home in destruction and fear, none survived except for me.

Before I left my home behind I buried all of my neighbors in this grave.

Now I said farewell to my home and went to the forest.

Then I trained, seeking revenge for those I love.

I even made a weapon to finish them all.

But my enemies were different; on that day when day invaded I left to do an errand.

On the time I came back, it's like war befallen upon us.

By the looks of what happened after it was destroyed the most thing that receive more damage was the store house where the people's weapons are stored making them defenseless and hopeless, the bad part is that I was too late to come and help them. All I can do is watch by and do nothing.

My enemies are too great to even be defeated by a single man, even how much I trained and how strong my weapon is I might fail to take my revenge so I seek power in exchange for my soul.

The one who answered my call is the Demon lord and he gave me the power to destroy my enemies and in return my soul will not be taken but for my whole life I will suffer as a servant of his and never go to the afterlife. I accepted it even how painful it is I can live with it there is no one who I can return to now.

In the rise of dawn, I took the form of a Lycan but bigger and stronger than any other even my weapon turned into a gauntlet and shoes that are made out of unknown element.

My enemies were no match for me, one after another I killed them taking my revenge, blood was splattered throughout the battle field and some of them even tried to escape my wrath but in the end they are killed by me.

I yelled out a loud roar signaling my victory, and then rain came in and washes out my tears that I have been holding for a few months after my home was destroyed.

Then I said to myself, "My family and friends I have accomplished my task and took my revenge for you now I hope you all rest in peace for we will never see each other again."

After the rained stop I turned back to my human form and made a cross signifying there death and my new name in grave in it. My name was once "Biost the peacemaker" but now my new name is "Beowulf the avenger". I wrote along these words at the grave. "May this name be known to those who destroyed the homes of others for I will track you down and kill you. "

Then I walk along the shadows, talking to myself to never knowing if I will come back to this world, and then vanished in the midst of the darkness.

Note from the storyteller:

That story is a short story I came up with during break time and have think about it a lot and I finally decided to make this story. Take note that this story is a "bad end" and must never be done to anyone and to those who seek revenge. You must forgive people so that you can live on and continue your life. No one should trade their souls to anyone for power and for revenge it only makes things even more horrible that it will continue on and justice will not be seek. Beowulf took the direct path of life before the tragedy but he took the indirect path in exchange for revenge now he will suffer the loneliness of the darkness and forever be the avenger. Hope you all like the story and thank you for reading it.