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Storyteller's note: It's been a while and I still don't have a good man who is good at criticism. A bit heartbroken here because the original story line was deleted last month and I have to make up for it here somehow. By the way there is going to be a new comrade for our protagonist here so let me introduce her for the while with a background short story.

"I guess you can say our first encounter was a little violent and uneasy but as time passed I learned to live this life that was given to me. I was mad at first cause of the lost of someone dear to me but when he came and told me everything that happened at the time he has seen my father he told me he was possessed. I didn't believe it at first but as I soon learned the truth I felt sorry for myself and the blames that my friend has endured over the times he had to suffer. Somehow I want to show my gratitude to him for saving my father from the dark deeds. I was surprised at first that he wants to say sorry to me because of his sin but I told him it's okay because my father is in peace now, yet he still continued of being sorry with a lot of expressions at his face, I laugh at those times because he was funny but at least the burdens he has been keeping our now settled at least a little. For now I am helping my friends reach their destination so that they can have a happy life like we are having now but it won't be long until we separate so until then I wish that our smiles will last until the day we say goodbye."

"Sorry that was a bit long."

Its ok I mean it's quite emotional for a short summary of your intro in the story.

"Really? That's good I was a bit worried about the intro."

"So that's how you've been feeling for us huh, and I thought you were quite lonely because of your lost."

"Bio…I mean Beowulf you have been there all along!!?"

"You've just notice now and I thought my presence can be easily seen by your killer like instincts and you still haven't gotten used to calling me by my real name huh."

"Well sorry I still haven't got used to calling you "Beowulf" yet so it's kind of hard for me."

"It's okay as long as you try."

Alright you two enough introduction your making this too long for us so go back to the story. Oh and by the way Beowulf your 2nd job "avenger" will not be seen until the tournament day okay. So you will be using your 1st job "carpenter" in the tournament okay.

"Isn't that what really happened during that time?"

Oh shoot I gave a snick peek at the next chapter anyway the story is composed of jobs that the characters can be achieved in certain conditions. The jobs are like ragnarok based games but a little different I will give you guys an illustration bio-data later at the end of the story. So here we go.

The time of something new

I never saw something this great in my whole entire life as a person and a carpenter. The way they made this building is amazing, the thing stands among other buildings but this one is different from the others that are mostly made of wood and cement but this one is made out of stone, brick, and wood along with cement. The future generation carpenters are very skillful these days must be a little nostalgic for me as a carpenter to see such a well made building.

Alexandra: Umm…. Biost we should get inside so that we can deliver these toys to the children.

Biost: So we go inside and have someone to guide us to the orphanage inside right?

Simon: Correct but you need to knock first before you go in its quite rude if you don't

Biost: (I believe that was an insult but I will stay silent for now) Ok I will do it now.



Biost: I think no one is inside better go in and…!!

I was interrupted by the sudden opening of the door that gave me a shock. A person came out of the door wearing black clothing that I don't know so this person's identity is unknown to me.

???: What do you seek Avenger-san?

Biost: What!!?

I was quite mystified on what she had just said but the avenger-san I can hear it loud and clearly. Maybe she knows my true identity

???: What do you come here for traveler?

Biost: (I swear I heard this person calling me avenger but is it just my imagination? Maybe the heat has gotten into me)

Simon: Can we come inside? We have some donations for the children.

???: You may come in. The orphanage is at the back of the church but we only allow two people at the back because of our reasons.

Alexandra: Is that so then Biost, me and Simon are going to deliver the presents while you stay here and have a historic review of the building I mean you have been admiring it for a while now.(She said with a smile to Biost)

Biost: Okay as long as it is delivered.(she was quite right I have been fascinated by the works of the youth's work of this place I almost forgot about what I was supposed to do here again.)

Simon: Ok we are going but don't go flirting with the nun okay. We will be right back. (He said sarcastically, I think I will punish him later for that)


OK now we face a two dimension panel here. It's between the nun and Beowulf and the delivery of the toys Alexandra and Simon the reason I am making less explanation is because the next things that are going to happen are kind of hard to explain in words. But in the next chapter it will be back to normal. By the way I will start with Alexandra then next Simon.


We had gotten to the back of the church and saw scenery unlike the outside of the town. An apple tree right next to a building that looks kind of old. We walked at the door and drop our presents at the side before opening the door.

"Okay Alexandra let's leave the bag of toys here while we talk to the person in charge." Simon said as I left the bag near the door step.

"Okay I will open it no-"I was interrupted by the sound of breaking wood. I feared the most of what would happen.

"You broke the doorknob!! This is not good, we will have to tell Biost about this later and repair it." Jeez this is a problem and I'm not much of a carpenter here.

"Well let's get in and inform the owner." I said with a nervous smile, things will get worse I'm feeling.

As we walked straight at the hall we saw a man cleaning the floors up and just as we were about to ask him the man suddenly told us this: "So do you need any assistance?" he asked I was a little shock for him to actually notice us as we were right behind him.

"Yes you see, we have come with a big bag of toys for the children so we need to tell the owner first." I got the feeling that Alexandra is quite shy talking to strangers after all we only just met.

"Oh is that so then go straight ahead and you will find a room where it is read the manager's office, knock first before you come inside ok the man is a little troublesome.

"Yes thank you very much and would you mind looking after the toys for us?" He might be a little busy for his work but I need to finish this quickly before something happens to the "playboy".

"Ok kid I will after all I just finished moping the floor."

"Thanks see you later."

We walked ahead and found the manager's office just as the janitor said. We knock at the door and we are greeted back with a come in, so we went in and was quite surprised about the mountains of paper around the office.

"So what brings you hear to our church and orphanage office hmm…?" The sound came straight from the desk of papers so we can't actually see him.

"We came here to give you the bags of toys that was won at the festival today." Alexandra said though I am still troubled of what the manager looks like.

"Oh is that so I'm really thankful. Here help yourselves with some coffee I made." He showed to us and was….. Well….

"Hmm…..? What you guys looking at? You guys seem like you saw a ghost?" Well that's not the reason. The real reason is...

"Um… Kid are you lost did your parents left you here?" Alexandra asked. Well that was taking it too far for being dense.

"Who are you calling kid!!" he said angrily.

"Sorry about that you see we thought that the owner was a little older." I said while trying not to make him even angrier.

"Oh is that so? Well it's alright I was always mistaken as a kid but I'm really a married adult and I even have a daughter about your age." He said though its really hard to believe, and the more convincing part of this reaction is the shock face of Alexandra.

"Well I forgot to introduce myself, I am Harvey Orichalcum* of the southern church and assistant manager of the orphanage and you are?"

"I am Alexandra Braverune of the gambling hall of the western city and only daughter of four children."

"I am Simon Frederick of the central park and only son of the Frederick household." Well not much of an introduction.

"Nice to meet you all, by the way Simon right? I heard your father is working for the king as his right hand, it's really nice to see a nobility to be here at a church." So it's been long since you have last seen a noble huh? Not a surprise since we are kept on guard from occasions of war but since today is a festival I was approve of being outside.

"Well the pleasure is all mine. I was just playing around at the festival until I found this strange man who I have never seen before and took his hand to the central town, it was then that I met Ms. Alexandra at the gambling hall and introduce myself to him as well as he introduce to us."

"Yes he was holding a bag along with Simon and I saw him doing fine at poker so I challenged him and it ended in a draw and he asked the closest orphanage in the town, the only place I thought of is this place so it must be faith that we meet you." And she was quite bold on the betting they made.

"Well let's go and meet him so that I can thank him properly but first I must get the toys and give them to the children."His probably right after all something might happen while I'm not around

We went outside the office along with Alexandra and Mr. Harvey. We went ahead outside and found the janitor as promised looked after the bags for us and as we went out Mr. Harvey called his two workers and out of nowhere the two showed up and carried the bags.

"Okay you two take the bags and give it to the children don't forget that all of them can have at least one toy and the rest will be on the toy box okay." He said ordering his workers

"Yes boss" They replied

And in the blink of an eye they left without a trace. I saw Mr. Harvey smiling at the time as if he was waiting for this time to happen. Out of curiosity I ask if he never receive this much toys before.

"Mr. Harvey is it your first time to have receive a donation of toys this man?" I asked while Alexandra looked shock at what I said.

"You can drop the mister and call me Harvey. And yes this is my first time in six months to receive this much donations, you see we barely receive donations and the other churches can't help us because of their own reasons but we thank you deeply to chose us out of all the other churches and give toys to the children." It looked like he was about to cry but held back because today is a good day for him.

"I can agree with you father to that. It's been a while to receive this much toys since the last six months, well I have to go now and build a new toy box for the kids the old one is having problems."

"You do that my friend and thanks a lot for taking care of us."

He went ahead and left towards the back of the building. Maybe he will build the toy box first and go to the orphanage, who knows?

"Well let's go meet the man who I owe my thanks."

"Alright but we need to go inside the church, he is there taking a liking to the structure of the place I can tell." Yeah I can tell that too Alexandra but he seems quite familiar with the structure and I got the feeling his more like inspecting it.

"Is that so? Then it makes me more excited to meet him."

"Be careful though he is quite the ladies man when he is alone especially that he is alone with the nun."


"Oh is that so? Then that is a good thing I have been having problems with her sometimes." That's weird Harvey I thought you might be furious about this?

"What do you mean by that sir?" Alexandra said.

"You'll get what I mean when you see it."

Without question we walk on ahead to the inside of the church. While we are almost getting near to Biost, we were interrupted by a crashing sound that was directly at the playboy's observation area. We ran towards the room and found the nun right below Biost. I bet that's the worst thing that could happen to an innocent person but since it's him we are talking about I won't take any chances.

"What the hell are you doing to her you idiot!!?" I guess I got a little carried away with my words there.

I got held him away from the nun only to get yelled at by him.

"What do you think you are doing? She's crazy and you dare call me an Idiot!!" What the hell is he talking about and why is he bleeding at his side? And I guess I have to apologize to him later. But before I could even say what I want I was met with a punch at the face which my body flip and I fell down unconscious. Everything else will be explained by Alexandra.

She hit him right at the face and he flip and went unconscious. I can't believe she did that.

"I just spoke too soon." I heard Biost mumbled to himself.

I didn't notice earlier but Mr. Biost is bleeding from his side. What happened while we are away?

"Damn you!! I'm the only one who wanted to do that to him and now his lying unconscious!!! You will pay for that!!" In that moment my image for Mr. Biost slowly disappearing along with my trust.

"I mean what would happen if you killed him on the spot. I would have to take responsibility of his death and be sentence to life imprisonment and manual labor or even worst." I take back what I said; he is actually worried about him after all he just doesn't show it.

"Whatever, and now I am taking your life" she said pointing a bloody knife against him, I was shock to the point that she used it to stab him. But my surprise was short as it turned to surprise of being stab to surprise of being on the floor at the blink of an eye.

"Really what should I do with you? Your making trouble for the person who donated us plenty of toys and this is how you welcome him!?" By the way he talks and by the sweat he is emitting I'm guessing he is quite angry.

"Wow you tossed her to the floor. Impressive." What is Biost talking about?

"Oh you so that? Not bad for the man who owes my thanks but I guess I can't show it today because of my daughter." What the nun is his daughter.

"Well mind telling me what happened?"

"Well it all started when Simon and Alexandra left to the back."

-Alright flashback-

I was simply observing every angle of this building. Every corner is made well with good hands and as I was about to take a look at the structure of the main hall, a cross that stood at the other side of the room caught my eye.

"That, is that a cross?" I asked diligently.

"Yes it is. Why do you asked?" She questioned.

"Well it kinds of reminds me of my past battle." I said honestly

"Battle? Of what?" She asked again.

"Well it's to personal to tell someone I only just met."

"Sorry if I pointed out some scars that shouldn't be opened" The female nun said.

"It's alright it's all in the past now and besides what awaits us is not the past but a bright future." I said with a smile.

"What good manner. God must be smiling upon you happily." She complemented

"God…? Who's he?" I asked confused.

"You don't know who is God? Then why have you come here?" She asked a little offensive

"Well I won some toys at the festival today but they were too many of it and I don't play toys in my age so I decided to donate them here." I answered

"What's your name Mister?" She asked

"My name is Biost but that is my other name that I have kept as a memory of my dead family." I said

"Then what is your real name, this church doesn't allow made up names!!" She shouted

"Is that so? Sorry if I offended you but that is a real name, the name that I once was when I lived peacefully" I said honestly but now I'm getting a bad feeling

"Then tell me your true name!!" she shouted once again. Geez can she stop the shouting it's killing my eardrums.

"I will but I want to tell it only to you. Come closer and I will tell you." She did as I said and she went closer to me, close enough to whisper to her my real name. Then suddenly she asked this:

"So you're the one that did that 50 years ago." I nodded

"So you have returned to create havoc among the town." Okay out of topic I didn't say that

Before I could explain what my intension is she stabbed me from the side with a knife that came out of nowhere.

"For the peace of the townspeople I shall finish you off!!" she shouted. Déjà vu I feel as if I have heard of that before but I wonder who?

Before I could put thought of who it was I instantly evaded her second attack.

"Are you crazy!! Stop swinging that thing you might kill someone." I said while evading another attempt of stabbing me

"The only one who will be killed is you!! Now Die!!!" This really feels like Déjà vu, I could sworn I heard those same lines before.

My mind is out of place and her knife is almost close at my skin but in an instant at the last moment I used my hand and blocked the back of the knife and swung it at the left side of my body and while doing that at the same time my legs gets closer to her and grabs her arm and collapses at the floor.

-End of flashback-

"And that's the whole story, after that Simon came and grab me and I let go of her." I said finishing what had happened

"So that's what happened, you must have been mistaken by something unholy that she is strictly serious about and doesn't care of reasons nor stops attacking the opponent but to use a knife that is special to her. What did you say to force her using that?" He asked

"I only whispered to her my true name that's all and suddenly she attacks me!!" I said already said it back on the flash back geez

"Then what is your true name?" He asked

"I'd rather not tell about it but since she is your daughter I might as well tell you but only in private I don't want Alexandra and Simon to hear my true name." I said

He came close to me and I whispered to him my true name.

"I am Biost my real name but my true name is Beowulf" He went to shock and back away to me a little but in just a minute he returned to normal.

"So you're him huh? No wonder she got berserk." He said calmly, I thought that he might attempt to stab me too.

"What do you mean by that sir… um… who are you?" I questioned

"It's Harvey Orichalcum but please call me Harvey. The reason why she went berserk is because the army you killed is actually led by his father Lord Vindel Solomon."

"Lord Vindel Solomon!! So that's the reason why those lines were so familiar." I said to no one n particular.

"I have heard that her father left to lead his army of knights along with heavy artillery towards the impending enemy and left her daughter to us the Orichalcum family and left that very same day. She was still 5 years old when he left but we gave her both love and support cause her mother died the day she was born, we have receive word that the army her father led was victorious and sent to us a letter that he will return in 3 months. She was 8 then and she waited for his return, in the agreed date of 3 months he still didn't return. Days, weeks, months and even years passed by and still he didn't return. But one night we receive word that there were corpses near the ruined village of this very place and confirmed that it was the men of lord Vindel led to war with. We assumed it was a horrible joke but when we traveled along with Alice, the joke turned out to be the truth. She was only 14 years old to find his father's corpse along with his soldiers dead on the whereabouts of nowhere and what further driven her anger is the gravestone you made out of stone encrypting your name "Beowulf" which was the only readable part ;eft along with the words which follow:

The death of this army of… led them to their death...as followed by the death of… and now I Beowulf the avenger shall leave in my promise of being the servant of the Demon lord. For those who…I will come back from the darkness and kill you.

Is what was encrypted in the gravestone, we believe that some words were unreadable because of its long history. What made us more surprise in dread is that the corpse died 46 years ago. It was impossible and hard to believe but when a man who saw this massed of corpse gave me an old blooded note, the same note that was given on the time of when he left to lead the army. We couldn't believe that this was the same letter that the king left to him but the signature of the king at the very bottom is proof enough that he signed it. We soon then believed that this Beowulf monster was to return and cause havoc among the king once again but a year passed and nothing happened. Six months passed and the king ordered his finest men to go to the ruined village and build a town there. A year and a half-passed and the town was complete, at the same day the king announce that the city is now built and now a number of people moved here. I also came along in hopes of Alice forgetting what happened and let go of the pass but when we moved to this church she asked me if she can be my disciple. I agreed but what I didn't know was she was preparing to be strong enough to kill you. She is now 17 years old and has waited your return but I still disciplined her about the ways of us believers in god but all I see in her eyes are revenge. I also once saw her saying "Beowulf I will wait for your return" is what she says before training. She has a deep hatred upon you my friend but I'm sure you have a reason am I correct?"

"Yes I do have a reason; those army of soldiers unexpectedly came to my village and killed my family, friends, and neighbors. In the time of my return I was already too late as the army slaughtered each and every person that is important to me. Whether they were men or women, young or old, weak or strong, or animal or human they just keep killing I on the other hand witnessed their death and the downfall of my village, I ran and ran until I couldn't hear the cries of my villagers anymore. After the tragedy I returned to my village hoping that there were survivors only to find corpse in every corner. I buried every last one of them crying for their lost. The next morning I trained my body, mind, and skill to defeat the army but even with my new weapon gauntlets and it's pair of shoes to match the power of the gauntlets, it still wasn't enough. Then one day as I was losing all hope a shadow came and asked me if I needed power. I accepted it quickly and followed the shadow where I confronted the Demon lord. I made a request in exchange for my sole he would give me power but he declined and only agreed that I would work for him. I accepted as long as I have power and he granted me the power of darkness and I was able to transform into a lycan-like creature but only stronger and faster than the actual beast. I have found the army of soldiers near the forest of my village and there the unpredictable battle started. After my victory I carved a cross out of stone encrypting my warning and my reason as a testimony written like this:

The death of this army of lifeless souls led them to their death according to their ways of their sins as followed by the death of my beloved villagers and family and now I Beowulf the avenger shall leave in my promise of being the servant of the Demon lord. For those who come and threaten the ones who are innocent I will come back from the darkness and kill you.

That is what the actual words that are encrypt in the stone is supposed to look like but what I didn't know is that she was his daughter and the fact that you found the corpse died exactly 46 years after I returned in exactly 50 years after the tragedy, that's not all she has the same lines her father said to me when we battled one – on – one after killing the army one after the other only he was the last man standing and said the exact same thing your daughter said to me."

"What a strange thing indeed for you to look you after 50 years seems so impossible. And the fact that she still has a grudge on you is undying so I cannot stop her forever." Harvey said

"Then I think I have an idea how about I let her you explain my situation I'm quite sure she would listen." I told him

"Well let's try but it seems that this would turn bad."

"If things come to worse you can come up with a plan." I told him

"Okay let's go."

We went inside the room where both my 2 comrades and Alice are resting. Gladly Alice was conscious and Harvey told everything about me and his father in private at the other room while I checked Simon who was still unconscious. I healed his wounds and broken bones and told Alexandra that he will get up soon and told her to get some water. She immediately left to the kitchen to as for water under one of Harvey's directions. 5 minutes passed by and "Wham!!" the door went open along with and angry Alice who is being concealed by Harvey from the legs so that she can no longer advance. Under this tense situation Harvey got an idea and said to her adopted daughter this:

"How about you keep an eye for …Biost and if he causes havoc then you have a reason to kill him but if he doesn't then you don't kill him how's that." I got a really bad feeling about that idea.

"Fine its 2 birds with one stone for me. I get to get revenge and have a reasonable way to kill you." I got the feeling she would say that.

"But it would be 3 birds with one stone for me. I get not to be killed, raise you up to be a fine woman, and be part of my team. I needed a healer for my group in the upcoming test of being a knight." I said countering Alice

"What now who would agre…" She was interrupted by his poster father saying

"I accept your proposal , make my daughter a woman." He said while shaking my hand.

"Um… ok I'll do my best." I really needed a healer on my team so I can't just decline such an opportunity. While that was going on I noticed too late the conscious Simon and the frozen Alexandra right behind me hearing our conversation.

"Um… in which part of our conversation did you guys heard?" I asked shakily

"Right around when she declined and the father interrupted." Simon answered while Alexandra only nodded making it also what she only heard.

"This is going to be troubling" I thought to myself

"This playboy not only seduced the girls at the gambling bar along with Alexandra but also a nun who he hardly just met." Simon looked furious now

"Biost I know your still young and new to this town but to get this far, unforgivable." Alexandra said, I swear I felt a chill down my spine from that moment.

"Um… I could explain this." But sadly they didn't listen and I was beaten up pretty badly by these two people.

-15 minutes after beating-

"Ow, that hurts." I said in pain of being healed by Alice from the wounds I receive from my two comrades.

"Well that's what you get for making misunderstandings." She huffed while still healing me.

"Sorry about that but you know I have you poster-father's permission to train you and be part of my team now." I said happily

"Yeah, yeah but if I found you causing havoc say your prayers." She said threateningly

"I guess that would be a good thing." I mumbled to myself

"What did you said?" She asked confused


"Whatever, your wounds are now healed up so you can stand up now."

"Thank you."

"I didn't do it for you, I just did it so that you won't die early." She said

"Well I will get going now it's almost sunset and I have to go rest in the Inn I'm staying in. See you in tomorrow."

I waved goodbye and left, after a while of walking i met the Harvey near the door of the church.

"So will you pick her up tomorrow? I will be ready" he said

"Yes since the Inn I'm staying in is a little far from here and I have to meet up with those guys tomorrow too."

"I see, then see you then." He said waving goodbye to me as I opened the door and left. There my two companions are still standing waiting for me.

"Hey guys let's go home." The two nodded and went to the central town.

"Here we must meet at 9 am so that we can get an early registration" Alexandra said

"Are there many of them participating this year?" Simon asked

"Yes, any person would want to achieve the title knight." Alexandra confirmed

"Okay we shall meet here then go back to the church and meet Alice so that I can register our group." I said

"Okay, see you tomorrow guys." Alexandra said

"Yes, see you tomorrow." Simon said

We departed on our separate ways and went to our own resting ground. On my way back the female Innkeeper said to me.

"Welcome back" While I said

"I'm back"

"How was your day?"

"Painful and fun at the same time, I've met new friends."

"Is that so, well get ready, dinner is about to be ready soon."

"Oh, then I will go to my room and clean up, I will come down stairs and eat when I'm done."

"Okay I will leave it at the table when the rest of them are done."

"Thank you"

I went to my room and took a shower so that I can refresh up, brushed my teeth and went downstairs to eat dinner. After saying thank you for the dinner, I went ahead and sleep to my room having a glorious sleep.

To be continued…

Beowulf: Wow that's along one I guess no one would want to finish this up unless they tried.

Alice: Yeah, you're maybe right.

Alexandra: Sorry about before for beating you up.

Simon: Yeah we didn't know the details and jump to conclusions.

Beowulf: Nah it's ok, I do sometimes attract misunderstandings.

Okay guys that's enough we need to go it's already 8 in the morning in my clock and I need some sleep.

Beowulf: Sorry. Okay next time on The Beowulf: Sign up for the team. See you next time.

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