STAR TREK!!!!!! My newest obsession, oh my god is there anything better then Spock telling Kirk (or any one for that matter) that what he's saying is illogical, or those insanely awesome and maddening eyebrow raises that Spock gives Kirk. AHH!!! (Insert little girl squeal here). I'm drooling just thinking about Spock with his shirt off (a little less hairy please) oh my, hot flashes.

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"That's highly illogical scenario Jim" Spock stated looking at Kirk like he had just grown a second head.

Kirk rubbed his forehead knowing that he should've expected this answer from Spock but it didn't lessen the annoyance he felt towards the pointy eared Vulcan "I'm just saying, it's a what if case, you know, like planning ahead, almost."

"I don't see the point of planning this certain scenario out as it would never occur" Spock argued back, leaning against a tree crossing his arms as he did so, he legs were crossed so he almost looked like an old Indian chief starring at Kirk.

"Jeez Spok of course it's never going to happen, well not until we get off this god forsaken island anyways." Kirk said throwing his hands up like an exasperated parent.

Spock looked at Kirk, Kirk could've sworn if it had been anyone else besides the Vulcan it would've been a malicious look. "Well Jim, if you hadn't angered the locals by refusing to kiss the chief we wouldn't of had been stranded on this god forsaken island as you say. Though I do not…"

Kirk cut him off not wanting to listen another of Spock's that is highly illogical speeches "Well he was a guy, I didn't want to kiss him." This time Kirk was the one to cross his arms, but he looked more like a pouting child then an angry adult.

"Is there something wrong with kissing a male of a species?" Spock asked Kirk giving him that same level look he usually reserved for Bones.

Kirk answered without giving a second thought to the question "No, of course there's not, I've done way more than kiss a male before." He blurted out before he could catch himself that was not something he wanted to share with his first mate and friend.

Spock's eyebrows seemed to shoot up to his hairline as he stared at Kirk with what could be described as surprise "Really, is that an admission from Captain Kirk that the great womanizer of the universe, not only fornicates with females but with males as well?" It nearly sounded like Spock was teasing him; once again if it had been anyone else besides Spock he would've believed it.

A blush had crept up on Kirk's cheeks tingeing them pink "That was not something I intended to say out loud."

"And yet you did" Spock stated, his arms were no longer folded instead his hands rested lightly on his legs as he stared at Kirk.

"Yeah well obviously" Kirk said back with a bit of bite, he was more than a bit embarrassed that he had just admitted that tidbit of information to Spock, it wasn't that Kirk didn't trust Spok, because he did, but he didn't want….

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Scotty's voice over his communicator.

"Jim, you there?" He asked, his voice slightly static because of the disruption fields that the locals had set up in order to scramble transmission back to the USS Enterprise.

Grabbing his communicator Kirk jumped up and looked up in the sky "Yeah I'm here, god Scotty get me the hell out of here." He nearly begged, he hoped Scotty would be able to do it quickly.

"By you" Spock said calmly standing up "I assume you mean the both of us?"

For a second Kirk looked over at Spock "Of course Spock, I wouldn't leave you here on this island by yourself, that would be highly illogical" Kirk said mocking Spock.

"Yes as it would be most illogical" Spock said back, Kirk wasn't sure if Spock had caught onto the fact that he had mocked him.

Kirk shook his head he was about to say something when Scotty's voice came scrambled out of the communicator "Captain….scrambled the…two hours…trying our hardest".

"What's that Scotty?" Kirk said back to the communicator, but all he got back was static.

"It seems" Spock said, sitting down once again against the tree "that the natives here have more advance technology then we originally perceived, it seems that they can even disrupt our transporters."

Sighing a curse under his breath Kirk looked down at the Vulcan who was staring out at the red tinged sea "Well then Mr. Spock this seems like the perfect opportunity for you to answer my question, seeing as it will be another two hours before we can get out of here."

"I think this planet is similar to Earth, what is commonly referred to as the red tide on earth seems to be happening here." Spock stated, purposely avoiding the question "It does not seem that the water contains any different molecules then regular water, so it seems that the red tinge is algae, as I can best deduce Captain" Spock said still staring out at the sea "it would not be safe to drink any of the water on this island, seeing as they could contain the bits of the red algae."

With little grace Kirk sat down on the ground a few feet in front of Spock "Fine Mr. Spock you win, I'll ask you a different scenario." Spock didn't say anything, instead he simply nodded his head slightly. "Okay…" Kirk said rubbing his chin and looking up at the sky as if it would give the answer. "Oh, I got one" Kirk said clapping his hands together, causing Spock to raise up his right eyebrow up slightly "What if you were stranded on an island"

"That is not a what if scenario Captain as it happening right now" Spock stated his voice tinged with something akin to annoyance.

"I didn't mean this island" Kirk said back and continued speaking before Spok could interrupt him anymore "Okay say you were stranded on an Island and you had to choose between the last survivor of an ancient race or…um me and Bones to give the last bit of water too?" Kirk said finishing with a grin like a kid would when they think they've thought of a brilliant answer.

Spock looked thoughtful for a second before turning his attention towards Kirk, who still had a grin across his face "Does this race have sufficient records of their history?"

"Yeah yeah" Kirk said waving his hand in the air "and they gave you all the information that you needed to know all about them and stuff."

"Are they a highly intelligent species" Spock asked, much to the annoyance of Kirk.


Spock nodded thought for a second then looked back at Kirk "Would there be any way to continue their species elsewhere, such as through half breeds or genetic reconstruction?"

"Yes" Kirk practically yelled, the grin no longer evident on his face, he just wanted an answer, not to be interrogated.

Spock nodded again "Well then I would have to say I would have to choose you and Mr. McCoy, I do not see any reason to sacrifice the best Captain and doctor of the star fleet when the race's history and the race it's self can be preserved elsewhere."

"Wait" Kirk said holding up his hand "You're saying that if you couldn't preserve the races history, then you would let me and McCoy simply die?"

"That would be my choice at the moment yes" Spock answered back truthfully, much to Kirk's displeasure "but seeing as this is a what if question, I could not accurately predict my reaction to the situation until it actually occurred."

"Well that makes me feel a whole lot better" Kirk mumbled, he didn't like the idea that his first mate would sacrifice him for a dead race.

"Captain?" Spock asked to the grumbling Kirk.

"What?" Kirk asked back childishly.

"May I ask you a what if question" Spock seemed almost cautious.

Immediately perked up by the idea that he wouldn't have to listen to Spock's that's illogical answer to his question Kirk nodded "Certainly."

"Thank you captain" stated Spock before leaning back more onto the blue tinged tree "What if the situation occurred that you had to choose between tradition and logic?"

Kirk's eyebrows drew together in confusion "What do you mean Spock, what would be happening in the situation?"

"It would not be a certain situation Kirk, just simply choosing between tradition and logic?"

"I don't know Spock" Kirk answered back truthfully, completely stumped by Spock's question "I guess I would have to go with your answer, I wouldn't know until the situation presented itself where I'd have to choose."

"What if it was between doing something that was dictated by thousands of years of tradition and your logic of knowing what you're doing is correct?" Spock pressed on, he leaned forward a bit, Kirk could clearly read interest in Spock's expression.

"Well I guess, if logically I knew what I was doing was correct, I would have to choose logic, sometimes it's not always wise to follow tradition." Kirk answered now immensely curious to as why Spock was asking such a question. The two fell into silence for a while.

"Okay I got one for you Spock" Kirk said out of the blue, nearly startling Spock. "What if you had to choose between kissing me and Scotty?"

Spocck's eyebrows shot up to his hairline "That is a most illogical"

"Yes I know Spok" Kirk stopped him "everything I ask is illogical, being logical isn't the point of the game, getting truthful answers is the point of the game."

Spock was silent for a second considering Kirk's rule "I would have to go with kissing you Jim" Spock offered no explanation for his answer just simply moved onto his question.

"What if you found out one of your crew members was hiding a secret from you?"

"Hmm..well I guess that would depend on the secret?" Answered Kirk "Is it a very important secret?"

"Yes I would say so" Spock answered it seemed without thinking, immediately he looked away as if embarrassed.

"Is there something you want to tell me Spock" Kirk asked concerned that his first mate was acting weirdly.

"No Jim, I assure you there is nothing I wish to tell you."

"Okay…" Kirk said unconvinced, he was silent for a moment before he asked another question. "What if you had a choice of having sexual relations between me and Lt. Uhura?"

Spock's head quickly turned back towards Kirk "I already told you that would be a highly illogical situation."

"Yes and I told you the point of the game isn't logic but getting the truth. So answer me who would you have sex with me or Uhura?"

Starring at Kirk like he was insane Spock wiped his palm on his standard issue black pants "Well since this game demands not logic but rather the truth, I would have to say…"

"Captain Kirk come in" Scotty's voice blasted through the communicator "we've got the transporter working, the natives want you gone as quickly as possible, we've got a fix on your location." Kirk opened his mouth to tell Scotty no, but he could already feel the transporter beaming him up.

As soon as he was solid inside of the USS Enterprise Kirk jumped up "I thought you said it would take two hours it's only been a few minutes" Kirk nearly yelled, he had been interrupted twice during the same question.

Scotty gave Kirk a weird look "Sir you've been down on the planet for five days, it took us nearly three to get the transporter working"

Kirk's mouth dropped open "What, it only felt like a few hours since we've beamed down, there was no darkness, I don't even feel hungry."

"The natives are an interesting species it seems they age slower than we do, to them one day is a full week to us" Spock answered reading off a small hand held computer, they had only been aboard for a few minutes and Spock was already trying to learn about the natives.

"Wow…"Kirk said looking at Scotty who nodded back.

"Kirk" McCoy said seeming to pop out of nowhere "I think that it would be best if I examined you and Mr. Spok to see that the planet did not affect your biology in any way."

"Jeez McCoy a simple I missed you would've been nice" Kirk said trying to hide the fact that he was slightly startled by McCoy's sudden appearance.

McCoy nodded as if apologizing, he opened his mouth to speak but Spock beat him to the punch "I agree with Dr. McCoy, I think it would be in our best interest to have Dr. McCoy check our health and see that the slow moving time on the planet did not interfere with our own aging process."

McCoy closed his mouth and opened it again like a fish; he wasn't used to having Spock agree with him "Ugh…yes well, both of you to the sick bay then." He said waving his hands ushering them out of the transporter room.

"Well everything seems alright" McCoy said taking the tongue depressor out of Kirk's mouth and tossing it into the garbage can "From what I can see nothing seems to be wrong with you two." McCoy paused for a second and looked between Kirk and Spock, normally they would've been talking to each other but during his entire two hour examination of them neither one of them spoke a word to each other.

"Did something happen down there?"Asked McCoy staring at Kirk and Spock with his eyebrows scrunched together.

"Other than Jim refusing to kiss the chief and getting us stranded on that Island nothing else happened. Why do you ask doctor?"

With surprise on his face McCoy looked over at Kirk "Why'd you refuse to kiss the chief if you knew that it would offend him?"

"I didn't know it was going to offend him" Kirk said back in his defense "besides he was icky, you didn't see the way his eyebrows joined his hairline or the huge wart on the left side of his face."

"I do not see the problem Jim" said Spock turning towards Kirk "I kissed him and had no trouble, and besides in his race he is considered very handsome."

Kirk did a face like a little kid does when they see something gross "Well I didn't want to kiss him, and I didn't want you to kiss him either."

McCoy's jaw dropped, and even through Spock's Vulcan mask McCoy could detect clear surprise on his face. "Jim…" A beep went off in the sick bay alerting McCoy that his tests results were being printed on the levels of hormones in Kirk and Spock's body. McCoy didn't really want to leave, seeing the emotion on Spock's face he wanted to stay and see how the argument progressed but Kirk and Spock's health was a higher priority than their fight. "Don't kill each other before I get back" McCoy ordered before he disappeared out of the door.

"It is our duty to ensure safe and peaceful interactions with the natives on the planets and a part of that duty is partaking in their customs" Spock's voice seemed to echo in the empty room, Kirk could swear that he could hear anger in Spock's voice.

"Well, the guy was gross" Kirk said back feebly, he was beginning to feel slightly off balance with Spock's reaction, something didn't seem right.

Spock stood his pale skin reflecting a bit of light as he did so, McCoy had asked them to take off their shirts during his exam and neither one had put their back on yet. "Well Jim" Spok practically spit out Kirk's name "if you think your personal feelings take priority over something as trivial as a greeting then maybe you're not right to captain the USS Enterprise."

"What" Kirk roared jumping up off the examination table "how dare you say something like that to your captain!"

Spock's eyes narrowed at Kirk "I would never call you my captain; you are too emotional and illogical to sufficiently act as a captain."

Kirk's nostrils flared as he inhaled "You are treading on dangerous ground Mr. Spock, I suggest that you go to your cabin and rest before you say something that you will regret later."

"No" Spock stated back "I will not go back to my cabin". Spock stepped towards Kirk, involuntarily Kirk stepped back. "I will no longer sit here and take orders from a man who shouldn't be allowed off his own planet". Spok took another step towards Kirk, and once again Kirk stepped backwards, the back of his legs hit the examination table he was just sitting on. Spok took another step towards Kirk who couldn't move back anymore, they were nearly pressed up against each other. "You are irrational and maddening man Jim and I…" Spock cut off suddenly his eyes locked onto Kirk's who couldn't help but stare back; the look that Spock was giving him was so full of…of passion of anger, of such raw emotion that it nearly frightened Kirk.

Before Kirk could fully comprehend what was going on Spock's warm lips were pressing hard against his own, Spock's hands wrapped around Kirk's wrist immobilizing him. Kirk tried to push him back, but Spock was too strong, biting down on Kirk's bottom lip Spock's taste invaded Kirk's mouth when he opened it in a gasp. Almost immediately he gave into Spock's demanding tongue, the taste of Spock was over bearing, it seemed to break down every defense he had built up since they had first met and Kirk had surmised that he was sexually attracted to his first mate.

Pushing himself up against Kirk, Spock ground his erection into Kirk's thigh making Kirk moan and push his hips forwards to meet Spock's. In a swift movement Spock had Kirk lying on the examination table his hands pinned above his head as Spok feverishly kissed and bit his way down Kirk's chest and stomach. Moaning loudly Kirk bent his leg to allow Spock more room, letting go of his hands Spock nearly tore off Kirk's pants tossing them aside. It felt so good to have his erection exposed to the air and not trapped in the constricting his fabric.

With a quick look up at Kirk Spock took his erection into his mouth licking around the head of Kirk's erection Spock held down his hips so he couldn't buck, a torture that Kirk did not all together like. Spock's head began to bob up and down taking in more and more of Kirk each time he went down until his lips met the soft skin of Kirk's hips making him croak with pleasure he hadn't known before. The Vulcan's mouth was so warm compared to anyone else's, the way he licked the underside of Kirk's erection and let his teeth lightly graze the skin drove Kirk wild making his moan and thrash his head around in pure ecstasy. When Kirk was just about to come Spock stopped almost as if he sensed Kirk nearly tipping over the edge, removing his own pants Spock positioned himself over Kirk, his eyes staring straight into Kirk's making him unable to speak.

Spock entered Kirk in one swift motion causing sweet ripples of pain and pleasure to burst throughout his body, not waiting for the pain to completely reside Spock pulled out almost all the way before thrusting back inside him. He did this over and over again, Kirk's body soon responded back with eagerness pushing back against Spock wanting him to go deeper to make Kirk feel like this was the first real true fuck he'd ever had. Clinging onto Spock's shoulder Kirk wrapped his legs around Spock's waist, when Spock thrust again he hit Kirk's bundle of nerves that were hidden within his body causing him to bite Spock on the shoulder hard enough to draw green blood.

With Spock slamming again and again into Kirk's sweet spot and the friction of their bodies rubbing against Kirk's erection he could once again feel the tightening in his abs as he was pushed ever closer to the edge. It seemed as if Spock was nearing his climax as well because his thrust were picking up becoming more frantic as he bit his lip to keep himself from yelling. With what felt like a matter of seconds or maybe hours Kirk was thrown almost violently over the edge causing his seed to splatter over Spock and his chest. Spock thrust a few more times into Kirk before spilling his own warm seed inside of Kirk's body.

The two lay on the bed Spock supporting himself on his arms over Kirk, who was lying on the bed with sweat dripping off of him and his breathing fast and sporadic. For some reason the what if question that he had asked Spock regarding him and Lt. Uhura popped into his head, he guess he knew the answer now. It only took a few seconds for what just happened to catch up with them, and when it did so Spock jumped off of Kirk backing away like he was now afraid of them man he had just had sex with.

AHHHHHH cliff hanger, I hate those, but it's the only way to keep all you people interested because my warped imagination called mutiny me (I've been watching too much Pirates of the Caribbean lately) and took full control of me. *Sob* I can't even control my own mind, how sad.