Part two, yes I know I had a bit of a cliff hanger there, so here's the rest of the story, sorry it's longer the most of my other ones.

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"Spok?" Kirk asked cautiously sitting up on the bed, he had no idea what just happened, well he did his first mate and friend had just fucked him better than anyone else he had ever known had.

Spock shook his head "I am sorry Kirk, I do not know what came over me" Spock's voice seemed to tremble as he spoke. He shook his head again before he turned and nearly ran over to the supply cabinet crabbing a pair of clothes for him. Quickly he put on the clothes, trying desperately to cover himself up as if that would help ease the embarrassment and shame he felt for the act that he just committed and the exchange of words that had occurred before it. After he had dressed he threw a pair of clothes towards the speechless Kirk then walked towards the door. But he was stopped by McCoy entering the room.

"Spock, oh thank god you're still here" Said McCoy, he looked down at the piece of paper in his hand "I was going over your test results and it seems that you have an extremely high amount of testosterone in your system."

"Testosterone?" Spock's eyebrows shot up to his hair line.

"Yes Mr. Spock, it seems that the Chief's alien saliva contains a powerful drug that affects a person's testosterone or estrogen if you were a women. I have researched the customs from the planet and it seems that it was their mating cycle at the time that you visited and each native had to kiss a chief, there are over two thousand of them on the planet, in order to gain testosterone or estrogen to produce an offspring." McCoy plowed on not bothering to take note of the reactions of shock that were being produced on Spock's and Kirk's face.

"The Chief took it as an insult when you did not kiss him because he thought that you were implying that he was not capable of giving the needed testosterone to reproduce, seeing as the natives themselves have no testosterone or estrogen, which would explain their androgynous look."

The sickbay fell silent after McCoy stopped talking then Kirk suddenly burst out laughing "So Spock's going through puberty?" Kirk said through fits of laughter, he clutched his sides wiping away the tears that had formed on the corner of his eyes.

Slowly Spock turned towards Kirk, this time it was more than clear to as what emotion Spock was feeling "I would appreciate it Captain if you did not laugh at my situation seeing as it could've easily of have been you."

"Oh god" drawled out Kirk, slapping his knee "but it wasn't, oh my god that's just too good to be true, I am so glad I did not kiss that toad man."

"May I remind you Kirk that I could easily snap your neck" Spock nearly spit out, the corners of his mouth turned up in anger, his hands clenched at his sides.

"I do not think it is wise to tease Mr. Spock" McCoy pitched in, stepping between Kirk and Spock "We do not know how much testosterone was injected in Spock's system, as you know Kirk, testosterone not only increases the sex drive but it also increases the anger response, and with Spock's superior strength I do not think it would be wise to anger him."

Kirk looked between McCoy who had a warning look in his eyes to Spock whose body seemed to tremble with anger "Ah yes, you're probably right Bones, I am sorry Spock I didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed."

Taking a deep breath Spock unclenched his fist, Kirk could see green imprints on his palms where his fingernails had dug into his skin "I am going to retire to my cabin Captain and Doctor McCoy, as I do not see it fit for me to be or on the bridge attending to my duties."

"Ah yes" McCoy agreed looking at his charts again "seeing as you are a Vulcan and your body metabolizes things faster than humans and I am assuming the natives do, I think it will only be a few hours before your body rids itself of the testosterone."

"Thank you doctor" Said Spock to McCoy tipping his head as he did so, turning curtly on his heels Spock marched out of the room leaving Kirk and McCoy alone in the sickbay.

"So gauging from the smell in the room, something happened in here in the ten minutes I was gone huh?" McCoy asked setting his charts down on his desk, looking over at Kirk in suspicion.

"You could say that Bones" Kirk answered, slipping his shirt and pants on, "So, the testosterone really increased his sex drive?"

"Yep" McCoy said nodding his head, leaning against the table he clasped his hands "I hope that nothing was done that would be regretted once the hormones left his body."

"I don't know Bones" Kirk answered back truthfully staring at the door that Spock had just walked out "I really don't know."

"It's a powerful thing Jim" Bones said now starring off into the distance "the need to be close to another being, to feel complete by yourself and with another is something that can a man insane. I imagine it's harder for a person who prides themselves of being in control constantly, imagine how hard it must be for someone who knows that one slip up can mean everything he's worked his entire life to achieve being torn away from him. Because of that one slip that person would be stripped down to his raw essentials his entire self and being would be exposed to every person who wanted to look. Only because he was to expose the most basic need that all of us have, to feel that essential fulfillment that comes with giving into our most basic and primitive urges." Bones paused for a second then looked back over to where Kirk was standing "Jim…" there was no one there anymore, the spot where Kirk had been standing was now empty, a small sad smile curved up his lips. It was too bad that Spock couldn't have that fulfillment with the one other man that needed just as desperately.

Spock lay in his bed, one arm thrown over his eyes as he tried to beat down the surge of emotions that he felt crashing through his body, he was concentrating so hard on his emotions that he didn't hear his door open or someone step inside and lock the door behind him.

"Spock" a familiar voice asked attentively?

"What is it that you want Captain?" Spock answered without standing up, he feared that if he was to stand up that he would do something that he would regret, again.

"I wanted to apologize for making fun of you in the sickbay."

"I believe you have already conveyed you sincerity Captain." Spock stated back, his voice cold and controlled.

There was silence after Spcok spoke for which he was grateful for, he could once again concentrate on controlling the barrage of feelings inside his body. Though the fact that Kirk was in the room, and he could smell the familiar aftershave that Kirk had always worn, or that even though Kirk was exactly six point eight feet away from him he could feel the heat pulsating from his body. No Kirk being in the room wasn't helping at all, because Spok could smell the after smell of their brief encounter in the sickbay, he could smell the dried sweat on Kirk's body, he could smell the hormones that still crashed through Kirk's body from the sexual activity. It wasn't helping that all of this was reverting him back to that same way he felt in the sickbay when he had kissed his Captain and friend and oh so much more afterwards.

There was a slight hesitation in Kirk's voice as he spoke "Well the truth is Spock, is I wanted to make sure that you were alright….and that, well" Kirk's bumbled, even though Spock could not see Kirk's face he knew that Kirk was licking the corner of his bottom lip as he always did when he was nervous. "Well, I wanted to tell you that what you…what we did back in the sickbay was not a one sided thing. I mean…what I mean, is that even though you initiated the act, I did reciprocate to your actions." Kirk was trying to put what he felt into logic, something that he thought Spock would better understand, even though he was confusing himself as he did so. "You did not force me into the act, and well I enjoyed it, immensely."

Once again silence filled the room the only thing that could be heard was Kirk's uneven breaths and Spock's labored and controlled breathing. It seemed like that few seconds that Spock did not respond drew out into an eternity and that time itself slowed down only to torture the already frayed nerves of the Captain of the USS Enterprise.

"I am Vulcan Jim; I do not feel the same things as you do, if I was not inflicted with these hormones what had happened would have never occurred." Spock's tone was flat and cold; it seemed to splinter the thick air into a thousand different tiny pieces, effectively ending whatever hope that had seemed to have grown inside of Kirk's body within the last few hours.

"But you are also half human" Kirk argued back taking a step forward "you are half human, that makes you different, that makes you capable of feeling."

Taking his arm off his eyes Spock stood up so he was facing Jim "Yes I am well aware of this Jim as Nurse Catherin tried this very argument on me years ago when we were affected with that virus." Spock seemed to have regressed back to when Kirk had first met him, that cold unfeeling person that Kirk had spent years drawing the man out of. "But that still does not change the fact that I am half Vulcan and therefore must honor my choice as a child to be Vulcan, and that means purging myself of emotion. I did not mean what occurred back in the sickbay it was only because of the overload of hormones in my body, something that will not repeated again." Straightening his shirt Spock straightened his posture "I am sorry if what I did lead to you to a false and impossible conclusion regarding you and myself. Sometimes logic must be disregarded in order to favor tradition."

With his mouth slightly ajar Kirk stared at Spock Bones words running through his head, 'it's harder for a person who prides themselves of being in control constantly, imagine how hard it must be for someone who knows that one slip up can mean everything he's worked his entire life to achieve being torn away from him.' "No Spock I should apologizing, I had a momentary lapse in judgment, something that will not happen again" Kirk could feel the walls starting to come back, he could feel all the things that had been released in the last few hours being put back into their rightful storage areas. "I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable; I hope that we could put this behind us and carry on our friendship."

All the things that he had worked years to achieve had crumbled in the last few hours but now they were being rebuilt, everything, every little feeling, every last misplaced emotion, was being stored back into their right places. Out of the way and forgotten, pushed to the back of his consciousness so that he would not have to deal with them. No, there would never be anything between, there never was any possibility, it was doomed from the start. Nothing as intimate and personal as what had occurred back in the sickbay could ever be duplicated again, because the simple fact is that they had to be in control of themselves, there could be no impulsive behavior there could be no spikes in their emotion when they were around each other. No, they were not meant to be close and intimate they were meant to be friends to dance around each other at a distance that would let them know deep down inside they were meant to be forever, but far enough away where they could never fully see and recognize the other as the person that they truly wanted.

Yes yes, I know this one is considerably longer then my other ones but this one kind of took on a life of its own. I originally meant it to be like a two page smut story where Spock and Kirk did it on a deserted island but my imagination got away from me. Overall though am I actually kind of pleased with this story, it's angsty I know but in the end I think this is how Kirk and Spock's relationship is really supposed to be. So R&R please and tell me how you liked the story and if you liked my take on Spock and Kirk's relationship. Please and thank you. (-_-)