Authors Note: So this is my first attempt at a Fan Fiction. Includes Bella and Edward and certainly some mystery. I haven't exactly decided in truth if Edward/Alice (for they are mainly the only vampires I'm including so far) are going to be vampires. No never mind. Its all human. :) Okay so all human, although I will admit Alice is great at sensing things, Edward is very intuitive, and if I decide to include Jasper he will be very inclined towards peoples feelings. Oh and by the way- NONE of the Cullen's know each other. For instance Rosalie Hale and Emmett Hale do not know about Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen. Jasper Whitlock and Alice Whitlock do not know about Edward Masen and Bella Swan. Except Alice has had dreams- well.. you'll see! Got it? Good!

The images swirled away as a piercing scream filled the empty room. I screamed, fumbling around, my slow tangled arms and legs not cooperating. Finally free from the mess of tangled sheets, I pull my knees tight to my chest and body, my arms winding around my legs, calmly waiting for my broken sobs to slow to a point where I could breathe. The clock said 3:28 a.m.

"Just another nightmare," I try to whisper, but it comes out cracked and broken. My mind races through the images of the nightmare. The terror so many others would have pictured as a dream. Only they didn't have the next scene in the dream. My head would play the dream, play the memory. Once it gets to the end of the dream, the screams begin. Although I awaken at the end of the dream, as the screams continue, so does the memory, turning it into a nightmare.

"I know so well how this scene plays out," I mused and pondered, while idly spinning the ring on my engagement-ring-finger. I absentmindedly played with the jewels as i held my body rigid, closer, and I remembered the vivid memory.

The car engine purred in the background as I waited on a beautiful cliff nearby for Edward. He was 17 and I was 18 and extremely in love. I gazed out into the sapphire and aquamarine sea, as frothy waves stirred themselves far below the rocky outlook.

"It's beautiful," I murmured, loving this spot. Our spot. I turned and saw his lion like body walk gracefully over to me and a second later his strong, warm arms wound their way around my body, turning me around, into a soft kiss. His beautiful bronze hair mussed in the breeze and in my hands. My brown hair, although with all the time spent in the sun it was beginning to look more like his, swirled around us.

"Your so beautiful," he whispered, then suddenly his appearance changed and he seemed scared and nervous.

"What is it, babe?" I said, suddenly worried but thoughtful as well. He looked down, his piercing green eyes meeting my chocolate brown eyes. And again, another fast change. His worried looks turned into one of complete reassurance and hope. He smiled and kissed me again. He reached into his pocket quickly, bent to one knee, and held out the small velvet box he cradled in his hands. My world began to spin and tears flowed as he opened the box, revealing a stunning ring.

"Sweetie, I'll love you forever and for always. Isabella, will you marry me?"

So excited, I thrust my hand at him and screamed 'Yes!' He laughed shakily, slid the ring on my finger and grabbed my face for a passionate kiss, on my lips, my nose, my cheek and my jaw.

The dream slid quickly to short moments later. We were in the car again. He was driving, the biggest smile on his face. I sat in the passenger seat and admired the ring. It had a sapphire heart, front and center, surrounded by two small emeralds, one on each side. The same shade as his eyes. Two small diamonds were placed on either side of the emeralds, making four diamonds, two emeralds, and one sapphire. Our lucky number: 7. I smiled.

He noticed and said, "I love you." At the same time, I read the inscription. 'Forever and always.'

"I love you too, Edward." I whispered lovingly.

Wow.. My name would now be Isabella Masen.. Mrs. Edward Masen. I giggled out loud at all my new names.

I turned and looked at him with a look so filled with love it made my own heart burn and ache.

And in the next moment, everything was shattered.


Although nothing had changed, everything was suddenly different. And although nothing appeared different, it was like the emotions changed everything. The emotions of love, bliss, warmth, and serenity dissipated and were replaced with fear, shock, and chaos. I still remembered it with singing clarity. The one moment I'd love to forget was permanently etched into my brain forever. Forever and always.

The car suddenly swerved as a large semi-truck wove drunkenly on the narrow road. The sheer drop on one side, a vision of the raging ocean, while on the other side was a rocky wall. Both seemed like destruction was imminent. The truck would make us choose one of the three evils. I turned, panic rampant in my eyes, that met the fearful gaze of my fiance. He mouthed the words 'I love you.' Maybe he said them, I couldn't hear it. All I could hear was my heartbeat hammering in my ears. I felt time had slowed; his panicked screams didn't make it to my ears. Then time sped up again and I heard the metal clash. It shrieked, groaned, and protested, both vehicles unwilling to lose, until our car collapsed and ripped. Blackness came and numbed everything.

I opened my eyes and it was spotty and dull. Red spots nearly filled my vision. Subconsciously I registered it was darker than before, but not by much. I could feel cold, dry, hardened blood on my lips as they trembled. I took account for the worst pain in my arm and both legs. Both legs were probably broken, as well as my arm. But all of this was subconsciously listed. Consciously, I was gasping. My non-broken arm searching frantically for my fiance.

"Baby...Edward," I whispered, trying to scream but only gasping and choking. I heard sirens in the distance. They were wailing, just like my chaotic thoughts. 'Where is my baby? Where is my fiance?!' I screamed internally. Finally, a scream managed to escape my lips without my consent. Blood-curdling screams filled the silence, my body throwing into a spasm from the sudden pain. Pain of loss, pain of broken bones, pain of everything. They all combined. My fear permeated every sense. 'Is he alive? Can they save us?' My thoughts were screaming, although all I could do is gasp. Then more physical pain leaked in. I shrieked in agony. I heard footsteps and saws and then my body was lifted to a stretcher. I screamed one last thing before I blacked out from the pain again.

"Is he okay?!" No one answered me.

My scream faded, the sirens faded, and all that was left was my gasping. I needed to control myself. I held myself tighter and let the waves of pain wash over me, lapping at my feet earlier until they were soaring waves and I let them overtake me as I drifted back to sleep, still shaking and crying.

But.. No. I would think about this memory always. Play it out over and over. My Edward.. My love.. After the crash they had taken me to the hospital. I was screaming the whole way there. Not for my own pain of course. But for my love. Where was he? Shouldn't he have been there? They kept telling me no one else was in the car. But I know I wasn't driving. My mind turned the idea over. Repeatedly. He wasn't a dream.. I still had my ring! My ring was proof! But.. where was he?

I couldn't figure it out.

As much as I tried I just couldn't figure out how he had vanished from thin air.

I was whimpering as the stretcher put me in my own room. I was fading in and out as wheeled me in. I was aware my injuries could've been worse. But still. I had been in the middle of a hallway still getting run the next I knew I was in my room getting looked over by a doctor.

"Hello Ms. Do you know your name?"

"Yes, yes! Please.. Please you have to tell me where my fiance is.. We- we were driving.. Where is he?"

"Ms., please calm down. Explain what happened."

"I was with my fiance-"

"What's his name?" the blond doctor interrupted. I hadn't really noticed but for whatever age he was, he was stunningly attractive. He looked at me as any normal doctor would, considerate, thoughtful, and focused. But he had a sense of loving that seemed unnecessary. It immediately soothed me.

"Edward Anthony Masen. And my name is Isabella Swan.. Masen.. I.. He just proposed to me."

"I see. Continue, please," he urged me politely.

"Yes. So, we were driving. He took me to Charred Shell Beach. We were on the cliff overlooking it. He proposed..," I told the doctor the story, crying and sobbing by the time I finished. Before I even mentioned the car crash I had thrown myself back down to the bed screaming and begging for my love.

I wasn't paying attention when the doctor called in a nurse who seemed to change the IV fluids. Soon my screaming turned into whimpers and shortly after it turned into restless sleeping. My dreams consisted of the doctor's whisperings about no one else being found in the car I was in and that I must've been wrong about not being the driver. After those ridiculous dreams they slipped into more restful thoughts about angels and pixies and rock-hard mountains.

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