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Through the tiny slit in the door, I saw my living room to my left and the small dining room, which was basically an extension of the kitchen with a table. Carpet and linoleum floors set apart the two. A divider-bar separated the kitchen from the rest of the living room. My microwave being the farthest thing from my room, I knew whoever would be opening the microwave would be facing it.

From my tiny hide-out, I revealed the secret people who were robbing me.

A short, tiny 5'0 or so frame with pixie brown-black hair, and a taller lithely muscled man with messy blond hair.

"Alice! Jasper! Good god! I thought you were robbers or something!" I screamed, finally realizing I wasn't being robbed but just.. having company.

Wait.. What happened? Was I having company and fall asleep or something? Oh god, poor Alice and Jasper. I must be a rude host.. Wait. No.. I didn't invite them.. I was at the store.. The storage room and.. oh lord.

"You.. You guys.. You guys brought me here, didn't you?"

Alice turned around while Jasper fiddled in the microwave mixing several things into a mug. Alice walked over to me and quietly whispered, "Yes."

Wow.. Alice walked.. Not skipped, danced, ran, or bounced or whatever you called it that she did. Not only that but she answered with one word. Something must be wrong. But they can't have known exactly why I was crying.. Well I guess it was obvious but still. Wait..

"Alice, Jasper- How did you guys get in my apartment?"

Jasper quietly crept up with the mug with rising steam seeping over the top. Handing it to me, he quietly whispered looking at the ground, "We, uh, saw your key under the doormat in the apartment hallway. I'm sorry if you feel this is a violation of your privacy. You wouldn't answer when we asked so we just helped ourselves in and I put you on your bed."

"Wait, Jasper, you carried me here from the store?"

"Yes, Bella. You weren't in any condition to walk or anything of the sorts. It was easy. You are quiet light."

Despite the fact I knew I was 135 and that couldn't be easy I was still curious. Something was still nagging at me about the situation.

"It's tea, Bella. It helps with the emotions."

I quietly sipped my drink while walking quietly to my table and sitting down, offering them to do the same. I looked around my apartment again trying to see what it was that was bugging me. Then I noticed. There were boxes, although small, on my counter and scattered randomly around.

"Uh, why are there boxes everywhere?" I asked, curiously.

Alice shuffled slightly, glancing at Jasper. They almost appeared to be having a mental conversation.

"Well, Bella," Jasper began, this time looking intensely into my eyes, "We were under the assumption that you'd be coming over tonight and we noticed nothing of yours was packed so we took it upon ourselves to put some of your belongings into boxes. I promise nothing personal went into the boxes."

I nodded, slightly understanding what they were talking about. Then I realized what was really thing bothering me. They were making the tea before I had even gotten up.. How did they know unless they were making it for themselves?

"Wait. Jasper, Alice, was this tea going to be one of yours?" I glanced quickly at both of them at mention of their names and then glanced back down at the light-white-bleached wood table. It reminded me of the trunks that were along the beach, so color-drained by the salt in the ocean.

"No, why would we have made tea?" Alice asked confused. "Of course we made it for you?" The way she said it sounded more like a question than a statement. Like she was questioning my sanity.

"But I was in my room when it beeped. For all either of you knew," I paused watching Alice carefully as her lips quickly tightened into an almost-grimace, then quickly went back to the facade of an innocent questioner, "I could have still been asleep."

"Oh Bella," Alice drawled, sounding almost as if it should be obvious, "I can't tell you why exactly yet, but I promise to this weekend. How does that sound?" I glanced down trying to memorize her outfit. She was wearing a beautiful red spring looking dress. It was a loose, cotton-y, halter-top style dress, giving her slight cleavage, which I was sure Jasper noticed. The dress seemed to move perfectly with her small frame, falling to a little lower than mid-thigh. Her legs looked longer with the pin-thin red stilettos she was wearing. After I had memorized her I moved on to Jasper.

He was wearing a simple white baseball-style t-shirt, with a navy blue hem. With that, he wore low-slung boot leg denim jeans with boots that slightly resembled cowboy boots. Both of them looked like super models next to my plain self.

I had slightly wavy, medium length mahogany brown hair, eyes the color of melted chocolate. I was wearing the same thing I wore to work, a loose white blouse with a black jacket on. I looked down and examined the shirt, noticing darker eyeliner stains on my shirt, most likely the result of my crying. My jeans were slightly big for me so they turned out to like rather unflattering as I knew they would, especially with my black and white sneakers.

Why couldn't Alice just tell me now? What difference would it make?

"Anyway Bella, why don't we just pack up the rest of your things and you can come over tonight?" Alice said, distractedly.

I nodded and walked into my bedroom. I absently put things away and together, trying not to cry when I moved Edward's things. I packed all my clothing quickly, putting it haphazardly in boxes then getting several belongings. I was planning on leaving all my decor and furniture here because Alice and Jasper had mentioned they had a room completely set up for me. My bed here was a beautiful canopy bed with a soft mattress. The canopy tulle was a black, dripping with black lace as well. We had a lovely soft black duvet to match the dark theme. Although, all of our dressers, end tables, and things were all the bleached wood. Jasper and Alice packed up my kitchen utensils and some movies in my living room as well as the television.

We worked for a couple hours before my curiosity emerged and made me wonder what the time could possibly be. I glanced over at the alarm clock I had yet to remove. I was planning on doing that last. It was 6:28. I grabbed all the last things in my room before returning to the living room. They had packed everything and we came to a total of 6 boxes. Four were of clothes. One was plates and silverware and kitchen supplies. The last was for my television and laptop computer along with wires for my phone charger and iPod charger. Jasper, Alice, and I finally got everything together in the car.

We drove from my small apartment in Forks, Washington to their house, about 7 miles away, although it took about 15 minutes to get there, on Lake Creek Road. Although it was in a nearby city, Beaver, it was still pretty close.

We drove in silence, no one really wanting to talk about what had happened to me.

Fifteen minutes of silence is apparently too much for a pixie.

"Oh, Bella, I really hope you love our house! Oh, I'm sure you will! We have a forest- get this- right in our backyard! And your room has this- well, I'll let you see for yourself! You'll love it!"

I nodded sullenly.

Soon after we stopped at their house. Despite my indifferent matter, I couldn't manage to stifle a gasp. It was incredibly beautiful.

It was the classic little, white house. It even had a white picket fence! Vibrant flowers lined the fence on the inside and out giving it a beautiful appearance of fences growing from the bright flora. A paved walkway was behind a gate in the fence and it swung open easily. On either side of the walkway were oval stones the size of my hand, every few feet another rock stated something optimistic.

'Love.' 'Hope.' 'Faith.' 'Believe.'

All things I felt incapable of doing at the moment.

When I looked up at the house I noticed it was a one story, but a large one, none-the-less. It was all white except the shutters which were a striking shade of crimson. The two bright colors gave the effect of maybe fresh blood on a clean, stiff white shirt. I closed my eyes, breathing deeply trying to rid myself of the dark images, reminding me so much of the accident.

"Bella, are you ready to go in for a tour? We will bring your possessions in immediately after," Jasper spoke quickly.

"Uh, yeah sure." I waited for one of them to open the door but both just looked at me happily for some reason. Then Alice skipped over and unlocked the door, revealing a large living room on the left. It was a nice, carpeted, step-down living room. The carpet, no surprise, was a stark white. The coffee table was tarnished silver looking. However the rug that it stood upon was large and fuzzy and, again not shockingly- white. But the stunning part- it was splattered with all sorts of neon paint giving the room a more comfortable, personalized style. To the right, I saw a door with a glass doorknob that was screwed on very tight, not wobbly at all like I thought it would be. Opening it revealed a luxurious bathroom. Plush towels were everywhere, along with a large, vanity style mirror.

"Oh, that's the guest restroom. Your room, however, will have a bathroom attached to your room. It's quite lovely if I do say so, myself," Jasper smiled.

Beyond the living room and bathroom was the dining room, adjacent to the well stocked kitchen. There was a door in next to the refrigerator, I assumed lead to the garage. To the right of the dining room was a longer hallway. At the end was another bathroom. There was two doors on either side of the hallway.

Alice pointed to the one farthest on the right, "That is our master bedroom. The bathroom at the end of the hall is another guest bathroom. This room," she pointed to the one closest on the right, "is the office where all our computers are. You can put yours in here or if you'd prefer privacy there is a desk in your room too."

She then gestured to the far door or the left. "That's storage and junk, so if you have anything you don't use, you can just throw it in there."

Finally she went to the door closest on the left. Opening it revealed a large room with white walls. To the left was a small walk-in closest, and on the opposite side was another door, I assumed that lead to the bathroom. On the right was a bed-frame with a large mattress, underneath an arch, that draped a thin mosquito netting that covered the bed. Underneath the mosquito netting was a thicker black drape that was pinned back, but could be lowered to make the bed private from the room.

The desk was a deep mahogany with a plush swivel chair set up next to it. It also included a little lamp as well as paper and colored pencils and other minor art supplies.

"Wow, thanks you guys.. This is incredible. I love it. You both are geniuses." I looked around the room, marveling at it. I set down my bag on the bed.

"Your welcome, Bella. Alice chose all the fabrics and designs and placements so she deserves most of the credit," Jasper started while Alice finished for him, "But Jasper moved everything that I couldn't." She smiled brilliantly at Jasper and me.

"Well, we'll leave you to unpack. Oh, and Bella, tonight we are going to a bar. Do you have anything to wear?"

Oh no. I had to say I had something if I wanted to wear my comfortable clothes.. If I said no.. I'd be Alice's doll for the bar..

"Uh.. Yeah.. I'm sure I can find some stuff.."

"Oh, okay Bella! But I am definitely doing your hair and make-up. So show me what your wearing as soon as you unpack!"

The bouncing little pixie finally left my room, with Jasper in tow. I hung all the clothes I had in the small walk in closet and it was still no where near looking full. I quickly also put down all my shoes next to their pairs. I had a pair of running shoes, regular comfortable shoes, strappy high heels, and a pair of fake-leather boots.

I grabbed the boots, some cute, tighter jeans, and a tight black shirt that showed a sliver of my belly and put them out on the bed. Just as I was about to walk out and get Alice's approval, the little pixie herself skipped into my room. Uh oh.

"Yes, Alice?" I asked timidly.

She ignored my shy question.

"I don't like the jeans. Or the shirt. Not fun enough. The boots I simply adore though.. But it's warm tonight and I like your heels much better." She paused for a moment, looking up at me, a devious smile on her face.

"I get to dress you now," said the little demon.

Oh.. no.

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