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Chapter One: Hot Chocolate

"To know exactly what you yearn for, you have to realize that what you think you desire; isn't really what you want."

- Bonjour Love, Unknown Desire


Walking outside into the bleak darkness of the night isn't quite the smartest thing to do in my neighborhood. Gangs hang out every where, waiting to jump the nearest bystander and steal anything at all. What a ghetto neighborhood.

It's different for me though. I have everything. Control over the gangs that somehow idolize my every movement. All the girls I want can be mine in a snap, even the ones I don't want swoon over me. Even some guys, gross. I had the ability to get into any college all over the world. My parents are rich asses that care about me all the time. Even my dad that's rarely home loves me. My little sister and brother however, treat me as their god. Perfect friends, perfect family.

Seems like a perfect life right? Well it is. And I'm god damn tired of it.

* * *

I walked down the stairs, as quietly as possible. Scared that my mother would suddenly wake up and interrupt me with hugs and kisses. Yuck. Doesn't she understand I'm already seventeen and about to go off to college? Guess not. I reached the living room and saw her fragile body on the sofa sound asleep.

"Natsume." I heard her whisper as if in a daze. She smiled and hugged her pillow.

I sighed, but in a good way. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents. I just didn't like the normality of it all. I approached the front door and put my hand on the silver handle, twisting it slowly and pulled myself outside into the snow. I put my coat on and my shoes and walked toward the park under the moonlight.

I looked at my surroundings, deep inside the forest I saw light. Red glistening light. "Gangs." I said under my breathe as a curse. I continued onto a certain tree. The sakura tree my family used to go to.

I just placed myself on the bottom of the tree and leaned against the trunk. I looked up to the moon. It was full and filled the night sky with light with help from the glistening stars. I thought about some things. Senseless things that will never happen. I just wanted things to be different. We've lived in the same place and same house ever since I was born up until now. When everything is perfect, it just kind of ruins the whole point of living. I was spoiled, spoiled so much that I became emotionless. Everyone else's emotions filled up for the lack of my emotions.

I just wanted something, one little thing to be different. For my parents to say 'no' to something I wanted. My siblings to bother me. A girl to deny me. My friends to backstab me. The things everyone does NOT want, is what I desire.

I sighed as a breeze passed by. I looked at my watch, it was nearly two 'o clock. I turned around back to the park. I walked my way on the sand.

Passing the slides, the teeter-tots, but stopped right in front of the swings.

In front of me, were the swings, swaying with the cold breeze. On one of the swings there was a girl. Her chocolate-colored eyes that are as big as the sun were staring right at me. Her scarf covered her mouth and ears. Her hands were holding onto the chains of the swing. Her feet barely reaching the floor. Her hazel hair put up in pigtails were swaying with the breeze too.

"What the hell are you looking at?" My ass-like attitude kicked in.

She jumped up off the swing and smiled with so much enthusiasm that it caught me by surprise. She was then about two feet away from me, still smiling. "My name is Mikan!" Her voice, sounded so childish. So excited. So different from everyone else's.

I didn't know what to reply to that. "You didn't answer my question." I said bluntly.

She twirled around, "I was looking at you, what else?" She stood still for a minute, analyzing me. "What's your name?"

"What's it to you?" This girl was beginning to creep me out.

"Well then, nice to meet you What'sittoyou!" I nearly fell over.

Weirdest girl I have ever met, "That's not my name. And what are you? A stalker?"

I had a lot of those, popping out of no where. But not usually around this time.

She crossed her arms, "Of course not. Would you like to be my friend?" She smiled.

What's with the sudden question...

I stared at her like she was some wacko. "What makes you think I want to be your friend?"

She thought about it for a second. "I'm not sure. I don't have much friends, and I guess I was just wondering." She sat back on the swing and the swing began to move. She swung back and forth, laughing.

I stared at her for a long time. "My name is Natsume." What the hell was wrong with me? I shouldn't be giving my name to random strangers. But I still did.

She was still swinging and smiling but turned her head to look at me, "Nice to meet you, Natsume."

With that, I walked away. I didn't turn back to look at her but I still heard the squeak of the swing knowing that she's still where I left her.

* * *

I opened the door. "Natsume? Is that you?" I heard my mother say as she rubbed her eyes to wake herself up.

"Hn." I replied.

"Did you just get home?" She ran to the kitchen and I heard her brewing up some hot chocolate.

I followed her in the kitchen, "Nope, just walked around outside for a bit."

"This late?" She said with caution, "You know how bad it is to be outside this late!" She pouted and handed me the hot chocolate.

I drank it all in one sip, "Yeah. But nothing bad will happen to me. You know those gangs can't hurt me."

She sat down beside me and twiddled with her thumbs. "I know that sweetie. But still, there are many things out there. And there's never a one hundred percent chance that you'll be safe."

I didn't reply anymore. I just walked up the stairs and heard her say a faint 'good night and sweet dreams' and walked into my room.

I took all my clothes off except for my boxers and got comfortable under the comforter. I looked at the clock and it was five 'o clock already. "Time to crash Hyuuga." I said to myself.

* * *

I stood in front of the same swings I saw the girl on. "A dream?" I heard an echo of myself say.

"Yes." Another echo replied. A familiar voice actually.

"Who are you?" I asked without having to say a word.

I heard a faint, sweet giggle. Then, she popped out right in front of me. "Don't you remember me?" She smiled again. She put her small, pale hands on my wrists and pulled herself onto her tip-toes, with no warning whatsoever; her lips were placed on mine.

My only thoughts: what the hell?

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