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Chapter Six: Tango

"To know exactly what you yearn for, you have to realize that what you think you desire; isn't really what you want."

- Bonjour Love, Unknown Desire

I stared at the double doors of the place called Imai Manor that I was expected to live in for a while. As it ascended open, I stared in disbelief and pointed, "It's--"

A gun was suddenly aimed at my head, "Shut up Hyuuga unless you want to die right this second."

Mikan pushed the gun's aim away from my head, "No. Hotaru, he's with me." Mikan said awkwardly.

"I don't care." She aimed the gun back at my head.

"Don't get to defensive Imai, I'm just here because I saved her." That instantaneously got Imai to put the gun down.

"Mikan..." she mumbled looking down slightly. "Is this true? A Hyuuga helped you?" Mikan nodded a little baffled at her question. "Ugh," she grunted and pulled me inside with surprising strength, pinning me down to the ground with her weight keeping me down and the gun aimed at me again. I struggled as she yelled, I've never seen her like that.

"I don't fucking care if you helped her or not! If you dare just even attempt to kill her Hyuuga, I will hunt you down, kill you, bring you back to life, and kill you again!" She threatened. Now; it was my turn to stare in disbelief.

I pushed her off of me and stood up and gathered myself, "You honestly think I'd abandoned my family and get them to I don't know, hate the likes of me to help this stupid girl if I were going to kill her?" I proclaimed. She turned her head to the side, "Well do you?!"

She looked down, "Mikan, you and Hyuuga are sharing your room." She instantly disappeared as the floor descended, taking her with it.

"Oi, baka are you okay?" I stared at her after a while. She looked frozen solid.

"Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da." She said repeatedly.

I shook her, "Oi! Get a hold of yourself. It was just a little fight."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She yelled, "I can't believe I have to share a room with you!" She sat down on the floor and started crawling around like a worm.

"What the hell? That's what your friggin' mad about when that girl just threatened to kill me?" I plopped down on the sofa.

"Yes!" She exclaimed, "I had never shared a room with a man and my grandpa had said that I never EVER EVER should." She sobbed while crawling.

Man, eh? "Just shut up polka-dots." I smirked.

She paused and turned her head around toward her waist in slow motion; realizing her slightly flipped skirt that revealed her panties. Her face as red as a tomato, I heard an extremely loud ear-pitching yell, and the rest was a blur.

ハい? お、いえ?

When I woke up I found myself in a room that had pink walls. I was on a soft bed and it was night time. Next to me I felt something warm that was breathing on my neck. I turned around and found Mikan. "Mikan." I whispered, my voice slightly cracking. I stared at her and wondered.

How is someone like her a vampire? A little girl small enough to look like my sister. She looked so innocent, and she was. I pushed a stray hair away from her face causing her to shift her position a little; closer to me actually.

Her tiny nose, her perfectly shaped almond eyes, her long brown hair. It was all the characteristics of a natural human being. "The looks of your father but the abilities of your mother." I whispered quietly. I sat up a little to kiss her forehead.

I stopped halfway disbelieving what I was doing. About to kiss this stupid little girl that had bad taste in underwear when I had never really had a real relationship since I never bothered to get one. It just wasn't something I was interested in. I mean, why make a relationship when you don't have any feelings for anyone in particular.

I stared at her closer noticing a small mole on her upper cheek bone and the way her eyebrows her creased together in perfect symmetry. Her breathing was even and her lips...

Her lips were a perfect shade of pink, slightly shiny with the moonlight illuminating from the window, had a certain appeal. The way they were shaped, the softness that they portray. Something about them just . . .

I pulled back after catching my lips on hers. "They were soft." I said to myself feeling the strange heated blood emerge toward my face. "One more time."

I placed myself on top of her, finding comfort that way. I dropped my head down and met her lips with mine. Once I started, I couldn't pull back. I closed my eyes and opened them again only to find her staring at me with a confused expression. I pulled back right away. "I'm sorry." I uttered as I sat on the side of the bed just staring at the window, avoiding her gaze.

I peeked at her from the side; she was sitting up too, touching her lips then looking back at me. I felt the heat return as she pulled on my back to make me face her. I attempted to hold in the temptation but instead had my lips crash onto hers.

She lied back on the bed and I remained on top of her, cupping her face in my hands. Savoring her sweet lips was better than the best dessert I've ever had. I've kissed other girls before but her kiss was different.

From the way her tongue moved rhythmically with mine felt like they were doing tango. Her lips never left mine and mine never left hers. I caressed her body; so fragile, small, and soft. She was perfectly curvy even if she was small. She hugged me, pulling me closer to her lips if that was even possible.

The night felt endless with our kisses and nothing else. It felt... different. And I like it. It was something new, like an adventure. Like something I've always wanted.

Our tongues tangoed again and again and again; until I relished blood, too.

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