Okay. This story cam from a challenge which I joined on Gaia, where I use 8/16 characters and create 8 pairings and write a one-shot about them.

Here's the first of the series. Yes, I'll get back to Through the Eyes of a Child soon. Sorry bout the delay. Just out of ideas.

Pairings for those curious people:

Pakku x Azula
Toph x Sokka
Ty Lee x Zuko
Suki x Mai
Yue x Jet
Katara x Aang
Iroh x Cabbage Merchant
Appa x Momo

And I'm doing Yue & Jet first, R'n'R!!

She sat there quietly, in silence Even the air around her was still. An ethereal glow emanated from her. Her beautiful face reflected her inner sorrow as she thought of all she had to give up to save the world.

~ - ~ - ~ - ~

He was walking around, trying to familiarize himself with the surrounding area. He knew he was in the Spirit World after he had died under Lake Laogai. However, he hated the feeling of not knowing where he was. Thereby, he was wandering around to become acquainted with his new home. So far, he had not seen anything besides a few monkeys and a meditating baboon. As well as the few odd creatures which he couldn't recognize and would rather forget.

As he wandered around trying to figure out what populated the area and what he needed for survival, he stumbled upon her. She was so beautiful that it was out of the world. Mentally, he slapped himself. He wasn't in the real world anymore. However, the sorrow etched upon her lovely features was heartbreaking. His heart went out to her. He approached her quietly, not wanting to startle her.

~ - ~ - ~ - ~

She looked up and saw the youth standing nearby, partially hidden by the trees. Quickly she masked her sorrow and stood up. "Who are you?" She asked, her voice soft and gentle.

"My name is Jet. Are you alright?" He asked her, a look of concern crossing his face.

She offered him a wan smile. "No better than I ever will be." She answered, her face briefly revealing the heartbreaking sorrow he had glimpsed on her face earlier. Her expression changed to show a happy exterior, but he sensed the sorrow lurking under the surface.

"I don't think I believe you," He studied her face, noting the beautiful blue eyes which reminded him of Katara. Unlike Katara however, she had white hair, unusual for one so young. She couldn't be more than 16, judging by her face and stature.

"Maybe I actually am after all. My name is Yue." She offered him a bright smile, one that lit up her features. But in her beautiful blue eyes, he could still see the sadness. He decided to drop the subject.

"So, what are you doing here?" He asked, trying to change the subject. He flashed his most charming smile at her. She was different from Katara. Katara had a wild, untameable and fiery spirit whereas this Yue had a gentle, submissive and quiet spirit. She didn't seem like the type to fight back.

"Being a Spirit, I guess. There's not that much to do here. But I help whenever I sense someone in need." She answered with a slight shrug. Something told her that Jet was carrying a burden. A heavy burden interlaced with guilt and regret.

"So you are a spirit? Like the Ocean Spirit?" Jet asked. She was full of surprises. He never would have thought she was a spirit. Maybe just a walking shadow, like him.

"Yes, that kind of spirit. I am the Ocean Spirit's counterpart actually. But I was human before. Once upon a time." A shadow crossed her face. She turned away and hid her face.

"You're the Moon Spirit? But how did you become the spirit?" Jet asked, gaping. "Last I checked humans didn't turn into spirits." He looked at her more carefully. He could see an ethereal glow emanating from her, enhancing her beauty. He hadn't noticed it before because he was too caught up in her looks.

"I was once a human." She turned her face to the sky, her face hidden from his line of vision. She spoke softly, transported back in time to the oasis once more.

"I was the princess of the Northern Water Tribe. Not long after the Avatar arrived, the Fire Nation attacked. They invaded our fortress, our homes, and our city. We managed to hold them off only because it was a full moon. Waterbenders are strongest at night, even more so on a full moon." Lost in the story she was telling, she could see the fireballs coming towards the city, the men getting ready to do battle, Aang leaving to slow down the Fire Nation's imminent arrival, the waterbenders standing up to the Fire Nation soldiers, ready to fight for their city and families.

"We took the Avatar to the oasis in the middle of our city. We hoped that he would be able to meditate and enter the Avatar State there. Unfortunately, Zhao found us. He caught the Moon Spirit and killed it. He knew that the Moon Spirit and the Ocean Spirit were the koi fish in the oasis." Here she paused, pain crossing her features. She took a deep breath and continued.

"When I was a baby, I was very ill and weak. It seemed that I would die." Jet couldn't see what this had to do with her story, but he listened anyway. "On the next full moon, my parents took me to the oasis and asked the Moon Spirit to heal me. They placed me in the pool and my hair turned white. I began to cry. I was healed. So a part of the Moon Spirit was in me. It had given me life. I returned the gift of life it had given me." She ended simply. But there was no mistaking the underlying sorrow in those words.

"Oh." That was all he said. He was quiet for a while, digesting all that she had said. "Sounds like you had to leave somebody behind. More than likely a boy you liked. Am I right?" Jet asked. Yue nodded slightly.

"He was from the Southern Water Tribe. He was very funny, very caring. And he liked me for who I was, not for my position." Yue offered. "I think I fell in love with him." She added very softly.

"Sounds like a nice guy. Do you want to tell me his name?" Jet asked. Now he was thoroughly curious about this boy who had managed to capture Yue's heart.

"Sokka." She replied, her head bent. She tried to hide her tears from Jet. A few teardrops fell onto her clothes but she brushed them aside. She wiped her eyes before looking up again.

"I knew Sokka. Once upon a time. He didn't trust me. Not for who I was and definitely not with his sister." Jet answered softly. He felt as if his memories were pulling him back in time even though he didn't want to go.

"I pretty much saved them. They walked straight into a Fire Nation encampment, more or less asking for trouble. Sokka tried being the hero but he was too slow." Jet recalled. "After that, we took them back to our camp. We shared our pasts, and me and Katara seemed to click. I tried to get them to help me, but Sokka messed it up." His face became hard.

"I had a vendetta against the Fire Nation. They had killed my parents when I was eight. I was ready to kill any Fire Nation citizen that crossed my path, civilian or soldier, harmless or deadly. Sokka changed that perspective. At that time, he was a liability to me, some one who could destroy all my plans. I was ready to wipe out an entire town just to rid the world of a few Fire Nation soldiers." He could sense Yue cringing at this.

"Sokka. He ruined everything. But I'm glad he did. He changed my perspective, my outlook." Jet smiled bitterly. "He stopped me, just in time too. He saved everyone in the village. He told me that I had stopped protecting the innocent, and he was right." Jet paused, his head bent. "I had a lot of thinking to do. Katara had frozen me to a tree, so I was trapped until someone came to free me. I spent a lot of time being angry at Sokka, but in the end I realized that he was right. What he said was true. I had stopped protecting those who needed my protection. Instead, I had turned into a monster that would do anything to kill a few Fire Nation soldiers." He turned to face Yue. "And that's just part of it."

"Tell me everything else." Yue whispered. She could now see why he had a burden to carry, why he had guilt and regrets.

"I led the Freedom Fighters. They were my followers. I used them. I moved to Ba Sing Se with a few of my dedicated followers. They too abandoned me when they saw that I was going over the edge. I was certain that two men were firebenders. I was obsessed, maniacal, and ready to do anything to prove that they were." Jet's smile became bitterer; his features were twisted in such a way that it was almost unrecognizable. "Eventually I came to my senses. I offered to help Aang find Appa, but they didn't trust me. They were right not to. I had proven before that I was obsessed and that I would do anything to kill Fire Nation citizens, innocent or not. However, they did for a while. I died trying to help them. So here I am now." He spread his arms out, gesturing at their surroundings. "Now you know everything." His smile faded and a look of pain and regret took its place.

"Yes. I do, but I cannot help you unless you're willing to help yourself." Yue replied sadly. To forget and to get over it, he had to forgive himself. Yue could see that he wouldn't. He was too stubborn, and he thought that he didn't deserve it. He had become even more cynical and jaded because of it. She knew she could change all that.

"You see Jet, you're so cynical, so mocking, you don't even seem to know anyone who has been kind to you." Yue paused, wondering how to go on. "You're still looking for forgiveness, but you aren't looking in the right place." Jet looked at her, shocked that she would know how he felt.

"How do you know?" He asked, half astonished, half hopeful. Maybe she had the answers he was looking for.

"Woman's intuition. And add on the fact I am a Spirit after all." Yue teased. "It's more of my sixth sense, I think. That's the best way to describe it." She looked thoughtful. "You need to forgive yourself. You're still beating yourself up about the past. It's time to let go of it."

"I can't!" Jet cried. "I committed such atrocities! I can't even look at my past and be able to hold my head up." He bent his head, trying to hide his shame. Yue reached out and tipped his face upwards so that he could see her.

"I cannot help you, neither can Katara. No one can. Only you can. You need to forgive yourself first." Yue spoke each word gently, but there was an air of authority about her. "I don't blame you for doing what you did. You were consumed by hate and anger. That you cannot control. But now you can, so forget the past and forgive yourself, then you can begin anew." Her blue eyes were full of wisdom beyond her age, and they mesmerized him.

Yue couldn't look away. Before she knew what she was doing, she leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. She broke away before it went too far. "Forgive yourself, for your sake if no one else's." She whispered. Then she let go of him and fled, leaving nothing behind except for a memory. Her eyes were full of tears. She felt as if she were betraying Sokka. Tears ran down her face as she ran away from Jet.

"I'm sorry. Goodbye." Yue whispered to the air as she left the area.

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