SPIRIT OF FIRE, orbiting Reach, Epsilon Eridanus System

September 8th, 2530

Private First Class "Kyon" - SOS Squad

Pfft. Another day, another Haruhi rant. We were in the mess hall, where most of the marines gathered daily for meals, talk, and basically anything of general interest. Haruhi had somehow pulled some strings, and managed to get us a secluded spot, just a little alcove compared to the large cavern of the rest of the hall.

"This sucks! All we do is fight the same boring old Inssurectionists. We're not even getting to fight those new guys, what are they called?" Suzumiya sighed irritably, her non regulation ponytail bouncing up and down behind her. The Captain, Cutter, had tried to get her to cut it once, but she'd simply glared at him everywhere she went. You could have even heard his slightly shaken voice over the PA.

To be frank, that ponytail IS awesome, but how the hell does she manage to fit it in her helmet when we're dropping feet first into hell? Hmph, like I'd ever know. That girl is so damn...TOUCHY. The nearest I'd ever been to her is a hand on her shoulder, and THAT was when she was emotionally distressed. She's got brains and looks though, I'll give you that. It's just that she hardly ever uses them. The brains, I'm talking about. Her looks are used all the time. That luscious brown hair and amber eyes... you can tell they work, usually on me, because I have to do the grunt labour work, and that's basically the only way she can get me to do anything apart from whacking me with the butt of her rifle over the head a few times.

I glanced around the room. SGT Itsuki Koizumi was sitting directly opposite me. His fake smile seemed glued to his face again. I wondered why he always smiled. As far as I knew, he hadn't had any horrific missions, but something told me he was hiding something. He seemed as secretive as one of those ONI spooks. He was a handsome, lean man. One of those guys the girls might fawn after. I could imagine his hair, without the buzz cut, would attract quite a few lustful eyes.

Corporal Nagato Yuki sat beside me, face impassive. She hardly showed any emotion at all. You were lucky to even get a smile out of her. She got orders, and she followed them to the letter. You had to be really precise with her. Not to mention her aim is really precise too. Her short hair, closely cropped, was a wispy brown. She was even more mysterious than Koizumi.

Lance Corporal Asahina Mikuru was sitting, shaking a bit, next to Koizumi. She always seemed so AFRAID someone was going to suddenly drop, and she'd be unable to help them. Heh, every time we'd been out on the field, she'd manage to patch us up alright. She would always be focused solely on us, which could sometimes be a problem when there's about 30 different shooters firing at you and she's tending to a squadmate out in the open. She's hopeless at everything else though. She can't aim as well as any of us, and the report of the gun seems to really unnerve her when she's firing. She gets picked on by Haruhi a lot. Luckily Haruhi has the sense not to on the field, or we'd have a whiny beacon wherever we go.

And then there's me. Private First Class "Kyon". People don't bother with my real name. They just call me Kyon, since EVERYONE ELSE calls me Kyon. It gets really annoying sometimes. Hell, the First Class is only there because Haruhi called in a few favours again (she said she didn't want a total FNG in her squad, even if she HAD known me since North High.) I'm usually the one that does all the menial labour, the radio, you name it, I lug it. Haruhi picks on me a lot too, but I just give a cynical answer. She doesn't seem to mind that much. I wonder why she doesn't though, because whenever Mikuru tries any smartass answer I've told her to say she immediately gets whacked.

I see Haruhi glaring at me. She must want to know who the 'new guys' are called.

"The Covenant. From what I heard, they seem to be a conglomerate of races. Could be simply men gone stark raving mad." I shrugged. I had to give an alternate answer, or Haruhi would go off her rocker. She'd be steaming at the thought that she could be headlocking an alien and telling it to be her pet, while in reality she was hanging out with her squad, twiddling her thumbs.

"Hmph. I bet they are aliens. And I bet they have four mandibles, and lots and lots of teeth, and they wear armour, and they have super high tech ray guns and stuff!" Damn. So I hadn't taken her mind off the alien theory. Oh well. Time to listen to Haruhi rant and answer whenever she stops...


"What? I never heard anything about-" Haruhi was cut off by Koizumi. "Never mind that, you heard the good Captain, now get to your pods. ODST's, OOHRAH!"

"OOHRAH!" We replied in unison as our well trained boots made our way to our squad's HEV docking bay.