Hospital, Spirit of Fire

January 23rd, 2531

1st Lieutenant Suzumiya Haruhi - SOS Squad

I sat, giving silent vigil to Kyon, resting in his pristine white bed. His burns had mostly healed; but he was still quite out of it. I stroked his hair away from his face, gently brushing his forehead. Geez, look at me being all mushy over a retard. I squeezed his hand with my other. He'll come through. He must have felt it though, because his eyes are fluttering.

I looked around cautiously. No one was in the room; everyone was busy tending to other wounds from the main Marine assault. We had after all managed to secure several LZ's, and the main forces were securing a groundside base now. I shifted my gaze back to Kyon. I guess one kiss couldn't hurt...

Hospital, Spirit of Fire

January 23rd, 2531

Private First Class "Kyon" - SOS Squad

My eyes opened completely. For a moment, I was a bit disoriented. I was on my side. My whole body was aching. Only afterwards I realised that Haruhi's face was WAY too close to mine.

"HEY!" She jerked back at my exclamation, a blush creeping to her delicate features. Maybe I shouldn't have called out. Oh whatever, she was probably going to headbutt me or something. She quickly started verbally assaulting me now.

"Dammit, Kyon! Why did you go and disobey orders like that! I told you not to go out there!"

Oh whatever. I feigned sleep again.

"KYO-" She stopped. I opened my eyes just a crack. She seemed indecisive and confused. What was this side of Haruhi? She seemed to be trying to fight herself. She blushed, and started talking to herself. Geez. What's so hard?

Eventually she seemed to come to a decision. She began leaning in, eyes determined. She gently kissed me. I decided to fuck around with my LT for a bit. Wasn't like I would get another chance at this. I slipped the tongue. Her blush immediately heightened and she broke away for a bit. She made sure I was still sleeping. To add to the effect I started whispering. She leaned in towards my mouth and realised what I was saying. "Haruhi..." She immediately cupped her hands to her face. Wow. I've got her on the defence. I then "woke up".

"Huh?" I turned onto my back and looked around. "Oh, Haruhi. What are you still doing here?"

"NOTHING!" She quickly turned around, attempting to look pissed. Well, she probably WAS pissed. She'd missed out on a perfectly good French kiss. Hahaha. Blocked, bitch.

"Whatcha still doing here anyway? Nyoron~" the 2LT decided to walk in at that point. She only had burns on her chest and arms, and could still walk around properly.

"Just checking on my Squad, that's all." Haruhi swiftly stood up and left the room. Tsuruya raised an eyebrow. Then she sat down next to my bed.

"Any idea when you'll be combat effective again?"

"Days, weeks, I dunno. I hope at the very least 3 days."

"I see. Well at least you're not one of the fallen buddy. Haruhi's right hand wouldn't have much action then~"



The 2nd LT skipped out of the room, obviously feeling extremely pleased with herself.

I shook my head. Did she mean what I think she meant? I don't think so, Haruhi wouldn't do that over me.

Definitely, given how she treats me.