"Who's Angel?" Dexter asked hoping that she wasn't having dreams of Angel Batista his fellow officer. Rita's already pale skin went dead white and she looked as if she would throw up all over him.

Rita jumped up from the bed, not quite ready to answer that question. She couldn't believe that she had actually called out the name of that monster in her nightmare. Why the hell would she do that? She growled out like an animal as she stalked towards the bathroom and slammed the door, making Dexter raise an eyebrow in confusion at her aggressive attitude.

"What the hell was that about?" Dexter said as he wondered when Rita had mastered the ability to growl like an actual animal. He sat there for a moment not knowing how to proceed; this was definitely out of his area of expertise. He sighed and got up from his resting place and headed to the bathroom door.

He started to knockā€¦ "Go away Dexter, I want to be alone right know!" Dexter stood there with his mouth agape, his hand inches from its destination. The past month had revealed some strange things about Rita that Dexter had never thought possible.

He didn't even think she realized all the changes going on in her, and those that she had she'd chalked up to her pregnancy. He wasn't a doctor or anything of the sort, but he doubted that any of the things he saw had anything to do with pregnancy.

First of Rita had started to eat her steaks a little medium well. Granted she had liked them medium well, but now all she would do now was barely brown them on each side before she tore into them like a ravenous animal. That he could chalk up to pregnancy, he'd heard the horror stories of changes in the eating habits of some women and the things that they would crave would make someone's stomach turn.

However, When her other senses seem to peek beyond that of a normal person he began to worry. Her hearing was beyond scary, she would here things that only a predatory animal would here. He knew for a fact that Rita's eyesight wasn't the best but lately he noticed that she had showed signs that that had even improved beyond reason. He shook his head at his last thought on her reflexes and her speed, which had been the last draw.

They'd taken the kids to the park one day for a family outing. Cody was playing wildly on the highest part of the monkey bars when he lost his balance. He started to fall and Dexter noticed immediately that he was in a position that would break his leg, if he had hit the ground. Dexter knew for a fact that both he and Rita were too far away from Cody to keep him from falling or so he thought. He watched in amazement as Rita made it to her son in record time and caught him in her waiting arms. She held him as close as she could in spite of her more than out there belly bump.

"Be more careful sweetie, you could have really hurt yourself," Rita said to her son as her squirmed his way out of her motherly grip and smiled at her.

"Sorry mom, I'll be more careful," he said as he ran off to continue playing.

Rita looked around half scared wondering if anyone had seen that. Her heart jumped up in her chest as she noticed both Dexter and her daughter Astor looking at her in slack jawed amazement.

Dexter came out of his musings as Rita stormed out of the bathroom and passed him in a huff, fully intent on trying to avoid him as long as she could. Dexter was willing to let that happen, he wasn't very good at family confrontations and he was sure when Rita was ready to talk about what was going on she would let him know.

Until then he would quietly keep an eye on her, he might even have to cut down a bit on his extracurricular activities.

Rita was going about making breakfast for everyone when someone knocked at the door. Dexter went to answer it as Rita glared at him for his overprotective staring. Dexter looked through the peep hole and saw someone he didn't recognize. He shrugged and opened the door.

"May I help you?" He asked the young man that stood there. He silently took in the features of the young man that stood before him. His stance was that of a person always prepared for an attack. His uncut hair partially covering his young brooding features but could not hide those haunted blue eyes that reminded Dexter off his own, that of a predator.

"Yes, I was looking for Rita Bennett," The young man tried to look pass Dexter into the house to see if he could spot who he was looking for.

Dexter smiled menacingly at the boy and raised his arm on the door. He didn't know who this young man was but he was being rude, he couldn't have that. "Who may I ask is looking for her?"

Aggressive blue eyes locked onto Dexter's, clearly aware of the protective stance he took. "Tell her that her son is here to see her."