Excerpts from 'The Army Field Guideā€¦ (A to Z)'

Summary: Amongst the Officers of the Very Distinguished Borogravian Army a battered volume can be found stuffed ready to hand in the top of packs, or folded into greatcoat pockets. It has proved invaluable in any number of scenarios, providing advice and occasionally life-saving manoeuvres when faced with an enemy of intelligence. This is not that slightly foxed tome. This is something completely different.

Disclaimer: Terry Pratchett owns the characters and the world they live on. Author is grateful for all the brilliant books and makes no claim of ownership in any way.


The Army Field Guide to Zombies: (100 words)

"Polly?" A hissed whisper penetrated the darkness.

"Mrrm." Her companion, tangled in the arms of sleep, responded slowly to the urgent nudging but eventually managed a mostly comprehensible enquiry. "wassamarra?"

"There's a child in the bed. Male, about six years old, blond hair."

"Jack." Polly stretched lazily and then stopped as she connected with something solid and warm. "I seem to have Daisy." She adjusted the child carefully, wrapping her in a safe arm. "You shouldn't have told them those stories about zombies last night.



"I'm not dressed!"