Figuratively Speaking

In which Yui finds out that it's not good to use idiomatic expressions around Miaka.

Standard disclaimers apply.

Note from the Author: This takes place a few weeks before Miaka and Yui enter high school, so technically, Taka ain't here yet.

And yes, this is another one of my poor attempts at humor, so please bear with me.

For a moment Yui stares at her burger, and considers going on a diet. But then, looking up from the table she sees Miaka, chowing down a pretty much bigger burger than she has.

It was early afternoon when the two teenagers decided to take a break from studying for their high school entrance exams, and Miaka has been practically dragging Yui to the fast food restaurant they were in now.

Miaka has almost finished her burger, and Yui has yet to take another bite. Yui smiles inwardly at Miaka's gluttony, and the fact that she's been working so hard lately, studying that is.

Another thought comes into mind: Miaka hates academics, and although she does eat a lot, she doesn't normally eat like the way she eats now. Yui frowns a little. She's probably still depressed about the whole Tamahome thing, and is distracting herself by studying and eating.

Yui sighs and says, "We need to get ourselves some boyfriends."

Miaka stops eating and tilts her head. "Eh?"

"What? There are other guys in this world too, you know." Yui the looks out the restaurant's window, and sees a rather cute guy outside. She turns to Miaka to report her observations and is taken aback when she sees Miaka downright glaring at her.

She looks upwards and tries to recall what she has said to piss the other girl off.

There are other guys in this world too, you know.

Yui blinks in realization and turns to Miaka, shrugging helplessly.

"I meant that figuratively!"