Tim and Ronda Donaldson, who played Todd and Riley Daring on The Replacements, rode their bikes to the studio. They spotted Katie in her Agent K outfit drinking a cup of cappuccino.

"Sorry we're late, guys," said Ronda.

"We had to reread this script again," said Tim.

"That's fine," said Katie. "This is our final show after all."

"I can't believe this is it," said Ronda. "We've been working together for two years, and this is goodbye."

"We'll still be in touch, kids," smirked Katie, as she finished her drink.

The Director walked towards them. "Okay, you're all here. Katie you're going to be tied to that chair by Dr. Scorpius' goons, and the kids will be fighting the giant robot. Everyone ready?"

The actors nodded.

"Let's end this series with a bang," smiled the Director. "And…Action!"

After four hours of production, The Replacements came to a end, as the cast and crew cheered at that they ended a great series for Disney. That cast got back together for a few photo shoots to promote the final episode. Katie kissed the actor who play Dick Daring on the cheek. It was finally over, now comes the wrap party and final goodbyes.


Katie went back to London to do some stage plays, but got a letter from Paramount to be the new starship captain for a new Star Trek series. She would make Patrick Stewart very proud.

Tim and Ronda lived a normal life after the Replacements. They didn't want to share the same fate as other troubled child stars from the past. They did make an appearance on an episode of Phineas and Ferb as extras.

The actor who played Dick Daring went back to stunt work in Hollywood. A few weeks later he married Katie, and have two girls.

Car is still with Katie and Dirk Darling. He likes the newly formed family, but still won't let Dirk drive him. Car can be seen in the sequel to the Disney/Pixar movie Cars called Cars 2: The Revenge of Chic Hick.

As for Prince Cinnamon Boots, Tim and Ronda took him in as their pet. There were rumors that he'll be replacing Donkey for Shrek 4. But that's another story.

The End.