This story is dedicated to Kalli-kins.

This is how Season Five SHOULD go, lol.


This fic is rated "M"…it's really not for young-ins.


Wincing, she lifted the back of her hand up to her mouth and pulled it away to see red liquid. Oh this was just great! Why the Hell couldn't she ever leave a hunt unscathed?!

"Fuck!" She swore, and wiped some more of the metallic tasting substance off of her mouth and headed for the new and improved Roadhouse.

She was slightly upset that her jeans were torn and she had demon guts on her brand new jean jacket and across her white tank, and the night air whipped around her. She actually half expected to hear the flutter of wings, but response from the angel had been rather slim as of late and she wasn't holding her breath. So she continued to walk, her car on the side of the road in need of a serious jump start, but luckily the Roadhouse wasn't too far and if Bobby was there he'd get the car up and started in no time.

"I actually haven't seen Bobby in a while…not since the last seal broke." She said out loud to herself, the billows of steam from her warm breath on the cool air in front of her.

Actually she was rather pissed off at Sam Winchester for not seeing right through Ruby's demon ways, and for letting Lucifer rise. All she really wanted was to get something to drink, inform Ellen of what was going on, talk to Castiel and meet this Winters chick that he had mentioned. They had only Castiel in common…that and the means to help the Winchesters to defeat Lucifer now that he had risen. Keeping those goals in mind, she walked into the Roadhouse and smile at Ellen who gave her a knowing nod and laughed a little bit.

"Leave it to you to get your clothes messed up with insides, Em." Ellen laughed, pouring her a whiskey.

She smiled. "Is Bobby here? I need him to jump start my car."

"I hear Emily." Bobby said, coming up from downstairs with a case of alcohol. "You need another jump start?"


Sam stood in the motel room and sighed rather loudly as Dean worked away on anything that he could just so he wouldn't have to talk to his brother. There was just something about discussing what had happened that made Dean incredibly angry, and he wanted to ignore the whole thing. Last time he'd seen Sam before Sam opened the door for Lucifer to walk free, Sam had beaten the shit out of him and left him on the floor of a motel with no intention of coming back. Sam had picked Ruby over him, and Dean wasn't ready to let it go, but he was going to bottle it up inside of him like he bottled up everything else.

"Have you heard from Cas yet?" Sam asked Dean, not knowing yet how to apologize for the beat down…for the almost strangulation.

Dean shook his head. "No, not yet. Right now I think we have bigger problems than finding Cas."

"Yeah…yeah we do, Dean. Can we…can we talk about it?" Sam asked him.

"No." Dean told him immediately…rather firmly. "Right now I think we should just treat this like any other hunt."

Sam sighed loudly but nodded. "All right…we need to find what it is we're hunting."

Dean scoffed. "Yeah, awesome…we need to find the devil."


She wasn't entirely sure what she was doing, but she pulled her dark hair back into a ponytail and pulled her red and black plaid pea coat closed across her chest and blew her bangs out of her face. She was wearing jeans and heels, and she knew it wasn't a good idea, but the warning had come out of nowhere and she had to make sure that he was all right. All she wanted out of this war was Lucifer back where he belonged and that meant finding the Winchesters and finding Castiel. He hadn't answered any of her calls for him, and she was starting to get rather worried about him.

"Ow! Son of a bitch!" She exclaimed as she tripped over herself a little, twisting her ankle. "Hey! I would love some angelic assistance here!"

She sighed since she knew it was fruitless, but leaned up against the brick wall near her anyway and stood on one foot, looking at her ankle as she brought it closer to her. Why she had dashed out of the house in heels, she had no idea, but she knew one thing was for certain—her instincts this time had been wrong, and she was cold. She wanted desperately to go back home and have some coffee or some hot chocolate but then she heard it. The sound of wings brought a smile to her face and it grew as Castiel stood in front of her, even though he looked a little pained.

"Whoa, Cas…what happened to you?" She asked him, reaching out and stroking his cheek and then wincing at the pain as she put pressure on her hurt ankle. "Are you gonna heal it or what?"

Castiel gave her a look. "There are more pressing matters than your ankle, Cecily."

She sighed and shrugged. "Yeah well, Satan is really nothing compared to how cranky I get when I can't walk."

Castiel nodded slowly and she turned around so that he could heal her ankle as she lifted it up for him. She smiled and rested her weight on it, turning back to him and smiling at him, looking him directly in the eye. If there was one thing she'd learned about Castiel over the last while, it was that he liked to get down to business, and he really didn't like to loosen up. It was not befitting of an angel to act human even though he was showing doubt…even though he was now being hunted by the other angels.

"What's the next assignment, Cas?" She asked him.

"Finding Lucifer." Castiel replied.

Note: Unlike my other stories, the Winchesters prolly won't meet their new partners in crime until chapter three or four. Keep reading though, because there is fun to be had. =D