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Emily didn't do well in uncomfortable silences, and she desperately wished that Cecily would start up a conversation. However, Cecily didn't mind the silence and she had other things on her mind besides idle chit-chat. While Emily wanted to get to know her new teammate better to be more prepared for demons, Cecily wanted to know more about why she and Dean had been brought back together. In the Impala, things were going differently but not much better.

Sam was completely focused on the audacity of Emily to judge him already without knowing him, and Dean couldn't stop thinking about Cecily. There were so many answers that the Winchesters wanted, and no girls in their vicinity to ask their aching questions to. Sam couldn't believe that Emily had actually struck his face, and Dean wanted to know if Cecily hated him—if she held Hell against him really and truly. One thing was for sure: the Winchesters were perplexed.

"I can't believe she did that!" Sam exclaimed. "I can't believe she slapped me! I mean come on Dean, she slapped me! I didn't think I did anything that warranted a slap across my face! We argued about Lilith and the seals and I know she deserves to be mad at me for that—Hell, I'm mad at myself—but where does she get off physically harming me?!"

Dean nodded absent-mindedly. "Yeah?"

Sam looked at his brother. "You're not even actually paying attention to me, are you?"

"I heard you talking." Dean protested, still wondering about Cecily and how they were going to be able to work together.

Sam nodded slowly. "So you know Cecily from Hell then?"

Dean knew the question shouldn't catch him off guard but it did and he paused. He nodded slowly and Sam got the impression that Dean didn't really want to talk about it. Truth was he didn't, but he knew he couldn't keep it to himself forever and he'd have to come clean about a lot of it. Cecily was starting to feel the same way, especially when Emily had to break the silence or go completely insane.

"So Hell huh? Anything I should know so that demons don't catch me with my pants down?" Emily asked with a smile on her face.

Cecily took a deep breath. "There's not really much to tell, Emily: I killed someone, I died, and then Dean tortured me in Hell."

Emily's eyes widened and she glanced from Cecily back to the road. "Wait a second he what?!"

Cecily didn't know why, but she was grateful that Emily was more worried about what Dean had done to her than that she was sitting in the car with a murderer. Truth be told it was only the one time, but it was a brand she would never live down and she knew that. Emily was opening the door for Cecily to continue a conversation and Cecily knew that, so she smiled it off a little and asked the question Emily had been waiting for.

"So you and hunting…it start with your mother?" Cecily asked cautiously.

Emily nodded slowly. "Yeah, actually…when I was ten I saw my mother get ripped apart by a demon and swore to myself that I would become the best hunter of all time in her memory. By the time I was 16, I was the best hunter out there and since then it's been hunting, hunting, hunting."

"You have no family? No home?" Cecily asked her.

"No…do you?" Emily countered.

Cecily just smiled a little and then she bit her lip and decided that spilling about everything now would be better than holding it in. The apocalypse was upon them practically and they had to be ready for it—they had to be willing to protect each other. It just also meant that to some degree they had to know each other…they had to be able to trust each other with their lives.

"I had a sister before I died…she was it. I haven't been able to go to her and tell her I was actually alive." Cecily admitted.


Once they got to Cecily's house, Emily asked Dean to help her secure the perimeter, and Sam followed Cecily inside. She laughed a little about her bare feet and then noticed the look Sam was giving her and told him she'd be back when she got dressed. While she was doing that, Dean cleared his throat outside and Emily rolled her eyes. She wasn't happy that she had to spend time with him and now he was trying to start a conversation? Damn…it beat the silence.

"So you tortured Cecily in Hell?" Emily asked him point blank.

Dean blinked and then stopped in his tracks. "You two really bonded already didn't you?"

Emily shrugged a little. "I do my research when it comes to being part of a hunting team. If any of us are compromised, the rest of us are in trouble and to be honest, the sooner we get through this the sooner I get away from you Winchesters. Cecily though? I kinda like her."

"Well she's free." Dean told her.

Emily rolled her eyes. "I don't swing that way, Dean—but thank you for you permission that I don't need."

"What the Hell is your problem?" Dean asked her suddenly, more upset about not getting to talk to Cecily than about what Emily was saying to him since he knew deep down that he deserved it.

Emily gave him a look and crossed her arms over her chest and Dean nodded at her—she was pissed that the seals had been opened. Dean was pretty much expecting that and so he just nodded at her and then he shook his head and she sighed loudly. He wanted to have a conversation with her that he knew she would have with him because of the way she got close to the people she worked with.

"Sam didn't mean to open the seal you know? And maybe you should stop pointing fingers at me, and point fingers at your new friend." Dean told her. "What exactly do you know about her anyway?"

"Less than you, Whiney Torturer Bitch." Emily replied.

Dean sighed loudly and followed Emily around the house and the yard, Cecily coming down the stairs and starting some coffee. Sam looked up at her and she gave him a little smile that made him feel a little uncomfortable—he didn't know what to say to her. Cecily, however, had things she wanted to get off of her chest, and so she figured coming clean was really her best option.

"No doubt Dean has told you about Hell." Cecily told him as she leaned on the counter and looked him in the eye.

Sam swallowed a little. "Actually…he hasn't…"

"Well there's not much to tell really. I killed someone, I went to Hell, Dean tortured me, we both got pulled out, Cas took me under his wing, and there's my life story." Cecily said with a shrug.

"You killed someone?" Sam asked her.

Cecily nodded and Sam did too—she just didn't strike him as a dangerous person and he wondered how someone as sweet seeming as her could kill someone in cold blood. She didn't even strike him as a hunter, and the calmness in her stance actually made Sam feel comfortable. It was that, that was starting to make Sam wonder if his involvement with Ruby was impairing his judgment…or if he really was a good judge of character when he was left to his own devices and not being manipulated into what to think and believe.

"The perimeter is secured—we should have a safe night tonight." Dean announced as he and Emily came into the house.

It was strange for him to be in her house like this but he was letting it go as Emily just walked in like she owned the place and smiled at the thought of having some coffee. Cecily gave him a little smile and he had to return it, knowing that he wasn't going to get on her good graces this early, but pretty certain she didn't hate him which was a good thing in Dean's mind. In fact…it almost made him want to tell her about the dream…almost.

"I'll set up the guest rooms." Cecily said suddenly, realizing she and Dean were making eye contact and it wasn't wavering.

"I'll help you." Dean blurted out and though everyone was confused by the offer—even him—Sam cracked a smile and Emily wished it didn't mean being stuck alone with Sam again.


"Jo? Where did that girl run off to?" Ellen mused and Bobby smiled at her.

He didn't want to admit it, but he was starting to have feelings for Ellen and he needed to hide them. Bobby knew better than anyone what happened when you got close to people in his line of work and with the apocalypse right on the horizon he couldn't put her in danger. Besides, Ellen had a daughter to protect as well and Bobby didn't want to do anything to distract her that would detract from watching over Jo.

"I think she headed out back." Bobby told her. "Want me to go and check on her?"

Ellen smiled warmly at him. "That's all right, Bobby—I'm sure she's fine."

"You need help with anything else, Ellen?" Bobby asked her softly.

"No thank you—you've been a big help Bobby." She said and when she rested her hand on his he blushed a little and her eyes twinkled at him when she noted it.

In all honesty Ellen was quite attracted to Bobby too, and incredibly thankful for everything that he had been helping her out with. With getting the Roadhouse up and running again, Ellen had needed all the help that she could get and Bobby had been helping her more than anyone else had been. Now the seals had all been broken and Ellen was worried about Jo and about Sam and Dean—she loved those boys like her own, just as Bobby did.

"Are we worried about Cecily?" Bobby asked Ellen.

Ellen shook her head. "No…that look in her eyes when she saw Dean was a mix of fear and a mix of pure, unadulterated love. That girl is no threat…besides you said an angel trusted her, didn't you?"

"Yeah…" Bobby admitted and then he ran his thumb along Ellen's hand absent-mindedly. "I just think that since they have Hell in common…we should be careful."

Ellen nodded at him and then she looked over at the door as Jo came in it and Cecily swallowed a little bit. She wasn't actually very keen on Dean being this close to her in a bedroom—not after that dream that she had. Dean was actually not as worried about it, but at the same time the dream was coming back to him as well and he wasn't sure what to do about it. What if it had just been his dream and it would freak her out? What if his admitting it repulsed her? No…he'd just keep it to himself.

"You're kind of a bitch, you know?" Cecily asked him calmly.

Dean looked at her, mouth now agape. "Excuse me?"

"The way you look at your brother—who are you to judge him?" Cecily asked him and then added, "I ask purely for the sake of getting to know my new partner."

"I don't think that's any of your business, Cecily." Dean told her, pointing to the closet. "That where the blankets are?"

Cecily nodded and then she made her point clear. "You became a monster in Hell and you're trying to make up for it and you have no good reasons to be angry with your brother. I know you feel hurt and I know you feel wronged but how do you think Sam feels?"

"Stop pretending that you know me, Cecily." Dean said angrily, even though the words that came out of her mouth were true and they both knew.

"Dean…I know you…and you know me." Cecily smiled a little and shrugged and they both nodded because they both knew that as much as they didn't want to admit it, they understood each other.

Dean swallowed again and then when she nodded at the closet he went to grab some fresh blankets and helped her set up the two guest rooms and it dawned on him that there were four of them and three rooms. In fact there was only one bed in each of those rooms and there was no way in Hell that Dean was sharing a bed with his brother. So Dean followed Cecily into her room and Cecily turned to him and gave him a look and he took a deep breath and then dove right in.

"I'm not sharing a bed with my brother." Dean told her.

Cecily nodded and then a look crossed over her face. "Well you're not sharing a bed with me—the dream was more than enough, thank you."

Dean did a double take. "Wait…you had a dream about us too?"

Cecily took a breath. "What do you mean by 'too'?"


Emily hadn't meant to pick yet another fight with Sam, but the minute Cecily and Dean disappeared from earshot, Emily's mouth ran away from her. She was actually used to saying things before thinking about them, and she knew it was one of the things she needed to work on, but sometimes good things came out of it. For Sam, though, he was tired of sitting around and taking it—he was ready to fight back and stand up for himself.

"You and Cecily look acquainted." Emily told him. "She know about the black-eyed skank?"

Sam sighed loudly. "Cecily knows as much as she needs to know."

"So…she knows about the demon blood?" Emily asked him. "About how you turned yourself into a monster to break the final seal?"

"Emily, you know nothing about me or why I did what I did!" Sam thundered.

Emily couldn't put her finger on it, but something about Sam yelling at her was turning her on and she swallowed. Sam wasn't done with his yelling and Emily didn't want him to be—Emily was enjoying discovering that Sam Winchester had a backbone. He wasn't just some man that was easily manipulated…he actually had a brain and when he needed to, he used it…and it was making Emily bite her lip as she listened to him.

"My brother sold his soul for me and I will always have to live with that! Even though he is up and walking around, I had to watch him be ripped to shreds by Hell Hounds while I couldn't do anything about it! I had to learn to live without him for four months and though I got him back, I pushed him away because I thought that I was saving the world. I made a mistake, all right?! I trusted Ruby and in trusting her, yeah…yeah I turned myself into a monster and I let Lucifer rise but come on…I didn't do that on purpose! I didn't want the apocalypse to start! I just wanted to prove that I could be my own person and that I didn't need Dean looking out for me! So stop it! You can be mad at me all you want, but don't you dare judge me!" Sam yelled and then he took a breath.

He was completely confused when Emily kissed him suddenly, a hunger in her eyes that he hadn't ever seen before. She realized what she was doing and pulled away when he pushed her off of him, both of them stunned and Sam raising an eyebrow and looking at her strangely. Emily nodded a little and pushed his hands off of her and then fixed her shirt and tried to pretend like nothing had happened…tried to pretend that 'rape Sam Winchester' hadn't run through her mind before she launched herself at him.

"What?" Sam asked her.

Emily shook her head. "I cannot believe I just tried to rape you because I'd actually enjoy it."

Sam made another face as Emily left the room and she headed straight up to Cecily's room, hearing Cecily and Dean talking in there. When she appeared in the doorway, Cecily nodded at Dean and he sighed and left her room in a huff, Cecily biting her lip as she watched him go and then smiling at Emily. Emily covered her face with her hands and groaned, which made Cecily laugh and then sit on her bed, patting the spot next to her and watching as Emily sat down beside her.

"I just tried to rape Sam." Emily let out in a breath.

Cecily's eyes widened. "What?! I thought you hated him!"

"I thought I did too, but I don't! Have you noticed the way his muscles clench when he yells?" Emily asked her and nodded when Cecily shook her head. "He is one of the most attractive and pure at heart men I have ever met and I just…it isn't rape if you consent!"

"Yeah but…something tells me he wouldn't have consented, Emily." Cecily told her with a laugh. "Maybe you should sleep in here and let the boys have the guest rooms."

Emily shook her head. "No…thanks for the offer but I think I need my own place to collect my thoughts…and sometimes I get violent in my sleep."

"Of course you do…" Cecily said with understanding and then she sighed.

"What is it?" Emily asked Cecily, knowing something was up with her.

Cecily shrugged and then made eye contact with Emily. "I'm actually seriously considering telling Dean 'yes'…letting him sleep in here."

"And it's Angel Sex." Emily said as they both heard the rush of wings.

Castiel stepped into the light and looked at both of them. "Bobby is in trouble."

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