Author's note

Hello, there! This is Telemachus Claudius Rhade. Since many people who are first reading this will probably not know me, welcome and enjoy the reading! There's pop and beer in the cooler, so help yourselves! LOL

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If any of you have already read my profile, you're probably thinking "Geez, he's finally posting something? It's about time!" I can understand that. Well, the answer is fairly simple: "yep".

While I've got quite a few fanfic ideas in my head that I'm toying with at the moment, possibly too many to work on all of them at the same time, this is my main fanfic project. Basically, this is what I signed up to post. As you can see, this is a Disney Fairies fic, specifically based on Tinker Bell. For those who don't like spoilers, I'd advise you to think twice before continuing, because I've included my favorite Lost Treasure characters and content as well.

There are few canon fairies you might not recognize from the Tinker Bell movie. That's because they either first appeared in the Nintendo DS game, or were first given a name there. These characters are Qana, aka the girl in my avatar (appeared in the movie but was named in the game), as well as a few others who only appeared in the game. I do not own any of the characters who appeared in the film (nameless or not), the game or both. However, any original characters who appear in here are mine.

This fic, as I said before, came to me after watching the TriStar remake of Godzilla a few too many times, except with Disney Fairies pasted on top of it and its own completely original accompanying story. I didn't want to make a Disney Fairies clone of Godzilla. In other words, sticking Godzilla aka Gojira himself in there, or replacing the movie's characters with fairies. I've thought about it, sure, but I figured no one would want to read it if I did that.

At the same time, I share a lot of fanon ideas I've had about Qana and her personality, elaborated from and based on what little info the game revealed about her. In other words, I've tried to develop her character. I hate it when awesome characters are underdeveloped. Waluigi also comes to mind, but this fic doesn't deal with him at all.

As a closing note, I'm not going to do like 75% of fanfiction writers I see here and go "OMGplzRead&Review!". No, that's not my style. I'm here to give you fanfiction, not to pressure you. If you don't want to do so, that's fine.

With no further ado, let the prologue begin.

*Cue background music, All'improvviso Amore (Josh Groban)*


Pixie Hollow, the home of the Never fairies on the magical island of Never Land, was always a very busy but peaceful place. Fairies zipped all over the place, doing all sorts of tasks to prepare for the new season, helping the four season ministers: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Painting fairies gave the ladybugs the colors and dots we all know them for, animal fairies made sure that the animals were carefully awakened from hibernation for spring, tinker fairies created and repaired various contraptions that aided in the preparations, just to name a few. Preparations were a lot of hard work and took months to create, so it wasn't unusual to prepare a season while another was being delivered. This is what was happening during the events of this story.

When they weren't preparing for a season, the fairies helped all sorts of creatures around Pixie Hollow, played with their friends and rested and relaxed from their hard work on a season. Indeed, the life of a Never fairy was no walk in the park. However, a fairy's life did have exciting moments. Fairies had their own equivalents to our holidays and celebrations. They loved parties, music and tea, and they jumped at any occasion to have any of them or perhaps all three. But one of the most anticipated moments in Pixie Hollow is when a sparrowman named Rune, the kingdom's best story-teller fairy, stood before a large crowd of fairies and sparrowmen and told them a new story. He was known for always being able to entertain a crowd and keep them interested. His talent involved telling new stories he created, heard or even an older tale he recited to newer fairies or even fairies who heard it the first time and wanted to hear it again.

In the chapters that will follow this prologue is a story Rune had been told by a sparrowman who had participated in it. He was reciting the tale to a crowd of young fairies and a group of friends who had been there to see it, six years after it took place.


It was the night of October 31st, day of the Masquerade Ball, the fairies' equivalent of Halloween. Fairies were dressed in many colorful outfits of orange and black. The fairies had assembled around the pixie dust well, which was nestled atop the pixie dust tree, a great old magical tree at the center of Pixie Hollow. The crowd of fairies was quite large, almost larger than usual, and still, countless fairies of many talents raced to the scene, hoping to find a spot close to the "stage".

This eager crowd was mainly made up of young fairies who had recently arrived since the events of the story that would be recited today. Terence, a dust-keeper sparrowman, sat near the front, having played a part in it. About eighty five percent of the fairies present were either brand new arrivals or fairies who had been in Pixie Hollow for two years or less. Many random conversations were going on while the fairies waited for Rune, such as the following:

"Can you believe how pretty Rosetta is?", a garden fairy said to her friend sitting next to her. "I don't know how she does it!"

"Neither do I.", her friend said, nodding in approval. "I only wish I was that pretty!"

"Me too.", the first garden fairy added. "What's her secret?"

Further away:

"Silvermist is so cute!", a water sparrowman almost sighed to his twin. "If only I could gather the courage to court her."

"Sil's beautiful! But, she's totally not your type!", the twin almost giggled. "It's almost aggravating how calm she is all the time. She never gets angry and smiles too much. That's not normal for a girl."

And further still:

"I wonder what tonight's story is about!", a young light fairy told an older fairy who wore a sunflower dress. "Do you know, Iridessa?"

"No, sunbeam, I don't", replied Iridessa, "But knowing our host, it'll be absolutely flitterific!"

And not far from the front of the crowd, a tinker fairy proudly announced that she was building a new machine with Bobble, a handsome tinker with dewdrop goggles. The other tinker fairies let out long, dreamy sighs. They thought that Bobble was so interesting and funny. Plus, he knew so much about tinkering. Listening to him was fun, especially when he's working on that invention that turns out to be a silly idea. It was just fun. Bobble was popular among the tinkers, unlike his friend, the burly, loud and somewhat oafish Clank. Clank was nice, but he did things most tinkers would never do: what they thought was the worst was that he wore fluff in his ears when hammering. Because of this, he often screamed when he spoke.

However, one was not able to hear what the fairies were saying; there were simply too many speaking at once. After five minutes of chatter, the crowd fell silent when Rune, a fresh-faced and brown-haired sparrowman of average height, arrived and landed before them, wearing a big grin on his face. He was excited about the size of his audience and eager to get started. The large mass of fairies was perhaps as eager as he was, if not more. They stared at him in awe, even if he had not started telling the story yet. The ruler of Pixie Hollow, a tall and radiant fairy with beautiful wings named Queen Clarion, hushed a few fairies who were still whispering and giggling, then sat quietly in her spot at the front of the crowd, motioning for Rune to begin. He spent a few more minutes admiring his audience, and he finally cleared his throat and spoke:

"Welcome all", he said "I hope you've enjoyed the Masquerade Ball! It was a fun one this year, wasn't it?"

In the crowd, there were many nods and "un-huh's" of approval.

"Now, this is a true story. It happened right here in Pixie Hollow six years ago, and if you look around it carefully, you might even find proof that wasn't erased yet.", Rune began. "One of the sparrowmen who played a role in this story shared it with me, and many of you here today are new, so you don't know what happened. I'm delighted to have the honor of being the one who'll fill in the blanks. Lyria was supposed to be here to tell it alongside me, but she's got a nasty cold and has to rest."

Lyria was another storyteller fairy, who was apparently just as talented as Rune was. He cleared his throat again, took a deep breath and looked directly at the fairies before him.

"The day on which this tale began was no different from a day in our usual daily lives", he spoke enthusiastically, "except that the days that followed it were nothing short of extraordinary. This is the story of a relationship gone wrong between a snowflake fairy and a human, and the chaos that ensued. I hope you're all comfortable, because it's going to be a bit of a long ride."

With that, Rune unrolled a leaf paper and began to sing a poem Lyria had written.

"Far across the water
Where man could not see
He rose above us all
With his mighty strength
And mightier heart still
He searched far and wide
For one special snowflake
A love, oh so true,
'Tyrannicus' was his name."

Rune repeated this refrain a second time, except slower and in a more omnious tone. A fruit fairy found herself trembling. With that, each and every fairy closed his or her eyes, ready to picture the story as Rune told it. Another of his notable skills was giving his listeners the ability to live his stories in their minds.

P.S.: In the chapters that will follow, Rune himself will not be speaking the narrative lines. They will be written much like those in this prologue, but he is still indirectly narrating the story.