Chapter 2

"Yuuri, that is rude." As soon as he was led off towards the stairs, Wolfram slackened off the grip, furious with the decisions Yuuri made by himself. "I'm not done with the talking yet."

"Yes, you're."

"You're being unreasonable, Yuuri. I'm just talking to Raol, I…"

"You were flirting with him." Yuuri pointed out boldly.

"WHAT?" That voice managed to grab some attentions from the guests. They turned before Yuuri decided to take them further away up towards second floor. Wolfram grumbled, followed without words.

"So, tell me what's with me flirting?" Wolfram crossed his arms, eyeing his boyfriend with an 'I-don't-understand-you' look. Yuuri closed the door behind him.

"You were laughing with him, Wolf," Wolfram opened his mouth, but he was cut off as Yuuri didn't seem to be done with it, "and what about the promise of staying near with me? Didn't you say that you'd never leave me alone? Does this mean that you wouldn't mind if I go and talk to other girls?"

The words were getting at him. Wolfram didn't understand the reason behind this sudden outburst of anger, but his words were really getting at him.

"WHAT? You knew he was just a friend."

"AND that's what I'm always telling you when you accused me of--"

"WHEN did I ever accuse you?! If you're talking about that dinner with Saya, it's TOO obvious that she's inviting you out for a date and you--"

"THAT was not a date! How many times do I have to tell you it's just a discussion?"

"NOW, you tell me, because in my mind, I don't have any memory in which our teachers ever gave us a discussion that concerned only two people."

"Isumi couldn't make it!!" God, if someone could have egg that needed to be fried, his head would be the perfect cooking pan right now.

"SHE obviously set it up so that you two could be alone! You never saw the kind of look she had on you, do you?"

"NOW DON'T try to switch our topic, we're talking about you, not me!"

"ISN'T it the same?"

"HOW's that the same?!"

"Because if you want to accuse me of flirting with somebody, take a mirror, and look at yourself." Wolfram crossed his arms, looking at him with a calm manner as if he's done with it.

Yuuri opened his mouth big. He wasn't expecting the conversation to steer to this, or worst, to an argument.

He ruffled a hand through his hair, which was burning hot and breathed in deeply, trying not to be choked by the anger. Wolfram gave an eye at him, an eye that look 'Aren't I right?' and that pissed Yuuri even more.

At that moment, the door opened and Hideki's head popped into the heating room. Being insensitive to his surrounding, Hideki bluntly asked what they were doing. Wolfram refused to answer, but owing to the fact that he'd never let Yuuri down, he did what was the best for the situation-remained silent. Yuuri put up a fake smile behind that twisted expression and explained that it was just too noisy outside and so, they decided to have a change of the room.

"Why don't you come join us for a drink? We were wondering where you guys went."

"Ye-Yeah. I'll do that. I mean…" Yuuri eyed the green creature and quickly back to his friend. "We, we will be down in a few minute."

'After we sought this out.' The double black added silently. Hideki smiled and excused himself.

He turned to the blonde, ready for the second round. But Wolfram decided to call it off even before they started. He gave a sounded 'humph' and left the room. Gawking, Yuuri shook his head in utter defeat and went down after him. He could never understand what Wolfram was thinking sometimes.


Wolfram was sitting across to him and Murata beside him. The one reason why Wolfram wasn't sitting beside him was because those were the only two free seats left when they got there.

Yuuri didn't know how long he had been putting on this smile while he knew deep to his marrow that there was a pair of emerald eyes scrutinizing his acts all the time, which made him really uncomfortable. The worst of everything was the topic they were discussing about—girls.

"You know I can't stand her." Allen said. "She's annoying and…."

"So, you're just going to break her heart like that?"

"I'm not saying that I don't love her, but it'd be better if she gives me some spaces. I mean, you're all guy, right? Don't you understand my feelings?"

Yuuri was strongly nodding his head inside, but couldn't express so in reality. It'd be equal to signing up a contract of getting his throat sliced for it later by his boyfriend if he admitted it. He smiled lightly in response, neither denying nor agreeing.

"And what's your story?" When they had their face turned towards him, Yuuri nearly tumbled from his chair on his back.

"E-Excuse me?"

"C'mon, Shibuya. We want to know your girl." Hideki propped, grinning with others. "Don't you think we know nothing. You have been finding excuses to avoid going out with us when we went for the bar these few weeks. What? Did you not want leave yourself a bad reputation because of her?"

"No…" Yuuri stuttered. How he wished they could just stop.

"Leave him alone, Hideki." Murata protested. Yuuri would have kneeled before him with gratefulness if Murata had just stopped at that point, but he went on. "We all know how daring Yuuri can become when alcohol is involved."

"No, I never knew that." How he wished Wolfram would just shut his delicious mouth.

"Of course you don't. You just transferred here this sem." Another guy shot in.

"Did anyone of you still remember Shibuya's first kiss with Kotari?" Yuuri nearly choked on his own saliva. He couldn't remember when the last time his heart pounded so hard was. Why did Murata had to bring this up, now, here of all time and places?

"No, I'd love to hear it." Wolfram said with a sweet smile.

"Kotari was…"

"WOAH-!" Yuuri purposely slipped his hand across the glass, making the wine-filled glass tumbled down, spilling its content all across Murata's jeans.

"I'm sorry," Yuuri apologized ceaselessly. Murata, without doubting Yuuri's sincerity, waved his hand and excused himself to the washroom. Yuuri sweated, cold and shivering as he felt a gaze that was as cold as the knife piercing through his head from the other side.

Carefully, he raised his head and caught the gaze. Feeling his hairs standing up, he smiled back uncertainly at the fake warmth smile of his boyfriend's. No one knew better behind that hidden mask other than Yuuri.

It was reading 'You're dead'.