"The Return"

Title: The Return

Author: Alex_Diesel

Rating: R (for now)

Disclaimer: None of the characters from Fast and the Furious belong to me, though I wish they did!lol Anybody else you see, but don't recognize, is mine!

Summary: After TFATF. Letty left Leon in Mexico and moved to Puerto Rico. A year later she decides it's time to go home, but what if she can't just pick up where she left off? What if Dom has found someone new to console him?

Parings: Dom/OFC, Letty/???, Mia/Brian

Feedback: Love it! Can't live without it!

Prologue Letty's POV ~Puerto Rico~

I laid in my bed with the covers pushed down pass my bulging stomach. It was hotter than hell here! I was 9 months pregnant and expecting 'miss thang' anytime this week. Dom didn't know about the baby, no one did. Not that it matters, cause I heard Dom had a new girl, don't know who though.

While he's busy travelin' them new circles, I'm stuck here with cramps 24-7 and having to pee when I just think about a bathroom! Anyway, the team moved back to California after a couple of months, when all the drama died down.

Heard White boy came back and is wit Mia. Leon rejoined the team right after I left him in Mexico. Tran had killed Jesse; but I didn't go to the funeral…though, I heard half of the LA racing world was there. I had my reason as to why I've stay away as long as I have, but that's for me to know.

I was so angry with Dom. I told myself to hate him because of what he'd done, but I knew deep down, I wanted to see him again. I had to see him again…I was about to have his baby and…I loved him, still do.

Dom's POV ~Los Angeles~

It had been a year since I last saw Letty. I was lying in my bed thinking about her…but I knew I was over her. I mean, sure we had history, but that's all it was, history! We both knew our relationship was never that good to begin with, but I did love her…on some level. Now Nicole is the woman in my life and I love her, more than life in it's self.

It was hard after Letty didn't come back. I figured she would in a month, but a month turned into a year and after that I gave up hope and continued on with my life. That's when I met Nicole. She was beautiful; she had strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, caramel-colored skin. It was the weirdest combination, but it worked for her.

Anyway, we started dating and well, one thing led to another. The team loves her; she's sweet and kind, the total opposite of Letty. I think that's what attracted me to her. She wasn't Letty, she could never be Letty…and I don't want her to be! I just hope Letty never comes back. Cause I know all she'll do is complicate things!

I rolled over to my side and looked at Nicole. She was sleeping on her back with her head turned, facing me. I rubbed my hand over her huge belly; she was 7 months pregnant with my little boy. I couldn't wait, I picked up her left hand and kissed her diamond ring I gave her when I asked her to marry me.

Her eyes fluttered open and she placed her hand on top of mine and reached her other hand out and caressed my cheek. She sighed and smiled. "I love you Dom," I smiled back and leaned into her, kissing her softly on her pink lips. "I love you too, Nicole."