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Chapter 26

I wanted to get some rest before tonight. I was leaving the garage just when Dom was arriving. He stepped out of his car and walked over to mine after I strapped Antonio in his car seat. "Hey" was all he said. I looked up at him and forced a smile. "Hi." Dom took a deep breath, raising his eyebrows and murmured. "We gotta talk Letty." I sighed. I knew it was coming..i just hadn't expected it to be right this second. "we will. Later." I tried to side stepped Dom, but he easily stepped back in front of me. "Why not now?" I quickly racked my brain for any excuses accessible. "I've gotta get Toni down for a nap right now. So later, okay baby?" I tried the sweetest voice I could muster. Hoping it would work on him.

"Go ahead." Dom snapped. Ordinarily I would've snapped back but I just hopped in the car, started my engine and drove towards the house. When I pulled up it looked deserted. Thank God, I didn't like bustle when it was time for Toni to sleep. I parked and heard Dom's engine around the corner. Good grief that man was relentless. One of Dominic's many talents. By the time I had grabbed Toni, his diaper bag and my wallet. Dom had already parked and was waiting by the front door for me. I didn't acknowledge that he was there. As if maybe, if I acted like I didn't see him, he wouldn't talk.

Dom offered to take Toni but I just handed him my stuff instead and he opened the door for us. I dropped my keys on the kitchen counter, shifting Toni so I could wash my hands. I grabbed a Popsicle out of the freezer and headed upstairs. Dom scuffed and flopped down on the couch. "I'll be right here when you're finished." I nodded and went to lie down.

Dom's POV

I surfed the television channels haphazardly. Finding nothing really worth watching, I glanced behind the couch at the clock. Letty had been up there almost an hour. It never took that long to lay Toni down. I knew she was avoiding me. She'd been avoiding me for months, avoiding everything from conversations and questions to affection. I had always gotten the occasional routine kiss every night before we went to sleep and she'd tell me she loved me but Letty and I hadn't made love in a month. I didn't know what was going on with her. I had researched post-partum depression on the internet, which could be a cause so I didn't want to push her. Or bother her especially over sex... Maybe it was something I'd done. I couldn't think of anything recently but leave it to Letty to find any reason to be pissed off.

Getting down to brass tax, I was horny and I wanted her NOW. I felt like I've been fair in giving her, her space and not crowding her with my needs, but damn, I missed my wife. I wanted us to laugh like we use to. I miss staying up all night talking, I had never liked when there was a crack of distance between Letty and I. Our relationship communication wasn't always the best but we got each other. Sometimes it was like we could read the others mind, but lately. I couldn't understand shit going on with her.

I tossed down the remote and went upstairs. She and Antonio were sleeping. I wanted to ravish her…staring at her sprawled out on our bed. Her disheveled ponytail, boots kicked off at the end of the bed and her wife-beater a little tousled revealing the few silver stretch marks from carrying Antonio and her scar from our daughter…I didn't even know her name and I never saw her. Shit, I hadn't even known she had existed until a year ago, but still I missed her. I wished she was alive so I could hold her. Tell her stories and try to turn her into a car fanatic like her mother. I always wanted a daughter, but Letty and I could always have more- we will have more.

I smiled at the thought, glancing at Toni, sleeping soundly next to her with his mouth hanging open and a string of drool slipping out. I quietly went over to the bed and gently kissed Letty's rose colored full lips. She made a little noise but didn't wake up. So I kissed her again, deeper, sliding my tongue across the curve of her lips waiting for them to part open for me. And they did, I dove my tongue in her mouth and moaned. It had been so long since I'd kissed her like this. I could feel my libido getting stiffer by the second. When I pulled back for a breath and opened my eyes, Letty was looking right at me. I whispered. "Hi," and a small smirk lifted the side of her mouth. "Hi."

I wasn't going to let her get up. I was going to say what I needed to say. I rested my hands on either side and loomed over her, talking in a quiet voice so not to wake up the cookie monster. I know you've been avoiding talking to me. I don't know why, but I didn't want to pressure you into telling me what's going on with you. I wanted you to come to me on your own with whatever is wrong. It's been hard not to bombard you with a million questions but I'm worried about you. You can tell me anything Letty. Whatever you're feeling or if your disappointed or mad just tell me, I love you and I wana be here for you in every way possible. I know I slacked on that shit back in the day, but no more. I'm here and I just wanted you to know that."

I let out a deep breath and Letty had tears in her eyes. Her hands crept up over my shoulders, around my neck and she pulled my down, hugging me. I sat up, bringing her with me so I could hug her back. Wrapping my arms around her waist, we just sat on the bed, hugging each other. This hug was amazing. I felt like we were talking without saying a word, she was clinging to me as though she'd drowned if she let go so I held her just as tightly. And I loved it; it made me feel strong, important and needed. I wanted to feel needed by Letty. I lived and breathed for her and Toni. They were my only priority.

I don't know how long we stayed like that but when we pulled apart Toni's eyes were blinking and he was just glancing around the room and the ceiling. I reached over and rubbed his stomach, my big hand practically covered his whole torso and he shifted his head to look at me. He gave me a big smile showing his gums and one little rice tooth that was still breaking to get free. Letty slid off my lap and crawled next to him to scoop him up. Someone knocked on the door and reluctantly got up and answered. "Wassup?"

Vince was standing there and peeked in. "man, some people are already downstairs." I nodded and stepped out the room, closing the door behind me. I hadn't realized it was already 6 pm. Vince and I stomped down the steps and inside my living room was about 15 people; I recognized them all but some I didn't know that well. I saw Edwin sitting on the sofa, drinking a 40 and approached him. I put on my cocky no bullshit grin and said. "What's that shit you drinking? Only Coronas are allowed in my house." Edwin stood, smiling giving my hand a shake. "Ah…come on. You know how I do Toretto. It's good to see you man." I said the same and looked around, spotting Hector chopping it up with some Mexican girl, I'd never seen before. Brain walked outta the kitchen and I headed that way looking for Mia. "Ey I'll catch up with ya'll later," Vince stayed talking to Edwin and they both nodded.

Mia was hovering over the huge cake she had made earlier today. Writing, 'Happy Birthday Letty' with the frosting pen. She paused and rubbed at her swollen belly. "Is the little guy kicking you?" I asked. Mia grinned rolling her eyes. "Little GIRL, brother! It's going to be a girl." I laughed, not arguing with her. I could care less, niece or nephew I was going to love them. I grabbed the chicken and ribs Mia had marinated out of the fridge to go throw it on the grill. I had my grilling skills down to an art. My shit always tasted good…meat would just fall of the bone. A little while later everyone had trickled to the backyard, it was dark outside so we the porch lights on and over the driveway in front of the garage door. Above that was a hoop where Edwin, Leon, Vince and two other vatos were playing basketball.

They looked clumsy. All of them were already more than twisted. Mia was chatting with the only girls here and Welsh walked out the back screen door holding Antonio. She came over to me and tried to grab a rib that was on the tray beside me. I raised my fork at her and growled playfully. "Don't even think about it Welsh." I heard everybody yelling out their greetings to the birthday girl, I spun around seeing Letty coming down the back porch steps dressed in a velvet dress. The material looked like silk and it stop at her knees and only had one strap over her right shoulder. Her long black hair was out and wavy. She even had on a touch of make-up. She looked gorgeous. I noticed the guys here checking her out but I wasn't trippin…for now.

Letty talked to a couple of people saying thanks for coming. Edwin ran up to her, giving her a big hug as did Hector. She made it over to me last…I was just standing there with my arms crossed waiting for her. I kissed her passionately and whispered. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY." Letty grabbed my butt and then reached in the cooler pulling out a corona, popping the lid off with my belt buckle and taking a huge swig. "I'm so getting faded tonight. Mia's going to watch Toni for me." I nodded not saying anything and opened a bottle of my own finishing it in one gulp. I was buzzed a little but still pretty sober.

An hour later after everyone had eaten and danced Mia came out the back holding the huge marble cake with orange frosting that had 28 candles on it. Letty was standing in front of me and I had my arms around her. Everybody was singing happy birthday to her and she was blushing a little. She was cute when she blushed and got all shy. When the singing came to an end, everyone circled around Us and Hector joked, "Damn, that's a lot of candles Let, you need help blowing those out?" Letty smiled, giving him the finger, "Shut the F- up!" we all laughed and she blew out her candles. We clapped, ate some cake and went right back to partying.

Welsh was holding a sleeping Toni and Letty was about to take him upstairs to lay him down but I stopped her, picking him up from Welsh's lap. "I'll take him. You enjoy your party." She beamed and flopped back in her seat, drinking her beer laughing with welsh. I was surprised how quiet it was in our room consider that music was so loud. I gently laid him down in his crib and turned on his mobile and X-men night light then crept out of the room, rejoining the party. I wanted to dance with LETTY but when I got outside she was playing basketball with the guys. She wasn't a super star baller but the woman could hoop well enough to earn her respect. Edwin loved playing on Letty's team because she played street ball and would knock a dude over if they were in her way.

It was 3 on 3: Edwin, Letty, and Carlos-verses Leon, Vince and Jamal. Carlos raced with Hector and Jamal worked at Racer's Edge. I didn't know shit about him though. He was one of Edwin's boys and he vouched for him. I took a seat next to Brian and he handed me a Corona. I didn't know what number this was and I didn't care. My vision was becoming slightly blurred and I knew I smelled like a bottle of Corona myself. My mind was sluggishly processing the things around me and I just felt good…and horny. I was half-hard just from watching my wife play ball in a dress. Every time she dribbled the basketball or did a fade away and her dress rode up her thigh I got excited. Whenever she bent over all I could visualize was her soft ass smacking against my groin. My dick twitched and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I hoped nobody was paying me any mind. The game had drawn most the attention of our guest although there was a couple of drunken girls dancing and talking.

Letty was trying to block Jamal but he easily tossed the ball over her hitting a 3 pointer. She cursed under her breath and he winked at her, making her smile. I didn't like that very much…in fact I stopped paying attention to the game and just watched the way Jamal was eyeing her the whole time. Of course he was guarding her…maybe I was just being drunk and over reading shit. Nah, Nah I wasn't..Jamal swatted Letty's ass after she made a lay-up. She said something to him that I couldn't hear. Maybe told him to stop but I jumped up anyway and went over to him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I demanded sharply.

Everybody got quiet and Jamal back up. "Man chill. She's grown, she don't need you barking at everyone who comes near her." I raised my eyebrows in disbelief. Did this muthafucker just say that to me? Does he not know who I am? Not only was I Mr. Badass Dominic Toretto but I was Letty's husband. And I wasn't having that shit. I was sexual frustrated and I had no patience for punks like this. I took a step forward and said brusquely, "Who the fuck do you think you talking to?" Edwin saw that I was serious and he got in front of me. "Yo Dom, he's just drunk talking outta his ass. We're all faded man, he don't mean that shit…" I hardly paid Edwin a glance not really caring to hear him. I just glared at Jamal who started to look scared. I made a move to go for him but Letty's small hands were on my chest, pushing me back. "Dom! Stop."

At her voice I looked down. It took a second for my vision to focus and I relaxed seeing her face. Vince told Jamal to take a hike while Edwin agreed. It was better if he left before I changed my mind and fucked his jaw up. The game ended after that and all the guys went back to drinking and dancing with the women. Mia and Brian left and Letty and I snuck away. Nobody would miss us. They were too shitfaced to even notice we had gone. She dragged me into the dark living room and literally jumped on me. Letty kissed my forehead and rasped. "my big bulldog," she teased at me but I didn't care. My mind was elsewhere, I buried my head between her breast and she laughed. I carried her upstairs, locking our bedroom door behind us.

We just stood for a second. Letty's arms were around my neck and mine around her waist. Our foreheads resting on one another, she gently kissed me, a couple of soft teasing pecks that quickly turned into a passionate, fervent kiss. My hand splayed over the small of her back, holding her to me, deliberately reminding her she was mine. I gripped her ass with both hands and hoisted her up. Letty's legs instinctively went around my waist, pressing her pussy against my dick. I moaned, sucking at every throbbing artery with intense passion.

She rolled her head to the side offering better access. I could feel her heartbeat against my lips. I inhaled her scent wanting to breath her into me.. She smelt amazing, like fresh soap and some kind of exotic spice. Letty simply intoxicated me. Getting older only made her sexier. Ageing was definitely no disservice to her and she was hotter than ever. I stumbled back towards the bed and sat down with her in my lap.

While Letty was undoing my belt and unzipping my pants, I captured her mouth again in a kiss. This one was slower, softer, loving. I glided my tongue along her bottom lip, begging for entry. I tilted my head up, slipping my tongue into her warm mouth. I groaned, cupping both her breast, rolling them in my hands and teasing her nipples. Letty moaned and I could feel her body's excitement at my every touch. I bent my head and kissed her collar bone, trailing down to take each nipple in my mouth. "I want you so badly," I said thickly.

I never loved anything like I loved Letty. She was my air. I huskily whispered. "I love you." Letty licked her lips, staring down at me, her hair falling perfectly around her caramel face. She framed mine, grazing her fingers over my 5 o'clock shadow. "I love you too Dominic. I want you now and always." Letty's voice was low and provocative. My heartbeat quickened and a black unfathomable need overtook me. I propped her up, moving her thong aside and slipped into her warmth slowly, inching my thickness in further and further. I squeezed her ass enjoying the rhythm she started.

Letty grinded her hips in circle as she popped up and down on my dick. I was trying so hard to hold on, to not bust this nut and let her take what she wanted from me. She rubbed all over my shaved head and dug her fingernails in my shoulders. It was a good pain and it turned me on even more. I slid my hands to her hips to take control...guiding her faster: in and out. With each stroke Letty gasped in pleasure and I was getting close.

I pulled out and flipped her around so she was on the bed, ass up, waiting for me. I leaned down raining butterfly kisses all over her back. I kissed both her cheeks, than parted her lips and licked her pussy. Letty screamed out when I started sucking her clit. Damn she tasted good. I continued torturing her with my tongue for a couple of minutes and sat up smoothly easing myself back into her warm tightness. I firmly gripped her hips throwing her forward than yanking her back…over and over. Once I felt Letty's pussy contract around my dick, I came hard. I was out of breath and grinning like a dope feign.

Letty collapsed onto her stomach and I laid beside her on my back. I reached beneath me grabbing the bed sheet and tossing it over us. She casually placed her small hand on my chest and I enclosed it with mine; Holding her hand as I dozed off.

Letty's POV

Dom was out like a light in seconds. He only falls asleep that fast when he's been drinking and he drank a lot, I'm not even sure he was keeping track. I slipped my hand out from his and rolled over, closing my eyes. Tonight was actually fun. The cake, the people and the music… aside from the ass grab during the basketball game from Jamal, it turned out to be a great birthday and now Dom and I, were okay. I hadn't been able to tell him about Nicole though and I wanted to badly, especially after his loving proclamation before the barbeque, but it would've ruined the mood. That news was a fucking downer. I've had long night and right now I just needed sleep. But I promised myself I'd tell him in the morning.