Nothing but the plot belongs to me. I'm just playing a bit and will put everybody back where I found them.

„I'm looking for Dr Brennan."

Hodgins looked up to the unfamiliar man with curly hair.

Casual clothes, nothing that indicated more work for them in some way.

"Just follow the disgusting smell. She is there somewhere."

The man just nodded and went his way.

Angela looked up from her work to see the guy coming up to her and Brennan.

"Do you know who that is?"

Brennan looked up too to see whom she was talking about.


She didn't say anything more and waited for him.



Angela felt a bit confused and constricted.

Confused because the moment after they greeted each other Brennan and the guy where over each other and kissing like there was no morning. And constricted because she couldn't let out how happy she was that Brennan was doing something like that.

She could see Cam watching fascinated.

Not exactly what you expected when you knew her.

After they separated both showed no sign of what they did before.

Angela looked over the guy. The physique was in Booth's category but he had reddish curls and blue eyes.

He had an interesting charm that was completely different to what she was used and moved in the way of somebody who did nearly everything standing.

The comfortable shoes had seen wear and tear.

She stopped her inspection because both seemed to want to talk.

Who was that man? Normally Brennan had no problem telling her when she was seeing somebody.

"Why are you here?"

A little smile. "Can't I look after my ex-wife?"

Angela didn't say anything to that relevation. What? Brennan had been married? How could she have not known that? When was that? Why did they divorce?

"You wouldn't do that without a reason. If you just wanted to talk you would have phoned or mailed something. Just for looking after me it would have been enough to contact me through the internet.

He smiled a bit. "It's good to see that some things will never change.

"Yes, Temp, I'm here because I want to talk to you about something."

This was the first time he looked at Angela as if just realising she was there.

"Can we talk somewhere alone?"

Brennan looked from her ex to her friend and back.

A small nod.

"Yes, there is.

Angela, I will be back later."

Angela looked after the two of them. She saw Cam coming to her and spying after their departure also.

"And who was that?"

What did Brennan say?


The physician didn't say anything. Hat was not exactly much to go on.

Angela's mimic said everything. This wasn't what she really wanted to say.

"Her ex-husband."