A/N This is a story I started a while back and posted up at the official Pendragon Adventure fanfic forum. I haven't updated it in months and haven't really given it any thought in that time, either. I figured it should see the light of day again, and what better place to do that than here? You can read the original topic by searching by other account name of CyNebula in the fanfic forum.

The story was written prior to book 10 being released and as such I had to come up with my own theory for the existence of the Travelers and Saint Dane, so on and so forth. Essentially they are the collective embodiment of both good and evil energy from the ten territories and the universe, respectively. One side drains as the other grows stronger and upsets the precious balance

With that explained ahead of time, without further ado, the first chapter.

My name is Bobby Pendragon. Last Traveler of the ten territorys of Halla. I've wrote down all that has happened to me in journals over the years, save for the final confrontation with the enemy we have been fighting for all of time, Saint Dane. I find myself unable to describe the events that led me to the present.. or at least this apparition of it. But I can say this much... We called ourselves the Soldiers of Halla in the end, instead of just Travelers, and like true soldiers, lined up for the slaughter to save all that ever was.

I've learned all the secrets to being a Traveler, and killed off Saint Dane as he was known to us... but I know he'll be back some day. Perhaps not under that same name, but the negative energy will always exist, gathering across Halla until the demon reforms somewhere in time. But I don't care about that: I'll end him then just as I learned to before. No, I write this... I suppose 'note' will be accurate enough, as the prologue to a new story in my life.

I'm going to go back and set things right. The Soldiers of Halla won't die to restore Hallas positive balance, undoing the damage wrecked leading up to the final battle. Saint Dane and Nevva Winter are no longer the only ones who can travel through space and time. It may be a slight to Uncle Presses memory, but this time, I'm fighting just the same as that demon Traveler and his disciple. The laws no longer apply. ~ Bobby Pendragon, December 16th 5009, Third Earth.

Journal #51

After writing that previous note and storing it in the vault where the rest of my Journals had been moved prior to the final showdown, I returned to the flume of Third Earth and took one final look around, trying to determine if what I was about to do was going to be worth it. A split second later, as my eyes glanced down to the ten rings resting in my open right palm, each rings symbols glowing together and representing the restored Halla, and I had my answer. "I've made a lot of bad choices. But that's all over now." I said, closing my eyes and remembering for a few moments. With a weary sigh I approached the mouth of the tunnel that stretched not to just infinity in terms of space, but all across time itself.

I carefully slipped nine of the rings back onto the white twine around my neck, securing it in place before slipping my own travelers ring back onto my finger. It felt right wearing it again. "Eelong." I declared firmly, the time frame I was planning on arriving at in the forefront of my mind. The flume rumbled and groaned as white light began to form far in the distance but growing ever closer, though the familiar jumble of sweet musical notes was replaced by a deep, ocean lapping like hum. I've learned time is fluid, and that sound is all I need to confirm my intentions worked.

The slight tug I knew would come was slower, but when it did it was far more powerful, jerking me forward as though I was being dragged into a full-force hurricane. The next thing I knew I was passing through the flume as images, far more static and firm, appeared on all sides. As I rode along the images seemed to continue on forever. I could see every moment of Eelongs history, from its very first origins to its eventual fall into darkness and self-destruction millions, perhaps billions of years after I had first landed there.

I concentrated on the memories of just about the first time I landed on Eelong, right after Veeloxs loss. The images began to fade out until only those pertaining to my own time spent on the territory remained. I reached out a stray hand, the one baring my ring, and touched the one I needed. The hum receded and the usual jangle of sweet notes replaced it, the images fading out all together until just the stars appeared beyond and around me.

A few minutes later and the music grew low, light starting to recede as the flume ride neared its end. I gently landed on my toes and rolled, managing to come out of the tunnel right into the roots that I had first tangled with. I could feel a slight pull and felt the emotions and memories of the Bobby Pendragon that had appeared in the same position, in the same time frame originally, fade into the current me. It was a rush, but after-wards I felt a little fatigued. "Man, does that happen every time you're trying to exist on a territory at the same time?" I questioned, actually unsure.

I shook my head to clear it and pushed through the roots, knowing what to expect. Shortly I was staring at the rags that qualified as gar cloths, and the neatly folded outfit Gunny was wearing when the old me had last seen him in this time frame. It brought with it memories I didn't need to deal with right now and I struggled to suppress them again. A lone tear escaped and rolled down my cheek before I could succeed. I pushed forward after a minute and worked my way through and up towards the exit of the flume-baring room, not worried in the slightest about my outfit and looks. I guess I should have mentioned how I've changed recently, though.

I'm a little taller at 6' 3'' now. My hairs got a few streaks of gray in it near the base, but that's to be expected from the stress. My looks haven't really changed beyond that, aside from the occasional dark-matter scar left behind as a last memento from Saint Dane. My clothing, on the other hand, is the most different. I've taken on a couple of different outfits to suit the mood of battle at that point in time, prime among them is the suit of that Zetlin guy from Veelox, the life-light inventor. Yeah, the yellow shades too. The effect just left an impression of power to it that felt right when coupled with my height and physique. A slash or two cut across Zetlins suit, but nothing major.

My secondary choice is a good old fashioned second earth brown windbreaker over a dark green short sleeve shirt tucked into a pair of blue jeans and black belt, with ultra comfy white sneakers. What can I say? One's reserved for bad-ass, the other for comfort. Right now I'm wearing the Zetlin suit.

Anyway, thats what I look like now, so back to what took place. "Last time I had to escape a tang and some quigs. This time I'm going to tear that beast to shreds if it so much as sniffs at me wrong." I vowed, slipping my head out into the bright and hot light. Sure enough, there stood the tang, finishing off the remnants of a human arm loudly. The powerful odor it emitted floated over to me and I grimaced, just as repulsed by the incident this time as I was the first.

But apparently I took too long thinking on that, as the tang swallowed the last bite and licked at its bloodstained teeth before noticing my head sticking out of the hole in the tree. The odor increased strongly as it hissed eagerly and eyed me with much interest. I pushed the rest of the way out and faced it, my body tensing up briefly before become pale white and mist like. When I finished shape-shifting, I had assumed the form of the giant quig-bears of Denduron. I never will know if Saint Dane could do so, but I'd imagine so considering his raven form.

With a loud roar I stalked forward, claws tearing into the ground with every step I made. The tang hissed in agitation and it stepped back, baring its vicious teeth. I roared again, baring my own mouthful of far larger razor sharp teeth, then charged. The tang hissed one final time before turning tail and bolting in the other direction away from me. With a last deep glare at the green raptor-like beast, my body once more became white mist and shrunk, reforming into how I was before.

"Time to find my way back into Leeandra and teach Saint Dane a few reasons why killing off all the others before me, just to gloat, was a very bad move." I muttered softly, once more struggling against the surge of emotions thinking about the others caused. I was able to get going a few minutes later.

/pause Journal #51.