Don't fret children! I have returned to fanfiction after having multiple short periods of time of the computer (actually I got a new computer! Feel the shininess!) I kinda decided that if I was gonna go on fanfiction I might as well have more that ten minutes or late-night shifts! Anywhooo~ It's another LOT'S OF PEOPLE (OMG!) chapter! Quick thanks to Yayfully Free for the beginning 'news scene' from the last chapter, and YOU for reading this (XD cheeeesy!) Sorry this ones short and I should of thought more before writing it but I'm kinda sleepy... The Layton section has filled up! I have a lot of fanfiction to read O.o!

Luke rubbed his eyes before setting them back on the Professor again. He certainly looked... Different... "Cocopops..." he mumbled. "What's happened to the Professor?"

Cocopops let out a slight cough, wiping away a few stressfully stressful tears of stress. "Uhm. That's Layton. See? Top hat."

"But he doesn't look anything like the Profess--"


"I still don't see why we just stand here and get dragged towards the gravity--" Paolo muttered under his breath.

"For god's sake!" Cocopops growled. "That's stupid Paolo! We already told you it wouldn't work! It's gravity! You're not even a scientist!"

"Yes I am! Do you want me to add you on my to-kill list?"

"Nah. You have enough trouble with Layton. WHERE ARE THE QUESTIONS?!"

Flora kicked some dirt. "Now we're outside we need to find the questions ourselves..."

"But we're already so good at finding puzzles that questions should be a snap!" grinned Luke.

While most of the characters were looking for puzzles, Cocopops smashed her head countless times against a tree.

"Found one!" cheered Claire, opening it up.

Don Paolo; I can understand that with practice you can mimic others in voice, posture and attitude. However, how the HECK do you get to be the same size as someone like Flora or Luke?! They are way smaller than you!

"Three words..." whispered Paolo. "Botox on waist."

There was an awkward cough in the crowd.

"FINE!" Paolo threw some blueprints on the floor. "See?"

"...I don't get it." Luke murmured, tugging the Professor's sleeve.

"Well Luke... I think he just makes costumes or something. Layton's apprentice saves the day!" Layton punched his fist into the air, unaware of the strange aura of hatred around the group.

"He's not Hershel!" shouted Claire, prodding the mystery man's chest somewhat aggressively.

The man let out a quick high-pitched cry before scampering off. Hmm.

"Wait..." thought Flora aloud. "If the writer knows everything, and Cocopops is the writers OC self, doesn't that mean she knows where Layton is and who that man was?"

Cocopops growled. "You've spent too much time reading mysteries, girl. All right! I know where he is! And I now who that man was... Claire did you have to poke him that hard?"

"Why don't we save Layton then?" asked Paolo (surprisingly). "You know... So we can kill him later! Yeah... manly stuff..."

"Umm... Because the writer isn't doing anything. I think she's daydreaming so we're stuck like this until she snaps out of it."

"How come we can speak if no ones writing this?"

"SHUT UP FLORA! Stop asking so MANY questions that aren't even in a comment! Jeez Lou-ise... M'kay let's get Layton back. First, we'll need some magic powers to defeat the beast that has eaten him, then we'll need some method of transport." Cocopops sighed, scanning the horizon... A train? A car? Anything would be good in this moment of need...

"Look over there!" gasped Luke, pointing over at the noble silhouette of several four legged creatures, their tails blowing gracefully in the winds.

"Wow! Isn't it amazing that as soon as I say that we need transport these beautiful, elegant creatures appear? Talk about continuity." Cocopops grinned, mounting one of the animals. "Who knew there where flying-llamas in Layton-world?"

"Are you sure this is safe?" asked Flora. "It could be a trick... AAIIIIIIGGHHH!!!!"

Cocopops released the button, that was handily installed on a little remote for the journey ahead. "And that's for disrespecting the llamas. Everybody on? Let's gooo!" And with that, all the llamas galloped across the air, like little starts in the sky. Only they were llamas. Don't get confused, sweetheart.

"Ooh looky! A question!" said Luke, pulling a question out of a cloud.

Klaus... why, may I ask, do you love the professor?

Klaus spat out the tea, which he was drinking conveniently at the exact moment of time the question was read out. "What?!"

"Why do you love the Professor?" whimpered Flora.

"Since when did I-- I never-- You must be confused with that lunatic!" Klaus pointed angrily at Big Luke, who was conveniently drinking a cup of tea the exact moment of time.

Meanwhile, below the llamas...

An old woman held out her hand at the brown liquid that showered the area. "Joseph! Come outside! It's raining tea!"

Back with the llamas...

"I never loved the Professor! It's not my fault there are Fangirls!" shouted Big Luke.

Klaus cackled, manically to say the least. "I bet you read LaytonXLegal Yaoi! It really is a shame that our game hasn't come out yet... Don't forget the brand new pairing; KlausXKlaus!"

Cocopops looked around. Luke seemed frozen midway through a scream... "I don't think we should break the fourth wall around him anymore. QUESTIONS!"

"We've ran out..."

"What do you mean you've have out?!" screeched Cocopops. "But this is an A LOT OF PEOPLE (OMG) chapter! There's only two..."

"Yet it's continued for four pages!" cheered Claire.

"No cheering Claire. This is too serious. Either the writer is stupid and won't make any drama happen, or it'll just end here."

...Half an hour of silent flying later...

Cocopops let out a cough. "I guess she's just stupid then. Hey...? Is that a...? Oh look! A drama llama!"

All the characters gasped and oohed at the drama llama who waved at them from the ground.

"There goes our drama..."

"I guess this is the end then..." mumbled Flora.

All of a sudden all the llamas disappeared, leaving the characters floating in the air for a while, before plummeting. That's what I call satire. Well, not really. It could be. Someone remind me of satire again...

All of a sudden the writer stopped writing. I should of checked before giving Layton a microphone AND writing this two-question a lot OF PEOPLE chapter. Oh well... insert suspense here

Will the characters plummet to their deaths?

Will they find an amazing power?

Will they destroy the beast that has eaten Layton?

Can they find the gravity?

Will the update be quicker?

And longer?

We'll all find out in the next chapter of...

The amazing tales of Layton, Llamas and Lollipops, oh my!!!!