Vegas Chapter 1

She didn't even it see it coming and even if she would have she never would have believed that her loving, caring parents could have ever devised such a devious plan such as this one.

Winter break was just beginning for Serena Tsukino and as the snow fell on Tokyo, the vivacious super-heroine packed her summer wardrobe in to her suitcase.

For the first week of winter break the Tsukino family would be spending their holiday in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Serena was nervous about spending the holiday away from her friends, but there had not been a youma attack in Tokyo for two years.

Plus, it was very important for Serena to say goodbye to her baby brother. It just so happened that he was accepted in to a Magnet school in Nevada for art and sculpture. He would continue to study abroad for the remainder of his academic career. Also, her father, who was a journalist, would be attending the first of many medical conventions across the world. He would be covering the convention for all major cities and for a few pharmaceutical companies. It was quite an honor to say the least.

At first, Ken Tsukino almost did not take the job. The thought of leaving his two most favorite women in the world was all the reason to stay in Tokyo. Then, Serena's family delivered the most unexpected news. Ken Tsukino was going to be taking the job and Ilene Tsukino would be traveling the world with him, while Serena would be capable to finishing her senior year alone in Tokyo.

Serena could not believe her ears when they had said she would stay alone. Sure, she was the mysterious super hero of Tokyo, and most recently the savior of the universe after the demise of Chaos. But, on a daily basis she was just Serena Tsukino.

Serena who was more known for being academically challenged and very much uncoordinated. Since the defeat of chaos she found herself becoming more like Serenity and less like the dumb blond. It was apparent to everyone with the exception of her parents.

At home she was still fourteen with little or no responsibilities and she liked it that way. Luna called her childish and ridiculous. Serena, however, rationalized her behavior as needed. She had already grown up way to fast with the horrors she had dealt with her not one but two lives. Also, she already knew that one day she would be queen and have a child. Not only to mention that the scouts were down her throat twenty-four seven to find this "Endymion" who apparently was her past lover and future husband. They would not even let another guy look in the direction of their princess since the pink haired child let it slip about the history and future of her parents. So, the stress continued in her life and for these reasons alone it was okay to have Ken and Ilene at her every beck and call.

"Ugg!" Serena looked it to her suitcase. "MOM! Have you seen my navy blue halter, the one with the beaded straps?" Serena yelled.

Ilene poked her head in to her daughter's room. "Yes, bunny. It was missing a bead so I sewed a new one on for you."

"Aw! Thanks' mommy! You're the best." Serena said smiling to her mother. She loved being doted on.

"Anything for you my little bunny. Now, finish packing." She kissed her little girl on the forehead and left the room.

Ilene walked down the hall to her room wiping a tear from her cheek and closed the bedroom door.

"Ken, are you sure we are doing the right thing?" She looked at him for reassurance.

"Honey, please don't worry. Everything is set up perfectly." Ken came over and placed a hand on her back.

"Ken, she needs me. She needs her mother." Ilene sat down on the bed and held back tears.

"No. What she needs is a firm husband who will be able to take care of her every need. Serena has never dated before, with the exception of that pop star that came around every once in awhile. She won't know how to take care of herself once we are gone. Now, this fellow we have picked out for her is quite perfect. All we have to do is orchestrate the plan and our baby will be taken care of for life." He stated knowing that he had made the right choice.

"Plus, this is a chance for us. Me and you, my wife, to have some alone time together." He sat down next to her on the bed and nuzzled her neck.

"Travel the world together." He said sweetly in to her ear.

Ilene gave a nod and smiled at the prospects of being alone with Ken and the pride of having her only daughter married off to a fine young man. In a few days her little bunny, Serena Tsukino, would be Mrs. Serena Chiba.

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