Vegas Chapter 20

"So that is the whole story?" Raye barked out her eyebrows raised.

"The whole story." Serena nodded in confirmation.

"And you are telling me that these four idiots are the same bastards that tried to kill us?" Raye now pointed in the generals direction.

"So now we get to the real point." Mina rolled her eyes at Raye only to receive a death glare back.

"Raye, they are my guards. The same ones from before just… alive this time. It is what it is." Darien defended.

Rei huffed. Knowing now that he was Endymion she picked up on the finality in his tone based on the conversation.

"So, is it okay if I scan them?" Ami asked with a pure curiosity.

Serena couldn't help but to burst out laughing. Of course Ami would want to scan the once dark generals.

"Sure." Kevin said hoping that this would appease the scouts.

"Okay! I need to go get my scanner!" Ami ran from the empty restaurant.

"What kind of scan?" Jacen said looking nervous once Ami was gone.

Lita was about to speak but Raye cut her off. "It's a full body laser scan."

"Will… will it hurt?" he asked.

Raye smirked. "Yes, but only if you move during it and I recommend not moving."

"Why can't we move?" Did Raye detect fear in his voice? 'How manly' she thought sarcastically.

"No big deal, but one move could cut off a body part." Raye said nonchalantly with a wave of her hand.

"NO! KEVIN! DON'T LET HER SCAN US!" Jacen had crawled over Mina in the booth and now sat on Kevin's lap hugging him for deal life.

"Get the hell off me!" Kevin pushed and Mina, Lita and Serena could not control their laughter.

The generals were embarrassed and Darien rolled his eyes. Raye eyes danced with amusement.

Ami walked back in a visor on her head.

"AHHHHHH! SAVE ME! DON'T LET HER SCAN US! WE WILL DIE!" Jacen screamed. "I need all my body parts…" He said in a sobbing pathetic tone.

Ami looked confused. "But… I already scanned you a second ago?"

"What?" Jacen said looking confused.

Now Raye started laughing. "Your still an idiot."

Jacen climbed off of Kevin and over Mina out of the booth. "Whose an idiot!?" He yelled looking at the fire priestess.

"You." She laughed now mocking him. "Kevin… oh Kevin save me! The mean laser is going to get me!"

"Why you!" Jacen started after the black haired beauty and then they were off, out the door.

"I guess that solved that." Lita murmured. She didn't know what to think about Nathan being Nephrite. Sure she had some memories but it wasn't something that she stayed transfixed on. Lita knew that Raye and Mina had always longed and yearned for their past lovers.

Lita and Ami were different. Lita had clear focus on the future and so did Ami. Re-incarnated love was not something that they ever really thought about. So she never really wanted it. Now that Nephrite was here… she didn't know.

Ami was amused by the scan. The moment that she scanned them it brought up a past scan from more than a thousand years ago. They were the same. When she went to compare the scan of that she had done to the dark generals it was not a match.

The thought that she would have to now deal with the fact that they were alive and here passed though her head for a second before she banished it. She could feel Zacks eyes on her and she ignored him. This would work… for now.

They group decided that it would be better if they retired to their room to discuss this further and that Jacen and Raye would figure out where they where when they were done with their squabble.

Once back in the hotel room, Lita made a pot of tea and the reality of the situation set in. They sat around the low traditional Japanese table. They had all sat like this many a millennia ago. Serena and Darien at the head where she lay comfortably at his side. The girls on one side and the boys at another.

"So what do we do about Andromeda?" Mina asked playing with a strand of her hair.

Everyone sat around silent for a moment.

"I really don't want to kill her." Darien trailed off.

Serena understood and she patted the side of his face in understanding.

"I can't guarantee that." Raye spat not feeling the same way. Andromeda had tried to kill Serena one to many times.

"Yeah bitch needs to go." Lita agreed.

"If we just knew more about her… maybe we could understand her fascination with Darien." Ami amended knowing very well that if their royal majesties did not want the angry princess dead they would have to find a way to save her.

"I don't recall ever meeting this Princess Andromeda in the past." Zack mentioned with confusion. "Endy… I mean Darien?" He asked.

Darien's face wrinkled in thought. "No. I truly haven't met her until these conferences."

"But she knew that you were the prince of Earth?" Kevin asked now.

"Pretty, sure…"

"Well what did Luna tell us?" Serena asked.

"Your cat?" Darien questioned.

"Yes… my cat." She said.

"Odango, are you okay?" He put a hand to her head.

Serena smacked it away. "Darien. My cat can talk."

Now Darien was very concerned for his wife he stared at her like she was crazy as did the generals.

"She said that she recalled a conversation she had with your mother and Andromeda came to your birthday party with the intentions of winning over the Earth Prince." Ami recalled.

"Why would she want to do that? I mean the Earth was not even part of the Silver Millennium. We were enemies." Lita added.

Darien and the generals felt lost in this conversation. They did know about the Silver Millennium but they were pretty ignorant of other galaxies.

"Let's call Luna and ask her." Rei suggested.

"NO!" Serena yelped.

"Why? I bet if we talk this out we could figure some things out." Rei objected and the girls nodded.

"Oh I am sorry… I think you must have forgotten that I am married to Endymion and the generals are back. It's not a conversation I feel like having right now. She would freaking kill me." Serena crossed her arms.

"Scared of this kitty huh?" Jacen asked.

"Terrified." Serena nodded her head.

"Well let's just put her on speaker phone. We don't need a visual." Mina said with a wave of her hand.

"Fine. But she is perceptive and you will be the one explaining if she realizes anything." Serena crossed her arms over her chest.

"So, dramatic." Mina rolled her eyes pulling out her communicator and calling their guardian.

"Luna, here."

"Luna, it's the girls. We have a few questions and we were wondering if you could help us out?" Mina asked.

"Of course. I am at central command now. Artimus is here, too. I must add that I am proud that you are discussing enemies while on vacation." Luna said proudly.

"Is this a joke?" Darien whispered to Serena. She shook her head and then placed a finger over her lips telling him to hush.

"Luna, can you tell us anything new about the Andromeda Galaxy during the Silver Millennium? Ami asked taking notes.

"I was just looking that up. The moons main computer has a ton of information about them." They could hear Luna typing.

"Her cat can type?" Nathan whispered to Jacen.

"Why are you asking me?" Jacen whispered back.

"Because you do strange shit all the time… I figured you would know." Nathan shrugged. Jacen pinched him making Nathan yell.

"What was that!" Luna and Artimus asked.

"Ohhh uhhhh, Serena was stuffing her face again and Raye pinched her." Mina explained glaring at the two boys.

"Jeeze, you would think a princess of your stature could control herself." Luna muttered and before Serena could throw a fit Luna said…"Here! I found something."

"Okay it seems that during the Silver Millennium a king ruled Andromeda whose name was Cephues the Great of the Persea family. Let's see… he had five daughters and each were married and ruled the many sun's solar systems in the galaxy."

"How many solar systems were there?" Lita wondered.

"Five… no four. Only four sun's with living solar systems." Artimus answered.

"So I am assuming that the fifth daughter was Andromeda." Serena said aloud.

"Perceptive, Serenity. That is correct." Luna praised.

"Why do you think that?" Ami asked.

"Think about it. She had nothing to rule and Cephues probably wanted to expand his kingdom. It make sense that Cephues would dangle Endymion to her." Serena stated.

"Very strategic." Mina said disgusted.

"Two for Two ladies!" She smiled. "I am a genius."

"Yeah, you should join the space program moon brain." Raye taunted.

"Maybe I will! I could tell them how mars dust makes people bit…"

"CUT IT OUT!" Luna yelled over the communicator. "Or I will send both of you to Mars and you know I can!"

The generals looked confused. They were not used to this inter-galactic talk. Could they really be sent to Mars?

Mina decided to explain aloud to help make sense to the guys.

"Cephues wanted in unite the Earth and the Andromeda Galaxy so that he could take the Silver Millennium out from within and being that Earth had no ties to us. I bet he could wage war had they of married." She thought out loud.

"Too bad our little Serenity was busy making her own political ties." Mina smirked.

"Yes, tell us dear Serenity what were your motivations." Lita smiled. "Was it just pure political gain?"

The generals were smirking at their banter.

"No no… I let the princesses of Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter secure all ties in politics. I mean how would we not let Earth in when they were securing their own ties as well." Serena smiled.

"What?" Luna asked confused.

The girls were giving Serena the death glare. Serena just smiled sweetly. "Oh nothing."

Ami just shook her head. "Okay… let's put this all together. Andromeda shows up at the party, Beryl attacks, Andromeda is reborn. She remembers Endymion she wants him but she hates Serenity and wants her dead."

"Yes…. Why is that? It's not like Serena has found Endymion yet." Luna mused.

"Yeah… hahah… damn girl is crazy!" Serena chucked nervously.

"Serena what aren't you telling me!" Luna yelled.

"Well I think we can take it from here Luna! Thanks! You're the best!" Serena turned off the communicator.

"You should have just told her." Darien said when Serena shut off the communicator.

"Oh… my bad. I thought you loved me." Serena said sarcastically.

"I do." He said simply.

"Well then why would you want me DEAD!" She yelled.

"She's a cat. Your Sailor Moon. You can take her." Duh.

The girls just shook their heads. "Clearly… you don't know Luna." Mina said.

"Anyway… we are missing something." Mina said. "Endymion destroyed that bird youma."

"I did." Darien nodded.

"Did you use the golden crystal?" Nephrite asked.

Darien nodded in agreement.

"The what?" Ami asked.

"The crystal of Earth. It belongs to Endymion." Kevin informed her.

"Hum…." Ami said.

"I know that hum…. What are you thinking?" Zack asked. Ami blushed.

"Well… it's something but I don't know yet." She got a look in her eye.

"Can we go to sleep now?" Serena yawned.

"Yeah… I don't think we are going to figure out anything else for awhile." Lita agreed standing up the girls following. Serena just snuggled in to Darien's arms.

"Oh no! I don't think so. Get your butt up, Serena." Rei said hands on her hips.

"What! We are married." Serena defended.

"And we are your guardians and you will be sleeping the girls room tonight." Mina agreed.

Darien growled. His eyes flashing gold.

"That shit won't work on me, Endymion of Earth." Mina took her stance as Serena's main guard.

"WAIT! I GOT IT!" Ami yelled. "Darien… your eyes. Did you ever let your eyes flash gold to Andromeda before?" She asked and Darien looked confused.

"Possibly. I can't help it when it does." He shrugged.

"Yes! That is how I knew it was him!" Serena said.

Ami pulled her computer out of her subspace pocket and began typing. Zack stood behind her looking at what she was doing.

"I think you're on to something, Ami." He smiled at her.

"On to what?" Serena said sleepily.

"Andromians can't come in touch with the golden crystal. Their chemical make up is different than ours." Ami smiled.

"But that means… how do we take down Andy with out me killing her?" Darien said perplexed.

"I don't know, but I am not allergic to the golden crystal so Serena get your butt in the girls room now!" Mina demanded.

Serena was agitated and she followed them in to the room.

"Mina… I think you should be more concerned about Kunzite and Zoisite in the same room."

"What why…" She asked confused.

"Well I mean dark Kunzite and dark Zoisite probably didn't just sleep in the dark kingdom together. I bet they stayed up all night…" She smiled.

"Huh?" Kunzite asked.

Mina and Ami blushed deep, deep red.

"Well you two were gay under the control of Beryl. Goodnight!" Serena smiled walking away.

"WE WERE WHAT!" They yelled!