Chapter 21

The Finale

Andy had missed work… again. Her voicemail was filling up with messages of concern.

She had worked so hard to become a doctor. A good doctor. She had fallen in love with the blue eyed, raven-haired man before she even knew whom he was.

She saw the love story between them. A woman infatuated with a man but when she went to reveal her love, he was with the wrong woman. It happened all the time in movies and books. The girl that longs for the love from afar always gets what she wants. She always gets prettier. She always gets smarter. She becomes something that he cannot live without. And then, in a dramatic fashion they fall in love and the bitch that stood in the way gets what's coming to her.

"They fall in love…" She said out loud from her couch.

Didn't he know how much she loved him? She almost DIED to bring back a megatritallon bird. The biggest, meanest, nastiest energy sucker ever. Didn't that show him how much she cared for him?

"They fall in love…" She said again. She was going to fail her father like she did so long ago.

"Andromeda. Listen to me, child." Her father said before she left for the Milky Way Galaxy's white moon. "The earth bares a great power that only their true heir can harness. A golden crystal that was forged from the cauldron itself."

"Yes, father. And we need this power?" She asked.

"We need it… yes… but you can not take it. It is poison to our makeup. When used on anything living in our galaxy it will turn it to golden dust." He explained.

She gasped. "Are you changing your mind? I won't give up on him even if he can kill me!" She yelled.

The king smiled. "Daughter, you will do well. In order to be with Endymion he must love you. With his love you will also be able to control the golden crystal. For this gem was forged from a love between our worlds but when we wanted to be stronger and take it for ourselves the magic turned on us!"

She gasped again.

"Do not be discouraged. The earth wants to wage war on the moon. When the prince falls in love with you, the golden crystal will be yours. This power, when used correctly, could give us what we need to take the silver imperium crystal. We would become an empire of the galaxy." She saw the power hungry eyes of her father.

"We could rule. And Endymion and I would be the most powerful love in the universe." Andromeda said her heart swelling.

"Yes, my daughter. But… he must love you."


He must love me… but he doesn't. He loves her.

He loves Serenity….

An evil smile came to her face. He would love her….


"Five more months of school." Serena sighed taking off her pajamas and looking for her uniform.

They were back at home and had been for over a week. A week of guards and guard duty everywhere.

Amara had found out that Andy stopped showing up for her residency at Juuban Hospital. The HR department could not locate her even though they had tried.

There had been no attacks. For all they knew Andromeda had died from using all of her own energy.

"I wish she would just show herself so we could be done with this and move on with our lives." Serena said grabbing Darien a new tie. Sometimes she wondered how he got along without her.

"Thanks. Yes, me too." He said disgruntled looking at Serena in her bra and underwear.

She bent over to grab her skirt off the floor and Darien let out a groan.

"I'm so sick of everyone being around all the time keeping watch." She went on walking to the bathroom.

'Oh my god, please put on your clothes.' He thought to himself. 'Please, Please, Please do not come out here again like that.'

When she walked out of the bathroom still in her bra and underwear he couldn't help it.

"Why are you doing this to me!" He yelled.

"Huh?" she looked at him wide eyed grabbing a pair of knee highs. She sat on the bed and pulled them on slowly.

"Oh my god. You are toying with me, aren't you?" He ran his hands through his hair.

She blew him a kiss. He is always so slow to catch on.

He was ready to pounce on her when someone knocked at the door.

"Yo! Are you guys done in there? I have to use the bathroom." Jacen pounded on the door.

"Almost." Serena bent over in front of Darien and put on her skirt and then her shirt.

"Point made." Serena whispered to Darien.

Jacen had been living with them for a week now. Serena had told Darien that she didn't need a guard at home. That she had him but his shifts were getting longer and he was also on rotation. They argued about it and when Serena explained that she wanted to explore their relationship on a deeper level he told her that they would have to wait until after Andy had been stopped.

She had never held back on life because of an enemy. She had also never acted on her feelings for Darien when she knew about Endymion. She was not ready to be queen or anything like that yet. She just wanted to experience a full marriage since they had been in such a pile of lies for so long.

It was hard to be vulnerable like that to him. When Jacen of all people moved in she knew that nothing would happen at all.

So she toyed with Darien all she could, especially at night. She would not touch him at all. Yes, this was hard for her but his loss.

Serena opened the door and Jacen went running in to the bathroom.


Darien just dropped Serena off at school and the girls had taken over. This was becoming exhausting to say the least. He just wanted Serena and him to be together like a normal married couple. Instead they were living like freaking royals with guards everywhere.

"So, you know that this guarding you gig is really helping me make a shit ton of money right?" Zack said as they walked in to the hospital.

"Every nurse see's me with you and it's like a free pass to every doctor. My American director is floored right now at how well I am doing."

"Yeah, well freaking good for you." Darien said irritated.

"What's your problem?" Zack asked him.

"What do you think is my problem!" Darien said a tad too loud walking in to the hospital. People stopped and looked at him. He went a tad red embarrassed and super glad when the elevator opened.

"We need Andy to show her damn self. I don't want to kill her but I need… time… with… Serena…" Darien mentioned. "She is torturing me daily."

Zack understood all too well. "At least you are getting somewhere. Amy will not give me the damn time of day. We were getting along so well in Kyoto and now… well I need this to be over with too. Okay?"

Darien and Zack were about to head in to his office when Darien saw her.

"Hey Zack, want a good way in?" His eyes were lit up.

"Ummm… yeah." He said like Darien was stupid.

"That is Amy's mom. Dr. Mizuno. Super nice, works in Oncology. Go woo the mom." He slapped Zack on the ass and walked in to his office.

And yeah… That is the most action I have had in a week…. Pathetic


Oh wow. This is a super nice apartment. Darien and I will be so happy here once we fall madly in love.

Andromeda pranced through Darien and Serena's apartment.

I mean we can stay here and plan how we are going to re-instate the Earthan Throne. Yes, a nice new castle would be great.

Oh, and yes, my lovely Galaxy… I will rip that crystal from Serenity's dead hands and bind it with Darien's. Everything my father wanted.

But first… I will need just some of the moon brat's things.


Darien was so tired. A car accident had him doing an extra, much needed, surgery. He didn't even know where Jacen was. He had come earlier to 'guard' him but after the long surgery he was not sure if he should look for him.

He just needed to grab his briefcase and coat and he could leave.

Darien turned the lights on in his office and yelped! Serena was sitting in the chair at his desk.

"Holy shit, Serena." Don't scare me like that. He put his hand to his chest. He let out a breath to calm him down. Being on such high alert was really starting to stress him. He should have felt her there.

She giggled. "Sorry, but I was trying to surprise you."

She stood up and prowled toward him.

"Serena. How did you even get in here… not that I don't like the surprise." Darien looked her over. He was so glad to see her.

"Dr. Yoshiman let me in." She smiled.

Serena got up on her tiptoes and gave him peck. She had not done that in a week.

He smiled at her warmly. Maybe she was going to stop being so cold toward him.

"Wait! Where the hell is your guard?" He yelled at her.

"Amy saw her mom and I waited here." She said taking his hand. "Are you done?

"Yes, finally." He grabbed his things.

They were about to leave down the main elevator when Serena stopped him.

"Let's go… let's leave without them. I want time with you alone." Serena practically purred.

Darien looked at her carefully. They have had this conversation over and over. She was tormenting him daily. Her eyes were full of possession… maybe they would be okay for a few hours. Of course they would be okay. He had the golden crystal.

Darien took her hand with a smile and led her down a hallway. He swiped his ID at a set of double doors and entered where the operating rooms where. At the end of the hall he found the employee elevator.

"Very clever." Serena said giving his hand a squeeze.

They exited out the emergency room entrance, which was on the other side of the hospital and Serena started to lead him toward their apartment.

"So how was school today, Odango?" He asked taunting her.

"Great." She said. Darien's face went from a smile it to a frown. Even now, Serena would get pissed about the nickname. She didn't even bat an eyelash but just kept smiling walking next to him.

"Huh." He said. "What do you have in mind when we get home?"

She grinned… but not her normal smile. It looked… sinister. Man, she must really have it out for me. He thought.

They walked along the street. "Oh, nothing. Just planning on making sure you love me." She said upbeat.

He stopped her and looked down at her. She looked up and had that same look in her eye. The look of possession. Something was off.

"Serena, you know that I love you and only you." He said and for some reason she flinched at the name.

There were people walking up and down the street. Maybe she didn't want to have this conversation with everyone around.

"Come on." She said. "Let's get home."

"Yeah, let's get home, Odango." He pulled her along now. Worry in his gut about whatever was wrong with his wife.


"Seriously, Serena. You are totally wrong. Dawson's creek is not better than 90210. They can't even translate Dawson's ridiculously stupid, big words in to Japanese. It's an awful dub and you should really try Gossip Girl." Jacen said biting in to his egg.

Serena was eating ramen with Jacen in a little ramenya across from the hospital. Darien was running late due to a surgery so he left him a note on his door. Now, they were in a deep, very educational conversation regarding American TV drama's.

"Firstly, I don't even understand the big words so that's not an issue for me. Secondly, Joey and Pacey are so sweet together. Thirdly, Gossip girl is so unrealistic. A bunch of teenagers running around NYC like ho's. I'll pass. "She slurped her ramen.

"You do know that you live in Japan… right?" Jacen raised an eyebrow at her.

"Yeah… I am pretty aware of my location." She took another big bite.

"Where the most popular thing on TV right now is a story of where a girl is shrunk down small and lives in her crushes pocket… right?" He looked at her incredulously.

"Jacen, I am a re-incarnated Moon Princess with the power to become a super hero and I once killed a soulless look a like of you with an airplane? Girls in pockets sound normal." She explained.

Jacen looked at her… "You killed me with an air plane!"

"Ran your blond haired ass right over. SMASH!" She slammed her hand down on the table making a loud 'SMACK.' He jumped.

The food in Jacen's mouth fell right out back in to his bowl. Serena smirked.


She grabbed her communicator quickly and turned it on, hiding it under the table.

"Harajuku, Hurry! There is a lot!" Raye's voice yelled.

"Jacen. We have to go!" Serena said quickly, grabbing him by the hand and exiting the ramenya.

Once they were outside Jacen pulled her in another direction.

"Sere! Wait! I can't get there as fast as you can. Let me go get Endy and you go as fast as possible. Endymion and I will take the rooftops." Jacen told her pushing her in to an alley way.

She nodded.



Darien turned on the light in the apartment and set down his briefcase. As soon as they were in the door Serena began to stalk him. She was looking at him with desperation in her eye.

He was walking backward toward the living room. She was coming closer and began to un-button her top. Was he seeing this correctly? His little bunny trying to seduce him?

"Serena. We talked about this… you have to stop tormenting me." He said taking another step back from her.

"Ser.. I mean.. I have been tormenting you?" She dropped her top on the floor.

"Yes… ugh put back on your clothing. I want you too but we have to wait." He felt when he hit the couch. The back of his knees hitting the arm rest.

Serena undid her skirt and it fell to the floor also.

Darien groaned. She came close and pushed him on to the couch getting on top of him.

"Serena…" He said lust in his eyes.

She smiled with victory in her eyes and bent down to kiss him.

Darien was first in to the kiss but he didn't feel the pull to her. He didn't feel like it was the same. He was very in the present and Serena was still trying to push the kiss on. She didn't realize he stopped kissing her back.

She sat up on his lap. "Endymion? What's wrong? Don't you love me…"

He was going to respond when he felt a pull from the inside. The pull that meant that Serena had changed in to Sailor moon.

But she hadn't. She was sitting here, half naked, on top of him.

The pull came more fiercely and he sat up. Serena fell to the floor with a loud 'thump.'

"Ow, Darien. What the fuck was that?" she growled.

"Serena…" He said to the girl on the floor. He knew it was not the real her. His real love's soul was calling to him. Telling him that she was in battle and she needed him.

She stood up and looked at him. He didn't even look at 'this' Serena's body. He was disgusted but he needed to know what was going on.

He went to help her up. Keeping his anger in check.

"Darien, my love, are you okay?" She wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Yeah, I am fine." But he wasn't he couldn't help the anger. He glowed slightly and reflex of when he was fuming.

Serena stepped back so quickly, holding her arms. A whimper came out. She had been burned. Her blue eyes now flashed green.

Darien glowed more.

Andy couldn't hold on to the glamour anymore. Serena's form practically exploded and Andromeda stood in her place.


"I'VE GOT THIS ONE!" Amy said making icicles fly through the spider's head.

Spider's were a nice word for what they were dealing with. Ten legged creatures with magenta and teal hair covering their massive bodies. These were the size of a car and at least sixty had been unleashed to ravage the city.

Many had been taken down, their blood flooding the streets. The senshi's sloshed through blood as they ran to kill the beasts.

Sailor Saturn used her glaive and pierced one between the eyes but it didn't stop it due to the momentum it had at rushing toward her. The smallest senshi was being pushed unceremoniously by the tumbling beast, her weapon penetrating its skull even further. Sailor Moon swooped in, right before the senshi would have been crushed between a wall and the spider.

"Thanks princess." She smiled.

"It's almost all I can do. I don't have weapons like this." She nodded to the glaive that was now soaked in blood in Saturn's hands.

Sailor Moon flew out of the way off long hairy legs trying to reach at her. She dropped Saturn on ones back and the girl thrust her glaive in to the spiders back causing it to cry out in pain.

Sailor Moon noticed Sailor Mars in the distance using her fire to surround five of the beasts. Uranus and Jupiter combined her space sword blaster attack and supreme thunder to slice them through, blood singeing on the flames.

It was chaos but somewhat organized. The spiders had to catch humans in their webs to take their energy. Most of the people were locked in the buildings looking out through the windows. The spiders had the intersection secure with webs. The battle raging in the wide block.

'Where was Darien and Jacen?' Sailor moon wondered. The battle was still not at a victory and they were fifteen minutes in already.

She stood out of sight calling out to her senshi where the spiders were going to attack largest spider yet was in the middle of the intersection. The traffic lights flashing off its teal and magenta hair. It let out a scream and from its insides more than a hundred baby spiders the size of beach balls emerged like a waterfall.

The scouts were not prepared for this.

"LOOK OU…." She yelled but she saw a flash of blue water protrude through the webs and hit more than half of the baby insects. They were all frozen solid. A silver haired general flew in to the middle of them wielding a sword smashing the ice sculpture spiders in to a million shards.

A blast of lighting streaked through the webs again and the other half screeched as they were electrocuted.

The white haired general was now joined by the other two in their uniforms as well. Kunzite, Nephrite and Zoisite stood appraising the battles going on around them. The bottoms of their uniforms now soaked in blood.

"KUNZITE DUCK!" Sailor Moon yelled throwing her tiara, Mars heard the call and blasted an arrow at it causing the flaming tiara to barley miss Kunzite as he sank down. It blasted threw a spider that was about to attack Endymion's highest general.

"FUCK!" He yelled pulling out his sword again and finding his next victim.

"WHERE IS ENDYMION AND JADEITE?" She yelled to the other two generals.

They looked at her perplexed but could not answer as they were now engaged in the battle.

A blond, short haired general came barreling it blasting a beast with a ball of flames.

She looked around for Darien but she wasn't with Jadeite.

"Oh, shit! Oh, shit! He isn't with them." She thought now taking off on her wings to observe everything. Maybe she missed him.

There were only five spiders left.

She yelled to the team. "FIVE LEFT!"

But she was wrong… there were six and it was flying through the sky. It landed on her like a ton of bricks and as it gracefully fell, Sailor Moon was tumbling downward unconscious.


"Andromeda." Darien gasped.

"Hello, Endymion." She smiled at him still holding her burned arms. Her green eyes flashing.

"Where is my wife?" He snarled at her.

"Oh…. I would say battling hundreds of my friends…" She giggled.

"Giggles are not becoming of you, Andy." He told her smugly.

She stopped and glared at him. The red in her face contrasting with her purple gown.

"Endymion, I almost had you. Almost was able to bind myself with you and to your golden crystal. That is your only power over me." She purred to him.

He pulled out his crystal and with it came his transformation in to Endymion. She eyed him in delight. His Terrian Armor eventuating his perfect body.

"This…" He smiled at her looking at the crystal. He noticed that she only flinched once away from it. "Can never bind me with you, Andromeda."

Her eyes narrowed. "Yes… YES…. I was so close and soon you will love me!" She yelled at him.

He stalked forward toward her. "It can't bind with you even if you pretend to be Serenity. I knew when you kissed me that it wasn't her. There was no pull, no electricity, no fire in my blood." He smiled at her cruelly. Darien had told himself that he wouldn't do this to Andy. That he didn't want to kill her. That he would save her somehow. But Darien and Endymion shared only one soul and when this imposter pretend to be his wife. There was no forgiveness left.

Andromeda cowered back from his approaching form and she watched as he stopped.

Pain encased his body and his eyes were gold spheres. He gave one last look at Andromeda before he disappeared.


The fallen pretty sailor soldier lay in a pool of blood. Her feather wings were soaked crimson. The traffic lights still flashed, yellow, red, green, yellow, red, green. Illuminating her unmoving form on the pavement below.

What was left of a spider lay by her, it had been mutilated. When Venus saw the beast attack her princess she lost it. She pulled out the Sword of Silver Crystal and slashed until there was nothing left but body parts.

As the rest of the soldiers saw what had happened they ran toward the center of the intersection.




The yells permeated the silence that had fallen when they first saw her laying there.

The spiders had all been killed. Their bodies littered the streets. They would have to decay there, as no could moon dust them.

As they reached for her, to bring her to life, her uniform fell away, ribbons covering her. Her broach laying in the middle of her chest.

"MOVE!" Yelled the authoritative voice they hadn't heard in over a thousand years.

They looked at him, their faces showing all emotion. Fear, sadness, pain, sympathy, heartbreak.

His eyes still glowed and they parted showing him the fallen princess. The one they had failed.

Endymion felt as if he couldn't breath. He ran to her and has much as he wanted to pull her in to his arms, his medical training kicked in.

"MERCURY. SCAN HER!" He yelled looking her over. He saw her chest move up and down slightly. She was breathing. Once again the blood was not hers but why was she like this? Falls like this wouldn't have ever killed her before. She was pale and her lips held a bluish tint.

Mercury gasped and everyone looked at her.

"Poison… she must have been… bit." Mercury typed more.

"An antidote!?" Venus yelled to her.

"I… I… not enough time…" She typed more.

Laughing filled their ears from above as Andromeda floated above them. She laughed with glee not a hint of sympathy in her eyes watching the pain below.

"Oh.. yes… death will come." She laughed again.

"And I will take her place, her crystal, and her crown. There isn't enough time, Endymion dear…" She taunted.

Endymion didn't even look at the crazy woman who has inflicted all of this pain on to him.

He only had one thought. He glowed slightly and learned down to kiss his love.

Andromeda stopped laughing.

Sereity and Endymion glowed together. The light shining off them. The ribbons wrapped the princess in a dress of satin white and the light became so blinding everyone looked away.

As if the sun was rising from the core of Japan the beam spread.

For when it reached the stunned Andromian Princess she screamed in pain as she slowly dissolved to gold dust.

The glow slowly dimmed reveling a Prince holding his Princess.

Her eyes fluttered open and Endymion let out a sigh of relief.

Tears streamed a few of the senshi's faces but the Generals stood resolved. They had finally aided their prince.

Endymion grabbed his bride and held her to him holding back his own tears.

Serenity smiled in to his chest.

"This is just so…. Beautiful." Jadeite let out stifling a sob.

Everyone looked at him.

"You can move out now." Endymion told him firmly and then he leaned in to kiss Serenity one more time.


Two women stood at a two large, wrought iron, ornate gates that were opened revealing a scene before the.

The blue haired woman looked at the senshi who stood almost a foot taller. "I could never have done half of this without you." She told her sincerely, a tear falling down her face.

"Nor, could I have done any of this without you." Pluto responded to Ilene with a knowing smile.

A girl with pink hair wrapped in two odangos, walked up to the women and looked through the gate.

"Geeze… who would have thought it would be so difficult to insure you existed." She said exasperated, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, there were other ways." Pluto smirked.

"This was just the most fun." Ilene laughed.


Five girls and five boys stared at the amazement around them as they walked through the palms hotel.

"Sere! I know this is crazy but thanks for letting us crash your one year anniversary." Mina wrapped an arm around her giving her a hug.

"Dare, you too. This really is too much." Nathan said looking around.

"Come on. Come to our suite really quickly. We have something to give you guys. " Darien stated.

After a quick elevator ride they all walked in to the massive suite and sat down in various areas of the living room.

"Okay, meatball head, what's up?" Raye smiled. "I saw some really cute guys downstairs that I must meet."

"Please, like any of them would want to hang out with you?" Jacen snapped back.

Darien squeezed Serena's hand behind her back.

"Okay, look!" I know this year has been…." Darien started.

"Trying? Difficult? Exhausting?" Serena said somewhat annoyed.

Everyone shot her a look.

"But you are all our friends and one day we will all rule this planet together." Darien went on to say.

"So, lets all go out and have a good time together. Relax. Not worry so much about the future." Serena said. "HERE!"

She handed all of the girls a fake ID and showed them her's beaming.

"What are these?" Lita asked looking at her own picture on the card.

"Fake IDs!" Mina screeched in delight!

"Oh, this is highly illegal." Amy stated.

"Does this even look like me?" Raye asked.

"Is it the picture of the devil?" Jacen asked her annoyed. He liked his girl to have a little fire but she needed to get over the fact that they were going to be togther.

She glared at him.

"This is not a good idea at all!" Kevin said looking at the royal couple. Things had not been going very well with him and Mina. She knew that they were linked together but not sure if she was ready to take that step. She was Venuisan and felt like she needed a few more go-arounds before they made anything official. A few drinks and she would be on every guy.

"Yeah, I don't think it's a good idea to have these 'kids' go around Vegas drinking." Nathan said with an attitude inflicted at Lita. They had also been off and on. Mostly because she couldn't take him down in hand to hand combat… but she always came close. Her ego was getting in the way.

"Yeah, some people are way to focused on collage and never having any fun… or always at the library. I doubt they could actually go out and have fun." Zack said stiffly looking at Amy.

The girls were in an uproar.

"Of course it's a good idea!"

"What do you mean kids!"

"I do not look like the devil!"

"Some people put their careers first! What's wrong with that!"

"STOP!' Serena yelled at the top of her lungs!

Everyone stopped their bickering.

"Tonight! We will have a TRUCE EVERYONE!" Darien said in a commanding tone.

"Yeah guys! Don't ruin our anniversary when we are so glad to have you here." Serena faked a sob and pouted.

"Oh… Oh look at that pout… Oh… Okay. Truce for tonight." Jacen said giving in. "Raye can you agree for just one night."

She frowned at him but looked at Serena's pout too. "FINE!" She shook hands with him.

Nathan sighed loudly. "Lita, come on. Just for one night. No fighting."

"No fighting." She smiled at him. He melted almost at once.

"Amy, you can have fun just one night. One night, I promise you won't fail a class." Zack told her.

She sighed. He was right. "To celebrate our best friends anniversary. Of course."

Zack held out his hand she smiled shaking it.

"Touch another guy tonight, Mina and I will kill them." Kevin told Mina with a look of ferocity.

"Blood shed kept to a minimum, got it." She said giving him the same look back.

"Mina." He growled

"Fine! No blood shed." She sniffed.

Darien and Serena looked at each other, eyes wide.

"Okay… we will take that… I guess…" Darien said still looking confused.

Serena went to the bar and pulled something out from the fridge.

"OKAY! Lemon drop shots to start the night! Then Nobu! Then LAX!" Serena shouted.

"Sere… there is twelve shots…" Amy said counting.

As if on command there was someone knocking at the door.

"That's because we have friends for the night!" Serena skipped over to the door pulling it open wide.

"Hi Yawl!" Roxy said barging in with a smile. "This is gonna be so much funnn" Her southern accent twanged through the room.

"Hey y'all." Tyler said giving Serena a huge hug. "We are so excited to meet Serena and Darien's friends!"

"Roxy, Tyler! These are our friends!" She handed out all the shots. "KAMPAII!"


Fracee , the event planner at Graceland chapel, pinned a photo on the wall next to a photo of a blond haired girl and black haired man.

A quadruple wedding. She had to work extra hard for this one but she had more help this time.

"Time to get back to the time gate." She smiled and faded away.

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