First things first…..

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This is it folks! The epilogue. I hope all of you have loved this Edward and Bella as much as I have. Enjoy this little glimpse into their future.



It's hard to believe that six years has passed since I first laid eyes on Edward Masen. We had travelled a long, tough road to get where we are today. Edward's business is thriving. Sand Rock is growing and we are living a happy life. Alice and Jasper have been married for three years now as have Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie and Emmett have been married for one year. Rosalie was a little tougher to sell on the marriage idea than we thought she would be but Emmett was persistent. She had finally said yes and they were expecting their first child in just a few short months. Alice and Jasper had two little ones already. A boy and a girl who were the spitting images of their parents. Carlisle and Esme had wanted children so much but had a difficult time of it. A little over a year ago, they had decided to adopt and were parents to a five year old boy named Liam. Surprisingly enough though, Esme finally fell pregnant and they will welcome their baby not long after Rosalie and Emmett will welcome theirs.

As for Edward and me. We have two children. Twins who have their father's hair and my eyes. Elizabeth Renee, named after our mother's and Charles Anthony, named after our fathers. At first Edward wasn't sure if he wanted to name his son after his father. They would never be close but they were friendly and that was a step in the right direction. He wanted to be there for his grandchildren in a way he had not been for Edward. He was determined to not make the same mistake again. Gran was much frailer these days but she was still full of that spunky spirit that we loved. We were planning to make a trip to Chicago soon so she could spend more time with her great grandbabies. Although, once I tell Edward my news he will probably argue that we need to stay home instead of enduring that long train ride. He'll lose. He always does. I'm still as stubborn as always.

"Angel," I hear him call as he comes in the front door of our beautiful home.

"In the bedroom," I reply smiling at the view from our window.

He comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me, kissing me on the neck.

"Mmm, how was your day?" I ask.

"Long! I'm glad to be home with my wife and my little ones. They're second birthday is soon. Any plans?"

"Oh, you know Alice has it all planned out already," I replied laughing as he joined with me.

"Do you think we might stop in and visit Billy, Jacob and Nessie while we are travelling? I really want to see them and the new baby."

Jacob and Nessie had just had their first child, a boy named William Jacob.

"Yes, that would be great. I'd love to see them too."

"Good. The five of us can visit my family home. I miss the old place."

"Oh yes, we could stay maybe a week there. The kids would love the gazebo and the lake out there. Wait….," he paused finally catching what I had said. "Did you say five of us?"

"Yes, I did," I replied with a coy smile.

"Who else is going?"

He was still standing behind me with his arms around me. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my stomach.

"Five," I whispered.

"A baby?" He whispered back.

"A baby," I said as tears came to my eyes.

"Oh Bella," he said turning me to face him.

"Maybe we should postpone the trip. It might not be good for you to travel on that cramped rattling train in your condition. We can always go a few months after the baby is born. I wouldn't want to hurt either of you and…."

"Shhh," I said placing my hand on his lips, "I'll be fine my sweet husband. The doc said I will be fine to travel and has given me recommendations of doctors to see while we are out traveling if I have any issues that arise or if I just want to have a checkup."

"Are you sure?"


"Okay, my love. A baby! I'm going to be a father again! I love you so much!"

"I love you too Edward, more and more each day."

And I knew our love would continue to grow. We had come so far. We had broken out of our loneliness and built a life of love and happiness that neither of us expected. I couldn't wait to see what our years together would hold. All I knew was that, as long as he was by my side, they would be happy and full of love.

And that's a wrap! I'm tearing up again as I think about marking this as complete. I'm glad to finally be able to complete it but sad to let it go. Thanks again for reading. I hope all of you have enjoyed this journey for our two sweet lovebirds.

Until next time…(who knows what I might write next!)