Hey guys, this will be the final chapter for this story. I was looking back and realised it's getting a bit draggy. And there's still much more waiting so I'm closing When Fates Converge here with Arthur and Kallen's victory over the rebels. Consider it as an ending of the first season or in the case of Code Geass 3rd Season. I'm going to turn the Three Arcs into Four with each story comprising of two. So the sequel will explore the fate, the aftermath of the Civil war and the fate of Lelouch with old and new enemies.

New Pendragon, Ares Villa

"It looks painful." Nuannlly commented, touching Kallen's injuries lightly.

"It's much better now." The red haired woman replied with a smile. "And the docs have given me some meds to help. I'm fine, Your Majesty."

The Empress glared at her. "I told you to stop calling me that."

"I can't help it. Not after seeing what your words did for those people."

Nunnally frowned. "I sent a lot of people to their deaths…"

"And saved countless more." Kallen was not going to let her feel that way. "I will admit we were being overwhelmed. It was your speech in the middle of battle that turned the tide. The men fought to protect their families and you renewed their courage."

She sighed then looked at Kallen closely and smiled. "You look lovely."

Kallen adjusted her gown. Nunnally wanted her to wear a grand dress but she argued that it was not her thing. That battle turned out to be even worse than the one she and Arthur fought in Fallon and New England. Unfortunately, the Empress threatened her with treason and she was forced to relent.

Worse, Milly was there and Kallen was stuck for hours with them.

When they had finishing playing doll with her, Kallen was now wearing a pink slip-dress with her wild hair straightened and a thick pile of makeup which she had thinned in a bathroom break. For footwear, she wore light sandals.

Kallen hated heels.

She noticed they didn't put any jewellery on her and the only answer she gets for answering is more giggling between the two women.

She hoped they're not playing matchmakers again.

"Shall we go then?" Milly returned in a glamorous yellow gown that made her literally glow.

"Wow." The reporter remarked. "You look amazing, Kally. You know that's the same dress Shirley and I made."

Kallen was surprised to hear that. "It is?" She looked closely at the mirror. "My god, I didn't even recognise it."

"You certainly put in more weight than before." Milly teased, though Kallen could see the visible difference from before. She was taller and her built was better. Her muscles were more obvious and her hair was much longer.

"Shirley…" Kallen remembered the ginger haired girl that had that unrequited love for Lelouch. Her death was heartbreaking. It was bad enough for her. She couldn't imagine what Lelouch had gone through.

She remembered the times where Shirley always bugged her trying to get her to admit that Lelouch and she was a couple. At that time, Kallen wasn't sure what to think of the former prince.

It was strange and ironic that only when Kallen became a fugitive of Britannia and left Ashford did she began to grow feelings for Lelouch.

Kallen wondered what Shirley's reaction of it would be if she saw the Black knight now.

How true your words had become…

"We all miss Shirley." Nunnally added with a sad smile. "I wish she could be with us now."

"Oh come on! Let's not dwell on such thoughts!" Milly put an arm around Kallen. "Let's go party!"

The rebel defeat at Fallon was followed by a series of Imperial victories ranging all over the empire. The Imperial Navy stayed loyal to the throne and they sent many amphibious assault and landings in Canada, forcing Oxbridge to send significant rebel troops to defend his Duchy. Without the main rebel force, the resistance crumbled rapidly.

The defeats gave Zero time to rally and reorganise many of the Britannian forces and integrate them into the Black Knight Military as under the UFN charter. It was hoped to fulfil the UFN criteria of turning the Britannian military into the Black Knights with the exception of the Imperial Guard Divisions and the Knights of the Round.

Of course, there was the question of the various Knight Orders, independent armies in their own right outside the Britannian Armed Forces. Some like the St. Darwin knights had sided with the rebels but the rest were still wavering here and there.

But the hardest part was already over.

So Nunnally chose host a buffet in honour of those who have died and sacrificed at her family resident, the Ares Villa as opposed to the Imperial Palace.

There were at least over a hundred guests both in and out of the villa. Maybe even more.

This was likely perhaps the only time where so many commoners and nobles were interacting together. She also noted that many of the men wore simple black suits and tuxedos over the glamorous robes that Britannians had been so fond of. The women too were more modest than Kallen had ever seen in a Britannian crowd. They still shined compared to other people.

But then again Britannians were Britannians.

There were tingles of military uniforms in the crowd too: the purple and gold of the Imperial Guard, black and grey of the Black knights and of course the white, gold and black of the Knights of the Round. She recognised some of them.

"Konichawa, Kallen-san." A Japanese voice said behind her causing the Black knight ace to jump.

"Sayoko-san?" The maid bowed politely. Kallen knew she shouldn't be so startled at her sudden appearance and disappearance considering she was also a master ninja but so far in all counts she had failed.

"I hope you are well." She switched back to English.

"Good to see you too, Sayoko." Milly added. "I heard you're helping out at an orange farm?"

The maid blushed lightly at that.

"Ohhh…got a man, huh?" The blond reporter grinned. "Good for you."

Nunnally smiled. "We should go out and mingle." She nodded to some of the people milling about, clearly commoners who had never been to this part of Britannia. "Make them feel comfortable."

"Yes, Mistress." Taking it as an excuse to run away from Milly, Sayoko led the empress to the party.

"That was pretty quick of her." Milly commented to Kallen, who was not sure how to reply. "Well, then, come on!" She pulled the half-Britannian by her arm.

"Come where?"

"Mingle." With that, Kallen was thrown into the storm.

"By Blood and Honour we serve." A voice spoke. "Those were the words that defined the duty and loyalty the Knights of Pendragon gave. And carry to death."

"Only the purest of heart are chosen." A female voice added. "For to become one of the chosen will be granted tremendous powers to serve the realm."

"It is both a curse and a gift." A deep male voice added. "For you will hence forth carry, not just the burdens of your ancestors but that of humanity and the evils it carries.

"There is no glory to gain for history will not always remember you kindly. Names such as Lancelot, Drake and Fawkes have inspired both love and loathing.

"Will you take up this path?"

A dark haired man nodded. "I will."

"Then hence forth, Scion of Pendragon. We, elders of the old world, grant you the full might and power of the Ancient Order of the Arfon Knights, sons and daughters of the Round Table and the memory of the Ancient Kingdom of Camelot and Britannia."

The man nodded and bowed, knowing that there was no way back.

He stood up and turned away from the knight lords and looked into the figure across him.

The figure was dark and he could not see any distinct features but the former Emperor knew who it was.

"I, Lelouch vi Britannia, former Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, former Chief Executive Officer of the Order of the Black Knights, former chairman of the United Federation of Nations, and now Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of Artorious Pendragun…"

The man took off his hood and helmet, revealing his true face at the figure.

His eyes glowed crimson at his command. The figure's eyes mimics his own and too glowed red. The Geass avian's wings began to move.

"I have chosen you amongst all, to be my presence in the mortal world.

"To be my sword that smites my enemies, to be my shield that guards my love ones

"Your actions will be mine, your thoughts will be mine.

The glowing crimson eyes became dimmer though the wings only flapped faster.

"Your name, your memories, your feelings, your thoughts will cease to exist.

"You will be the single embodiment of MY will and my thoughts.

The eyes became purple even as the wings' rapid movement caused the pupil to form a ring of energy around.

"You, Arthur, of House Peregrine, officer of my royal guard, a knight to my empire will become the extension of my will."

They were now violet but still changing.

Finally they are blue.

The figure stumbled slightly and darkness followed. There was nothing.

And then the room was luminous again but only one pair of eyes glowed cobalt. However, the wings were still flapping in the eyes. When they finally stopped, the Geass symbol was reverse…

"Yes, Your Majesty…" His eyes glowed blue with the reverse Geass symbol.

Kallen had escaped Milly's clutches. If only for the moment.

Fortunately, no suitor had appeared yet. Kallen needed to find a male companion nearby without drawing too much. It was easier said than done though as she was turning the heads of a lot of people.

"Kallen!" A familiar voice called.

"Melanie?" It was the Knight of Nine but not the way she knew her. Evergreen had let her hair down and wore a white dress.

"Enjoying yourself?"

"What do you think?" Kallen scowled.

"Don't be so serious. We all need a bit of rest once in a while." She led Kallen to a table.

"It's not that." Kallen explained. "I'm trying to look for someone."

Melanie grinned. "Someone?"

"Not so loud! Milly will hear you!"

"Wow, Kallen's finally interested in someone. Gino and Zero will be devastated…"

The Black knight commander raised a fist to punch her but another voice caught her attention.

"Kallen, Melanie. So good to see you." Nonnette arrived. The eccentric woman was dressed as flamboyantly as ever, a bright green dress and yellow ribbons. Little Calia was with her wearing a cute white dress and a big red bow tie behind her.

"OH MY GOD, you're so CUTE!" Melanie squealed at the sight. Calia blushed and smiled nervously at the Knight of Nine.

"Auntie Nonette said I look nice in this." The tanned skinned girl explained, shyly.

"Of course, you do." Kallen smiled at the girl. It felt good knowing how their actions had made a great impact on the lives of the war's victims. Nunnally's faith in people made. Some may call it naivety. But to see how her compassion had changed the Empire that was once so feared…

She looked around and realised that there weren't just Britannians here in the party. She saw a couple dressed in kimono talking to a Britannian officer. On another table, there was an African man laughing with a Chinese man. Britannians and non-Britannians interacting like this. No one could imagine this tableau two years ago.

It was an amazing achievement.

Kallen felt proud of Nunnally and her achievements. She was sure Lelouch would be too.

"You wanna drink Britannian? Come on!" She heard a familiar voice shouting at a corner.

"Tamaki?" She recognised the voice. Sure enough the loudmouth Black knight was in a drinking competition in a mix crowd of men. To her surprise, Rivalz was the one pouring the drinks.

"What a small world this is becoming?" Kallen muttered to Nonette.

"Speaking of small world…Hello, Kallen."

"Ohgi!" Kallen embraced her surrogate brother and friend. "What are you doing here?"

The Prime Minister smiled. "The Empress invited us."

Villetta joined them holding little Naoto. The baby made some sound.

"Hello, Naoto." Kallen gave him her finger which the baby tried to grab and made a cheerful sound.

"Wow, this day can't get any better." Melanie exclaimed, opening her arms to welcome the baby.

Introductions were made between them and conversation flowed from Villetta's motherhood to Ohgi's work politics and Britannian war front.

Soon Kallen realised that there was a tingle of very familiar red uniforms amidst the crowd now.

Then she finally saw him.

He was dressed in a form fitting red tunic with a gold dragon badge on his shoulders with a white belt and black trousers. His white hair was neater and seemed to glitter in the mist.

Despite his striking appearance, he seemed to be catching little attention. He looks like Lelouch hiding from one of Milly's antics. Maybe he was.

And then he spotted her. His blue eyes showed recognition and he grabbed for a pair of glasses from a table and headed towards her.

Kallen felt her heart skip a beat seeing Lelouch walking towards her with a drink. Kallen also realised that she was smiling at him. He was just a few steps away when her vision was blocked by a Britannian military cross.

"Hey, Kallen! I was looking all over for you. Miss me?" Gino appeared with his trademark grin.

"What…Gino?!" Kallen yelped. The blond Knight of Three appearance startled her even as Gino offered her a glass of wine. She ignored it and look past the tall knight.

Arthur looked at them with widen eyes then his face red with embarrassment began to head to the side even as Gino's body blocked her view again.

"No. Wait."

"Come on, Kallen what's wrong?"

"Sorry," Kallen shoved him aside to look for the red uniformed Lelouch but he had disappeared already. She felt a cold shiver stabbing into her heart. Her eyes darted left to right but he was nowhere to be found.

This time even Nonette was concerned. "Hey, what is it?"

"He's gone…"


"Oh nothing. Sorry, Gino." She apologised realising she spilled the drinks on the blond knight. And she drained what remains a glass in a single gulp, trying to get rid of the cold feeling in her chest.

Gino grinned. "Well, you're gonna have to dance with me for that."

Kallen'd rather dance with someone else but she couldn't find him anywhere. She tried to get away from everyone so that she could look for him but unfortunately Nonette and Melanie were not going to let her out and to storm out would arose too much suspicion so she relented.

"Thought you'd never ask!" Gino replied and swept Kallen away.

Kallen held his hands awkwardly. "Come on, you can dance better." And Gino began to increase his pace that the Black knight had to actually dance to catch up. Their dance was catching a lot of people's attention.

Unwanted attention. Suddenly, he pulled her along in a swing.

"Wow, finally caught you off guard." He grinned.

That got her attention. "Oh, yeah, you're going down, Weinburg." She gripped him tightly and took the lead. She wanted to humiliate him but he was good and they were like in a knightmare battle, trying gain dominance over the other. To her surprise, she was enjoying the dance. Gino actually knew how to appeal to her liking.

They were attracting a crowd and as the song was coming to an end, he ended it with a dip and they received a thunderous applause particularly from their colleagues. She met up with Sugiyama and Minami as well among the crowd with a drunk Rivalz and Tamaki.

Tired, Kallen emptied the rest of her glass and excused herself away from all of them. She needed that distraction. But it was already returning. The heartache…it came back faster because she had been so close and he was gone again.

And then she spotted a lone red figure in the distance before the pond. At first the half-Britannian thought it was the alcohol but he was still there after rubbing her eyes.

He was leaning against a tree, looking across the water from the moon light. Kallen walked to him, wobbling slightly due to the drink she took.

Arthur glanced at her as she leaned beside him.

"I see you're enjoying yourself." He commented.

"Not my idea." Kallen told him and tried to shake away the dizziness. When she did though she felt his eyes on her and saw him studying her appearance.

"What?" He looked away.

"I've never seen in dress like a woman." Arthur told her rather bluntly.

"You don't see me as a woman?" Kallen asked, still feeling some slight effects of the drink.

"That's not very hard considering it's you." He replied, snidely. The white haired Lelouch coughed lightly.

"You look beautiful." He mumbled.


"I said you look beautiful!" Arthur snapped, then his face reddened and turned away.

Kallen felt the blood flowing to her cheek at the compliment. She laughed. Arthur expected mockery but it wasn't. The laughter was simply joy.

She laid her head along the tree. "You know, Lelouch once took me out in this dress. Back in school. When things were simpler…"

Arthur wasn't sure how to answer that. Somehow his eyes went down, exploring her body figure. They rested on her cleavage.

"He was always giving glances at me. But he never said anything about it." Kallen turned and caught him staring. The white haired Lelouch turned away quickly.

"I see." He replied.

Kallen leaned on his shoulder. "You said you were the son of a nobleman? House Peregrine?"

"Yes...Though I'm not so sure now."

That caught Kallen's attention. "What do you mean?"

Arthur swallowed. His face lost much of Lelouch's arrogance and instead was replaced with concern and confusion.

"I can remember the rebellion against Emperor Charles. My parents' death. Clearly. Too clearly. I was barely a boy."

"Some memories will stick in your mind like a photo…" Kallen added, remembering Naoto's death.

Arthur agreed. "Those that have a huge impact on our life yes. But mine is too perfect. I see the same thing over and over. Exactly the same. As if it was to provoke my anger…my rage…"

The white Lelouch made a fist. "I'm not sure if I'm really Arthur…or that Arthur Peregrine even exists..."

That's because you're Lelouch…Kallen thought. Zero…the leader of the Black Knights…the Demon Emperor…the Saviour of this World…

"I don't know." Kallen said, finally. "But I will help you find out." He turned to look at her and Kallen smiled at him reassuringly. His face relaxed.

"I guess then he's a lucky man." Too bad he's still pretending to be dead… "That Knight of Three…"

Kallen's head snapped back at him. "What?! Gino?" She thought he was talking about Lelouch.

"You were clearly enjoying yourself back there. I didn't want to disturb you." Arthur's face changed again, turning red.

"Hey, there's nothing between him and me! I…" Kallen thought of what else to counter his next set of words when a thought occurred to her.

"Wait a minute…you're jealous, aren't you?" That did the trick and Arthur gave her an aghast look.

"Jealous?!" He exclaimed. She had him! This was for the record.

"Yeah, you were going coming to me then when he appeared you just turned away…you ARE jealous! Who could have imagine…"

"Hey, look, Kouzki…I am not jealous…"He protested but Kallen wasn't listening. She got him! She had actually made Lelouch jealous!

Arthur let out a string of protests, going into details but it was obvious that he was outwitted.

"Ok, very well." He moved away and began to walk away.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Kallen called.

"Thinking about asking that girl there for a dance. And to prove that I am not jealous."

"Oh, no you're not!" She caught his hand and pulled him back. "You can't get out of this one."

His Lelouch smirk returned. "Now we see the one who's really jealous."

Kallen laughed lightly, holding his hands. "There's no way in hell I'm going to let you go."

Arthur looked down at through her eyes. They stood there in a perfect image: Arthur in his red uniform holding Kallen, in the pink gown before the moon light and the pond in the background.

"Lelo…Arthur..." Kallen began her voice heavy with emotion.

"Wait." He pushed her aside and reached for something. Not the telephone again! Kallen cursed Alexander Graham Bell and his invention to the depths of…

"There." He took out a sapphire necklace and pulled it around her neck.

"It suits your eyes." He told her.

"You're already giving me a gift? I'm flattered." Kallen teased him.

"So it would seem." He agreed but then turned serious. "But honestly, I think we have a connection."

Kallen's heart jumped at that.

"It's strange to say it but there's this connection I feel." Arthur continued. "I've always felt for a long time already. It's drawn me towards you each time. New England, Pendragon, Fallon…all of them. And knowing that some of my memories are fake…I believe that we do in fact know each other.

"Our fates are joined…in many ways than I can imagine…I don't know what part you played but…"

He paused, clearly unsure of what else to say. Kallen waited for him patiently. She felt tears in her eyes.

"You were dear to me…I don't know who I truly am…or what my life was before…but of that I am certainly cle…"

Her lips were soft and warm on his, but not gentle. As he'd imagined far too many times than was good for his sanity, Kallen's kiss was as fierce and passionate as she was, and after the initial shock had passed Arthur responded.

You are Lelouch…one day you'll remember…and I'll be at your side…

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