Quick warning: has over 20,000 words (about 43 pages) so only read when you have spare time.

Hearing the urgency in Haruka's voice Kanako stops and turns only to freeze in place as she sees a car bearing down on her. Her eyes go wide and she trembles as the tyres screech trying to stop from hitting her but Kanako knows that it won't stop in time. Succumbing to fear she closes her eyes tightly as she waits to be hit only to feel someone tightly wrap their arms around her and swing her around. Opening her eyes in surprise her look soon turns horror as she sees that it is Keitaro holding onto her with his eyes closed tightly and that he has placed himself in between her and the car. "Onii-chan…" she lets out a terrified whisper as the car hits.

"KEITARO! KANAKO!" was the last she heard before darkness overwhelmed her.

Chapter 9 – The End...


Through the darkness all she could see was the car approaching her


Through the darkness all she remembered was a warm embrace holding her.


Through the darkness she silently cried out for her protector.


Through the darkness all she could hear was that sound.


Through the darkness she woke up.


Kanako slowly opened her eyes, the bright light above her making her squint and turn away. Gradually adjusting to the light she looked up at the unfamiliar ceiling in confusion.


That annoying sound rang in her ears. Looking for the source of it she turned her head and to see a machine with leads running to her body. 'Oh, I'm in a hospital.' She thought 'I hate these places.' The first time she was here was when the children of the orphanage were taken to be checked out. She remembered when she walked into her brother's room and saw the bandage around his eyes, how she wept silently so that he wouldn't know how much her heart pained her. She hated hospitals as they reminded her of how close she came to losing her brother.

"Onii-chan…" she mumbled as she tried to sit up.

"Easy now, don't try to move around too much." A soothing voice told her as she was gently pushed back down. Blinking away the haze that covered her eyes, Kanako saw Haruka giving her a soft smile. "How are you feeling Kana-chan?"

"Thirsty." Was all she could weakly whisper.

Grabbing a juice box from the table beside Kanako's bed, Haruka put the straw in and held it to the girl's mouth. "Drink it slowly OK?"

"Thank you." she said quietly as she swallowed the juice.

Pulling the half empty box away Haruka gently stroked her hair. "No problem, Kana-chan. Are you alright?"

Kanako tried to sit up again only to grimace and lay back down. "Sore." She mumbled uncomfortably. Standing up, Haruka sat on the large bed and brought her legs up to lay next to Kanako before she wrapped her arm around the little girl.

"You're very lucky to get away with only a few bruises. If it wasn't for Kei-kun shielding you, you would be a lot worse off than you are." She gently rubbed her niece's side to ease her stiffness.

"Onii-chan… is- is Onii-chan OK" she asked both dreading and wanting an answer.

Haruka smiled. "You know how resilient your brother is." Haruka nodded to the other side of the bed. Turning slowly she noticed for the first time the other bed in the room. On that bed was the unconscious form of her brother with his arms and legs in restraints.

"Onii-chan… is-is he…?" Kanako couldn't bear to find out the answer.

"He's fine." Haruka reassured the girl. "He woke up a few hours ago and was no worse than you are now. The doctor game him a sedative so he can get some rest."

"Why is he tied up?"

"The same reason why he was given a sedative. When he woke up all he wanted to do was hold you but the doctors told him to stay in the bed. When they did he kept kicking and yelling that he wanted to be by you that he had to be tied down and knocked out for his own safety." 'and for the safety of others as well.' she added to herself as she pulled her sleeve down to cover the bandage on her wrist where Keitaro had sprained it as she tried to help calm him down. "He really loves you, you know?" she smiled as she thought about how Keitaro fractured the shin of an orderly who got in between him and his sister.

Kanako stared at the sleeping face of her brother in the opposite bed with tears in her eyes. Looking down at her hands in her lap she asks "Haruka-san?"

"You can call me aunty you know?" Haruka said as she brushed the hair out of Kanako's face.

"Haruka-san, can I… can I go back to the orphanage?" she choked out.

Haruka recoiled as if the little girl had slapped her. "W-What do you mean?"

"I-I want to go back to the orphanage." She sobbed with tears running down her face.

"I don't understand Kanako-chan. I thought that you liked living with us."

"I do." She sniffed.

"Don't you want live with Keitaro-kun?" the small girl nodded. "Then why do you want to go back to the orphanage?" she pressed.

"Because whenever I'm around Onii-chan he gets hurt!" she cried out.

"What are you talking about? That's not true at all." Haruka tried to reason with her.

"Yes it is! H-his back, his forehead and now this! Onii-chan gets hurt because of me!" she wept. "I-I love Onii-chan, b-but I don't want him to be hurt because of me! I-if I go back to the orphanage t-then maybe Onii-chan will be safe." She lowered her head to her hands and cried.

Haruka grabbed a hold of Kanako and brought the girl to her chest. "You silly little girl." Haruka held her tightly. "Do you know why he took the blame for you? Why he pushed you out the way? Why he jumped in front of that car? It's because he love you. He did all of that because he loves you!"

"But-" she started.

"But nothing." She stroked her hair. "Do you know what he would do if you went back to the orphanage? He would just follow you back to the orphanage."

Kanako shook her head forcefully. "No he wouldn't. He would stay with you and everyone back at Hinata Sou, where he would be safe away from me!"

"No he wouldn't." Haruka countered. "He loves you so much. Do you know what he said to us when came to pick him up? He said that he wouldn't come live with us unless we promised that you could come with him."

"H-he did?"

"Yes he did. He loves you so much that he would rather stay with you at the orphanage than come live with us without you. If you did leave he would be heartbroken. He would visit you every day and get sadder everyday because he would come home without you. Because of you he's smiling and laughing again. I haven't seen him this happy since before his parents died and it's because you are in his life."

Kanako teared up again and buried her head into Haruka's chest. "I'm sorry…" she sniffed.

Haruka smiled softly as she kissed the top of her head. "It's OK Kana-chan. Just no more talk of going to back to the orphanage, OK?"

Kanako nodded her head as Haruka stroked her hair. "Aunty?"

Haruka smiled at their new closeness. "Yes Kana-chan?"

"Onii-chan told me once that you know a martial art."

Haruka nodded "That's right I practice my family's style. What about it?"

"C-can you teach me it?" she asked hesitantly.

Haruka blinked. "Why do you want to learn how to fight?"

"So that I can look after myself and Onii-chan won't get hurt protecting me." Kanako said quietly.

Haruka pulled her close to her and kissed her again. "I'll have to ask Granny Hina if it would be alright but I don't think it would be a problem." Letting the girl go, she walked over to her nephew and undid the restrains before picking him up and bringing him over to his sister. "He's going to wake up soon so you look after him while I call everyone back home to let them know you're alright." Kanako nodded strongly as she hugged him tightly. Smiling she left them alone.

Out in the hallway Haruka pulled out her mobile and pressed the first number on her speed dial.

¬Hello? Haruka-chan? How are they?¬ the voice on the other end said.

"Kana-chan just woke up and apart from being a bit bruised and shaken she seems fine."

¬And Kei-kun?¬

"Still sedated but should wake up soon. Though I doubt the doctors will be too pleased with the amount of trouble he caused."

¬What else do you expect of my grandson. It's their own fault for getting in the way of an angry Urashima.¬ Hina sniffed. ¬How's your wrist by the way?¬

"A little stiff but not too bad, the orderly will be limping for a while." Haruka commented.

¬I'm surprised Kei-kun was able to hurt you Haru-chan. Are your skills slipping?" Hina sniggered

"He caught me by surprise that's all. And speaking of skills, Kana-chan wanted to know if I could teach her our style."

¬She does? The girl never struck me as one to want to fight.¬

"True but she said that she wanted to be able to take care of herself so Kei-kun wouldn't get hurt anymore.

¬Wonderful idea! I'm sure she will become an excellent practitioner of our style. Who knows perhaps even Kei-kun will take it up.¬

"You think?" she asked ignoring the frowning nurse who was tapping the 'no mobiles' sign. "Apart from his resilience and endurance he doesn't seem to be suited to being a fighter."

¬Nonsense. He's an Urashima. We're born fighters and with the potential he's got it won't be long until he's doing more than spraining your wrist!¬ she cackled.

"Not if I have anything to say about it."Haruka grumbled. "Maybe Motoko-chan but it would be a long time before he could take me on."

¬Pride goes before a fall, Haru-chan¬ her mother said in a sing song voice. ¬I have to go now but send everyone my love.¬

The phone cut off before Haruka could respond. Shaking her head she calls Hinata-Sou.

¬H-hello?¬ the voice sniffed.

"Shinobu-chan? It's Haruka."

¬Haruka-san! How are they? Are they alri- hey get off me! Give it back!¬ Haruka could hear the sound of a brawl and the phone dropping several times.

¬Hey Haruka-san, it's Kitsune.¬

"What just happened?" she asked.

¬Oh, everyone mobbed Shinobu-chan when they heard it was you on the phone. They are currently trying to untangle themselves from each other. So how are they?¬ Kitsune asked.

"Kanako-chan just woke up and is fine. Same for Kei-kun. I'll have a doctor check them over and hopefully we'll be able to get them home tonight."

¬Thank god. When do you think you will- Su-chan get off me!¬ she cried as the phone was taken away.

¬Haruka what's going on?¬ the princess yelled down the phone.

Wincing Haruka replied. "Su-chan, don't yell down the phone like that. Kei-kun and Kana-chan are-"

¬Give that back!¬ Haruka heard the girl yell. ¬Haruka-san it's Naru. Are they alright?¬

"Naru-chan you know that the phone has a speakerphone right?" there was silence for a moment before a beep and a click. "Now that you've all calmed down I can tell you what's going on." Haruka said dryly. "OK just to stop you all worrying Kei-kun and Kana-chan are fine and with any luck should be home later today.

¬Are they injured at all?¬ came Motoko's concerned voice.

"A few scrapes and bruises but nothing serious. Kanako just woke up so once the doctor checks her out we'll know when I can bring them back home."

She could hear the collective sighs of relief from the girls. ¬Thanks for letting us know Haruka-san¬ Naru said. ¬Send them our love OK?¬

"Will do." Haruka smiled as she hung up. 'Well I suppose I should go check on Kei-kun before I get the doctor.'

Back in the children's room Kanako looked at her brothers sleeping face. As soon as Haruka had placed Keitaro next to Kanako the boy had snuggled closer to her. Reaching up she gently stroked his cheek. Kanako smiled as she leaned over and gave him a soft kiss before resting her forehead against his.

"I love you Onii-chan." She whispered to him.

"mhfk?" Keitaro mumbled in response as he slowly woke up.

"Onii-chan." She smiled.

"Kana-chan?" he asked, his mind still hazy.

"How are you feeling Onii-chan?" she said in a soft voice.

"OK I guess…" he mumbled "Where are we?"

"In a hospital." She told him.

"Why are we in a hospital?" he asked as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Wait, there was… a car and…" his eyes went wide as the memories come back. "Kana-chan, are you alright?" he examined her closely.

"I'm fine Onii-chan, don't worry." She smiled before


Keitaro had balled up his fist and whacked her on top of her head. "OW! Onii-chan why did you … hit… me." She trailed off as she saw tears running down his face.

"Don't do something stupid like that again! You could have really gotten hurt!" he scolded her.

Kanako just stared at him wide eyed. This was the first time she had seen her brother cry. Not even at the orphanage, after that woman had finished beating him would he cry. He would just smile and pat their heads, telling them that he was fine. But now he had tears streaming down his face because she had gotten hurt. Kanako felt tears of her own welling up in her eyes. She buried her head into his chest as the tears started to fall.

"O-Onii-chan…" She sobbed.

"I don't want you to leave me as well." He sniffed into her hair.

"I won't Onii-chan, I promise. I won't ever leave you." she held onto him tightly, nuzzling into his chest.

"Love you, Nako-chan." He whispered to her.

"Love you too Onii-chan." She whispered back into his chest.

From the door Haruka stood with tears in her eyes. For the first time she could see them for what they really are.

Keitaro was a little boy who had everything he ever knew or loved taken away from him. Alone, he sought out something to love, something he could hold onto, something he could protect, something that wouldn't be stolen from him. He found Kanako.

Kanako was a little girl who was abandoned and unloved by her real parents. She went from the uncaring home of her family to the abusive home of the orphanage. Not once in her life had anyone shown her any form of affection until Keitaro turned up. She needed someone to pet her head, someone to hug her, someone to smile at her. She found Keitaro.

Together they had been anchors for each other, each giving the other what they needed. Without the other they would simply drift around in loneliness, neither one finding any happiness. Haruka watched the hugging children and smiled; happy that had managed to find each other.

Clearing her throat and entering the room, Haruka walked over to siblings. "How you guys doing?" Keitaro frowned at her and Haruka flicked his forehead "Don't you look at me like that Keitaro Urashima. If you just behaved then we wouldn't have had to knock you out." Keitaro just huffed and hugged Kanako tighter. Sitting on the bed Haruka rubs their heads. "So how are you feeling?"

"Fine Aunty." Kanako smiled at her.

"That's good, I talked to everyone back home and they send their love. So does Granny Hina. She also gave me the OK to teach you, Kana-chan." The young girl smiled happily.

"Teach you what?" Keitaro asked suspiciously.

"Aunty is going to teach me your family style." Kanako told him.

"Our family style, Kana-chan. You're part of our family as well." She stroked the beaming girl's hair.

"Why are you learning how to fight?"

"So I can look after you instead of the other way." She giggled.

Thinking for a moment Keitaro said "Then you can teach me too right? If Kana-chan is gonna learn how to fight then I want to too."

"I don't see any problem with that Kei-kun." Haruka smiled. "Well I'm sure that you guys will want to get back home as soon as possible so I'll get a doctor to check you out." Keitaro hugged Kanako tightly. "And no more trouble from you OK?"

Keitaro just poked his tongue out as Haruka ruffled his hair before leaving. Keitaro happily nuzzled into Kanako's hair. "Love you Nako-chan." Kanako giggled at her new term of endearment.

A sudden tapping by the window got their attention. "What's that Onii-chan?"

Hopping off the bed, Keitaro walked over to the window and pulled the curtain away. His eyes went wide. Opening the window he reached out and pulled in a small black shape. "Look Kana-chan!" rushing to his sister he climbed back onto the bed and showed her the small bundle.

"Nya" the kitten yowled.

Kanako's eyes lit up. "The kitty!" she cried as she reached out to hold the cat. Pulling it to her chest she nuzzled into happily.

"How did it get here?" Keitaro asked but the girl was happily rubbing her face against the cat. "Kuro-neko." She said quietly.

"Is that his name?" Kanako nodded her head blissfully.

"Can we keep him Onii-chan?" she asked hopefully.

"Not sure, we would have to ask Aunty and Nee-sans, but I think it would be alright."

Kanako smile grew even wider. Holding Kuro in front of her face she made him wave a paw and say in a high pitch voice. "Thank you Onii-chan."

Keitaro blinked before laughing. Tapping the kitten between its massive ears he said. "Now do you promise not to get Kana-chan into anymore trouble?"

Kanako made Kuro bow and say "I promise Onii-chan." She giggled as he reached past the kitten to kiss her.

"What are you two up to?" Haruka's voice called out from the door, followed by two cautious doctors.

"Kuro-Neko!" Kanako cheered as she held up the kitten.

"So this is the cause of all the trouble?" Haruka said as she tickled the cats head.

"Kana-chan wants to know if we can keep him." Keitaro asked.

"I don't see a problem with that Kana-chan, you'll just have to check with the girls back home." Kanako smiled and held the kitten to her face.

One of the doctors cleared his throat, earning a glare from Keitaro. "Right Kana-chan, the doctors need to take a look at you and make sure you're alright before we can take you home." Haruka told them as Keitaro hugged her tightly. "Don't worry Kei-kun you can stay with her." She patted his head.

"Actually it would be better if he would move." One said, hiding behind Haruka.

The aunt turned to look at them. "You're more than welcome to try and separate them."

"Er… I'm sure we can work around him." He said nervously.

After getting the OK from the doctors and signing the discharge forms, Haruka helped the siblings get dressed back into their normal clothes, noting that they were slightly scuffed and torn from the accident. Taking a taxi home, Kanako sat on Keitaros lap, still stroking her new pet while Keitaro nuzzled happily into her hair.

Arriving at Hinata Sou, Kuro crawled up Kanako's arm to flop onto the girls head. Moving towards the stairs Haruka noted that Kanako was limping slightly. She wasn't the only one as Keitaro knelt down and told his sister to hop on her back. Happily accepting the offer, Kanako wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. After walking unsteadily up a few stairs Haruka picked them both up and carried them herself. In her arms Keitaro nuzzled into her neck and Kuro decided to seek the high ground of Haruka's head.

Getting to the top of the stairs with Kuro's long tail managing to get into her mouth more than a few times, Haruka placed the siblings on the ground. Leading them into the building the children were instantly surrounded by the worried Hinata Sou women. Haruka allowed each of them to inspect the children before shooing them away. "OK, give them some air. As you can see they are perfectly fine."

After everyone got in their hugs and words of concern they all gave Haruka a strange look. "What?" she asked.

"Er, you've got something on your head Haruka-san." Kitsune asked.

Realising what they were looking at she pulled Kuro off her head and handed him to his owner. "Kana-chan has something she wants to ask you." she gently pushed the girl forward.

"Um, this is Kuro-neko, and I was um, wondering if we could keep him." She asked softly, once again hiding her face in the kitten.

"It's so cute!" Shinobu cried as everyone examined the cat.

"It is certainly better than our other 'pet'." Motoko said as she carefully watched Tama sitting on Naru's head.

"I don't have a problem with it." Naru smiled as she tickled the cats chin.

"I bet it's yummy!" Su cheered.

"You can't eat Kana-chan's pet!" Keitaro told her.

"Why not? Cute things always taste nice. Just like you!" she glomped the young boy and playfully bit his neck making him laugh.

"OK that's enough. Kei-kun and Kana-chan need their rest. You two go upstairs and get changed out of those clothes. We'll have a bath a bit later OK?"

"Yes Aunty." The pair replied simultaneously before they left for their room. Sitting down on the sofa Haruka gratefully accepted a cup of tea from Shinobu. "So everything's alright with them then?" Naru asked.

"For the tenth time, yes. Kanako-chans leg hurts her slightly but apart from that Kei-kuns thick headedness kept them both safe."

Everyone let out another sigh of relief.

"Hey Haruka-san? Can I ask you something?" Naru asked. Taking a sip from her tea Haruka nodded. "Well I was wondering if Keitaro-kun… you know… sorry for how this sounds but did his parents death mess him up in some way?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well I was just thinking about some of the stuff he's done. You know, getting in between Motoko-chan and her sister, running into a burning building for Mutsumi-san even though they had only just met a few hours ago and then jumping in front of that car to protect Kanako. I mean when that fireman was yelling at him I saw that he had moved so that he was protecting Kanako. He keeps putting himself in harm's way and so I was just wondering why?" she trailed off, not knowing if this was a taboo topic.

Haruka and Kitsune shared a glance. "Well I guess I might as well tell you the whole story."

"… and that's about it." Haruka finished her story. Most of the girls were in tears. Su and Shinobu were hugging each other, each of them seeking comfort from the other. Mutsumi was wiping her eyes with a tissue only just managing to keep her composure. Motoko and Kitsune had managed to refrain from crying, having heard the story before, but were still affected by it. The only other pair of dry eyes were those of Naru, who just sat there in shock.

"Poor Kei-kun…" Mutsumi sobbed.

"I…I can't believe they went through all that." Naru mumbled. "I can't believe that he could even think of forgiving me for what I've done to him after what he went through." She choked out.

"Naru-chan, just don't go there. Forget about all that and focus on the fact that he has forgiven you." Kitsune tried to console her friend.

"But…but…" Naru started when she felt a hand ruffle her hair. Looking up she saw Haruka standing over her. "H-Haruka-san…"


"OW!" Naru covered the sore spot on her head.

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself." Haruka said. "My nephew has forgiven you and that's all that matters. He cares just as much about you as he does Motoko-chan. And she was nearly as bad as you." said girl blushed and looked away, still ashamed at how she acted. "Speaking of which, you seem to be taking this all your stride Motoko-chan. It's almost as if someone already told you." Haruka commented as she gave Kitsune a look.

"Yes, I did already know." Motoko explained. "On the day when I had to… borrow clothes from Kitsune and made my peace with Keitaro-kun, I brushed the hair away from his forehead and saw his scar, but I did not find out how it happened until Kanako-chan came to live here. They were in the hotsprings when Kanako-chan first saw the damage done to Keitaro-kuns back. She had somehow got the idea that she was the cause of his injuries." Motoko said quietly.

"And when I found Motoko-chan crying outside my room and found out that they had told her what happened at the orphanage I thought it would be alright if she found out about his parents too." Kitsune finished the story.

"mmm I suppose that's alright then." Haruka said. "Right, I'll go see how Kei-kun and Kana-chan are and see if they want to have a dip in the springs."

"Um, Haruka-san?" Shinobu asked. "Would you mind if we join you?" she blushed. Everyone looked towards Haruka with hopeful eyes.

Haruka responded with a smile. "You guys go and wait in the springs while I go ask them." She told them before making her way upstairs.

On their way up in the manager's room Keitaro had picked up a wash basket and some old towels. Placing the towels in the bottom of the basket, Keitaro turned to see his sister still nuzzling into the cat. "OK Kana-chan, this can be Kuro's bed." Kanako smiled as she placed the kitten in the basket, were he stretched out before curling into a ball. Kanako poked the cat's belly and giggled happily as it rolled onto its back and batted at her finger.

Smiling, Kanako left the kitten to sleep and turned to her brother. Shuffling over to him, she wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. "Love you Onii-chan." She rubbed her nose against his.

"Love you too, Nako-chan." He grinned as he gently kissed her on the lips before resting his forehead against hers.

"Onii -chan, we'll always be together, right?" she asked quietly.

"Of course Nako-chan. I'll never ever leave you." He smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. "I Know! When we're older why don't we get married?"

Kanako's eyes went wide. "Y-you want to get married?" she asked surprised.

"Uhuh. That way we'll defiantly stay together forever and ever!" he grinned. Kanako turned bright red before burying her face in his neck. "Kana-chan?" he asked surprised.

"I'd like that Onii-chan." She whispered into his neck. Keitaro smiled and ran his fingers through her hair.

"You two look happy." A voice said from the door. Turning they see Haruka smiling down at them from the door. "What are you two talking about?"

"Me and Kana-chan are gonna get married!" Keitaro cheered happily while Kanako hid her red face.

"Is that right?" she knelt down next to them. "Is that true Kana-chan? Are you going to marry my nephew?" Kanako nodded her head still hiding. "mmmm I'm not sure if I give my approval." She said teasingly while Kanako looked up with genuine worry in her eyes. "Do you promise to look my little nephew, and try and stop him doing silly things like jumping in front of cars and running into burning buildings?" she asked, ignoring the look he was giving her. Kanako nodded vigorously, holding on tightly to her brother. "Well maybe you'll have better luck than I have." She rubbed her nieces' head while Keitaro poked his tongue out at her. "OK then, if you're willing to put up with him forever then I'll give you my approval. And you had better look after Kanako-chan, Kei-kun." She ruffled his hair. "She's my only niece and I expect you to treat her well."

"Of course I will." Keitaro huffed.

"Good." Haruka smiled as she hugged the two of them. "Now the girls are all in the hotsprings and they want to know if you two feel up to joining them."

"Sure! We'd love too, right Kana-chan?" the still blushing girl nodded.

"Great. Let's go join them." She smiled as she pulled them up and along to the springs.

Escorting them to the changing room, Haruka got undressed and wrapped a towel around herself before checking on her children. Keitaro already had a towel around his waist and was currently helping Kanako put hers on. "You two ready?" she asked.

"Yes Aunty." Keitaro smiled. Opening the door, Haruka let the two children go ahead of her. A dark shadow dropped behind them and arms wrapped around there waists.

"Kei-kun! Kana-chan!" Su cried as she pulled them backwards into a hug.

"Hiya, Nee-san!" Keitaro cheered back as they turned and returned her hug. Looking up at Su, Keitaro frowns at her red eyes. "Are you OK Nee-san? Your eye's are really red."

Su pouted "Of course they are. You didn't play with me all day and then you two go and get hurt! Of course I'll be sad!"

"We're sorry Nee-san. We didn't mean to make you sad." Keitaro hugged Su when two balled up fists softly wacked him and Kanako on the head. Turning they see Naru smiling at them.

"She's not the only one that was sad you know." She smiled.

Keitaro and Kanako left Su's hug and wrapped their arms around Naru's neck. "We're sorry we made you sad." Keitaro said into her neck. Naru smiled as she ran her along their backs.

"It's OK. Just don't scare us like that again." She told them softly.

"I think everyone was feeling sad about what happened." Haruka commented as she slipped into the heated pool with a relaxed sigh. "Are you going to apologise to everyone?"

Keitaro and Kanako looked at each other before leaving Naru's embrace and making their way over to the others in the pool. Getting to Mutsumi they both hugged her tightly "Sorry for making you sad Nee-san."

Mutsumi smiled her small smile at them "I could never stay upset with my little saviour and his cute sister." She rubbed their heads affectionately before giving them a kiss each.

Moving onto Shinobu they once again hugged the girls they were addressing. "Sorry to make you worry Nee-san." Kanako said this time.

Shinobu returned their hug. "Just don't do anything like that again." She requested softly. Nodding their heads they each gave her a kiss on a separate cheek making her blush.

Motoko was next to be embraced by the siblings. "We didn't mean to make you sad." Keitaro said.

Motoko smiled and brushed his hair away from his forehead. "It is fine Kei-kun, I am very proud of you." she gave him a soft kiss to the lips before brushing his hair back "Though I must ask you not to do that again. I do not believe my sister would be too pleased if she found out one of you got hurt while I am around." Nodding they left Motoko and hugged Kitsune.

"Sorry for upsetting you Nee-san." Kanako said.

Stroking their hair she kissed the tops of their heads. "Don't give it a second thought. As long as you're both safe that's all that matters. Both children smiled and kissed Kitsune's cheeks. Wading over to their aunt they sat on her lap and rested their heads against her chest.

"We're sorry for making you sad Aunty." The pair said.

Haruka smiled at them. "Don't worry. I'm used to this little brat causing me trouble." She playfully nuzzled into his hair. "The main thing is that you're not hurt." the two children giggled happily and nuzzled into Haruka.

"Well it's been a hell of a two weeks." Kitsune commented.

"And it's only going to get more interesting around here now that Kei-kun's engaged." Haruka smiled.

"Huh?" was everyone's immediate reply.

"Yep! Me and Kana-chan are gonna get married when we're older!" he cheered as he hugged the blushing girl.

Everyone but Su smiled at them. Wading over to him she pouted and wrapped her arms around Keitaro's waist. "What about me Kei-kun? Don't you want to marry me?"

"I'll marry you as well as Kana-chan." He reassured the princess. Kanako was not very impressed with this turn of events. She puffed out her cheeks and frowned at her brother "You can't marry both of us, Onii-chan!"

"I can't?" he asked tilting his head.

Kanakos cheeks puffed out even more as her face turned red. "Stupid Onii-Chan!"


Kanako hit him on the head before turning away in a huff. Rubbing his sore head Keitaro tried to make amends. "OK Kana-chan, I'll only marry you." he wrapped his arms around her waist. Kanako just huffed, her face bright red though no one could tell if it was because she was angry or embarrassed.

Everyone smiled at the two children's antics. Stretching out, Kitsune slid down until only her head is above the water and she looked up into the starry sky above. It seemed to her that the stars were shining down on them exceptionally bright tonight. With a soft smile she said "Well if nothing else, things around here are going to be interesting."

Epilogue I

8 Years later

"I can't believe we struck out again!" Haitani cried as another pair of girls stormed off.

"At least you didn't get slapped!" Shirai rubbed his red cheek. Keitaro was leaning against a wall to the side of them, his arms crossed and a small smirk on his face as he watched his friends lamenting their lack of luck with the opposite sex. He was always dragged along with them when they attempted to pick up girls even though he never made any attempts himself. He was mainly there to stop any angry boyfriends from doing something permanent to his friends and to calm down any of their targets who did not take kindly to being pursued. What always confused him was the fact that the girls would often blush as he bowed and apologised on behalf of his friends. He had asked everyone back home why this happened but they would just laugh, shake their head and walk away, leaving him even more confused than he already was.

The years had done wonders for Keitaro Urashima. At sixteen he was no longer the skinny little boy he was when he first arrived at Hinata-Sou, but had grown to be taller than all the women in his peculiar family, with the exceptions of the Aoyama's of course but even then he was not far off. His hair was no longer scruffy nor did his fringe cover half his face, rather just enough hair was styled in such a way as to hide his scar. His frame had also filled out, the nutritious meals made by him and Shinobu coupled with the training his Aunt given him along with the Aoyamas putting him and Kanako through their paces had left him with a toned physique. All this, along with the fact that his wardrobe was left almost entirely up to the Hinata girls meant that Keitaro was the only one that was oblivious as to why girls blushed around him.

"I'm sure you guys will do better next time." He smiled at them. Haitani and Shirai glared darkly at him. That was the annoying thing about Keitaro. Due to having two Tokyo U. graduates living with him Keitaro was one of the smartest in their class and was undoubtedly the strongest, but what really irritated them was that he got on with everyone. Not even when he was talking to the cutest girls in school did he get nervous. He just talked to them as if they were normal people, a concept which completely baffled the perverted pair. He was exactly the kind of guy you'd expect to bully social pariahs such as themselves but it was quite the opposite in fact.

They had first met in elementary school when Keitaro stopped a bully from picking on them and the three had stuck together ever since. The thing that amazed them most about Keitaro though, was that his personality instantly made you want to get along with him. He wasn't full of himself like most others would be; he was easy to talk to and would try his best to help anyone who had a problem. This in of itself made him unique, but combined with his strength, his intelligence and the fact that he never perved after any of the girls had caused the formation of many fanclubs devoted to him. This of course lead to much jealousy from the other boys in their class but no one could find it in themselves to hate him because he was so damned likeable.

"Yeah whatever you say." Shirai grumbled.

"Let's go to the shopping centre by the station. We might have better luck there." Haitani said.

"Is that all you guys think about?" Keitaro smiled. "You ever thought about getting a hobby?"

"This is our hobby!" Shirai growled. "Unlike some people, we aren't surrounded by half naked women every day."

"What are you talking about?" he asked confused.

"He's talking about all the beautiful women you live with." Haitani replied. Keitaro blinked in surprise.

"What do they have to do with anything?"

"Well, if we had beautiful women running around our homes wearing next to nothing then we wouldn't need to be out here hitting on girls. You've practically got your own strip club." Shirai groused.

Keitaro frowned at his Nee-sans being described as strippers, which both friends missed. "Hey, you remember when that Kitsune-san had just got out of the hot springs and was walking around in her short silk bathrobe?" Haitani reminisced with a grin. "You could almost see her breasts and all the way up her legs!"

"What about Otohime-san. Her boobs are huge!" Shirai chimed in. "I swear they must be why she's always fainting. They keep pulling her down!"

"Hey!" Keitaro tried to interrupt them but to no avail.

"Narusegawa-san's aren't bad either!" Haitani gave his opinion. "You know I heard that she was an idol a while back. I wonder if there are any panty shots of her online."

"Don't forget about Maehara-san. Not only is she really cute but she makes great food. If her boobs were a bit bigger she'd be the perfect wife." Shirai replied wistfully.

"You guys are going a bit far now." Keitaro growled.

"There's the foreign woman Su-san. She's always either dressed in those sexy exotic clothes or that really small school uniform! You can practically see everything she's got!" Haitani was more or less drooling by this point.

"I think Haruka-san is the hottest though." Shirai said. "She looks so sexy when she uses her whip!"

Keitaro was glowering at them, his fists clenched tightly and a red aura surrounded him. "Guys…"

"Geez, you and your fetishes." Haitani complained. "If you're gonna go after an older woman why don't you go after Aoyama-san. She and her sister are what you'd call classical beauties. And Keitaro-san is lucky enough to live and bathe with them! Can you imagine what they look like without any clothes on? I wonder if all their skin is as pale as their face and hands. The only girl I know with paler skin is Kanako-san. Did you see her in her gym clothes! She looked so- ack!" he choked out as Keitaros fist hit him in the stomach. On the ground, with Shirai standing beside him in shock, Haitani held his stomach and looked up at Keitaro and felt a twinge of fear run through him.

That was another thing about Keitaro. He was the nicest guy in the world most of the time and he only ever fought if he had to but if he was angry enough to start throwing his fists around then you had better hope that he wasn't aiming for you. There were very few things that could set him off but most of them revolved around the people he loved, especially Kanako. The first and only time someone had tried to grope Kanako on a tram had resulted in Keitaro grabbing the offending limb as soon as it touched her and pulling it back until the man fell to his knees in pain. Keitaro had held the man in place until the police arrived. Haitani and Shirai had only watched in amazement as he reduced a grown man to tears. They were even more amazed when they found out that Keitaro had not only dislocated the arm but broke it in several places. Ever since that day, Keitaro always hugged his sister from behind when they went on public transport, protecting her from other perverts.

The one thing that they always stuck with them about that day was the look Keitaro had on his face. All the rage that had been so carefully concealed behind that small smile, so carefully held back in everyday life was displayed in full force at the man who dared to molest his sister. They never forgot the look he gave that man. It was the same look he was giving them now and the pair realised that they had crossed a line and was going to have to work very hard to get back across.

"H-hey l-let's just calm do-" Haitani tried.

"Shut up!" Keitaro snapped. "How dare you talk about my family like that?"

"B-but they're not really your family." Shirai tried to calm him down but soon realised he made a very big mistake.

"Not my family?" Keitaro deadpanned "Not my family?" he snarled, making both of them cringe. "I've lived with them for more than half my life, they've taken care of me as if I was their little brother and you have the cheek to say they're not my family?"

"N-no I-I d-didn't mean-"

"What about Kanako-chan and my Aunt?" Keitaro interrupted. "Aren't they my family? That didn't stop you talking about them! What gives you the right to talk about anyone that way! And you wonder why no girls want anything to do with you!"

With Haitani back on his feet the two of them started to back away from the angry Urashima. This was the first time that they had seen Keitaro unload on someone. Usually if he had gotten this mad he would already be swinging.

"And in case you happened to forget the reason why I'm so 'lucky' and get have my own 'strip club' is because my parents were killed!" he growled. "The girls at Hinata Sou were nice enough to look after me and Kanako-chan. They've treated me as if I was their family and as far as I'm concerned they are. I won't let anyone talk about them like that!"

"O-Ok Keitaro-san we get it-" Shirai started but Keitaro wasn't finished.

"And if either of you two even think of my sister like that again it will be the last thing you ever do." He warned them.

"W-We're sorry! We didn't mean anything by what we said." Haitani said. "Y-you know us. We're just a pair of idiots."

"Y-Yeah complete idiots!" Shirai hastened to agree. "You shouldn't pay any attention to what we say."

Keitaro relaxed slightly. He was willing to accept that his friends were idiots, but it still didn't justify their comments. "And that makes it alright to talk about other people like that?"

"Of course not, and we're really sorry about that. We weren't thinking and didn't mean to talk about your family like that." Haitani said, feeling a bit safer now that Keitaro was calming down.

"Yeah and we promise that we won't ever talk about them like that again." Shirai quickly put in.

"You two are on your last warning is that clear?" he growled.

"Of course. So… we cool?" Shirai asked. Keitaro grunted his agreement.

"You had us worried for a moment. I thought you were gonna rip our heads off. You know when you talk about Kanako-san like that it sounds like you're her boyfriend!" Haitani laughed trying to ease the tension.

Keitaro just blinked. "Huh?"

"Yeah. If we didn't already know that you two were brother and sister we would swear that you were in love with her." Shirai joined in, glad that Keitaro was no longer considering beating them up.

"I-I do?" he asked.

"Yeah funny huh?" Haitani put his arm around Keitaro's shoulder. "Anyway let's get to that shopping centre before all the hot girls are taken!"

"Yeah, sure…" Keitaro said as he frowned, deep in thought.

"Hey Kei-kun. How you doing?" Haruka asked as he entered her tea shop.

"Hey Aunty." He stooped slightly to hug and kiss her cheek when she twisted his ear.

"What have I told you about calling me that?" she scolded him.

"Sorry." He gave her a small smile. "Do you and Nee-san have a minute? There's something I want to talk to you about."

"Sure. Hey Kitsune, take a break. Kei-kun wants to talk to us." Haruka called out.

"Give me a second." Kitsune replied as she finished serving a customer. Kitsune had been working down at the tea shop ever since the bookies stopped letting her place bets. They were not very pleased about the fact that she and Keitaro picked winners every time and subsequently every bookie in Tokyo cut her off. With her primary source of income gone Kitsune resorted to her profession as a writer. She had written a few articles here and there but it wasn't until a brainwave struck that she got her big break. With permission from Keitaro, Kanako, their aunt and their grandmother she approached a publisher with her idea. It was a book chronicling the life and experiences of the young Urashima's. The publisher loved the idea and the draft of the first few chapters and gave her a small advance. While she was writing her first book, Haruka offered her a job at the tea shop to supplement what she got from writing.

"What do you want to talk about Kei-kun?" Kitsune asked as she reached up and gave him a quick peck on the lips before they sat down in a booth.

"Well it was something that Haitani and Shirai said to me." Both women frowned. None of the girls were particularly fond of his friends. They all felt that Keitaro could do a lot better in terms of companions but as long as they didn't lead him astray they weren't going to put a stop it.

"And what did they say?" Haruka asked.

"Well they were talking about how I act around Kana-chan." He told them an edited version of events. "They said I treat her more like she's my girlfriend than my sister."

Haruka and Kitsune shared a glance "And…?" Kitsune pressed.

"And…well I've kind of been thinking about how I feel about her ever since they said that."

"Kei-kun, are you saying that you want Kanako-chan to be your girlfriend?" Haruka asked.

"I… I don't know. I mean I love her with all my heart and I love spending time with her, but…" he trailed off.

"Well are there any reasons why you wouldn't want to get together with her?"

"No, she's smart, beautiful, funny, anyone would be lucky if she would want to be their girlfriend. But…"

"But…?" Kitsune prompted him.

"But she's my sister. She's always been my sister. I don't know if what I feel is brotherly love or something else. And what if I do love her that way? Just because I love her that way doesn't mean she feels the same way. What if I confess to her but she only sees me as a brother? She'd think that I'm some kind of pervert and it would completely ruin our relationship." He sighed as he rested his chin on the table.

"And what if she did feel the same way?" Haruka countered.

"Then what if we get together and we somehow mess it up. I… don't know if I want to risk having Kana-chan hate me." He said morosely.

The two elder women smiled sadly at the young man. Reaching out, Kitsune stroked his hair. "I'm afraid that you're just gonna have to figure it out for yourself. You're the only one who knows how you really feel about her. And if you do love her as a woman, you have to decide if it's worth the risks involved to pursue her."

Keitaro was silent for a moment. "How would you and the other Nee-sans react if me and Kana-chan did become a couple?"

"First of all, what we think shouldn't affect your decision one way or the other. This is about you and Kanako-chan. Secondly we all love the both of you. No matter what happens between the two of you we'll love and support you." Haruka smiled. "Now you go upstairs and start thinking."

Keitaro returned their smile. Standing up Keitaro wrapped his arms around Kitsune's neck and kissed her cheek. "Thanks Nee-san."

"Anytime Kei-kun." She replied as she reached back and stroked his hair. Letting go of Kitsune he moved over to Haruka. Giving her a hug and a kiss he grinned cheekily and said "Thanks Aunty." Before running out of the building.

Haruka frowned and chased after him. Looking around she saw her nephew already halfway up the stone staircase. "That's 'Haruka-san', you idiot!" she called up after him. Her only response was his laughter. Shaking her head she said "I presume you heard all that?" Detaching herself from the shadows Kanako stepped forward and nodded. "Well I think we better have a talk as well, don't you?" Haruka lead Kanako back into the tea shop.

"Hey Kitsune we got another one." She called out.

"Oh? What's wrong this time?" Kitsune asked.

"We've got an eavesdropper who needs to talk with us." Haruka replied as they sat down again.

Haruka looked at her niece. She complemented her brother almost perfectly. She had grown to the same height as her aunt, only a single antenna of black hair making her taller. Her lithe body disguised the strength the girl had. Haruka often marvelled at how well she had taken to their family style, what she lacked in brute force was made up by her agility, able to incapacitate her opponent before they could strike her as opposed to her brother who could break through the defence of almost any foe. She was equally as smart as him and was undoubtedly one of the most popular girls in school. Her porcelain like skin, slim figure and pixie like face framed by long silky black bangs had her ranked up not only as one of the schools most admired idols but also the most unobtainable. Very few people had dared to ask her out, not only because of how intimidating her beauty is but also because of a very over protective brother who would not be very pleased with someone upsetting his precious sister. This didn't stop her having a few fanclubs of her own, although they were much more secretive than Keitaros.

"So tell us what you heard." Kitsune asked Kanako.

"I heard Onii-chan say that he may love me more than as a sister." Kanako said quietly with a slight blush.

"So…?" Haruka goaded the young woman but Kanako remained silent as she looked down at her hands.

The elder women sighed. "OK, so how do you feel about Kei-kun?" Kitsune asked.

"I… I love him of course." She gave her non committal answer.

"In what way do you love him?" Haruka pressed. "As a brother? As a lover? Both? Neither?"

"I…I love him as a brother but… I- I also- if Onii-chan confessed to me I think I would accept." She replied while blushing deeply.

"You think?" Kitsune asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well…I do love him like that." She admitted quietly. "I've always loved him like that."

"You don't say." Kitsune rolled her eyes while Kanako's head shot up. "Y-You Knew!" she blushed deeply.

Both women sighed. "Yes we know. We all know. As far as we know Kei-kun is the only one that doesn't."

"H-how did you all find out!" she cried.

"Oh I don't know, maybe it's how ever since you came to live with us you've hung off his arm and his every word, blushed every time he so much as smiled at you and that you hardly ever leave his side." Kitsune smiled at her.

"That's not true." Kanako huffed.

"Not lately, no but all the way up until the end of elementary school you would be nervous and jumpy if he was out of sight and when you did see him you wouldn't let go of him for hours."

Kanako just pouted.

"Anyway, so what's the problem? You love him." Haruka asked. "Is there something wrong with Kei-kun confessing to you?"

"N-no it's just…all that stuff he said about messing up our relationship. I couldn't bear it if something bad happened and Onii-chan hated me." She said.

"OK, what would you have done if you didn't overhear our conversation and he never mentioned any of this again?" Haruka asked again.

"I… we would have stayed as we are. I'm happy enough just being around him." Kanako responded quietly.

"And what would you have done if he confessed to you before he said about messing up your relationship?"

"I wouldn't even have to think about it. I'd have said yes instantly." Kanako said resolutely.

"Then I don't see what the problem is then. Either Kei-kun decides that he only loves you as a sister, and everything goes back to normal. Or he confesses to you and you accept." Kitsune said.

"But what if-" she started.

"Kanako-chan you just admitted that 10 minutes ago, if Keitaro-kun confessed to you would have accepted. You would have still faced that risk. The only difference is that now you know what about it. All you really have to do is wait for Kei-kun to make up his mind." Haruka said as she hugged the girl.

"And you and the other Nee-sans would really be alright with us going out?" she asked.

"We've actually got a pool going." Kitsune grinned. "If you guys could just leave it another couple of months then I'll have won a lot of money."

Kanako let out a small laugh. "You'll have to talk to Onii-chan about that since it's his decision."

"So…?" Haruka asked.

"So… if oni- if Kei-kun wants us to be more than brother and sister then I will accept. If not, then we'll stay as we are." She said.

Both women smiled and hugged the girl. "Good luck Kana-chan." Haruka said.

"You go up there and get your brother to see you as the beautiful young woman you are!" Kitsune cheered.

Kanako smiled her thanks and gave them a kiss before disappearing upstairs to the dorm. Once her niece had gone Haruka shook her head. "I've never met a bigger pair of idiots."

"That's what love can do to a person." Kitsune grinned as she stood up and headed towards the back room.

"Where're you going?" Haruka called after her.

Kitsune grinned back at her. "Just to make a few phone calls."

Entering the mangers room Kanako saw her brother sitting by the window going through one of his old sketchbooks. Looking up he smiled gently at her and put the book down. "Hey Kana-chan, what've you been up to today?"

Returning his smile Kanako walked over to him and sat on his lap "Not much, just hung out with Hina-chan."

Keitaro blinked. "Granny's around?"

Kanako rolled her eyes. "No, I meant Hinagiku-chan."

Keitaro frowned. "Then call her Hinagiku-chan then."

"Why? You're the only one the gets confused." Kanako pointed out.

"I'm the only one with a grandmother called Hina." He huffed as Kanako laughed.

"What about you?"

"Nothing much, just trying to keep Haitani and Shirai out of trouble." Kanako just mmmed as she leaned back into his chest.

"What are you doing now?" she asked.

"Just reminiscing." He wrapped her arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. Kanako picked up the sketchbook and joined her brother in flicking through. She stopped when she reached a picture of Keitaro's parents. She really wished that she had met them. She always wanted to know more about the people who produced such a wonderful person as her big brother. She often wondered if they would have approved of her.

"Your mother is very beautiful." Kanako murmured. Keitaro gave a small smile and squeezed her tightly in thanks. "You really miss them don't you?"

"Yeah." Was all he said as he placed a soft kiss on her bare shoulder. Kanako smiled and tilted her head so it rested on his. Going through the book both Urashimas smiled at the memories catalogued in his drawings. There were pictures of all their friends, landmarks from Kyoto when they visited the Aoyamas, the beach café, Kanako and all their Nee-sans dressed up for their charity play in aid of their orphanage. Kanako blushed slightly as she arrived at a drawing of her, the first time she wore a bikini when she decided that her scars had faded enough. Smiling she closed the book and turned around on his lap. With his hands on her hips, Kanako wrapped her arms around his neck she softly kissed him on the lips.

"Love you Nako-chan." He whispered as he rested his forehead against hers. Kanako smiled at his pet name for her. He only called her that when they were alone and he wanted to be overly affectionate with her.

"Love you too Kei-kun." She smiled. Keitaro raised an eyebrow.

"Since when am I 'Kei-kun'? What happened to Onii-chan?" he joked.

Kanako blushed. "Do you mind if I call you Kei-kun?" she asked.

Keitaro answered her with a kiss. "I don't mind what you call me."

Kanako smiled and hugged him to her chest. "Thank you Kei-kun." Keitaro blinked as he found himself pressed against his sister's breasts. He normally wouldn't have reacted to this but with the comments made by his friends made him more aware of Kanako's body. The warmth from her body and sent of her perfume made him sigh happily as he pulled her closer to him. Meanwhile Kanakos heart was pounding. The knowledge that he was beginning to see her as a woman was making their closeness have greater effect on her than normal. Running her fingers through his hair she nuzzled into the top of his head and enjoyed his smell. Shifting back she looked deeply into his brown eyes. Cupping his face she leaned down and kissed him again. "Kei-kun…" she breathed softly. Keitaro returned her gaze, his hands gently stroking her sides. "Kei-kun, do… do you…" Kanako swallowed nervously. "Do you want… want… want to take a bath?" she finished weakly.

Keitaro blinked. "S-Sure."

Kanako smiled feebly as got off of his lap and helped him up. 'I'm such a coward.' She berated herself sadly. Grabbing their bathing supplies, they moved towards the changing room with Kanako holding onto his arm tightly. Getting undressed Keitaro placed his clothes into a basket and wrapped a towel around his waist. Turning to his sister he saw that she had stripped down to her bra and panties and had just untied the red ribbon in her hair. Looking over her shoulder at her brother she asked with a blush "Kei-kun, I think the catch has gotten caught on something. C-can you unhook it for me?"

"S-Sure." He said, his mouth gone dry. Walking over to Kanako he pushed her long dark hair over her shoulder. His hand slowly glided down her back to her strap. Undoing the hooks, his hand trailed down her back and lightly traced the barely visible scars. He was happy that they had faded to the point where you couldn't see them unless you were looking for them. As he was stroking her back Keitaro noticed how soft her skin is. 'Her skin is so soft and pale.' He thought as he leaned forward to kiss the nape of her neck, his hands sliding down to her hips before trailing around her front, hugging her tightly.

Kanako was doing all she could to stop moaning. His featherlike touches sent shivers throughout her body. Sighing happily as his arms wrapped around her she closed her eyes and leaned back into his chest. Removing her bra, she placed it in her basket and turned around, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Thank you Kei-kun." She reached up to place her hand on his cheek. Gently stroking him with her thumb, she leaned up and kissed his. Releasing his lips, they stared into each other's eyes. "Kei-kun…" she murmured.

"M-maybe we should get into the springs." Keitaro suggested as he rested his hands in the small of her back.

"S-sure Kei-kun." She smiled. Trailing her hand down his chest, she turned around, removed her panties and placed them in her basket. Instead of wrapping a towel around herself, Kanako held it against her body just enough to protect her modesty. Turning back around she smiled at him. "Ready Kei-kun?"

"Y-yeah." He said staring at her. Taking a hold of his arm with one hand while using the other to hold the towel up, she led him to the springs. Making him sit on a stool, she filled a bucket of warm water and brought it over to him. Dropping her towel to her feet, Kanako knelt behind him and dipped the washcloth in the bucket before wiping down his back. With her free hand she ran her fingers along his numerous scars. She always felt a pang in her heart when she saw the extent of injuries. Keitaro knew how much it upset her so he did his best to keep his back hidden from her but one night she had asked to see them. After many tears Kanako had inspected all of Keitaros scars and fell asleep in his arms, exhausted from all the crying.

Leaning forward she gently kissed his back before pressing her body against him and buried her nose into the back of his head, enjoying the smell of his hair. Standing up she slipped around his front to straddle his waist. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pressed her forehead against his. "Love you Kei-kun." She whispered and softly kissed him on the lips. Keitaro gently stroked her back before resting his hands on her slim hips. "Love you too, Nako-chan." He answered with a kiss of his own.

Kanako melted into his chest. Resting her head on his shoulder she placed light kisses on his neck as she enjoyed the feeling of security and warmth in his arms. Building up her courage Kanako whispered "Kei-kun, I…I think- I think that we… I think that we should… get into the springs." She finished with a strained smile.

"O-OK." He stuttered. Taking a hold of her hand he led her to the pool. Lowering themselves into the warm water, Keitaro brought Kanako across his lap, one hand resting on her hip the other snaking around her back to stroke her smooth stomach. 'She's so beautiful.' he thought as Kanako nestled into his neck.

Kanako was trying to stop herself from weeping. 'Why?... Why can't I just confess to him? I love him but I just can't get the words out. The way he was looking at me… I'm sure he feels the same way.' She snuggled closer to her brother, making sure to keep her tear filled eyes hidden. 'I-If I don't do it now I won't ever be able to.' Steeling herself she opened her mouth to try again when.

"Hey, Nako-chan? Can I ask you something?" her brother interrupted her.

Kanako blinked. "O-Of course you can."

"Is there… is there anyone that you like?" he asked softly.

"W-what do you mean?" she asked, caught off guard by the question.

"You know, is there anyone that you're… attracted to?" he asked.

Kanako stared at him with an open mouth as she thought how best to answer his question. If she said no then he might think that she wasn't interested in him and not confess but if she said yes he might think that he she liked someone else. "Um, sort of. I'm not sure if he feels the same about me." She blushed.

"Why wouldn't he? You're beautiful, smart and sweet. You're one of the most wonderful women I know. Anyone would be ecstatic to have you as a girlfriend." He told her as he cupped her cheek and gently rubbed it with his thumb.

Kanako blushed deeply and turned her head away. "Even you?" she asked quietly.

"W-what?" Keitaro struggled to get out.

Kanako took a deep breath and decided all she could do was roll the dice and hope for the best. "Would you want me to be your girlfriend?" she asked, not able to meet his eyes. The silence that descended on them as Keitaro contemplated his answer was unbearable for Kanako. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she started to regret saying anything. She was about to take it back when he said.

"Yes… yes I would."

Kanako slowly turned to look him in the eyes "Kei-kun…" she whispered

"I-I love you Nako-chan." He whispered back to her as he hesitantly leaned in towards her lips. Kanako had no such reservations. Grabbing the back of his head she pulled him the rest of the way and pressed her lips against his, her tongue slipping into his mouth. Keitaro's eyes went wide as he felt his sister's tongue caress his but returned her affection. Breaking the kiss Keitaro looked deeply into her eyes. "Nako-chan are you sure you want this?" he asked, stroking her cheek.

Kanako let out a small laugh. She had wanted this for so long and now that it finally happened he asked if she was sure. Smiling through her blush she leaned up and kissed him again. "Does that answer your question?"

Keitaro grinned "Sorry I didn't quite catch that, can you repeat it?"

Kanako sighed "If I must." She returned his grin and kissed him again.

"Not interrupting anything are we?" a voice called out. Turning towards the sound they saw all of their strange family, wrapped in towels grinning at them.

"W-What are you all doing here?" Keitaro cried as they made their way to the pool.

"Well, when Kitsune called us and told us what was happening we obviously had to come celebrate with you." Tsuruko smiled.

"But it hasn't even been an hour since I talked to Kitsune nee-san! You and Motoko-nee were in Kyoto, Mutsumi-nee was in Okinawa and Su-nee and Amalla-nee was back in Molmol! How did you get here so fast!" he replied.

"Fu Fu Fu, you should know better than to underestimate your Nee-sans!" Su cheered as she hugged his head and pressed her breasts against his face.

"Su nee-san do you mind not doing that to my boyfriend." Kanako frowned.

"Awwww she called him her boyfriend!" Naru hugged her along with Motoko.

"And she's already acting like a jealous girlfriend!" Motoko added as she and Naru pulled Kanako off of Keitaro's lap.

Kanako blushed deeply. "What are you doing! Are you two drunk?" she noticed the smell and their red faces.

"Me and Tsuruko-san gave them a little sake to start the festivities." Kitsune sniggered.

"Our little Kanako-chan is growing up!" Naru giggled as she started to grope Kanako's breasts. "But your boobs are still small!"

Kanakos face burned red. "What do you think you are doing!" she yelled as she flailed her arms and legs around trying to get out of their hold.

"I'm rubbing them to make them grow!" she explained with a laugh as Motoko joined in.

"Get of me! Kei-kun help!" she called for him to rescue her.

Keitaro weighed up his options and felt he would be safer away from the groping Nee-sans. That was until a blue eyed sixteen year old with waist length blond hair approached him. "Congratulations Kei-kun." She gave him a sultry smile as she straddled his legs and pulled his face to her large, towel covered breasts making his arms thrash around, trying to get away and stop being suffocated.

"Sarah-chan! What do you think you're doing to my boyfriend!" Kanako yelled as pulled away from Motoko and Naru.

The young American turned and glared at Kanako, still smothering Keitaro in her cleavage. "I'm congratulating him on his new flat-chested girlfriend." She replied simply.

Kanako returned her glare. "Who are you calling flat-chested, you stupid Boob-Woman?"

Sarah smiled sweetly at Kanako. Standing up she released Keitaro's head, let her towel drop off her and walked straight into Kanako. "Huh? Sorry, did I run into you? I guess because you have such TINY breasts, I didn't notice!" she pushed her breasts against Kanakos.

Kanako puffed out her cheeks and her face turned red. "Stay away from my boyfriend!" Kanako shoved her thumbs into the corners of Sarah's mouth and pulled them apart.

"Get of me!" Sarah yelled, her voice garbled by the digits in her mouth, and copied Kanako's attack.

Keitaro stared at the two naked girls wrestling with each other for a few moments before realising that he should try to break them up. Just as he stood up he was pulled back down and flanked by Kitsune and Tsuruko while Amalla sat between his legs. Each of them only held their towel to their bodies rather than having them wrapped around themselves.

Pressing her body against his Kitsune smiled and breathed into his ear. "You know Kei-kun, neither you or Kana-chan have any experience with the opposite sex." She whispered huskily to him.

"And there's nothing worse than two inexperienced lovers fumbling through their first relationship." Tsuruko added as she pressed herself against his other side and gently ran her hand over his chest.

"So if you need advice about anything." Amalla continued as she leaned forward to rest her hands on his chest.

"And we mean absolutely anything." Kitsune emphasised the point, her hand joining the others, her finger circling his shoulder scar.

"Then you just ask us OK?" Tsuruko rested her head on his shoulder.

"And we'll be more than happy teach you everything you need to know to keep Kanako happy." Amalla leered at him and kissed his nose.

It took Keitaro a moment to realise what they were talking about but when he did his face turned bright red. Shrugging Amalla off, he tried to make a quick escape. "Hey!" Amalla called out as she tried to grab him only to pull off his towel. Stumbling forward he stopped just short of falling onto his aunt.

Haruka looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. "Kei-kun, you might want to sit down or at least put a towel on." Keitaro blinked before he looked down and blushed. Quickly lowing himself to below water level he laughed uncomfortably.

"he he sorry Aunty." He scratched the back of his head.


"What have I told you about calling me that?" she growled at him.

"Sorry Au- Haru nee-san." Keitaro smiled.

Haruka grunted. "You and Kana-chan huh? So you decided that it was worth the risk then."

"I guess so." he smiled.

Haruka smiled and hugged her nephew. "I'm happy for you Kei-kun."

"Thanks Haru-Nee." He returned her hug.

Letting go of him she said. "Brace yourself."

"Huh?" Keitaro tilted his head in confusion.

"Kei-kuuuun!" two voices called out along with two pairs of arms wrapped around his chest and neck.

Looking at the woman hanging off him, he noticed their red faces. "Shino nee-san? Mutsu nee-san? Are you drunk as well?"

"Kitsune told them that it was watermelon juice." Haruka explained as the two women nuzzled into him.

"mmmmm Kei-kun have you and Kana-chan been getting up to naughty things?" Mutsumi asked as she kissed his cheek.

"I'll be sure to make you and Kanako-chan meals that will give you both lots of stamina." Shinobu giggled.

"NEE-SANS!" Keitaro cried as he splashed away from them.

"OW! OW! OW!" came the cries from the other side of the springs. Looking through the steam he saw Tsuruko twisting the ears of Sarah and Kanako.

"Now behave you two." Tsuruko smiled at the teenagers.

"OK Nee-san just let go!" Kanako cried. Tsuruko smiled as she let them go and they fell to their knees clasping their ears.

Keitaro quickly waded over his new girlfriend to check on her. Finding that she was alright, he pulled her onto his lap. Looking back at the other girls, he saw them all move closer with predatory grins.

"OK that's enough tormenting them for now." Haruka intervened on their behalf.

"You're no fun Haruka-san." Kitsune pouted.

"I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities to tease them." Haruka smiled as she drifted next to them. "But for now give them a break."

"Thanks Aunty" Kanako smiled as she pulled Keitaros arms tightly around herself.

"Don't worry about it." Haruka smiled.

"How come you don't tell her off when she calls you Aunt?" Keitaro frowned.

"Because she's my cute little niece and you're my idiot nephew." Haruka replied simply.

Keitaro rolled his eyes and Kanako let out a small laugh. "At any rate you two make a cute couple." Kitsune grinned. "Don't you agree, Sarah-chan?"

"I guess so." she said disinterestedly as she folded her arms and looked away.

"Don't pout Sarah-chan." Su said as she slipped behind the blond and pulled on her cheeks. "You can marry Kei-kun after I marry him!"

Kanako frowned at this. "Neither of you are going to marry Kei-kun! If anyone is, then it's going to be me!"

"Ara you're thinking about getting married already? You'll look so beautiful in a wedding dress!" Mutsumi grinned and clapped her hands together.

"No we're not!" Kanako huffed.

"It's never too soon to start planning these things." Tsuruko smiled.

"We've been a couple for 10 minutes." Keitaro pointed out. "Do you think that we can leave off planning the wedding for tomorrow?"

"If you insist." Kitsune smiled as they all settled down. As silence descended on the springs Kanako leaned back into her boyfriends chest giving a small, content sigh. A small shape drifted towards them.

"Myu" said Tama as she ferried Kuro on her back towards the youngest Urashimas. "Nya" the cat cried as it leapt into his owners arms, careful to keep away from the water.

"Hey Kuro, guess what. Me and Kei-kun are a couple now." She told the cat who meowed back at her and butted his head against her chin.

"Congratulations Kanako-sama!" she threw her voice to make that cat talk.

"You know how creepy that can be right?" Keitaro said.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Kei-kun." She smiled back at him.

"I'm sure you don't." he smiled as he gave her a quick kiss. "Love you Kana-chan."

"Love you too Kei-kun." She kissed him deeply. Everyone oooed and awwwed at the new couple, making them blush and frown. "Do you guys mind!" Kanako snapped at them.

"Well don't put a show on for us then." Kitsune laughed.

"I can evict you, you know?" Keitaro growled at her.

"But then who would you get to teach you how to make each other happy?" she leered as she hugged Keitaro to her chest.

"Get off him!" Kanako frowned and pulled her boyfriend away only to find Amalla had leapt on top of him.

"Don't be so stingy!" Amalla pouted as she nuzzled her head into his chest.

Kanako glared at her. "That's it!" grabbing two towels, she handed one to Keitaro and wrapped the other around herself. "Come on Kei-kun, let's get out of here!" she pulled him by the arm.

"OOOO the lovebirds want to have some alone time!" Naru cackled as Kitsune poured her more sake.

"Ara, I didn't know you were so bold Kana-chan." Mutsumi smiled.

Kanako just turned a deeper shade of red and slammed the door to the changing room behind them.

"I hope you're pleased with yourself." Haruka told Kitsune as she accepted a saucer of sake.

"I am as it happens." Kitsune smiled.

"I can't believe them!" Kanako huffed as she hugged Kuro to her chest. After they made their quick escape they had slipped on their bathrobes and returned to their room where we find Kanako sitting on their futon wearing a short silk robe that Kitsune had given her as a present while Keitaro put on his pyjama bottoms.

"You know they didn't mean anything by it." he told her as he knelt behind her and pulled her backwards into a hug.

"They still shouldn't tease us like that." She pouted as she let her cat go and relaxed back into his embrace.

"That's just how they show they care, so don't stay mad at them for too long OK?" he requested, gently placing kisses along her neck.

"You're too good at this." She murmured as she closed her eyes.

"Too good at what?" Keitaro asked as his lips trailed along her jaw.

"Making me agree with you." she answered with a content sigh.

"That's good to know." He grinned and nuzzled into her neck.

Kanako laughed and cried theatrically "Pervert Kei-kun!"

"Hey!" he frowned as he started to tickle her sides.

"AHH! No! Stop it!" Kanako cried as she tried to get away only for Keitaro to grab her waist and pull her back down onto the futon. The end result was Keitaro laying on top of Kanako, their faces an inch away from each other's and her robe pulled open to her sides revealing her slim naked form. Keitaro slowly reached out and cupped her cheek. "Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?"

Kanako smiled. "I could hear it more often." She told him as she reached behind his head and pulled him into a kiss. Keitaro eagerly returned the kiss, his tongue slipping into her mouth and one hand reaching up to comb through her hair while the other trailed down her body to settle on her hip. Breaking the kiss Kanako smiled. "Love you, Kei-kun."

"Love you Nako-chan." He smiled and placed small pecks on her lips.

"Would you two knock it off already?" A voice called from the door. Keitaro quickly rolled off Kanako and looked towards the door where his mouth dropped open and his eyes bulged.

Standing at the door was Sarah. She wore a black sheer babydoll tied at her breasts with a pink ribbon; the thin, see-through material only just covered her large bust and hung open to show off the smooth white skin of her stomach above her matching black panties. Sarah smiled smugly at his expression.

Kanako wrapped her robe around herself and glared at her. "What do you want?" she snapped.

Sarah's expression changed to a glare. "I'm sleeping here tonight."

Kanako puffed out her cheeks. "Why do you have to sleep here?"

"Because with everyone here there are no rooms free!" Sarah huffed.

"So why don't you sleep with Su nee-san!" Kanako suggested.

"Because she is already sharing with her sister." She pointed out.

"What about Shinobu nee-san?" Kanako asked.

"Not a chance. She gets grabby when she's drunk."Sarah said as she walked over to them, laid down and pressed her body against Keitaro. "You don't mind if I stay with you tonight, do you Kei-kun?" she asked softly as she pouted cutely and rubbed her bare leg against his. Keitaro completely froze up but Kanako was having none of it.

"I told you already to keep away from my boyfriend!" she snapped at her.

"I'm just asking if he wants to sleep with me. What's wrong with that?" Sarah smiled sweetly as she rubbed her cheek against his bare chest.

Kanako turned red. "Get away from him!" she tackled Sarah off her boyfriend and shoved her thumbs into her mouth. As the two rolled around on the ground Keitaro quickly tried to break it up. Grabbing the one who was currently on top, her pulled Sarah off her.

"mmmm, Kei-kun how naughty!" Sarah moaned as she leaned back. "If you wanted to cop-a-feel, all you had to do was ask." She grinned. Keitaro frowned in confusion until he noticed that his hands were on something soft. When he gave an experimental squeeze which made Sarah groan, his eyes bulged as he realised what he was holding.

"S-sorry!" he yelled as he let go and fell over backwards. Sarah smiled as she crawled up his body, her almost naked breasts pressed against his bare chest.

"Its fine Kei-kun, I understand. With a flat-chested girlfriend like Kanako-chan you need a way to relieve yourself." She kissed his chest. "So if you need to vent your frustrations, you can just ask me for help OK?" Keitaro just laid there terrified.

"Ahem." A voice coughed.

Looking up they saw Kanako standing above them with a vein throbbing on her forehead.

"Er..." Sarah said weakly.


With the flat of her foot Kanako pushed Sarah off of her boyfriend, sending her rolling away. "I told you twice already to leave him alone!" she yelled as she straddled his waist.

"What's wrong with you?" Sarah cried.

"I'm not the one acting like a bimbo!" Kanako retorted.

"OK, OK enough you two. Sarah-chan you can stay but you have to behave yourself." Keitaro reasoned as he sat up.

"If I must" she smiled as she crawled back over to him. All three slipped under the covers of the futon with both girls hugging Keitaro tightly. "mmm you make a really comfy pillow." Sarah said as she nuzzled into his shoulder. "Don't you agree Kanako-chan?" she smiled smugly.

"Of course." Kanako returned her smug smile. "Good night Kei-kun." She leaned up and kissed his lips, smiling at the face Sarah was making.

Breaking the kiss Kanako leaned back and grinned at her. Not one to be out done, Sarah reached out and grabbed Keitaros head. "Night Kei-kun." She said before pressing her lips against his and pushed her tongue into his mouth.

"What do you think you're doing!" Kanako yelled as she dove for Sarah only for Keitaro to grab her and hold her back. "Let me go!"

"Not until you calm down!" he told her but was only enraged further when Sarah pulled her eyelid down and poked her tongue out over his shoulder.

"Aren't we all lively for this time of night!" a voice came from the door. All three looked over and saw everyone watching them with a smile, wearing either a short bath robe, very revealing pyjamas or in the cases of the more inebriated girls just their underwear.

"Er... what can we do for you guys?" Keitaro asked weakly as he still held his lover.

"It's a Slumber Party!" Amalla cheered.

"And we brought the refreshments!" Kitsune grinned as she held up her bottles of sake.

"I don't think that would be such a good idea Nee-san." Keitaro said as he noticed how drunk some of the girls were.

"Nonsense Kei-kun!" Naru cried as she straddled his waist and pulled him to her chest. "You just have to loosen up a bit!" with that she forced her bottle of sake into his mouth and poured the alcohol down his throat.

"Hey get of me!" Sarah cried as Shinobu had snuck behind her and started to grope her breasts.

"Even though you're five years younger than me you still have bigger boobs." Shinobu eyed her suspiciously. "Tell me how you got them so big!" she demanded with a squeeze.

"I didn't do anything!" she yelled as she tried to get away.

"Liar!" Shinobu drunkenly declared. "Maybe you'll tell me after you had some of this!" she grabbed a bottle of sake and forced Sarah to drink it.

Kanako laughed at Sarah's misfortune and missed the Su sisters sneaking up behind her with a bottle each. Grabbing a hold of the girl they pushed the bottles into her mouth. "You have some too Kana-chan!"

"MMMMMMM Get Off Me!" she coughed as she struggled out of their hold. "Are you trying to drown me?"

"No, just trying to get you drunk enough to share Kei-kun with us!" Amalla grinned.

Kanako glared at them. "That's not gonna happen! Kei-kin is mine!"

"You just haven't had enough to drink yet!" Su cheered as she forced more drink down her throat.

Haruka and Tsuruko sat to the side enjoying a quiet drink as they watched the others with amusement. Motoko had moved to hug Keitaro from behind and help Naru pour more sake into his mouth, Shinobu was still trying to get the secret of large breasts out of Sarah and Mutsumi was helping by groping her chest while the chef forced more sake into her body. Kanako for the most part was holding out against the Su Sister's assault but they quickly leapt on top of her and made her drink while she was pinned. Tapping their glasses together, the old friends smiled at each other before turning their attention back to their family.

"Well that ended quickly." Haruka commented as she looked at the comatose bodies in front of them. Most of the girls were hanging off Keitaro in some way or the other. The only exception was Shinobu who was still hanging onto Sarah's breasts. She and Kanako were both tucked away into Keitaro's sides smiling happily as they used his shoulders as pillows.

"Yes, I thought Kitsune would be able to hold her alcohol better." Tsuruko smiled.

"I suppose we had better cover them up." Haruka sighed as she grabbed some blankets. As she and Tsuruko covered the girls hanging off her nephew Haruka noticed that the only one that he was holding tightly onto was Kanako. Leaning down Haruka kissed him on the forehead. "Congratulations Kei-kun." She whispered.

"You know, Kana-chan is going to have to be careful from now on?" Tsuruko smiled.

"Oh?" Haruka asked as she covered her nephew with a blanket.

"Of course. Kei-kun is quite the catch. Smart, hansom, owns a great deal of real estate and comes from a very rich and powerful family, he could have practically any woman he wanted and she's going to face some competition and not all of it from strangers." She smiled as she looked at Sarah happily nuzzling into his chest.

"Well as long as we're all around we'll make sure he doesn't do anything stupid." Haruka smiled.

"True, and we'll all make sure he knows when he's done something wrong." Tsuruko grinned as she settled down next to her sister.

"Well we'll just have to wait and see what happens." Haruka smiled as she nudged Shinobu out the way to hug Sarah. "Night Tsu-chan."

"Night Haru-chan." She smiled as she nuzzled into her sisters hair.

Epilogue II

Some Time Later

"Are you sure you want to do this Nako-chan?" he asked as he closed the door to the hotel room. Turning around his mouth dropped open as he saw his girlfriend. Kanako had removed shirt and skirt and stood in front of him blushing. She wore a pink camisole, thin enough just to see her pale skin through the fabric. The garment had three buttons done up starting from her small breasts and ended just above her navel showing off her belly-button, the sides hanging just above her pink panties.

Slowly walking over to him she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. "This was my idea wasn't it?"

"Y-yea but still, if you're not ready we don't have to-" he started but was cut off when she placed a finger to his lips.

"I am ready Kei-kun." She told him as she undid a button on his shirt and placed a soft kiss on his chest. As she undid the rest of the buttons she trailed kisses up his chest and along his neck until she reached his lips where she pulled off his shirt and let it fall to the floor.

Breaking the kiss Keitaro looked into the brown, love-filled eyes of his girlfriend. Cupping her chin he stroked her cheek with his thumb and said "If you're sure." And captured her lips again. Kanako moaned happily as she pressed her body against his, her hands slowly running down his chest until they came to his trousers. With nervous hands she undid his belt before fumbling with the button. When it was finally undone she pulled apart the zipper and let them fall to his ankles. Stepping out of them Keitaro rested his hands on her hips, softly stroking her smooth skin. "Love you Nako-chan" he whispered as he rested his forehead against hers.

"Love you too, Kei-kun." She whispered back. Taking a hold of his hand she lead him over to the bed. Laying back she pulled her lover on top of her. Smiling at the beautiful young woman beneath him, Keitaro placed a soft kiss on her lips before moving lower, kissing her chin, down her neck, along her collar bone and down her chest until he got to the thin material of Kanako's camisole. Kanako gasped slightly as he undid the first button, trailing kisses down to the next button and then the next until they were all undone and his lips continued down, stopping briefly at her belly button before ending just above the waistband of her panties. Casting his eyes upward he smiled as he saw her breasts rising and falling due to her ragged breath. Pulling the material to the sides of her body he gazed upon her small chest. Still smiling he kissed his way back up her body. Reaching the valley of her breasts Keitaro slowly ran kisses up her right breast before gently taking her nipple into his mouth.

Kanako let out a deep moan as her boyfriend lightly suckled on her breast. "Kei-kun..." she groaned as she ran her fingers through his hair. Releasing her nipple, Keitaro grinned as he saw that she was blushing from the tips of her ears to the top of her breasts. Abandoning her breast he moved up towards her face. "You're so beautiful Nako-chan." He breathed as he gently kissed her lips. Kanako responded by grabbing the back of his head and pulling him into a deep kiss.

"Kei-kun please..." Kanako panted with pleading eyes. Smiling Keitaro slid down her body, kissing her as he went, detouring briefly to lavish attention to her other breast and remove the camisole before continuing down stopping to kiss her belly-button. Reaching her panties again he hooked his fingers around the sides of the thin material and slowly drew them down, kissing her thighs as he went until there were at her ankles where he pulled them off and dropped them to the floor. Turning back to Kanako he stared at the sight before him. Kanako lay there naked, her slim pale body exposed to him. The tiny thatch of neatly trimmed pubic hair above her small opening, her slender waist leading up to round breasts topped by her pink nipples and her elegant face framed by her silky black hair made her look like the most divine creature Keitaro had ever seen.

"You're so beautiful Nako-chan..." he murmured as he gently stroked her leg.

Kanako blushed a deep red which spread over her chest. "D-don't look, it's embarrassing." She said meekly as she turned her face away but made no effort to cover herself.

"But you're so beautiful." He told her as he leaned down and kissed her ankle before making his way back up her legs, lacing them with kisses. Arriving at the apex of her legs Keitaro lowered his face to her mound and placed soft kisses at base of her sex, slowly travailing upwards where he extended his tongue to lick the small bundle of nerves. Kanako let out a low moan, arched her back and grabbed handfuls of his hair. "Please Kei-kin... if-if you don't stop I'll be too sensitive." She gasped.

Giving her one last kiss he raised his head and smiled at her. "Sorry Nako-chan. You're just really cute down there."

Kanako blushed even deeper. "D-Don't say things like that!"

"Sorry." He apologised once again. Moving upwards he captured her lips again.

"I forgive you." She smiled playfully at him before pulling him into a kiss. As their tongues danced, Kanako ran her hands down his chest. Reaching his boxers she quickly removed the clothing that was in her way. With the last obstacle that separated them gone Kanako reached out and took a hold of his length, running her hand along the shaft making him gasp into the kiss. "Nako-chan." He groaned as she positioned him against her entrance. "Are you sure you want this?"

Kanako smiled and nodded. "Just be gentle OK?"

"Of course, Nako-chan." He gently kissed her as he slowly pushed forward until he reached her maidenhead. "You can still change your mind if you want Nako-chan."

Kanako smiled, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Just push through it, OK?"

"OK." He replied. Holding her hips he thrust in completely, burying himself deeply within and tearing through her hymen. Kanako cried out and sunk her teeth into his shoulder to stop from crying. Keitaro winced at her tightness and the sudden pain in his shoulder but bore it knowing that she was hurting more than him and that he couldn't do anything but whisper quiet reassurances into her ear. After a few moments Kanako let go of his shoulder. "Are you OK Nako-chan?" he asked wiping the tears from her eyes.

Kanako gave him a weak smile. "Y-yes, just give me a minute to get used to it."

"Sure, take as long as you need." He replied softly, kissing her cheek and lips.

"OK Kei-kun, I'm ready. Go slowly OK?" she asked.

"Yea, I will." He promised with a kiss. Supporting himself with his hands Keitaro slowly pulled out until only the tip was left inside of her before slowly sliding back in until they were hip to hip.

"mmmm, that feels nice Kei-kun." Kanako murmured as he continued to thrust in and out of her. "Y-you can go faster if you want." She told him while blushing. Nodding his head Keitaro increased the speed of his rocking making both of them moan as he slid back and forth into her formerly virgin channel.

"Nako-chan, you feel so good!" Keitaro grunted as he moved even faster.

"I-I'm glad Kei-kun!" Kanako panted as she pulled him into a kiss. Now that the pain was completely out of her mind Kanako felt a warmth emanate from where she and Keitaro were joined which spread throughout her body. With her eyes closed, arms around his neck and lips still pressed against his, Kanako rocked her hips to meet Keitaro's thrusts sending him deeper inside. "Faster, Kei-Kei- Onii-chan! Please go faster!" she gasped as she arched her back.

Never one to disappoint a woman he loved, Keitaro did as requested, making them both moan in ecstasy. "N-Nako-chan, I'm- I'm not gonna last much longer!" he panted.

"It-it's fine Onii-chan, do i-it inside!" she told him as colours flashed in her eyes.

"But-" Keitaro began.

"I'm safe, don't worry, just cum!" her pleading was all it took to send him over the edge. Pressing his lips against Kanakos, Keitaro gave two final thrusts before he exploded inside her. The feeling of him erupting inside her was too much for the young Urashima and triggered her own orgasm. She let out a cry of pure, unadulterated pleasure which was muffled by Keitaro's lips sealed against hers. Her whole body shook as the sensation enveloped her writhing body. Neither had ever felt such bliss and the knowledge that they were making the other feel the same joy only fuelled their orgasms.

As both came down from their high Kanako opened her eyes to see the panting face of her lover. Trying to catch her breath Kanako nuzzled into his neck, placing gentle kisses on his shoulder. "Onii-chan." She mumbled deliriously. Wrapping his arms around her back he kissed the top of her head. "Love you Nako-chan." Keitaro whispered as he slowly withdrew from her.

"No!" Kanako cried as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Please... just stay in me for a while." She requested.

Keitaro smiled down at her. "Sure Nako-chan." With his arms still around her he rolled over taking her with him, letting her lay on top of him.

"Thank you Onii-chan." She smiled as she rested her head against his chest.

Keitaro smirked "So I'm back to Onii-chan am I?"

Kanakos head shot up and blushed. "S-sorry, I didn't realise I went back to calling you that."

"Don't worry about it." He smiled as he rested his hands on the small of her back.

"You don't mind?" she asked.

"You can call me whatever you want. Though we may get some funny looks if people hear you call me Onii-chan and then I do something like this." With that he cupped her chin and pulled her lips to his, slipping his tongue into her mouth.

"mmmm I don't care what looks people give us as long as you keep giving me kisses like that." Kanako said as she rested her head back on her chest.

Keitaro buried his nose into Kanakos hair with a smile. "Hey Nako-chan, can I ask you something?"

"Sure." She responded as she closed her eyes.

"Was it- did you enjoy that as much as I did?" he asked slightly dreading the answer.

Smiling Kanako placed her chin on his chest. "Yes I did. That was the most amazing experience I ever had." She took a hold of his hand and interlaced their fingers. "Especially what you did with your tongue." She told him with a blush. "Where did you learn to do that?"

It was Keitaro's turn to blush as he considered what to tell her. He knew that he definitely wasn't going to tell her that Kitsune, Tsuruko and Amalla had dragged him into Kitsune's room and... instructed him as to how to, as they put it, make Kanako happy. Everything had been going fine with only minimal embarrassment from Keitaro until Amalla started to strip and told him that it was time for a practical test at which point Keitaro made his escape down one of the hidden passages.

"I have my ways." He told her.

"You sure do." She grinned as she laid back down with a yawn. "How much longer can we stay here?"

Glancing at the clock on the night stand he said "We've still got a while if you want to get some rest."

Nuzzling into his chest she closed her eyes with a small smile. "Thanks Onii-chan." As his lover fell asleep on his chest Keitaro pulled the covers over them and ran his fingers through her hair with a soft smile.

Slowly waking up, Kanako was greeted by the softly smiling face of her lover. "Hey Kei-kun." She smiled. As she stretched out she discovered that Keitaro had rolled them onto their side and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was still inside her. "How long was I asleep?"

"Not long." He replied.

"How long do we have left?"

"About half an hour. We should get cleaned up and dressed soon." He told her.

"Do we have to?" she pouted sweetly.

"Afraid so, we only have enough money for the hour. So unless you want to call one of the Nee-sans to bring us money we have to leave soon."

"I guess you're right." She sighed and kissed his chest. "Who knew that having a sex life was so expensive?"

"Worth every Yen, though." Keitaro smiled.

Kanako giggled. "You know just what to say to a girl don't you?" she kissed him.

"I try." he earned another giggle as he gently stroked down her side. "How are you feeling?"

"A bit sore but very happy." Kanako smiled as she lifted herself off of him.

"Good." He rested his forehead against hers. "Hey, was it really alright for me to..." he trailed off as he stroked her stomach.

"A bit after we got together, Aunty took me to the doctors to get birth control, so you don't have to worry about that." She smiled as she lightly kissed his hand.

"OK." He leaned in to kiss her nose.

Giggling, she gently ran her finger over his chest. "So, Kei-kun... do you want to take a shower with me?" she gave him a sultry smile.

"I'd love to Nako-chan." He kissed her and then picked her up bridal style, making her squeal with laughter. Wrapping her arms around his neck Kanako kissed his cheek as he brought them to the bathroom. Putting her down, Keitaro gave her a kiss before turning around to start the shower. Kanako pressed her body against his back and reached around to stroke him.

"We don't have time for that, Nako-chan." Keitaro smiled as he turned to wrap his arms around his waist.

Kanako pouted as she kiss his chest. "Are you sure?" she slowly licked her lips.

"Unfortunately yes." He ran his hands down her back to grope her behind.

Kanako sighed and leaned against him. "OK, let's get cleaned up then." She took his hand and lead him into the warm water. As the warm liquid cascaded down onto them Keitaro slipped his arms around her hips to stroke her stomach and pull her backward into his embrace. Grabbing the complementary body wash Kanako poured some into her lovers hands and sighed in relaxation as he rubbed the soap into her belly. Keitaro brushed her hair to the side with his chin before kissing her neck while his hands lathered up her body, bringing the soft foam up to cup her breasts and gently tweak her nipples. Kanako moaned and turned her head to catch his lips. As they kissed, one of Keitaro's hands drifted down to massage bubbles into her sparse patch of pubic hair before reaching lower and gently stroking her.

Kanako broke the kiss and turned around. Smiling she wrapped her arms around neck and pressed her chest against his. "I think I understand why people like to take showers." She rubbed her breasts against him, transferring the foam to his chest. Running her hands down his chest until she reached his groin where she gave him two slow and soapy strokes.

"I think it has something to do with who you take the shower with." Keitaro grinned as he leaned down and kissed her neck while he took one breast in his hand and let the other slowly trial down to squeeze her toned rear. "Though this soap is an added plus."

"And do you like having a shower with me?" Kanako asked with a moan.

"Defiantly." He said as he lightly bit her neck.

"Then we'll have to do this more often" she breathed.

"Might be a bit expensive if we have to come here to do that." He grunted as Kanako squeezed him back.

"And they say romance is dead." She giggled.

"Hey!" Keitaro protested giving her butt a pinch making her jump into his arms. "What I meant was installing a shower back home. It would be more private than the hotsprings."

"Just as long as you put a proper lock on the door unlike the one in the private bathtub. I don't want Sarah-chan joining us like she usually does when we want to be alone." Kanako frowned as she rested her head on his chest. The young American always seemed to know when they were in the barrel and would barge in wearing only a short robe which she would soon shed and join. The worst part was that she would insist on washing Keitaro and that he wash her back all the while grinning smugly at Kanako.

"You two should try to get along with each other." Keitaro said as he ran his fingers through her hair..

"Maybe if she would keep her hands off you we would get along better." Kanako huffed and pressed her body closer to his in an attempt to put the large chested blond out of his mind

Keitaro just smiled and inhaled deeply into her hair. "We should finish up soon."

"Do we have to?" she kissed his chest.

"Unless you have a way of paying for another hour we have to." He kissed the top of her hair.

"OK." She sighed. "But you have to do something about all this soap." She smiled.

"I'll see what I can do." He grinned. Turning her to face the stream of water Keitaro caressed her body, running his fingertips along her chest, helping the water wash away the foam. Holding her close to him, Keitaro paid particular attention to her breasts, gently fondling them and rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

"mmmm Kei-kun I think you got all the soap off them. There's plenty of other places that you can wash." She smiled back at him. Nodding his head he reluctantly let go of her chest, sliding his hands down the taut skin of her stomach his finger circled her navel as he kissed the nape of her neck. As Kanako moaned her approval Keitaro lowered his hand to her pubic hair wiping away the soap before moving even lower to softly stroke her entrance. "I thought you said we didn't have time for this?" she smirked.

"We don't." He sighed. Turning around Kanako grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down into a kiss.

"We'll just have to continue this later." She smiled as she started to clean the foam from his body.

"Promise?" Keitaro asked huskily as she cleaned a specific part of him.

"Of course." She smiled and kissed his neck.

"OK then." He said grudgingly as he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower followed by Kanako. Grabbing a large towel each they dried each other, enjoying every moment of their closeness. With his arm wrapped tightly around Kanako's waist he brought her back into the bedroom where their clothes were still strewn over the floor. Separating with a kiss Keitaro moved to pick up his boxers while Kanako climbed onto the bed to retrieve her camisole. Pulling on his boxers his girlfriend cooed "Kei-kun?" Turning round her stared at the woman on the bed.

With her back against the headboard, one knee bent while the other straight, Kanako smiled at her boyfriend. "Can you help me get dressed?" she asked sweetly.

"Sure" he said mesmerised by her beauty. Climbing onto the bed he crawled up to her and kissed her softly. "What first?" he asked.

"I think you should start with my panties." She suggested.

"Do you have to where those? You look a lot better without them." He leered at her as he gently stroked her stomach.

"Of course I do." She grinned. "What if on the way home some pervert tries to grope me. Like this," she pulled his hand down to cover her mound, "Or like this." She grabbed his other hand an rested it on her rear.

"And what if I wanted to grope you on the way home?" he grinned as he stared to move his hands back and forth.

"Like I said, what if some pervert tries to grope me?" she moaned with a smile.

"Hey!" he pinched her behind and pulled her on top of him making her laugh.

"We don't have time for this remember?" Kanako said as he started to kiss down her neck.

"I wish you'd stop reminding me." He sighed. "So is that a Yes or a No to the panties?"

"Yes !" she giggled.

Pouting playfully Keitaro ran his hand down her body before going to retrieve the panties that he had thrown to the floor. Finding the small article of clothing he turned back to see Kanako smiling at him. As he approached the bed Kanako lifted a leg and waved it at him. Taking the proffered foot he gently kissed her ankle before slipping the underwear over her foot. Kanako smiled and lifted the other to receive the same attention. Pulling the garment up Keitaro softly kissed her smooth legs, alternating between the right and the left until he reached the fork of her legs. Raising her hips, Kanako allowed him to pull the panties up and over her sex. Once they were in place, Keitaro kissed the centre of the material making her groan. Sliding up her body, covering her with kisses, he arrived at her lips and smiled. "What next?"

Kissing him again she said "The camisole please Kei-kun." Grabbing the thin material Keitaro slipped behind her. Gently taking a hold of her pale arm he pulled it through the thin strap, kissing her shoulder then repeating for the other side. Slipping his hands underneath the camisole, he cupped her small breasts and lightly bit her neck. As she leaned back into his arms, Keitaro abandoned her chest and slowly did up the buttons. "Now what?" he asked kissing the soft spot behind her ear.

"My blouse." She murmured. Kissing her jaw, he left her and picked up her blouse. Straddling her legs he slipped her arms through the sleeves. As he did up the buttons he kissed the exposed skin, then through her camisole and finally her skin as he reached the top button and the hollow of her throat. "Next?"

"M-My skirt." She groaned. Finding her short skirt her slid it up her legs kissing them as her went. As he slipped the skirt over his waist Keitaro found that his face was in front of her panty covered mound and his head under her skirt. Smiling he gently kissed her core, making her groan and spread her legs wider. Lifting his head her skirt fell back into place and Keitaro grinned at her blushing face.

"All done, Nako-chan." He kissed her forehead.

"You're dressing me every day from now on." She panted making him laugh.

"I'd love too, Nako-chan." He kissed her lips. Kanako just closed her eyes and sighed happily. Shaking his head Keitaro stood up and quickly put on his clothes, knowing that they didn't have much time left. As he finished doing up his shirt, he turned to find Kanako grinning at him.

"What's that look for?" he asked as he sat next to her.

"Just thinking what a cute butt you have." She leered at him. Letting out a laugh he leant down and kissed her. "mmmm, how long have we got left?" she asked between kisses.

Sparing a glance at the clock he told her. "Only five minutes."

"Well it would be a shame to waste them wouldn't it?" she smiled at him. "What could we do for five minutes?"

"I'm sure we can think of something." He returned her smile and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Love you Kanako-chan."

"Love you too Onii-chan" she smiled gently at him before pulling him back into a kiss.

Having left the hotel with just enough time left to avoid getting charged for another hour, they made their way to the tram station with Kanako tucked tightly under his arm. Boarding the first tram back home the two lovers moved towards the corner of the nearly empty tram. Keitaro wrapped his arms around Kanakos slim waist, pulling her slim body close to his. Leaning down he gently kissed her lips. "Love you Nako-chan." He told her softly.

Pressing her hands against his chest she smiled happily as she placed soft kisses on his neck. "Love you too Kei-kun."

"You're so beautiful." He smiled as his hands rested on the small of her back while she wrapped her arms around the back of his head.

"You're not so bad yourself." She grinned and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Keitaro reciprocated eagerly. So infatuated with each other they almost missed their station. Barely making it through the closing doors, they slowly walked back to the Hinata hand in hand. Reaching the stone staircase, he let go of his girlfriends hand and transferred it to her hip, pulling her to his side. Arriving at the top, they stop just before they walked through the door.

"Nako-chan, thanks for today. I'm glad we managed to be alone for once."

"Me too, Kei-kun." She gave him a chaste kiss. "I'm just glad that the Nee-sans didn't find out. We'd never hear the end of it." She giggled.

Nodding his head in agreement they opened the door.


Streamers and confetti fell all around and a banner unfurled with the word 'Congratulations!' printed on it. Below the sign stood all their family each with a drink of sake grinning at them with party poppers.

"Congratulations!" everyone cheered as more confetti and streamers were released from the party poppers.

"W-what's going on?" Keitaro cried.

"It's a congratulations party!" Kitsune cheered.

"Congratulations for what!" Kanako asked though in the pit of her stomach she already knew.

"For finally consummating your relationship." Tsuruko smiled as she shared a drink with Haruka.

Both Keitaro and Kanakos faces alternated between turning ghostly pale and bright red. "H-how did you know!" Keitaro yelled.

"Fu Fu Fu, silly Kei-kun. You know you can't keep anything from us!" Su grinned.

"Anyway, that's not important. What is, however, is that you tell us all the details!"Kitsune cackled.

"You can't be serious!" Kanako said.

"Of course I am! I need a good sex scene for my book!"she grinned pulling out her notebook. "And we all want to know what went on, right Sarah-chan?"

The young blond was glaring at Kanako with her arms folded. "Yes, I would love to know what the two of them got up too."

A drunken Shinobu let out a mournful cry as Mutsumi comforted her. "I can't believe their five years younger than me and they had sex before me." She sobbed as tears waterfalled down her cheeks.

"There, there Shinobu-chan. I'm sure Kei-kun will have sex with you if you ask nicely." Mutsumi reassured the young woman in her own strange way.

"You're right!" Shinobu brightened up immediately. "Kei-kun, have sex with me!" she demanded after downing another saucer of sake.

"Us too if you're offering Kei-kun!" Naru giggled as she and Motoko worked their way through their third bottle.

"I like the sound of that!" Amalla agreed as she stood up and started to remove her skimpy purple top.

Keitaro and Kanako just stood there with their mouths open, their faces settling on being pale. They turned to look at each other and by unspoken consent ran past everyone and out the back door.

"After them!" Kitsune yelled as everyone followed them out the door.

Running through the forest behind Hinata Sou, Keitaro and Kanako slid down the bank of the stream that courses through the forest with their strange family followed close behind. Splashing through the shallow water Keitaro turned to look at Kanako. When she notice she was being watched she turned to look at him. Smiling at each other they both burst out laughing. Grabbing each other's hand, they squeeze tightly.

"Love you Nako-chan." He smiled at her.

"Love you too Kei-kun." she smiled back, her voice full of love as they started to run faster to escape.

"Come back here!" everyone from the main group called after them.

Keitaro and Kanako just burst out laughing again as they ignored the pleas of their family and continued to run away into the setting sun.

The End...
For Now

Well it's been a hell of a ride but now it's finally at an end and I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. For all of you who are wondering this is hopefully not the last we will see of Kid Keitaro. I have two planed fics based off of Kid Keitaro (See profile for details)which I am hoping to write but I will probably work on my other fics before them Also please vote for what i should call the spin off.

Other Things

Kei/Kana pairing- I think that at the point she was introduced it was obvious that if there was a pairing then it would have to be with her. The reason... well I guess it's because she's my favourite LH girl.

2. Why they acted the way they did.

For those of you wondering why they acted the way they did the short answer is 8 years is a long time. The long answer:

Keitaro- If You're wondering why he seemed so violent there is a simple explanation. Back in the orphanage the only way Keitaro could protect those that he cared about was to take their place but now after being trained by Haruka and the Aoyamas he is able to stop anyone being a threat (Or just plain rude) to those he loved. At heart he's still the same gentle Keitaro that first arrived at the Hinata except instead of jumping in front of cars he's punching the cars out the way.

Kanako- Well not much has changed. She's madly in love with Keitaro and still gets jealous when other girls fawn over him so not much difference between the original Kanako and this one. The only difference between 16 and 8 year old Kanako is that she is more confident.

Shinobu- well the simple explanation is that she can't handle her drink, coupled with the fact that she has always been a little insecure about her body compared to the others at the Hinata.

Mutsumi- Mutsumi acted the way she did because, well she's Mutsumi. She's always been a little off but always had best intentions.

Naru and Motoko- like Shinobu they get drunk easily and act that way because they hand their inhibitionslowered.

Kitsune- In the anime and manga she loved nothing more than teasing her friends and flirt with Keitaro. Kanako and Keitaro are like her little brother and sister and that would in no way restrain her, if anything it would encourage her.

Amalla and Su- Well both have never hidden the fact that they love Keitaro and are not shy about showing their affection for him and even though Amalla is married Keitaro is almost a mirror image.

Tsuruko- Well she adored Keitaro since he was a little boy and her personality is very similar to Amalla and Kitsune so she likes to tease him as much as anyone else.

Haruka- She's probably the least change. She still loves her niece and nephew and wants what is best for them. The only real difference is that she stopped smoking and that she no longer wants Keitaro to call her aunty.

Sarah- is probably the most changed. She obviously has a thing for Keitaro and a rivalry with Kanako which will be explained in the spin off (Fingers crossed).

Haitani and Shirai- well they were perverts at 21 and were drooling over the Hinata girls as long as they had known them so I don't think there would be much difference when they are 16.

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Thank you to every who has reviewed and spurred me onwards to complete this fic:

JW - About Keitaro being smart. Naru wasn't overly strict with him just really supportive. my reasoning is this: in the canon Keitaro only studied by himself or possibly with his two friends (who are probably just as stupid as he was) and so failed twice before coming to Hinata sou but became better once he started to study with Naru (If I remember correctly he failed the third time because he was daydreaming.) and finally got in when Mutsumi was there with them. Now in my story we have a Keitaro who isn't daydreaming about his promise girl all the time so he actually studies and a Naru that is willing to help him rather than barely tolerating his presence so he can freely ask for help and tutelage with out fear of being yelled at.

Well there's nothing left to say except thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed Kid-Keitaro and hope you read my other stories.