Chapter one


31st October 1981

Lily Potter smiled fondly at her infant son, looking into curious bottle green eyes so like her own, but in many ways just as mischievous as the hazel ones her husband bore. She gently bounced the raven haired one year old on her knee, making him laugh and gurgle with glee as he watched his mother adoringly. She sat in the nursery with him, his favourite stuffed animal, a stag, lay in his crib, ready for bedtimes. On the table near the window were several pictures of the young boy with his parents, including one taken on the day of his birth with both he and his mother in a hospital bed. He merely sucked on his little fist, looking up curiously at his mother and giggling every time she played with him. Lily laughed a little, happy to see her child so content in such dark times. The smile never leaving her face, she glanced cautiously at the clock on the wall. It was nearly six thirty, the sun had set early in that late autumn evening and the crisp smell that came with November was already in the air outside. There were times when Lily was grateful for warming charms, she really couldn't even imagine how she had survived with out them for eleven years.

Lily Potter, formerly Evans, was a witch. Muggle born she may have been, but one of the most accomplished witches of her generation she was now. She was happily married to a wizard pure blood, James Potter and the even happier mother of Harry Potter. She cooed Harry again, trying to get him to settle down a little. It was Halloween night and her thoughts were drawn to memories only a few years ago when she had sat in the Great Hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, enjoying a grand feast in honour of the holiday.

"You'll be there soon," she said to Harry with a wink, "You'll love Hogwarts, the castle, the ghosts, the portraits. No doubt you'll be a trouble maker like your father, huh?"

Harry's eyes seemed to sparkle in agreement to her last statement and as though to prove to her that she was right, he cave her shirt a little tug and laughed. Lily laughed too, scooping him up and swinging him happily in her arms.

"Can I join this party?"

Lily looked round in surprise, her eyes glowing with happiness as her husband, James Potter, entered the room. Within two strides he was right beside her and Harry and had his arms around both, hugging them tightly. Lily was a little taken back by his possessiveness and placed a comforting hand on his cheek.

"Tough day?" she asked him, looking into his hazel eyes with concern.

James sighed, kissing her gently on the lips and then his son's forehead. Harry made a face and reached up to be held by his father.

"Dada!" he whined, clearly wanting James. His father smiled, taking him into his arms and holding him close before turning back to Lily.

"The attacks are getting worse," he said, "I just hope the Longbottoms are alright, they've recently moved locations again. I think we should do the same."

Lily simply nodded, caressing Harry thoughtfully, they both loved Godric's Hollow, but even with a Secret Keeper, staying in one place too long was dangerous. Voldemort was after their son as well as the Longbottom's child, Neville. Both boys pertained to a certain prophecy that few knew about. Even James and Lily had kept it from their closest friends, Sirius, Remus and Peter, the fewer people who knew of the prophecy, the better for everyone.

"I have surprise, by the way," said James with a small grin, "I thought it might cheer you up."


"Oh really Sirius, be careful with those bags," came an awfully familiar voice from down stairs.

"Yes Mrs. Evans," the disgruntled voice of one Sirius Black floated up, then what sounded like a very meaningful cough and Sirius' tone of voice changing as he said, "I mean Aunt Rose."

Lily's eyes widened and her face broke out into a huge smile as she turned on her husband, gave him a big kiss and rushed downstairs. She rounded the corner to see a small woman with greying red hair brushing herself off from the fireplace and beamed.

"Mum!" she cried, rushing to her mother and throwing her arms around the older woman. Rose Evans smiled fondly at her youngest daughter and returned the hug. Recently widowed, but stronger than most, she still wore only black clothing in her mourning of her husband, Lily's father, Christian Evans. She was a small woman who always wore her reddish grey hair up in a bun, had warm blue eyes and a kind smile.

"Oh Lily," she gushed, stepping back a little, "Let me take a look at you! Oh, you look so thin! Have you been eating right?"

"Of course Mum," Lily said, rolling her eyes.

"I should hope so," said Rose, squeezing her daughter's hand, "Now, where's this grandson of mine, hmmm? I haven't seen him in months!"

Lily laughed a little, just as James came down the stairs with Harry, the little boy gurgles happily when he saw Sirius,, who immediately grinned and waved.

"Pa'foot go woof woof!" he yelled at his godfather. Sirius laughed and surely enough he transformed into his black dog animagus form, wagging his tail excitedly as Harry giggled with glee. James shook his head, handing his son over to his grandmother who hugged and kissed little Harry on both cheeks.

"Oh, I am glad he inherited your eyes Lily," she said, "I was afraid it was going to skip a generation like it did with your father."

Lily laughed. The green eyes were an Evans' trait, passed down to at least one child in every generation. The last person to have green eyes had been her great-grandfather, it had skipped two generations until Lily was born.

"How's Petunia?" Lily asked, it had been a long time since she and her sister had spoken and with the Death Eaters being after their family she had thought it best to abstain all contact from her family. Of course, Rose Evans would hear non of it and despite her husbands untimely death earlier that year, refused to tie off any connections despite the danger it posed.

"She's doing well," said Rose, a little stiffly, "I still don't approve of that man of hers. Far too short tempered. Little Dudley is cute, but I'm afraid he's going to take too much after his father, hopefully I'm wrong."

"I'm glad to hear she's alright," Lily breathed, "I haven't seen her in a while."

The unspoken words passed between them as loud as though they had been shouted from the rooftops of the entire village.

She still blames me.

"She'll come round, she'll come round," said her mother knowingly, she looked at James and Sirius, "Now are you two going to show this old woman to her room or am I going to be standing around all day?"

"Of course not Rose," James chuckled, scooping up her bag, "We were just about to, weren't we Mr. Padfoot?"

"Oh of course Mr. Prongs," grinned Sirius, giving Rose a mock salute and picking up her other bag.

"Well then-" Rose began only to be interrupted by a loud wailing sound that erupted through the house. James and Sirius immediately dropped the bags, wands out and at the ready, Lily followed suit.

"The wards have been tripped," Lily explained at her mother's confused look.

"Is that bad?" Rose asked, clutching Harry a little closer, her eyes wide as the wailing sound came to a halt.

"Even if someone has set it off," James said, "They can't find Godric's Hollow. Its protected."

"We should still check it out," Sirius said, already headed to the door.

"I'm coming too," said Lily, she and her husband exchanged a look before he nodded, "Mum, take Harry to bed will you?"

"Of course," said Rose, "Come on Harry dear."

"Goodnight Harry," whispered Lily, giving him a peck on the cheek, James responded by ruffling his son's hair and Sirius only grinned, "We'll be back soon."

"You be careful," Rose warned her daughter as the three left the building, Lily smiled and nodded before disappearing from sight.

"They're brave ones, your parents," said Rose to her grandson, Harry regarded her with big green eyes, "If you've inherited even half of that, you'll go far in life Harry, you mark my words. Now, how about a story?"

She smiled as Harry gave her a big grin, clapping his small hands together and chanting in his little voice.

"Story! Granny story!"


They reached the place where the wards had been set off, it wasn't far from their house. The barrier of protection encircled most of the neighbourhood so that they would always know if someone was approaching, but the way the wards siren had gone off, Lily didn't like it, it meant that whoever had set it off was either very powerful, or there was more than one of them.

"Full moon tonight," she remarked to James with a shudder, knowing full well that a dear friend of theirs was suffering right then and there.

"I know," James said, squeezing her hand.

"I still don't think its him, James," she said, looking at her husband sincerely, "I don't think Remus would betray us, not ever."

"Neither do I Lil," said James, "But its only a precaution and this way, he'll be kept safe."

"I'll go check if the other wards are still in place," Sirius said softly beside them, "Send a patronus if you need help."

"Likewise," said James, "You checked on Peter today, right?"

"Yeah," said Sirius as he turned away, "Wormtail's alright, so is Mooney, he was getting ready for his transformation when I went to check up on him."

"Good," James breathed, "We'll see you in a few minutes."

Sirius nodded, flashing his friends a dazzling smile in the darkness as he disappeared from sight. Lily breathed in the cold autumn air and shivered a little as the wind picked up. James held her hand tighter, his wand held firmly in the other. Lily watched him, his face cast over in shadows was filled with determination, so much. If it hadn't bee for this war James no doubt would have gotten involved in magical sports or exploring, maybe even studying transfiguration further. She may have become a teacher or written her thesis on charms work by now, like she had always dreamed. Now here they both were, twenty-one years old with a small son to care for, belonging to an Order that swore to defend the world against Voldemort. Lily hadn't imagined being married and having a child this early in her life, but when she and James had truly fallen for each other, when he had become such an important part in her life, she couldn't imagine anything better. She worried about James though, ever since the prophecy about Harry had come out, he had made it his job to defeat as much evil in the world as he could, it was as though he felt that if he could somehow help more in the war effort, then Harry wouldn't have to suffer such a fate. So James Potter was in training to become an Auror, like his father had once been. Lily could still remember the bright young twelve year old who had boasted to his friends in the Common Room that Auror work was too boring for him. He'd be a professional prankster or a Quidditch stare. Of course, a lot had changed since then.

Everything had changed.

"Let's hurry," she said softly.


Like the rat he was, Peter Pettigrew scurried through the shadows of the street, watching carefully for the moment when James, Lily and Sirius left the house. Then he watched as a cloaked figure went in only moments later. The sting of guilt tugged on his heart, but he was doing the right thing, wasn't he? His master just wanted Harry, only Harry. He would leave the others if he got Harry and no one would have to die. James and Lily would grieve for a time, but eventually, they'd have more children and forget about that first one. Forget there was ever a Harry Potter. Everything would be better. His master would win this war and eventually, he'd convince James, Sirius, Remus and Lily to accept this new world. Lily was married to a pure blood, so she would be safe. Remus was a werewolf, the werewolves were already followers of the Dark Lord, so he would be safe as well. James and Sirius were pure blood wizards from good, strong families, they would be accepted as followers in a trice. Peter knew, he knew this world was changing, he knew that if you were caught on the wrong side, you were as good as dead. But he was on the right side, he was never as strong as Sirius or as brilliant as James, but he would be. He'd have the power and with it, he would save his friends from the wrath of the Dark Lord, convince them to change their loyalties and plead mercy on their case. His master would listen to him and accept his friends as his followers and everything would be good again. Everything would be alright. There was just one obstacle in the way.

Harry Potter had to go.

Lily would be heartbroken, but she'd realise the truth, that he was certain of. She was smart, she'd see that she had given birth to an abomination to the Dark Lord's strength, that there was no other way. After all, Peter had saved them this night by setting of the wards. He knew Lily wouldn't let James and Sirius go alone, he knew that Sirius and James had been talking about bringing over Lily's mother to stay for a while. It was okay if the muggle died, just as long as it wasn't his friends. He thought of little Harry in his crib, the last time he'd been there Harry had even managed to say his name.


The childish voice of the fifteen month year old echoed in his head, but he tuned it out, he heard the crying inside the house and saw the flash of green light.

"Goodbye Harry," he whispered softly, before disappearing into thin air.


"Oh, don't worry, you will be reunited with your grandson soon."

Rose Evans stared wide eyed at the intruder, she hadn't even heard him enter, Harry sat in his crib, watching the entire scene with confusion written all over his young face.

"Leave him alone!" Rose yelled, placing herself in front of Harry, "He's a child!"

The cloaked man didn't even bat an eyelid, he rose his wand, a smile of triumph on his pale face. A shot of green light hit her in the chest. Rose stood stock straight for a moment, her blue eyes wide with shock as the life drained from them, then she fell. Her body hit the side table, knocking over the picture frames and shattering the glass of one. The cloaked figure, the greatest enemy to wizarding kind, Lord Voldemort, approached the crib. Little Harry looked up at him curiously and distrustfully, confused about what was going on. His little fists clutched tight to his stuffed stage. Prongs would protect him, Prongs would take the bad man away.

"Ah, young Mr. Potter," Voldemort sneered, pointing his wand directly at the baby's forehead, "The saviour of the wizarding world, the Chosen One. A mere child. As though you could defeat me, well, I suppose you'll never have the chance now."

Harry stared at him, almost defiantly, his emerald green eyes fixed onto Voldemort's red ones as he drew back his wand to cast the curse.



They saw it before they heard it. The flash of green light and then another. And then the explosion, it lit up the night sky and sent a dreadful echo of destruction through the air. Lily stood, frozen for a moment, clutching James, unable to comprehend that their house, their homeā€¦

"Harry!" she cried, breaking out of her stupor and running. James was following closely beside her, his mutterings of, "No, no, no, please no," barely audible over the rapid beating of her own terrified heart. They ran, faster than their legs could carry them all the while the same guilty thought played in Lily's head. I never should have left them alone.

Parts of the house were still on fire and there was rubble and bits of debris scattered everywhere. James tried the door, but it wouldn't budge, he pointed his wand at the door, sending a powerful spell at it and bursting the door to pieces. Without a word to one another, James and Lily rushed into Godric's Hollow, frantically searching through the smoke, dust and their own fear.

"Where is he, James?" Lily yelled, blasting her way through more rubble. Her long red hair hung in her face, her emerald eyes were filled with pain and worry.

"I don't know!" James, beside her yelled back just as frantically, he flicked his wand, levitating a large amount of debris from in front of the stair case. His brow was beaded in sweat, his robes in disarray and his usually messy black hair was sketched white with dust from the now dilapidating house. He ran up the stairs first, followed closely by his wife. Together they headed to their son's room, or what was left of it. A beam of wood blocked the door, the man aimed his wand directly at the door.

"Impendia!" he cried. A wave blasted from the tip of his wand, destroying the door and leaving an open gap in it's wake. Lily went in first, her wand raised, she looked around the room frantically. Her eyes fell on the pile of black robes on the floor, to the upturned crib, to-

"No!" she cried, rushing over to the body of a the older woman who lay lifeless on the ground, her greying red hair hung loose over her eyes, her aging blue eyes open and staring. Lifeless.

"Mum," she whispered, raising a shaky hand to close the lifeless gaze.

"Lily," James said softly, "It's too late."

She nodded, tears welling up in her eyes, she looked around, her eyes widening in panic.

"Where's Harry?"

James' breathe caught in his throat, his hazel eyes darting around the room, landing on the upturned cot. Moving quickly, he lifted the small bed, hoping against hope that there was a small boy hidden safely beneath.


"No," he murmured, his eyes starting to sting. Lily let out a cry.

"Where is he James?" she sobbed, "Where's Harry?!"

James took his sobbing wife into his arms, holding her tight, there was no body so maybe-

"James!" a familiar voice called from downstairs, "Lily! Are you there?!"

"Sirius?" James called back.

"Prongs!" came the ecstatic yell, followed by the bounding of feet up the stairs, "You're alright! I thought-"

Sirius Black, entered, looking happy to see his friends safe, he had hurried as soon as he saw the house go up. His face, which had once held a smile of relief was now filled with confusion and worry as he looked on the young couple and the sight that met him.

"W-what happened?" his eyes drifted to Rose, "Is she-?"

Lily gave a small sob and nodded, burying her face into her husband's shoulder. Sirius paled.

"What about Harry?" he asked shakily, he could not see his little godson in the room.

"We don't know," James breathed, his voice near to breaking point.

Sirius shook his head. This wasn't happening, this couldn't be happening. His eyes went to the misshapen pile of black robes.

"It was him," he said softly, Lily and James nodded, having come to the same conclusion.

"But how did he-" James trailed off, he and Sirius locked gazed. There was only one person in the entire world who could have betrayed them, one person and one person only.

"Peter," they said as one.

Lily trembled.

"We trusted him," she sobbed, "How could he do this? He's our friend! A Marauder!"

"Apparently not," said James, his teeth gritted.

"Not when I'm done with that little rat!" Sirius yelled in anger and betrayal, he turned on his heel to leave but found himself stopped in his tracks by the soft voice of someone familiar entering the room.

"Now, now Sirius," twinkling blue eyes and a long silvery beard, "Let's not be hasty."

"Professor!" Lily exclaimed, "What are you doing here?"

"Wondering how my wards were all broken at once," he said, his voice held sadness and more worry than Lily had ever heard the old headmaster reveal.

"It was Voldemort and Pettigrew," Sirius said furiously, "They-"

"Yes, yes, Mr. Black," said Professor Albus Dumbledore, "I am full aware Tom must have attacked, what I would like to know is, where is Harry Potter?"

Lily wanted to scream and cry again for her missing son, but held herself, her lower lip trembling, James, unsure what to say, gestured to the cot and the robes and shook his head. It was Sirius who voiced their thoughts.

"He's gone."

Dumbledore's eyes betrayed not a quiver of surprise, he walked over to the pile of clothing, inspecting it with his twinkling gaze. He bent over, running his wand over the pile, a small frown on his old face.

"These are Tom's robes," he said after a moment, "He's gone."

Silence. Sirius looked wide eyed at Dumbledore, James gripped his wife tighter, pain and confusion written in both their eyes.

"Y-you mean he's dead?" asked Lily, "Voldemort is dead?"

"The prophecy," James whispered

"Prophecy?" Sirius asked, he was ignored as James continued

"Neither one can live whilst the other survives,' you mean he-he killed-"

"Oh, no, no, no James," Dumbledore cast them a look under his half-moon spectacles, "Harry is alive, that I am sure of, but so is Tom Riddle."

Sirius' mouth gaped open.

"But you just said he was-"

"His body has been destroyed," Dumbledore explained, "I can take a guess, and just a guess mind you, that when Voldemort came to kill Harry, he killed Mrs. Evans first. Rose Evans must have died protecting Harry and as she is of you're blood Lily-"

"The spell," she breathed.

"Spell?" James and Sirius asked in unison.

Lilly looked at her husband a little guiltily.

"A protection charm I found," she explained quickly, "An old one, one for a bond of love. I was willing to sacrifice myself for Harry, if it came to it, if I had died before him the spell would create a protection around him from any who wished him harm. My blood would protect him, but I don't understand, why did it work with my mother?"

"She carries the same blood as you and as Harry," Dumbledore explained calmly, "You cast the spell on Harry, so any of his blood who did such a selfless deed would seal the protection charm around him."

"Okay," said James slowly, "So how do you know Harry is alive? What if the spell backfired? Where is our son Professor?"

"Let me explain," Dumbledore said mildly, "Tom Riddle is alive and therefore, I know Harry is alive. Whatever happened, when Tom tried to kill Harry the spell rebounded off the protection charm and hit him, destroying his body. His spirit, however, was not destroyed, most likely he will find some way to return, someday. Because he is alive, so is Harry. Harry was probably marked this night by Tom choosing him and attacking, I don't know how yet, but one thing is for certain, the prophecy is Harry. He is and always will be, the only one able to stop Lord Voldemort, you have already given Harry much of the power Tom so often forgets; love."

"Love?" Sirius shook his head, "Damn it, Professor, this is all very well, but what happened to Harry? Where is he? And what prophecy?"

"We'll explain later," James told his best friend, patting his shoulder.

"It is also my guess," said Dumbledore a little sadly, "That young Harry let out a burst of accidental magic and, as it seems, Apparated."

"Apparated!" three voices exclaimed, "He's only one!"

"And rather powerful for his age apparently," Dumbledore said musingly, "But as I said, it was accidental, I doubt he'll be able to do it consciously again until he learns properly when he's seventeen."

"But what if he-" Sirius paled at the thought, what if Harry had been splinched. James and Lily seemed to have the same thoughts running through their minds.

"No," said their old professor, "I don't think so."

"H-how do you know?" asked Lily shakily.

"Because," said the old professor seriously, "The Hogwarts registry contains the names of ever magical child born in Britain or living in the country. Muggle-born or magical, every single child who will one day be invited to the school, is recorded in those pages. I know, Lily, for a fact that there is a Mr. H.J. Potter still on the 1991 register of students."

"Does it know where he is?" asked Lily, aware that somehow, Hogwarts always managed to find its students.

"No," said Dumbledore, "Usually, it would, that's how we send the letters out so accurately. The Registry has its own trace, but it appears that the protection spell is guarding him a little too well."


"Meaning, he is untraceable by magic."

Silence again. Tears ran their way down Lilly's face. James gripped her, he looked at Sirius, who nodded.

"We have to find him," said James, "We will find him, magic or no."

"We will," agreed Sirius, "Right after I ring that no good rat's-"

"Might I suggest," said Dumbledore calmly, "That before you rush off and do anything rash Sirius, you explain to the Ministry that you were not in fact the Potter's Secret Keeper. It may be prudent rather than dealing with them later."

Sirius looked at him sheepishly. His eyes betrayed his guilt though, after all, he had been the one to suggest to Lily and James to trade Secret Keepers. Peter instead of him, a decoy, the perfect bluff. Voldemort and his Death Eaters would go after him, leaving Peter safe and by extension, Lily and James. He never thought one of their oldest friends would turn into a Death Eater.

Remus, he realise with a pang, all this time he'd suspected Remus, just because of his 'furry little problem.' He felt like an idiot, this was all his fault.

"It's not your fault Padfoot," said James quietly, letting go of his wife and standing beside Sirius. He put a hand on his friend's shoulder, willing him to look into his eyes, "We trusted Peter, he was our friend, since Hogwarts. No one could have seen the darkness inside of him, no one. You and I both have done Mooney a great injustice by suspecting him, it's both our faults on that account. Listen Sirius, this is not you're fault. Understand?"

Sirius Black nodded miserably.

James smiled tightly, his heart was breaking for his son, there was just so much going on.

"Come on," he said, "Let's find Harry."

Sirius nodded again, grasping James' hand tightly.

"We will find him."

He looked at Dumbledore.

"Thanks sir," he said softly, "I have to admit I was a little sceptical at first about you linking those ward signals to your office, but I'm glad you did. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been here to stop me."

"Peter Pettigrew will get what he deserves," said Dumbledore solemnly, "But better it be a swift justice, than a heated revenge."

Sirius could only nod.

"Let's get going then," James said, "You explain the rest of what happened what happened to Voldemort, after we find our son."

Lily gave a weak smile at her former headmaster, her husband and her friend. she imagine Harry, out there on this cold autumn night, clutching his stuffed deer, which was missing from the room as well, crying for his mummy and daddy. Her heart ripped at the thought. She gripped her wand and followed them out of the baby room, Ministry Officials would arrive soon to remove the body and collect evidence, but for now it was time to begin the search for her son. As they left Godric's Hallow, hopes raised and determination set, no one even took notice or remembered after the broken glass of a picture frame in the corner of the room, with a certain picture missing from it's hold.


Harry blinked, the world around him was so dark and cold. He hugged Prongs closer, tears already welling in his eyes. In his other little hand, he held the picture of his mummy. He'd grabbed it when the man had brought the ceiling down and made him fall. his knee hurt from where he'd hit it, his head felt funny and he was scared. So he did the only natural thing in the world, the thing that would make mummy and daddy come for sure.

He cried.

His cries pierced through the air, a perpetual wail of despair and sadness. He wanted his mummy and he wanted his daddy; he wanted Uncle Padfoot and Uncle Mooney, even Uncle Wormtail would have been welcome on a night like this. He sat on the hard, cold ground, a street light over head cast him in shadows and he cried.

Harry didn't know how long he sat there bawling his eyes out, he didn't care, it could have been a few seconds or two hours, he just wanted his mummy. Then something disrupted his tears and he was lifted up from the ground and cradled by warm arms. Harry looked up curiously. A kind old face looked down at him, making hushing sounds. The face wasn't one he knew, but maybe it knew where mummy and daddy went.

"Mama?" he questioned, "Dada?"

"Oh you poor dear," the voice was old, like his granny's, "Did someone leave you?"

Harry didn't understand, he just clutched his stag and photo tighter. He was moving all of a sudden, taken away from the street, up some stairs and through a door. The light blinded him for a moment and he whined. The next thing he knew he was being lain down, a warm hand running over his hurt leg, he gave a small cry.

"Its okay," the nice voice said, "Matron Morgan's going to make it all better. What's this?"

She tried to pry the photo from his hands, succeeded for a moment, but Harry only cried harder until he felt the photograph being placed hastily back into his hands.

"There, there," she cooed, "Harry? Is it? That's a nice name Harry, I have a cousin Harry. Welcome to St. Matthew's Harry, I'm sure we'll find you a home soon."

She gently stoked his face, trying to soothe him. He looked at her with scared green eyes and paused as her eyes caught something.

"What a strange scar," she remarked, "Like a bolt of lightning."

Harry's lower lip trembled and he hugged Prongs tighter, he just wanted his mummy to come get him.


It was the early hours of the morning, Mrs. Molly Weasley was rocking her two and a half month old daughter in her arms. She yawned, her pink night dress scraping a little on the floor as she tried to stay awake. Her husband, Arthur Weasley, wasn't back yet from his rounds for the Order and to say she was worried was an understatement. Her sons were al asleep upstairs, her ten year old son, Bill, would be attending Hogwarts the next September and she could only pray that the world would be better by then.

"Go to sleep, Ginny," she lulled the tiny baby, "Go back to sleep for mummy."

But Ginny Weasley, youngest and only daughter of the Weasley's, was restless that night and for the life of her, Molly could not fathom why. Her small brown eyes were wide and she stared up at her mother, seemingly on the brink of tears. Molly continued hushing the baby until she calmed down.


She turned in surprise as her husband rushed through the front door, a joyous look on his face. Molly frowned a little, about to ask him to hush up when she noticed that huge smile.

"Arthur?" she questioned, he was beside her in a trice, carefully hugging her and his daughter in delight.

"He's gone!" he cried, "He's gone, he's gone, he's gone!"

"Whose gone?"

"You-Know-Who!" Arthur laughed, taking Ginny from Molly's arms and swinging her around in happiness, the baby made a soft gurgling sound but didn't cry.

"Are you sure?" Molly asked, wide eyed. She sat down with a thump on the living room coach, trying to take in what he was saying, "He-he's gone?"

"Yes!" Arthur laughed, "I just heard it from Dumbledore himself and I rushed home as quickly as I could. I don't know the facts yet exactly, but I know that right now, this minute, You-Know-Who isn't hurting anybody."


"Harry Potter," Arthur said, his smile faded a little and he sighed, "I need to go back, I just had to come home and tell you."

"Harry Potter? The Potter's little boy? What does he have to do with this?"

"Everything," Arthur said, handing Ginny back to her mother, "And he's missing, I have to go. I'll be back in a few hours with more news."

"Arthur-" she began.

He smiled, kissing his wife on the cheek and backing away.

"Be ready to celebrate," he said, "The Order has to do some damage control and start the search, but after that, everything will be alright again."

With that, he departed the Weasley household, a skip in his step as he left. Molly watched after him, then turned to the child in her arms. Ginny didn't seem any calmer, but her little eyes were starting to droop and she kept fighting to keep them open.

"Come on, sweetie," she said, rising, "We'll say a prayer together for little Harry and then go to sleep. I do hope they find him."

Ginny Weasley have a small gurgle as though she too agreed with her mother's statement.


All over England, people celebrated the fall of their enemy, people celebrated the name, Harry Potter. Owls were seen in numerous flocks all over Britain and shooting stars had the muggles looking for an astronomical phenomenon. During the weeks that followed, every magical citizen of the United Kingdom was on high alert for the missing Saviour. No one was spared searching, but eventually, some gave up, certain that the small boy had died that night with Voldemort. But many, many people still chanted the name of Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived.


Revised Chapter 1 complete.

If you'll notice, this is no longer the prologue, its now long enough to merit its own chapter. All the chapters will be moving up and will be lengthened and edited. This revision might take a little longer than expected for the mere fact that school is out to kill me. After all the chapters have been revised, the story will continue as normal and hopefully, making a lot more sense than before.

~Southern Hearts~