The King Oni lumbered across the field. The massive armor breaker patrolling for tanks, unaware of her up on the hill with the cockpit in her sights. With a smile, she took the shot that sniped the unfortunate pilot in his seat. "Another one for the kill."

She thought of how much she enjoyed what she did, while watch a Mortar Cycle crew speed by to claim the unoccupied mecha. The thrill of battle, the rush of her command presence amongst the troops, the pride to know she's considered the best of the best. "Soldiers!" she yelled to the assembled troop "To battle! For Mother Russia!"

Following behind the, now Soviet, King Oni they marched to its base of origin; War Bears, Conscripts, Flak Troopers, Tesla Troopers, one Desolator Trooper, and her; Natasha Volkova. We are the pride of the Soviet people.

She frowned, recognizing the red gleam coming off the mecha's armor. "Scatter!" she yelled, following her own order as four red beams converged on the King Oni. Less than a second after they met, a beam of destruction shot down from the sky, tearing thru the armored giant as if it were paper.

Hunkering behind a groove of trees next to a squad of Flak Troopers, one of them turned to her. "Comrade Natasha! That attack; was that a…?"

"An Allied Athena Cannon satellite strike." She finished for him. "It looks like the Capitalist Pigs were planning their own surprise party for that Imperial Base." She positioned herself, still given cover by the trees, while raising her rifle to take aim at the mobile satellite command station. "…and they don't want us crashing it."

"What should we do? We can't get close enough without it spotting us, and our weapons are not strong enough to destroy it before it hits us." She could see the panic in the soldiers eyes behind the breathing mask.

"Calm yourself," she reassured him while flipping on her rifles paint-target laser. "the Allied dogs aren't the only ones who can call for help from the sky."

Her signal received confirmation; T-minus 10.

The Athena Cannon unit spotted the lone Desolator, his bulky armor making it cumbersome to move to cover. T-minus 7

The stations own targeting lasers began to converge, coming closer to the corrosive warrior. T-minus 3

The Desolator's foot must have caught on something, because he tumbled forward. Before he could climb up, the for beams came together… T-minus 0 …as the bomber swooped in from the clouds, dropping its payload, the Athena Cannon erupted in a glorious fireball.

While the troopers converged once again around her, her communication link bleeped at her, letting them know of a new message from the Commander. "Natasha Volkova here, point me in the right direction?"