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Full Summery: What if there was another in the Kuran family? What if she was just like Yuki and had no idea of who or what she is? And what if Harunka and Juuri were still alive? As Kaname and Yuki finish their adventure at Cross Academy, their sister is just getting ready to start her own adventure. What will happen when they meet? Kaname remembers her, will Yuki?


Just the Beginning

"Oh she's beautiful, Juuri." Said a man with dark brown hair.

"Yes. She is, Haruka" Said Juuri.

"I'll go get Kaname and Yuki." The man, now known as Haruka, told his wife.

He walked down the stairs to a door and opened it, walked into a room with no windows. He looked around looking for the two, and he found them on the couch. A boy reading to a little girl.

"Yuki, Kaname." He called. They turned around, one with a big grin and the other with a small smile, and looked at him. "She's here. Come. Let's go see her." He said as the girl ran to him and he picked her up. They made their way up the stairs and to a big dark blue room. In the room was Juuri and a pink bundle.

"Can I see her, Mama?" the young girl asked.

"You may. Come Yuki."Juuri called to the girl, now known as Yuki. As Yuki got there her father helped her up and onto the bed.

"She looks just like you and me, Mama." Yuki pointed out.

Juuri looked at the baby girl in her arms and smiled.

"Yes, she does. Kaname." She said. the boy, now known as Kaname, looked at his mother. "Come over here and see your little sister." Kaname made his way over to his mother and looked at his baby sister. He looked back at his mother then to his father.

"What's her name?" He asked looking from his mother to his father.

"Sakura." Haruka told them as he smiled at his baby girl.


2 years later

"Mom!" Was what Juuri heard as she got down to the end of the stairs and turned to see a 6 year-old Yuki running her way.

"Yuki." Juuri said as she smiled at her oldest girl. "What is it?" she asked.

"Can I go play with, Saku-chan? Please momma!" Yuki asked as she put her hands together in front of her chest.

"You may. But first. Do you know where Kaname is, Yuki?" Juuri asked as she looked at the young girl.

"Yes momma. He's with dad. I don't know where." She said. "Can I go now momma?" The young girl asked as she jumped up and down.

"You may." Juuri told the girl and kissed her head. She watched as the girl ran to play with her younger sister. She made her way to where she knew her husband was.

"Haruka." She said to get them to look at her. "We have to talk." She said. Kaname got up and said good-bye to his mother and father and left. "He's coming." She said.

"I know." Haruka told her as he looked out the window. "You know what to do when he comes."

"Yes." She said and left.


3 weeks later

"Yuki." Kaname called looking for his sisters. Then he heard it. A giggle. He moved behind the couch and found them. "Found you." he said as he picked them up.

"Onii-sama!" Yuki cried. Sakura just giggled.

That was how Juuri found them. She let a single tear fall knowing that after tonight Kaname would not run after the girls, Yuki would not read to Sakura, Kaname would not put the girls to bed at night, and that she would not hear the girls laughter for a very long time.

"Kaname." She called. He turned and stopped what he was doing and gave a nod. He pushed the girls to her and she picked them up and walked way. As she walked away Yuki called out to her 'Onii-sama' and Sakura looked like she was going to cry.

"Now girls." They looked up at her. "Your going to go to sleep for a little while and Your father and I may not be here when you wake up." She said and Yuki started to cry. Juuri started the spell and placed it on the girls then she picked up Sakura and left out the back door as to not let Kaname know where she was. She looked back at Yuki and sighed knowing she had to go. She left and made her way to the spot that she and Harunka had said to meet. He was there and turned to her when she came and gave a nod.

"Now to go get her somewhere safe." Harunka told her and she gave a nod. They made their way to drop Sakura off with someone that owed them.


Some time later

"Tsunade." Juuri said. A woman with blond hair, amber eyes, and a blue diamond on her forehead turned to her.

"Juuri." Tsunade said. Then she sees the girl in her arms. "I see. It's time." She said as she held out her arms for the child.

"I love you." Juuri whispered to Sakura and gave her to Tsunade. "Find a good family for her." She said as she walks way.

That was the last time Tsunade saw her and now...


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