This is a new story I am starting and if people like it I will continue. In this one Bella is moving back to Forks to live with he dad and her twin brother Jasper after her mom and her step dad are killed in a car accident. Alice, Edward and Emmett are all Cullens and Rose is a Hale. Please review and tell me if I should continue.

Bella POV:

Today is the day of my mother's funeral. Her husband, Phil was buried yesterday. My dad and my twin brother Jasper came to New York for the funeral but then they were going back to Washington. I am going to live with them but I won't be going there for another week. I pulled on my black dress that I had bought for the funeral and I went to wake Jasper up. I walked into his room and stood at the door. He looked so peaceful sleeping. Jasper and I were twins but we look nothing alike. He has dirty blond shaggy hair and blue eyes. He is really tall 6'1'' and thin but he has muscle. I on the other hand am short, thin with brown hair and brown eyes. Jasper and I are both very shy and our personalities are very similar. My mom hated the fact that I was shy and I didn't have many friends and her last words to me were that she wanted me to get out, make friends, have fun and fall in love. I walked over to Jasper's bad and hit his shoulder lightly. He rolled over and opened his eyes.

"Hey Bella."

"Hi Jasper. You have to wake up so you can get ready for the funeral."

He nodded and I walked out to wake up my dad. I woke him up and started on breakfast. I talked to my dad yesterday about moving back with him but Jasper doesn't know. He thinks I am going to finish school here. Soon enough I had breakfast done and Jasper and my dad walked in the kitchen and sat down.

"You look good Bells."

"You don't look half bad yourself Jazz."

My dad laughed at our nicknames for each other. Jasper and I were close even though we only saw each other on holidays. We finished breakfast and talked until it was time to go to the funeral. At the funeral I was crying but I tried not to show it. Jasper sat next to me and held my hand trying to comfort me. After the funeral we all went back to my house and my dad and Jasper had to pack. They had to leave today so Jasper didn't miss too much of school. I drove them to the airport and said 'goodbye' I would see them next week but it was a surprise to Jasper so I had to act like I didn't know when I was going to see them again. I watched their plane leave and I drove home. I decided I would get a little packing done and then I would go to bed early. My mother's will reading was tomorrow and I was expected to be there since Jasper couldn't make it. After I packed most of the stuff in my room I ate an apple then went to bed. I woke up the next morning and jumped in the shower. I let the fog take over and I was actually relaxed for the first time in weeks. I washed my hair and body and turned the shower off. I got dressed in a nice shirt and skirt. This is the first week in a long time that I have worn so many dresses and skirts. I am usually a jeans and tee shirt type of girl, I mean we had the money to buy nice clothes but I always got the same things. Around 11:30 I jumped in my car and drove to the lawyers office for the reading of the will. I walked in and they were all sitting at a table waiting for me. I took a seat and the reading began. After three hours the reading was finished and I drove home. My mom left Jasper and I each twenty thousand dollars spending money that was going to be transferred to our bank accounts and then she left us both money for college that we couldn't get until we turned 18. She also left us the house and everything in it. I spent the rest of the day packing the rest of the house. I was going to keep the house but everything was going into storage. I called the storage place to let them know I was dropping off the stuff tomorrow and then I called my dad.


"Hi dad."

"Bella! Is everything okay?"

"Yeah everything is fine I was just calling to tell you I was going to fly in a little sooner then I had originally planned. I actually have a plane ticket for tomorrow."

"That is fine Bella! I already let the school know you would be joining at some point in the next couple weeks. You probably won't be here until the day after tomorrow which is when Jasper has football practice so you can surprise him there."

"That sounds great. Okay I am going to go and eat dinner. I will see you in a couple of days."

"Goodbye Bella."

I hung up the phone and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a frozen pizza out of the freezer for dinner. I ate and made sure I had everything packed. After I double-checked I changed and went to bed. I again woke in the morning and took a shower. I packed my car with all the boxes that I am putting in storage and drove to the storage place. The owner helped me move all the boxes to my storage plot and I paid him for the year. I drove back home and packed all the boxes that I was going to have shipped to my dad's house. I also grabbed my suitcases and my purse making sure that I had my phone and my I-pod. I drove to the airport and checked my car into the shipping place and also my boxes. I went through the process of checking in my luggage and stuff before I settled onto my plane for the long ride ahead. I had a long day tomorrow. I was looking forward to meeting new people. I have decided to do what my mom said and live my life. I am not going to be shy Bella anymore.

Let me know what you think of the story! Please and thank you!

-Ashlee aka RosesRCold