Harry sighed as he walked down to the dungeons for his detention. He had gotten the detention from Snape because he had gotten the note he and Ron had been passing while taking notes. Harry wasn't really worried about Snape reading the note. It was after all encoded but then Snape could have decoded it but that was unlikely, the two had seemingly been talking about their next quidditch practice but in reality they were talking about which guys at Hogwarts they thought were bi or gay and of which they would have liked to get with.

Ron didn't really want to get with a bi guy because he could suddenly say he was straight. Ron wanted an actual relationship, not just a quick fuck or two. Harry though didn't mind his partner's orientation, if he and the other guy wanted a relationship he would try but if not oh well. Harry glanced at his watch as he walked down the hall to the Potion Master's room. He was 5mins early. He knocked on the door and it swung open.

Not in the least perturbed Harry took a seat at one of the front desks, Snape was sitting at his own desk. "So Mr. Potter, you and Mr. Weasly like to gossip about boys, interesting," Snape said. "I don't know what your talking about, sir," Harry replied. "Don't play dumb with me Potter, I figured your and Weasly's little code out easily," Snape said looking coldly at Harry.

"I'm not playing anything sir, I honestly don't know what you're talking about," Harry said shrugging. "Would you still be so confident if you were to drink truth serum?" Snape asked. "Of course sir, I've got nothing to hide," Harry said smirking. "Stupify!" Snape growled. Harry was paralyzed. Harry looked at him levelly as he approached. "Now let's see if what was in your note is true," Snape said. "What do you want me to do?"
Harry asked. "Hmm, you're certainly confident," Snape said. Harry shrugged, "Unbind me and I'll make your dreams real," Harry said smiling. Snape unbound him and Harry fell into him, pressing their lips together. Both men were naked a few mins later.

Snape was already hard so using everything he had learned Harry swallowed Snape's cock, slowly rubbing his own growing erection. Harry sucked him till he came then he drank it. Harry stood smirking and with a slight growl Snape grabbed the smirking boy and shoved him into a table. He forced the boy's head into the table then shoved his big hard cock into Harry's small tight hole. Harry gasped, loving the feel of Snape inside of him. Snape pulled almost all the way out then rammed back in continuously untill both came. As they got dressed Snape said, "You have detention tommorrow, 30 points to Gryffindor." Still smirking Harry went back up to the Gryffindor common room.