Detention with Snape again. In the dungeon.

When he got there, Snape blind folded him, attached a heavy metal collar to his neck, and led him by a chain. Completely unaware of where he was going, Harry followed, excited already. His cock a semi-hardened bulge in his pants.
Where ever they were going, it was cold.

When they finally stopped, he was shoved against a cold wall. Snape's mouth on his neck. Biting, kissing, sucking.
His cock got harder.

His shirt came off, his nipples hard, getting harder as Snape licked, bit, and twisted them. Snape dug his fingers into the supple flesh of Harry's stomach and back.

Harry's pants and boxers came off next. Still blind folded.

Snape's pants and cloak were gone. He was staring at Harry's naked, blind, collared body. Bruises on his neck, chest, and stomach. His cock was hard. Both of theirs.

"Knees!" Snape ordered sweeping forward.

Obediently, Harry got on his knees. Snape strode forward, thrusting his cock into Harry's open mouth. Harry deep throated him with ease, sucking as hard as he could, sliding his tongue all along Snape's sensitive underside.
Snape held the boy's head in place, forcing him closer, bucking slightly into the boys mouth, forcing him to deep throat him more.

Snape came, hot down Harry's throat. He swallowed it all greedily.


Harry stood.


Harry spread his legs. His cock harder than ever.

Snape stepped closer, waving his wand to make Harry float a few inches from the ground. He placed himself at the boys entrance and broke the spell. Harry landed on his cock hard, it going all the way in. Harry groaned aloud as Snape then began pounding in and out of him, hard and fast. Hitting Harry's prostate every time.

Snape fucked him hard, pressing him into the wall as he repeatedly shoved into the boy. He fucked him until he could barely move, finally allowing himself to cum. It shot deep and fast into the teen.
He pulled out and the teen slumped to the ground, Snape's seed dripping out.