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I am writing the beginning as a tragedy for Bella and her daughter, but bear with me please.


When you're a mother, you're supposed to be pregnant and spending time with the man you love, you're supposed to argue of paint for a room. Everything is a big experience.

I didn't get to do that… instead…

I sat, huddled on a park bench, shivering. I was wearing a mud stained and ripped sweats and almost a shirt. My hair was matted together in an uncomfortable sticky mess.

I was crying, but not because of my condition, no, because my 3 year old daughter was sobbing against my chest, her tiny body shaking from not having food in a while. Nessie was my daughter, she was truly terrified of our life, but she would never say anything, she cared about me too much, I didn't deserve her love.

It was late at night and rain was pouring down on my pathetic form. I kept kissing her tiny, purple face as my tears mixed in with the rain that was matting my hair down to my face. The mud from the prior night's sleep on the pavement was crusted onto my body, and unfortunately, my daughter's. I was screaming out to no one, and no one who passed me by cared, if anything, I was avoided entirely.

I felt Nessie's hand curl against my neck in an attempt to stop my crying, that only made me cry harder. She was trying to comfort me, even though I was the mother, and she was the daughter with zero strength to carry on. It killed me that she was looking at me through lifeless eyes.

A baby, a baby who was meant to laugh was looking at me like that… I had failed, and we both understood that. I cried out again as her eyelids twitched.

Her eyes were drooping and her boney cheeks were almost blue. I could see the desperation and despair in her eyes and I held her tightly in a failed attempt to warm us both. Her toes curled against the small amount of skin I had on my knee as her lips trembled. My body and movements mirrored hers.

I struggled to adjust us so that she was more comfortable but she just coughed and whimpered, the motion hurt her water deprived throat.

Her long hair was pressed into her skin and we had gotten several weird looks from strangers. None of those strangers had stopped to help us, nor given us a second glance.

Nessie coughed again and cried harder. I held her closer and she fell limp in my arms. I started screaming at her to wake up, I could barely register any movement around me. My tears fell over and over in mix with the rain.

It was my worst nightmare. I had ruined a life, and no one cared, the guilt weighed heavily on my shoulders as I shook, trembling from the pain of failure and loneliness and the icy cold air.

I felt pressure on the other side of me. I looked up through my teary eyes to see a mass of what looked like soft, melted honey and bronze. I looked down a little more and saw a bright spring green. They were eyes, they looked kind and sincere through my dull, brown ones.

"Excuse me, miss. Would you like me to take a look at you and your daughter?" he said in a velvety voice and I about choked.

I pulled Nessie closer to me and he chuckled. He held out his hand, "My name is Edward Cullen," he spoke over the harsh rain, "I am the head doctor at the hospital, I assure you I only want to help."

I looked at him, then my freezing daughter, who was going to die. With only her in mind, I timidly took his hand, looking at him with wide eyes, and he pulled me up.

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