Summary: AU/AH/OCC/ExB ~ Bella Swan is the owner of a bar and a bartender. She has helped countless people with their love life, and she would probably be great in her own if it wasn't nonexistent. Edward Cullen just opened a bar, too bad he didn't realized that another bar was just down the street. After one too many bad break-ups Edward has sworn his sole purpose in life is now in his new business. Now as their lives are connected between their bars, a connection is brewing like beer. Soon they will be each finding themselves having………ONE MORE DRINK.

A/N ~ for the fist few chapters it will be the same moments through different points of views, but don't worry, I have no life so this story will steadily progress.

As I wiped down the bar table I looked around at what used to be a dump. I had bought it when I had finished high school and got a nice scholarship for a couple college classes on line, and the bar was barely standing on its own. It took a while but finally I had managed to make a decent looking bar. The walls were a deep maroon giving it that seductive yet comforting feeling. The only wall that wasn't maroon was the back wall parallel to the front door. It was the wall that held all the stock and was mirrored. It might be perceived that it was to make it look stylish but deep down the real reason of the mirror was so that maybe some customers might see how drunk they are and leave before starting a scene.

Then I heard the sigh of someone drinking their problems away. Although that sigh was excellent for business, it still made me sad that someone was doing that. As I looked over I saw a regular, Mike. Usually, he was with a group of friends of sharing a glass of wine with a stunning petite brunette, though tonight he was alone and of the looks of it, he wasn't very successful of drinking his problems away.

I walked over to him wearing jeans and a tight fitted black button-up black top. The shirt was a little too tight for comfort but it was good for business but I wasn't going pass that up no matter how much it went against my morals.

"So Mike, breaking hearts or broken hearted?" I said though I already thought I knew his answer.

He surprised me by replying, "Both."

"Tell the ol' bartender," I put out there. I usually used that on customers that looked distraught, fishing for a smile. All I got from Mike was a sigh and another sip of beer.

"Jessica sat me down and said she wanted more for us, but only if I wanted it too, but after that I panicked I mean I know she was expecting me to give in, but she was talking about moving in together and maybe getting married some day and having a family." He spat out and took a deep breath after that. "A FAMILY!?!"

I guessed Jessica was the petite brunette and leaned in closer to him, "Hey Mike, let me tell you a huge secret about girls," he leaned in too, "When girls say 'only if you want it too', usually they mean it," I confided in him.

"Yeah, but she wanted so much of me, that I got scared an-and broke up with her," sob, sip, sob, gulp. "I blew it!" And then Mike slammed his head against the bar table.

"Here's what you do," I said it slowly so he had time to lift of his head, it was kind of hard not to laugh because he made it look like his head was more than one hundred pounds. "You buy her a necklace that on the front says 'more' and on the back says 'promise you'. She will be back in your arms before I have time to say 'I told ya so.'"

As I said this realization occurred on his face, "Wow, Bella Swan, you are truly a genius!" Mike praised me as he started shaking his head back and forth in disbelief.

"No I got it for that sappy chase commercial; you know the one where he fixes up a door for her in a promise of getting their own place…." After my rambling Mike had a look of determination on his face.

"How do you have time to help me so much?" He said in confusion.

Now it was my turn to sigh, "A new bar just open up down and across the street. People are attracted to a grand opening as flies are to a flame; there is always a cheap deal." After I caught a look of concern on his face I quickly reassured him, "Don't worry about me, soon all the little birds will find them unconsciously flying back to the nest. It will take a few days or weeks." As I tried to say that in my most confident tone, but deep down I was worrying like crazy, what if drove my business down? "Though I do feel sad, not that many people hit on me tonight," while saying I pulled out my saddest expression I could muster up.

Finally since I started talking to him, he laughed. "I would hit on you, but I got a woman to get back."

With that I twisted up the towel I was holding and swatted him with it, "Then get to it you lazy slug."

Mike got up off the barstool and started walking out before I shouted out, "Wait!" I took out a bottle of some of my best champagne and held it out towards him, "For good luck I'm giving you this bottle of champagne at half price. It's usually $100 but I'll give it to you for $50, and if you and Jessica don't work it out, you can back and hit me on the top of the head with it. Hell, I am so certain that this will work out I'll give it to you for only $40."

Mike walked back over to me a smile slowly spreading on his face. "You are a saint, Miss Swan." He leaned over the table and planted a quick kiss on my cheek.

Grabbing his wallet for his pocket, he took out two twenty dollar bills and then put a ten dollar under his dink.

"It's my job." I said.

And with that a very hopeful and determined Mike walked out of the bar.