Disclaimer: The Potterverse and its characters are intellectual property of J.K. Rowling. I'm just borrowing them for a short while and promise to give them back unharmed.

A/N: This is a translation of my attempt at a 100-Drabble-Challenge, claiming the character of Minerva McGonagall. The challenge is being held at my forum, Alraune, using a table of prompts we created there.

Many, many thanks to Moira of the Mountain who kindly and diligently helped me making proper English out of my ventures into translation (though we both do not claim to be masters of the punctuation marks, typos or other mistakes), and to Kelly Chambliss, giving a thorough final polishing!

I know that in the English-speaking Harry Potter fandom, a drabble is usually a very short story, whereas the exact word count of 100 is not as important. This is different in the German-speaking fandom, where a drabble is bound to the word count of 100 - or it's not a drabble.
My language skills are not sufficient to reach this goal in English, so even if my drabbles have the exact count in German, they won't in English. As I don't want to change the content of each text, and want to keep the flow of the language as close to the original as possible, I'm settling for a translation close to content and flow, but not hitting the word count requirement. I hope you will find some pleasure in reading all the same.


Minerva and the 100 prompts

by Alcina vom Steinsberg


prompt 49: cat




A feeling of – well, of what, exactly?

Unable to describe it, she found it wonderful and different from anything else she knew.

Exceptional, gorgeous, breathtaking.

Large becoming small, hard becoming soft, stiff becoming lithe.

Able limbs stretching and unbending after the exertion.

She sniffs. Odd, that smell, something like – no, she doesn't know it. Strange.

She squints. How different everything looks now. The world in a new guise.

She listens. New sounds, unfamiliar but fascinating.

She gets up. Yawns. Lolls. Lifts her head. Senses a draft.

Indeed, she likes it.

She smiles.

Wonderful, this feline body.