I Want You to Feel the Way I Feel

What is this feeling I feel for you?
Why do I have butterflys inside me?
How come everytime you kiss me my lips go numb?
Why does my skin tingle everytime you touch me?
Is this what love feels like?
Am I falling in love with you?
If So could you show me the ropes because I have no idea what I'm doing

I wanna know right now do you love me to?
or are you just pretending because if so leave
but if not stay, never go away.
If Only you knew how I felt because baby

I wanna kiss you until you see stars
I want you to touch me, make me feel beautiful
I want you to feel like I feel
because baby I'm in heaven when I'm in your arms
I wanna move to the next base
but I'm nervous baby could you help me?

Baby when I'm crying will you hold me? make me feel safe?
if I'm in pain will you kiss it better?
If she tells you she loves you will leave or will you stay?
Do you feel the eletric shock I feel when you kiss me?
Does my touch leave tingles that go all the way to your toes?
because thats what your touch does to me.

I look at them and wonder why can't we be like that
cause baby I wanna be like them, I wanna get over these nerves
I wanna walk up to you and kiss you like theres no tomorrow
if I told you that how would you react?
Did you know baby your in all my fantasys?

I wanna be that girl that no matter what I'm wearing or how I look you'll point to me
around your friends and say thats her.

Baby I want you to love me the way I love you
I want you to touch me the way I need you to
I want you to kiss me like you'll never see me again
cause thats what I feel right now, I feel like your going to leave me
I don't want to shatter into a million peices again
I want you to be the one I hold onto forever
because baby your the only one who can see past the Image and into my heart
I just wish you knew that
cause baby I love you