There's No Plan B?

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Three Days Before Trial

"Okay, so we have our plan, right?" Ichigo stated as he looked around. Byakuya was looking away from him, unimpressed, and the newly freed comrades, Renji and Toshiro, were too busy arguing.

"We all understand the arrangement. Now, my concern is that they might come up with some scheme to get us back. Most likely at night." Byakuya mentioned.

"Well, that won't happen. They aren't that desperate. Besides, they said that they were going to win, so there would be no reason to plot against us." Ichigo confided.

"Alright then, however, can we take night shifts as a precaution?"

"Oh, Byakuya, you are so paranoid. They wouldn't attack us. They can't do it. We all are more powerful then all fifty of them combined! No guts no glory."

The sixth captain shrugged. If the idiot wouldn't listen to reason then what was the point? You can't teach a bumbling moron common sense.

"Then this meeting is adjourned. Here is your paper copy of the plan and I will see you all in court." The teen passed out his plan to all three of them and waved them off.

When Toshiro finally had the time to look at the design, it wasn't exactly inspiring. It was more of an eyesore. It had poor drawings with incomplete sentences written in chicken scratch handwriting. The paper was jumbled with disappointment all across the page.

"This is terrible." The tenth captain mumbled as he wadded the instructional sheet and slipped it in is shihakusho.

10:30 PM the same day

"This is a critical meeting, ladies." Rangiku said determinedly. All focus was upon her.

"What is our plan?" Kiyone catechized.

"Our plan is this, but listen closely: first, we take out their brains so they have no memory, then, we spray perfume everywhere for the sake of our smell being hidden, then we inconspicuously drag them out to the lake and throw them in."

Astounded faces swept the room.

Their leader burst out in merriment. "You all fell for that! Whew, that was a knee slapper! Hilarious!"

She then received some disapproving looks.

"Oh, take a joke you tightwads."

Then, their real chairwoman burst through the door.

"Hey! Hope ya didn't miss me too much!" The eleventh vice smiled.

"President Yachiru. Welcome back." Nanao bowed respectively.

"What did I miss? Nothin' much I guess!" She squealed.

"We were sued." Someone said abruptly.

The girl's grin turned with a look of concern that followed. "Whadda ya mean? Sued?"

"It's just that, Madame President."

She then got the high chair and sat at the podium. A gavel was smashed against the stand. "How could ya let this happen?"

"We let a few moments of fun overcome us." Isane uttered.

"Like what?"

"It was pure torture. Verbally, though. Not too extreme. Nothing to fret over." Unohana forced a smile.

"How much?" The pink haired lieutenant pressed.

"Only ¥ 92, 222, 76." The captain said almost loosing her smirk.

"Well, we can pay that." Yachiru sat back in her chair, more relaxed.

"President, we don't have that kind of money." Nanao whispered.

"'Course we do. It's all in the safe, right? Our savings?"

"You spent all of that money on sweets." The eighth assistant frowned.

Then, the lieutenant found a freshly spit out lollipop in her hair, courtesy of her equal.

"Well, this ain't good." The eleventh assistant quivered as she ignored the person beside her whom was attempting to get the sticky food out of her hair.

"Anyway, we need resolve and apparently, Rangiku thinks she has the answer." The fourth lieutenant blurted.

"Do ya? Please share."

"This plan is going to take effect at night. We sneak into their barracks and dip their hands I alcohol and then scrape their top layer of skin off their fingertips. Next-" She was cut off.

"Pardon, but what is the alcohol for? I mean, I know that you have to take the first layer off for fingerprint disappearance." A younger member inquired.

"Well, for one, the alcohol rids their hands of germs because who knows where boys stick their hands; two, is because they erase pass traces of fingerprints also; and three, is because they might wet their pants which would be hilarious." Rangiku almost chuckled. "Any questions before I sort you into groups?"

"I have one." The girl at the podium spoke out. "Why are you givin' orders? I'm in charge!" She pouted.

"What do you say we do, Madame President?" Rangiku said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, I say follow through, but I just wanna say it myself." She turned with a satisfied grin. "Continue to give 'em orders."

"Anyhow, I have set you all up based on skill, technique, and randomness. I honestly did this by random." She again, laughed at her own joke. "I will be participating by the way. So, here are your stations: Captain Unohana and Lieutenant Isane will take a group of selected people to Renji's quarters. This shouldn't be hard considering he leaves his door open. Nanao, Kiyone, and their selected group will cover Ichigo. His whereabouts are sometimes unpredictable so this is a bit harder. Yoruichi and Soi Fon take their people and get Byakuya. Chances are he will have a more heavily guarded front door. Yoruichi will get in based on family ties, while Soi Fon and your troops will sneak in. And I will get my captain alone because others can't handle this grouchy prepubescent. We strike at 1:00AM. Clear?" The busty woman said with all confidence.

Everyone nodded and waited to be picked for a squad. Just like waiting for someone to pick you for a sport.

"Where am I going to go?" Yachiru frowned.

Rangiku bent down to meet the girl's height. "You won't be participating."

The candy addict stomped her foot down right on Rangiku's. "Why not?"

She managed to speak while wincing in pain. "Because it will be past your bedtime won't it?"

"Kenny let's me stay up as long as I want!"

"That's nice." She cracked a smile as she had a firm grasp on her aching foot.

"So what position am I?" The girl's eyes shown fire.

"You will be in Captain Unohana's."

This didn't please the brat, but at least she shut up.

When everyone was placed, it was time to commence.


Renji had decided to join Ichigo for the moment to revise his plan.

"What is this drawing of?" The red pineapple narrowed his eyes and pointed at the stick figure.

"That is Toshiro sleeping." Ichigo confirmed.

"Why are all of us in the same room?"

"We aren't! See? There are lines separating our bedrooms. That shows that we all sleep in different places."

"No it doesn't." Renji objected. "Man, I wonder if Toshiro or the captain can read this crap."

"What are you? A critic? Don't judge my work if you can't do any better yourself."

"I bet I could."

"Lies. I am a better artist than a lot of people." Ichigo folded his arms.

"I wouldn't call you an artist, more of a doodler."

The substitute stuck his tongue out at his friend.

"Ichigo," Renji said in a more straight-forward tone.


"Why didn't you let us out today?"


"Remember? You hid the freaking keys at the podium and left us for dead." Renji complained.

"I didn't leave you for dead. You're alive, aren't you?"

"That doesn't answer my question, dumbo. Why did you do it in the first place?"

"I don't know. I realized I was free and kind of seized the moment. I felt kind of full of pride. I mean, everyone is always looking down on me and stuff. To prove that I could get out and you guys couldn't was a great feeling."

"You do know that it was the captain who told you were free, and that nobody looks down on you anymore right? You're like the secret weapon of the Soul Society." Renji consoled.

"I guess so."

"Well, I better be off to bed. See you tomorrow for more trial talk."

"Later." Ichigo watched Renji leave and then rubbed his eyes. "This is not what I had in mind."


First, everyone had gone to a local bar to fill up on alcohol buckets. (Not for drinking). Then, they met in their meeting house.

"Well, there are the guy's chairs." Someone pointed out.

Everyone took a look at the four seats. One had the key still in the lock; the other had looked as if it was also manually unlocked. The other two differentiated. One had the chains torn and shattered, while the other looked unused; as if it was never locked.

"It's a shame they got out." Another member spoke which was followed by some nods.

"So, for these final moments, ladies, we will review our plans and add anything extra. Anything? No? Then we better get into positions. If we have an unsuccessful mission, then retreat and report back to the safe land. Oh, I never mentioned the safe land did I?" Rangiku pondered. Some people shook their heads. "It's the third Rukongai District. Everyone, go to your positions."

All dispersed and awaited 1:00AM.


Unohana quietly made her way towards Renji's barrack as she led her group to surround the perimeter.

The few people went into his room and followed through. They dipped his hands in the luke-warm alcohol and sure enough, he wet his pants.
Everyone tried to suppress laughter as a big dark spot appeared on his covers. They then scraped off the thin first layer of skin, put lotion and cream all over his shackle marks, took the lie detector that they all kept as evidence, and left. Easy.

Ichigo was the next culprit, and, like suspected, he was not in his barrack. He was just outside in the training ground; asleep. All Nanao, Kiyone, and the rest needed was to acknowledge he was asleep.

Although, he was mumbling nonsense, they all could refrain from chortling.

They had also successfully pulled off the mission and had seen Ichigo do things in his sleep that they could have lived without.

Byakuya was harder to do because of one key factor. He wasn't asleep. He, apparently, had followed his own idea of staying up in fear of being jumped or something. He then heard from his servant that a visitor had come for him. A visitor at an odd hour of night would be suspicious. As suspected, they were caught.

"You're just lucky you weren't asleep." Yoruichi said unhappily.

"It wasn't luck; it was logic, common sense, and predictability. Of course you would do something to rid evidence in trail." He spoke calmly as Yoruichi, Soi Fon, and the others headed back in failure.

Toshiro was last. He had fallen into the night realm on his desk with papers sticking to his face and sweet beans in one hand. Rangiku laughed slightly at her innocent captain in his sleep mode. She painstakingly lifted his arms and got him to lie on his back against his chair. His drooling suddenly got heavier which she thought was cute and gross at the same time. She dipped his small hands in the alcohol and scraped off his layer of skin. Then, lotion and healing cream was put on his heavily bruised wrists. Before she left, she pat him on the head and turned off the light.

The tenth lieutenant returned to the safe land seeing Byakuya with his sword pointed towards everyone who was there. That was pretty much all of them.

"Byakuya, what are you doing?" She said slowly.

"I'm getting you back. You resorted to attacking. This, I will not let go unpunished." He said stonily.

"We played a prank."

"Why is that? I would say it is because you are afraid of losing. You have no evidence on your side so you must even out the sides. Pitiful, really."

"We can settle this."

"How so? What could you offer that will not cause me to use my shikai right now?" He pointed the sword straight at the group leaders.

"In court. We will settle this in court." She stuck her hand out in hope for an agreeing handshake.

He then shunned her gesture and left. "Two days until court trial."

They all waited until he was gone.

"What's plan B?" Yachiru said, looking up at Rangiku.

"We don't have one." She murmured.


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