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And now, I present you with Xion's opinions of her fellow members. Enjoy.

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Chapter 1: Xemnas the Overdramatic One

Hi...I have just said the lamest introduction in history. But, it's simple, and I like it. I am known as Number XIV of the oddly named Organization XIII, Xion the Key to Oblivion. See, my title supposedly needed to sound similar to Roxas', so Xemnas decided to dub me that. Cool, I guess, considering I wield a Keyblade, too. Still...I plan on escaping the headquarters nonetheless, despite the few friends I have made.

The Superior is not one of them.

Sure, he took me in after I was reborn as a Nobody, but I find him dull. His speeches last forever, even though I discovered he tends to shut up after that. Very cold, that guy; I had no idea why he inducted me into the Organization, as if he adopted me like a new father. Xemnas presents himself as dramatic each time we attend an urgent meeting, using exquisite arm gestures to emphasize his points. Most of us will nod resignedly when asked if we understood, except Saix. He will look absolutely riveted every time our boss opens his mouth. But, I'll talk about him later. So, as I said, Xemnas strikes me as cold, though he does seem kind of...shifty.

I don't know, though...sometimes, I assume he does have a fatherly quality about him. It definitely is not obvious, but it shows just slightly. Other times, I believe that he intends to have the whole she-bang for himself. You know, take his heart and abandon us to our own fates; that is probably what he plans, too. If I describe him very well, I say that he has white as snow hair and amber eyes that look identical to a cat's. And those feline eyes definitely can pierce your soul and mind with a lethal vengeance, transfixing others with their stare. This makes Xemnas the naturally born leader he is, for he uses his unkind face to lure followers to his cause. But, it doesn't shirk away enemies.

Whatever, though. I will continue with my opinions on him and not predict what his fate will be. Technically, I speak from the headquarters, before this big plan of mine is to enact. Remember when I said I wanted to escape? I half-lied. I'm still unsure about leaving here because...

I'll explain more later. I guess Saix had a point: I do talk too much for my own good.

More about the Superior...well, he keeps to himself most of the time. In fact, he often has spectacles on outside meetings and moon observation as he reads from The Hollow Bastion Chronicle every morning, drinking a cup of decaf latte. It makes me wonder if we as Nobodies retained our humanity.

Anyway, whenever boredom strikes me, I prefer to bother Xemnas occasionally while he reads the paper. I usually use my Keyblade to knock it away from his face.

He'll glare at me with those burnt amber eyes of his and say in his strictest tone, "Number Fourteen, as soon as I finish this paper..."

By then, of course, I have already fled from the scene, but not before stealing his doughnuts, too. I can't help it—I like messing with the guy too much for my own good. I will probably wind up dead one of these days.

Xemnas likes handing out punishments, in case you haven't caught on yet. Any excuse he detects for admonishing one of his inferiors, and he tackles his rightful duty. In English, he basically is the hall monitor of our headquarters. For instance, he will see Axel tormenting Luxord again by burning the blond gambler's cards until they turn into ash. Then, on the prowl, he will take two giant steps toward that crazy redhead while barking, "Number Eight, clean the kitchens! Perhaps that will distract you from your juvenile deeds!"

Without a word in protest, Axel will trudge into the kitchens, muttering resentful curse words under his breath. For, he knows better than to mess with Big Bad Number One.

And now, I proudly present the foremost reason as to why I enjoy taunting Xemnas like I do. He is, overall, the most overdramatic out of all of us!

I find it hilarious, what with his extreme arm gestures; really, I would say ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, he waves them around like wings. Sometimes, I expect him to take flight, swooping over our heads like an ever alert hawk. The arm waving, I guess, depends on his mood. When he seriously erupts, he goes insane with his gestures. If any of us have committed a mild offense, he'll simply keep them to a minimum. Unfortunately, I was foolish enough to witness a "Xemsplosion", as I call it, when I talked too loudly to Demyx during the weekly meeting.

Now, the first step to a Xemsplosion is the look. The look is very vile, extremely fierce. You definitely do not want those amber eyes threatening to impale your very soul. That is, if you have a soul, which I know I lack.

So, the lethal eyes lock yours with a calm yet infuriated gaze.

Then comes the coughing (or better known as the clearing of the throat), which will interrupt the meeting and bring all in the room to honed in attention. Xemnas prefers to humiliate his victims before going in for the kill. As for me, I just remained collected, though Demyx paled six shades. He fears the Superior more than any of us.

And, last but not least, comes the yelling accompanied with the obscure arm waving. You should see it some time—it's that worth it when it comes to laughs. So, Xemnas straightened up in his throne and shouted, "Number Fourteen, Number Nine, would you mind telling us what is so important that you had to interrupt this meeting?!?"

OK, so on the inside I shook with fear, but on the outside, I smirked. I admit that the sin I had committed was idiotic, but I remembered to show no cowardice. That, my friends, is vital to surviving a Xemsplosion.

"Well, Superior, I was just discussing with Demyx about his music, since none of the elders seem to appreciate it." I gave Vexen, Saix, and Xaldin accusatory glares.

Xemnas proceeded to yell his head off, Demyx seemed to shrink from the lecture, and I enjoyed the show.

Aside from his inward privacy, strange obsession with Kingdom Hearts, and his overdramatic ways, Xemnas really isn't all that bad...when he isn't being evil and conniving. In fact, he behaves rather fatherly toward me sometimes. I'm telling you right now, though, that those moments are rare.

One morning, for example, I decided to commit thievery by snatching pieces of his bacon as soon as he took up the paper. Considering I love meat and breakfast food, this was only the expected outcome.

What was really weird, though, was that Xemnas lay down the paper when he finished reading the sports section. He looked me right in the eye and told me, "Xion, I will not punish you for robbing me of my bacon. In fact...have some more."

My sapphire colored eyes widened once he offered his entire plate to me; normally, he would never surrender any possessions of his (even food) to any inferior of his. So, flattered, I accepted this courteous entreaty by taking five more pieces of the succulent strips.

"Thanks, Xemnas," I beamed, popping bacon into my mouth.

"Keep in mind that this will happen rarely," Xemnas forewarned, lifting his newspaper to his face again, "so don't get used to it."

"Sir, yes, sir!" Saluting him, I teleported myself and the bacon to my room.

Our Superior, when in the right mood, can actually become a likeable guy who is easy to get along with. Sadly, this occurs (like I said) rarely, but if it does happen, I count my blessings every time. It seems at moments like these, he had devised the idea of an organization, so that he could have an extensive, dysfunctional family. In that family, of course, I'm the precocious adopted daughter—or not, considering I do like pulling idiotic pranks.

Before my wandering mind travels too far off the path, I must say that Xemnas might scheme, though he can be like a father figure to me. Part of me hopes (if Nobodies could hope) that it stays that way. But, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever in any world, so who knows?

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