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Chapter 14: Xion (Me!) the Allegedly Annoying One

Wow, after all these other members, I now end up trying to talk about myself. I'm not the best at that. The others are surely more interesting than—oh, what the heck? Well, let's see...you definitely don't want to mess with me either. I may be only five foot three, but I can pack a punch. I'm like a little stick of dynamite ready to explode. I possess more energy than the most hyper hummingbird, which tends to get on everybody's nerves. But, that's what I love about being the baby of our dysfunctional family. Don't you know that the youngest gets away with everything? OK, maybe not. As you probably know by now, I manage to get myself into too many scrapes.

I'm also charming, devilishly beautiful (ha, kidding!), and supposedly annoying. Too many people have called me that, even my own friends. They tell me, "Oh, Xion, stop this before we get you!" or some crap like that. I guess I'm annoying in the sense I like pulling pranks to get the others flustered. That's about it, though. I only want a little fun in my life. Is that so wrong? I may lack a heart, but I might as well make the best of it, you know? They say I don't have long to live, bit that's a lie. Really, I'm just going to have to beat the odds. I specialize in that, you know. In spite of all my joking nonsense, I do have a serious side few people know about.

It usually emerges when I train with the other members, from Demyx (the easiest) to Xigbar (the hardest, definitely). With my Kingdom Key, which is so blah, I get down to business. When I fight, I give it my all. Every magic technique I have ever learned as well as special physical attacks, I try to use it to my advantage. The truth is, I hate losing. So, I strain my muscles and my mind to defeat my opponent. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't; it's as simple as that. Out of all the combative fights I've been in, I have won half of them. I guess that's not so bad, having a fifty percent fighting ability. That would be good enough for most people, but I want to raise that to a hundred—maybe a hundred and ten—percent. My serious side contains my ambition, my drive, and my eagerness to become the best at what I do. Most people don't know me like that.

All these stories I've previously told show how me and a certain member connect, good or bad. Hm, can't exactly relate a time in which I connected with myself, can I? That, my good friends, is something I prefer to call self-conceit. The last time I checked, I don't have that. Maybe I'll tell just a little more about myself. For, I actually have this secret that I have never revealed before. As I said way back in the beginning, I'm considering deserting the Organization. Actually, it's not because of certain members ('cause Zexion is genuinely awesome now). The cause exasperates me. I mean, what cause? What if we don't get our hearts back? What will happen to us then? Will that Sora guy go kill us off one by one?

See, this is my whole theory on the subject that comes in the form of these many questions. Someone against us will kill us off. And, you're probably thinking that I'm brave to the point I laugh at death. You're wrong! On the contrary, I'm scared of death, absolutely terrified. If I have to remain with the Organization to get my heart back, I can't. There must be another way, some solution better than that supposed one. For, something tells me I'm connected to someone, like Roxas is to Sora. And maybe that someone is telling me to join the light side.

Meh, enough with this serious crap! Let me be funny again.

So, as I consider leaving Organization XIII (technically XIV, but who's counting?), I think of the people in my life. There's my two friends along with all the others I love to mess with. But, as you have probably guessed, there is someone special in my life as of yesterday. Yes, yesterday—it's official now. It just started off as nothing special. I grabbed a doughnut from the kitchen, and I gladly munched on it. Demyx decided to entreat me to play video games with him at this early in the morning. Chewing and swallowing my doughnut at lightning speed, I breezily agreed to the offer. My mood was fairly awesome that day. We retreated to his room and played video games for six hours.

"Woooo, beat you again, Xion!" Demyx bragged for the entire world to hear.

"Yeah, I know...but this time, I'll beat you for sure!" I challenged in my confident manner.

Zexion entered the room just then by abruptly intruding, his eyebrows slowly knitting in confusion. To explain his confusion, I sat close to Demyx but only as a sign of our friendship. Besides, we were playing video games. It's not like we were making out. Nonetheless, the Schemer sighed heavily and delivered the mundane news that usually was carried out by one of us.

"There's a meeting that will take place in five minutes. It is best that both of you prepare," he murmured before departing. "Demyx, look after her well, won't you?"

"Uh, sure, man," the blond musician replied, scratching his head out of puzzlement. As for me, I knew something was up with Zexion. I put two and two together, so that I soon realized what it was. After the meeting, I looked for him everywhere: in the halls, in the broom closet, and in every place I had ever been with him. He wasn't at any of these places, though only one spot remained.

To arrive there faster, I teleported to the balcony, where he had practically kissed me that one time. Of course, I idiotically refused back then, but now...things were different between us. We no longer fought, though scarcely talked either. I had hoped so desperately for the latter, but he would never do it. I wondered why as I observed him perching on the railing, his chin placed in his hand in deep contemplation. This had to be over that stupid gaming incident that he mistook as something else.

As a signal that I remembered the last time we were at the balcony, I warned, "Hey, dude, you're gonna fall off that railing if you're not careful. And I don't have Marly's cure leaves with me."

As much as he tried to hide it, Zexion smiled very slightly while snorting with what I can describe as suppressed laughter. I always knew I was funny. However, his grave expression appeared again, a sight I despised seeing. I mean, there's this whole other side to him that he hides all the time. He is as tricky as the illusions he casts, I swear. Admittedly concerned for the guy, I moved closer to him. He wouldn't look me in the eyes. Go figure. Apparently, he needed a little more explaining. Clearing my throat like Xemnas normally did before a very long speech, I told him in a rather soft tone, "Hey, Zex, you gotta tell me what's wrong."

Looking at me intently, he replied just as softly, "You belong with Demyx. Any fool can see that."

He's the fool, I thought. And why would he be so concerned over—oh, wait. It was so unlike him yet...

Carefully, I placed one of my gloved hands over his to comfort him, though I thought he would never need it in a million years. Surprises happen every day.

"I'm not going with Demyx if that's what you're thinking. Heck no! He's just a friend I play video games with. That's it, I swear on...on...someone's grave!"

My sapphire eyes anxiously met his to convince him that he had thought stupidly. He seemed to believe me as he gave another smile.

"I believe you, Xion. I only...no, that's not possible. Honestly, I couldn't really...care about you, can I?" Zexion inquired, which made me laugh.

"Don't get all logical on me, Mr. Science!" I joked. "Of course it's possible. You're not allowed to second-guess yourself."

His beautiful, iridescent eyes twinkled as he gracefully leapt off the railing, so that he could stand again. Wrapping his arms around me, he whispered teasingly, "Who said?"

I "wittily" retorted, "I did," before kissing him fully on the lips. What an ascent from hatred to love! I can't believe my luck now at finding a potential lover in Zexion, though he can be too sensible at times. That's OK, though. We balance each other out that way. After that awesome kiss on the balcony, we retreated to the castle as though nothing had happened. Of course, Axel and Roxas recently found out, so they're teasing me regarding my former rival and me together. Guys can be so weird like that. They treat life like the punchline to a joke.

So, there you have it. That's the Organization—just a bunch of weirdos who all happen to live under one roof. Though we look intimidating to some, we (in my opinion) aren't huge threats to, say, the human race. That's especially considering what goes on behind closed doors. Sometimes we fight, other times we come together as one. Either way, we are seriously crazy to the point I do wonder about exploring the world beyond HQ. But, whatever, I have my two best friends in the universe, Demyx, and now Zexion to keep me company. As long as I got them, I may not even run away. Maybe I'll stay here a bit longer for the heck of it. Even though there will always be Marluxia to behave arrogantly and Larxene to act like some sort of temptress, I'll stay. For, despite all the whackjobs in this place, there are a few gems. So, with these gems, I, Xion, will be along for this insane roller coaster ride.

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