Lily didn't remember much when she awoke. Her cheeks felt puffy and she quickly scooted towards the mirror. Her whole face was slightly swollen, especially her eyes. She'd been crying. With a confused sigh, she sat back on the bed. Her head made contact with the wooden headboard behind her.

She had slept in Rooster's extremely small guest room. The two used to joke and call it the guest closet. The walls were a bare white and there were boxes all around her. It would've been a closet if there hadn't been a tiny window above the bed. It overlooked the city street below. Even though the room was small and almost impersonal, it reminded her so very much of Rooster. He never had a knack for interior design, yet his apartment definitely had it's own style.

There was a soft knock on the door that brought Lily from her reverie. "I won't look if you're dressing or anything, Miss Lily. I just have some breakfast here for you. May I come in?" Eddy was slowly inching himself into the room with his one hand covering his eyes and the other hand carrying a tray.

"You can come in Eddy," Lily said smiling. She began to smooth the sheets to clear a space for Eddy and her breakfast. He turned to face her as he removed his hand from his eyes. "Good morning there sunshine. Just being hospitable. Wouldn't want you to go hungry though you wouldn't really notice the difference. You're mighty skinny there." He nodded towards her as he handed her the tray.

Lily simply nodded as she dug into the eggs and bacon he had placed before her. It was true. She was skinny. It wasn't on purpose though. she was delicate. She ate like a truck driver most of the time, yet she hardly gained weight. Her very few girlfriends were always envious of her figure.

Eddy just stared at the woman before him. Her kinky blonde hair was slightly matted. Her nightgown strap was a little too loose. Last night's makeup was smeared under her eyes. Something about the way she looked intrigued him. She had a pinched face with high cheekbones and pouty lips. Her skin was like alabaster. Her limbs were skinny but not in a gangly sort of way, and her feet were so small. The ferocious eating threw off her appearence just slightly.

When she surfaced for air, she looked up at Eddy, embarrassed that he had witnessed that whole ordeal. "I was hungry," she muttered, laughing softly. A jolly grin broke out on his face as he took her tray from. "No worries. Now if you don't mind, I'd appreciate if you cleaned up a bit. We're going out soon," he said.

"To where," Lily wondered aloud. "Nothing special," Eddy replied. "Just the park. I want you to meet someone, alright. Just get ready," he said while leaving the room. He left Lily to change.

She emerged into the kitchen wearing a simple dress. It was a soft peach color with white accents. It wasn't a dress she normally wore, but she felt that now was a good time to make some changes. If not now, then when? These words floated around her mind as she rumaged through her lone suitcase.

Eddy had been sitting at the table picking at his nails. At her appearence, he smiled gingerly and stood up. Lily noticed his smile. Just like Rooster's. It was a crooked sort of grin that titled a bit to the left. Eddy's smile was more shy than Rooster's. He looked bashful almost.

"Well you sure look nice. I hope you don't mind me saying that, Miss Lily. I was just brought up that way." He still had that crooked grin plastered over his face. Lily couldn't help but to smile back. It felt so very nice to have that warm feeling inside. Happiness almost.

"What exactly are we doing today. I know we're heading to the park and to meet someone, but are those the only details you wish to give? You're leaving me in the dark a little bit," she said. If she knew any better, she would've left. Not many women would stick around with the long lost brother of their dead lover. It all seemed so surreal.

"I'm afraid that's all I can give you. But you seem like a woman who's seen too much for her young life. I'm going to take you to someone who can hopefully straighten it all out. Don't worry. But if you're spooked, I wouldn't mind if you left. You're awfully brave for sticking around. You're not like other gals, are ya?"

She really didn't know how to answer that question so she let stand unanswered. It hung awkwardly in the air while Eddy stared at his shoes. Lily was suddenly enthralled by her fingernails. Eddy finally stood up. That crooked grin made another appearence as he held out his arm for Lily. She took it shyly, lowering her head. The two made their way out of the appartment and onto the street.