. redvision .

a colonelloxlal angst drabble

part two to BLUEDAY


N A G A S H I . N O . K U R O

They say that before one dies, his life flashes before his eyes. But what runs through his mind as he faces down Ginger Bread isn't his childhood or his teen years or even his COMSUBIN training or his years as an Arcobaleno. What unfolds from his memory isn't the Trisinette, isn't his pacifier, isn't the cowardly Viper behind him.

What he sees is blue hair and brown eyes and red goggles. What he sees is a mask of false strength over fear--

"Listen up, maggots. I'm Lal Mirch, your trainer from now on. Don't expect any mercy from me just because I'm a girl."

(Because she wanted respect, no matter how much she pretended not to care for it.)

--a mask of mock frustration over care--

"Is that all you've got, weakling?! Get up! You won't even survive your first day out there in the field if you can't take this much! Don't expect to be called a member of the COMSUBIN if you're going to be this pathetic!"

(Because she worried about them, no matter how sharp she cut them with her tongue.)

--a mask of pretend fury over despair--

"You idiot! You're going to be like this forever, you know?! What are you going to do from now on?!"

(Because she cared about him, no matter how much she tried to deny it.)

He grins. A grin unlike the ones he always showed her. A face without any false pretense. A laugh without deceit.

An expression of resignation and determination, of acceptance and hope.

And above all, a smile full of love.

"I'm giving you my heart for safekeeping, hey."

He grins, Ginger Bread laughs, Viper screams, and the battle ends in a shower of blood.

He know she'll keep it safe for him because she loves him, no matter how much she tries to turn away from that love.

I decided to write one from Colo's POV. Siiiiigh. Still crying.