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This one's another sad one. I know that I already kind of did something like this, but it was from Jaime's point of view. Time for Jeremy to shine!

Theme: Angst

Rating: T

Description: Sometimes, you just can't wake up.


Perhaps it was a dream.

There was, of course, more than one occasion the thought had crossed his mind. How could it not? After a lifetime of trials and tribulations, such a simple pleasure as a mate seemed…well, unbelievable. A bit too farfetched for his life's story.

She was far too beautiful to want to have paid attention to him, anyway. His luck was—is—enormous to have someone such as her there to love him. The way she moved, talked, felt. Indescribable.

Not that he wanted it to be a dream. Quite the opposite. Even the vague thought that one day he would wake up and realize that she had never existed was such a terrifying and depressing thought that he usually wouldn't let himself think of it. He didn't want to be alone again.

Though, he would never be alone. The Pack and their newly acquired supernatural friends wouldn't allow him to stay alone. It was quite annoying, actually. The way they hovered when he wanted nothing more than space to think.

So, in a way, he did want to be alone, but not in the life-long love partner sense. He needed her, and she needed him, yet he had failed her. He was ashamed, wallowing in his own pathetic self-pity. What's worse, he felt as if he had betrayed her.

He had assured her that it was unlikely that she would go insane; she hardly used her powers too much, and she didn't pretend they didn't exist. She had found the happy medium.

But, as the years passed, he had noticed that she seemed to steadily become a bit more frightened of any flicker of a shadow; any noise that was too loud or sudden. She would zone out for minutes and just stare at an object with nothing in her eyes, and then something would startle her back from her reverie.

He had asked her about her behavior changes, asking if there was anything that he could do to help, but she would always smile and tell him that there was nothing that he needed to worry about. That she had everything under control.

Then came the day it ended for both of them.

Jaime had a particularly pesky ghost bothering her and she was resolutely ignoring it, as she usually did. She was visiting Stonehaven for the holidays because he had insisted she attend the Meet with him. Hope had come because Karl had physically dragged her along.

They were all enjoying a nice evening by the fire, talking lazily about nothing in particular. Jeremy had noticed Jaime's stiffness; the way she was breathing deeply as she usually did to calm herself, the way her eyes were avoiding a certain spot.

"Ghost?" He had whispered in her ear, placing a protective arm around her waist and pulling her closer. She had closed her eyes and given a shaky half smile, nodding silently. Jeremy hated that; whenever there was a ghost bugging her, because he couldn't help her with that. She had to do it herself and she obviously hated it. All he could do was offer her some physical comfort. Which he did, pulling her closer to him so that she laid her head on his shoulder and relaxing.

Then she stiffened, shot up and turned to look at the place that she had been avoiding.

"Shut up," She hissed, standing up. All the conversation died and everyone looked at her curiously. Jaime's eyes flicked around the room, following the ghost. Then she whirled around and brought her arms up, stumbling back a few steps. "Shut up!" She screamed, her face torn in agony.

She pressed her hands to her ears and ran from the room. Jeremy didn't hesitate in following her. The sounds of feet behind him said that he wasn't the only one. The sound of breaking glass. Jeremy rushed into the room and saw Jaime sitting in a pile of broken glass from one of the decorative mirrors, blood running lightly from her hands. She didn't even seem to notice.

"Stop it!" She screamed again, pressing her bloody hands to her head and clenching her eyes shut. She shook her head furiously. "That wasn't my fault. I didn't want to! It was her idea! It was her fault!" She was crying. Jaime never cried.

Jeremy moved towards her but Jaime saw the movement and jumped up, stumbling and whimpering in fear. She seemed to recognize him and turned her pleading eyes onto him.

"It wasn't my fault," She whispered. Then she stiffened and turned her head to the side, her eyes losing their pleading look and being replaced with a look that he could describe. Then she turned and shrieked; "Stay out of my head!" so loud it made his ear drums rattle.

Jeremy realized that his heart…hurt. A stabbing pain as he realized what was happening. He flinched and looked away from her to see Hope holding a hand to her mouth as tears made tracks down her cheeks. There wasn't a single face that didn't show horror at the situation. Jeremy felt his breath quicken before he turned to Clay and Antonio.

"Knock her out so she doesn't hurt herself." He ordered, his voice a whisper. Clay looked over and nodded, his mouth set in a grim line as he walked towards Jaime where she now sat huddled in a ball and singing a wordless tune to herself as her hands slammed repeatedly against her ears.

He didn't wait to watch, he didn't want to. He left to call an ambulance.

They took his heart away that night. And that was the moment he began to wish it was all a dream.

He became…sulky. No matter how immature it sounds, it's the truth. The loss hit him hard.

He still did his job, but when he wasn't needed he would wander around the house and forest aimlessly, wondering to himself when this was going to end. He didn't want to visit her because it would hurt more. He was left to his memories of happier times.

And today was the three year anniversary of when Jaime was lost to him for the rest of her life.

Jeremy stood outside on the patio letting the wind blow through his hair and his mind wander. A noise made him turn to look inside the house and he saw Paige, Lucas, and Savannah walking in with Elena in the lead, obviously looking for him.

He didn't feel like seeing anyone right now.

He turned and began to head for the woods, taking his clothes off as he went. He needed a run.

Which, of course, wasn't really what he needed at all. He needed to get over himself. He knew that. But he couldn't.

All he could do was dream.


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