"Hey have you seen the new girl her name is Hinata." Said Hitomi

"Yeah she is so ugly and I hate the way she talks. I mean who can stand her, and her way of dressing is so ewww. She also listen to the ugliest music." Said Hitiomi's friend, Lea

"You two do know that that is my boyfriends cousin and my friend and I really don't like the way your talking about her, so shut-up." Tenten said then looked at Neji wanting him to say something.

"Yeah, whatever the hell just Tenten said." Said Neji who was standing right behind Tenten.

"Whatever, come on Lea and May let's go up to my room." Said Hitomi as she and her two friends went up to her all pink room.

"I don't know why you don't really stick-up for your cousin." Tenten said.

"Whatever Tenten, do you mind if I spend the night."

"Whatever Hyuga."

----------------------Next Day At School Naruto's Pov-------------------

Naruto was beyond mad, he was pissed no he was pissed off.

"WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT HINATA THAT WAY, I'LL KILL YOU IF YOU DO AGAIN." I yelled, no is aloud to talk about my Hinata-chan. Well, with the expaction of Neji, cause I'm pretty sure he could kill me, if he wanted too.

"Would you shut-up Naruto, it 7:32 in the morning, go annoy someone else." Said Hitomi.

I was ready to kill her and as I was a about to throw 'The World Dictionary' witch has every word in it.

"N-n-n-naruto please d-don't." said the person who was talked about by Hitomi and her friends.

"Don't you care that these men are talking about you." Shouldn't she care, I thought all girls did.

"Hay I'm not a man, you dipstick" said Hitomi's friends Lea.

"No and why do you care." Said Hinata, as she blushed

"I care cause your very special to me and I care about you." I said in her ear and dragged her away to someplace unknown, just kidding to the side of the building.

"Y—y-y-y-you do." Said Hinata.

"Yes of course, and would you like to help me study after school at my place, in my room, while no ones home. It could be really fun." I said in a playful tone, but for some reason unknown Hinata fainted.