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Song: "Monster" by Skillet

A black screen

Boy (Voiceover): "Do you really have to leave, Mommy?"

Fades into a shot of a young boy with dark hair and eyes looking sadly up at a woman with light brown hair as she kneels in front of him

Woman: "I'll come back for you one day, Brian, I promise."

Shows a shot of Brian wrapping his arms around his mother a single tear falls from her eye before cutting to a black screen

Brian (Voiceover): "I love you, Mommy."

Fades into a shot of a brown-haired boy cowering in fear behind the couch as a blonde-haired woman staggers toward him

Woman: "Here, Max. Come to Mommy..."

Max: "Mommy, no!"

Cuts sharply to a black screen

Fades into a shot of Brian, now an adult, as he approaches a man sitting in a chair with Max, now also an adult

Brian: "I'm trying, I really am..."

Cuts to a shot of Eric Howe in the chair, completely burned and scarred, features hardly recognizable

Eric: "Not hard enough. The only way you'll prove to me that you're trying is when they're gone... for good."

Cuts to a shot of Brian pounding on the wall as he cries out in frustration

Brian (Voiceover): "Yes, Father."

Cuts sharply to a black screen

After the incidents in Cameron, maybe it would be help to have some time away...

Shows a shot of Matt and Jeff Hardy standing outside the older's house

Matt: "What do you think, Jeff? They want us for Wrestlemania. Wouldn't it be great to be on the road again and just forget about things?"

Shows a quick sequence of shots:

Jeff falling through the ice

Matt fighting with a hooded man

Shannon Moore running over to Jeff as he stumbles out of his crashed car

Beth Britt sobbing as Matt holds her

Cuts to a black screen before fading back to the shot of Matt and Jeff

Jeff: "Yeah, that would probably be a good idea."

Shows a shot of Jeff lying in bed with Beth, her head resting on his chest

Beth: "I'm going with you."

Shows a shot of Jeff, smiling broadly, as he opens the door and sees Shannon, Julie, and Shane Helms

Shane: "Hey, if this is your big show, we're going with you, Man!"

Cuts to a shot of the Legend placing his hand on Jeff's arm

Legend: "I'm proud of you, Son."

Shows a shot of Jeff appearing on the entrance ramp in an arena as sparks fly on either side of him

Jeff (Voiceover): "This is going to be my last Wrestlemania for some time. I want to be there to see my child born. I want to be there for my family."

Shows a shot of John Morrison shaking Jeff's hand

Morrison: "Make sure you go out there and kick some ass, okay?"

Jeff: "You can count on it."

... but some things don't always go as planned...

Shows a shot of a shocked Matt in the hotel lobby as he watches an approaching couple

Matt: "Amy?!"

Cuts to a shot of Beth clutching Jeff's hand tightly

Beth: "Something is wrong about this hotel."

Shows a quick shot of a shadowy figure standing outside of the hotel before cutting to a black screen

It's time to keep friends close...

Shows a quick sequence of shots:

Jeff pulling Beth close to him as they kiss in front of a lit fountain

Matt laughing as he toasts with Shane and Shannon

Adam Copeland giving Jeff a quick, one-armed hug

Morrison laughing as he walks down the hallway with Matt and Jeff

Randy Orton smiling broadly as he hugs Beth and looks at her rounder stomach as she laughs

Shannon tenderly kissing Julie

The Legend smiling as he watches his sons

... and enemies closer...

Shows a shot of Beth smiling as she talks to Max

Cuts to a shot of Brian sitting on the fountain, playing his guitar, as the Legend approaches him

Cuts to a shot of Brian and Max sitting in the cheering audience as Jeff enters the ring

Cuts sharply to a black screen before fading into a shot of Matt and Amy standing in the hallway

Matt: "What are you doing here?"

Shows a shot of CM Punk entering the ring, grinning broadly

Amy (voiceover): "I'm here for the people I love. Is that a crime?"

Shows a shot of Matt leaning closer to Amy before cutting to a black screen

The stakes are higher than they have ever been before...

Shows a shot of Shane coughing forcefully as Matt grabs his arms to hold him upright while his glass falls to the floor and shatters

Cuts to a shot of Orton being thrown to the hard ground before violently being kicked in the side

Eric (Voiceover): "I don't care how many you have to get rid of..."

Shows a shot of Morrison being struck over the head before being tossed into a large freezer, barely conscious, as the door slams shut behind him

Cuts to a shot of Matt anxiously running toward Adam as he approaches his car, grabbing him and pulling him back, the car exploding as they fall to the ground

Eric (Voiceover): "... as long as Matt and Jeff are dead!"

Shows a shot of Beth's eyes closing as she collapses, Jeff immediately running toward her

Jeff: "Beth!"

Cuts to a shot of Shannon stepping in front of Beth as she screams

Cuts to a black screen as a gunshot is heart

Beth: "No!"

Chasing Shadows

Fades into a shot of Shannon and Julie sitting on the bed in their hotel room, wrapped in each other's arms

Julie: "What more could possibly go wrong?"

Cuts to a shot of Jeff's eyes widening with fear as a gun appears in his face

Brian: "This will be your last Wrestlemania."

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