"Can someone tell me how I would find the volume of this apple?" Ukitake asked as he held up a shiny red apple so that his 3rd period science class could see it clearly.

A girl in the front row of desks raised her hand "You could put it in container of water and see how much the water raises." She said.

"And what would that container be?"

"A graduated cinder?"

"Correct!" Ukitake chirped. He then placed the apple back on his dark colored desk in front of him then quickly turned around. Making his long white haired pony tail off over his shoulder and started to draw a cinder on the black board with a piece of white chalk. "To find the volume of an irregular object, you can-…" but he was cut off by the door opening then closing again. He sighed and put the chalk in its tray. He could hear his students turn around in their seats then start to whisper and giggle.

"Is it really that time already, Kyoraku?" he asked then slowly turned around. He watched as he friend walked to an empty seat in the middle of the class room then sit down with a smirk on his lips.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Jyuushirou." He said as he put his elbows on the desk and held his chin with his hands.

"You have come to throw things at me, haven't you?"

"That would be terribly rude. I can't believe that you would think that I would do something of such rudeness."

Ukitake narrowed his eyes at the other and Kyoraku simply waved as he smiled innocently. The white haired sensei sighed once again then picked up the chalk and went back to what he was doing.

"Has I was saying… to find the volume of an irregular object, you can put it into a gradated cinder then drop whatever it is you want to measure into the water. You want to use water when you do this because why?" he turned around.

Kyoraku and some other kids raised their hands.

"I'm not going to pick you Kyoraku because you should already know this and these children need to learn it." Ukitake said.

"But I know the answer to the question!" Kyoraku said with an innocent face.

"No Kyoraku…"

This made the geography teacher huff and cross his arms.

Ukitake then pointed to a child next to Kyoraku "Yes?"

"Because if you use oil, it wouldn't give you the right measurement?" he asked.

"Precisely." He said with a smile "Good job. With oil, has he said, it wouldn't give you the right measurements, but with water, it much less dense."

"I was going to say that…" Kyoraku said in a pouty tone.

Ukitake shook his head then turned around again. He was about to speak when he heard the class room door open and close again. When he turned around, he saw that Kyoraku was gone. He smiled "He must have given up." he said happily.

But then the door opened again and Kyoraku walked inside. Ukitake's smile disappeared and he sighed. He put the chalk down and crossed his arms as he leaned against the wall behind him. "Will you please make up your mind if you are going to stay in my class or leave Kyoraku?" he asked.

Kyoraku didn't answer. He just walked up to his friend's desk and picked up the apple.

"What are you doing?" Ukitake asked.

Again, Kyoraku didn't answer his question. He glanced at the clock then back at the apple. He then took a large bite out of it. "Mmm... that's a good apple." He said.

Ukitake's mouth dropped open "Kyoraku! I have to use that apple for my other classes!"

Kyoraku swallowed "Well if you're going to have a fit about it, then take this one." Kyoraku dug in his pocket and tossed his friend another apple.

Ukitake caught it then looked at it "Why did you just eat this one?"

"Because your apples taste better." The older one explained as he put one hand in his pocket and took another bite of the apple in his hand. He walked over to an empty desk in the front row and sat on top of it.

The science teacher stared at him then looked at the apple. "I don't trust your judgment in fruit…" he said as he took out a knife then place the apple on his desk. His class watched as he cut the red fruit in half then open it. Once he did, Ukitake jumped back and dropped the knife.

"Oh gross Shunsui!!"


"There's a worm in the apple!!"

The class all made an 'ew' sound as Kyoraku stood up. He glanced over his friend's shoulder with a lazy look. He took another bite of his apple "Hmm." He swallowed "Would you looky there. There is a worm in the apple. And it seems to me you just cut that worm in half."

"Shunsui that is disgusting!" Ukitake shouted at him.

"Well how was I supposed to know that there was a worm in that apple?"

"Was there a hole somewhere in the apple?!"


"Then there's a good chance that there's a worm in it!!"

Kyoraku looked up at his slightly mad friend then down at the almost gone apple in his hand. He held it up "You want this one back?"

"Not after you've eaten it!"

"But it's not all the way gone yet."

"Shunsui…" Ukitake growled.

Kyoraku's head went down and he walked to a door next to the black board. He opened it and walked inside, then shut the door.

Ukitake crossed his arms "That's the wrong door Kyoraku…" he said then sighed. He walked over to the door and knocked on it. "Kyoraku come out of there." He said.

"No! You're going to yell at me!" Kyoraku shouted back.

Ukitake rolled his eyes then sighed "I promise I would yell at you…"


"I just said I did."

"Super promise?"


"Super duper promise?"


There was a pause and Ukitake looked at the door. "Kyoraku?" he called through it. Then the door flow open and Kyoraku jumped out. He quickly grabbed the white haired science teacher and pushed him into the closet then slammed the door shut. He locked it.

Ukitake's eyes widened and he started to bang on the door. "Kyoraku let me out of here!" he shouted.

Kyoraku laughed and turned to Ukitake's class. He pointed at the door "I locked him in the closet!!" he shouted then quickly ran into the side room that connected his room to his friend's.

The class sat there for a moment then looked at the door.

Ukitake sighed "Can someone open the door please?" he called.

One of the students stood up and walked over to the door where she unlocked it. Ukitake opened the door and smiled at her. "Thank you." he then glared at the side room where he saw his friend peeking through the door's window at him innocently.

"Just wait until 5th period Kyoraku…" he warned.