"Ah… happy day, happy day~!" Kyoraku sighed happily as he leaned back in his leather chair in his class room. He put his hands behind his head and propped his feet up on his desk. Today he wore a flowered button up shirt and a pair of jeans, instead of something a bit more formal. He started to whistle a happy tone as his students walked in the room. He smiled at them "Mornin'!" he said happily.

The kids looked at each other and smiled.

"Why so happy Kyoraku-Sensei?" someone asked.

Kyoraku grinned "Oooeee! Children you are going to looooove this!" he sang.


Ukitake smiled when he saw his kids hurry into his class room and take their seats. He held his hands behind him and had his hair down for class this time. He wore a plan black shirt and a pair of jeans today.

"Hey, Ukitake-Sensei has his hair down today!" one girl whispered to another.

Ukitake chuckled some "I'm glad you all are smiling today! Because I have a wonderful surprise for you, but you have to answer these questions correctly: what's cold and creamy and comes in many different flavors?" he asked.

They all raised their hands and Ukitake pointed to a boy in the back "Yes?"

"Ice cream!" he shouted.

"Very good! Ok, now what is something that is sometimes round and has icing on top?"

"Cake!" someone shouted out.

"There you go! Now can anybody tell me what I have in this box?" Ukitake asked as he put his hand on a large box on his desk.

All of a sudden, Kyoraku popped out from the back room and smiled wide. He raised his hand "Oh, oh! Pick me!" he shouted.

Ukitake laughed and pointed to him. "You there!"

"Cake and ice cream!"


Everyone in the class room cheered and clapped as the two teachers laughed.

But then one girl raised her hand. Ukitake looked at her "Yes?"

"Does this mean that you and Kyoraku-Sensei are friends again?" she asked.

Ukitake smiled and looked over at his friend who was messing with a stereo system against the wall near the windows. Kyoraku lifted his head and turned it to look at the science teacher.

"Well what do you think Shunsui?" he asked.

Kyoraku gazed at him for a moment then smirked. He clicked a button on the stereo, making the song Shake It by Metro Station play. "I think you need to get your butt over here and dance with me!"

Ukitake laughed and nodded. "Yes, we're friends again."

The class cheered again and Kyoraku walked to the other. He grabbed the other's wrist and pulled him in front of the large desk. He knew that the other didn't want to let his class know that they were together so he started to do his own thing as he danced. Ukitake laughed and clapped his hands as he watched the other.

"You look like an idiot Shunsui!" he shouted over the loud music.

"Well don't just stand there! I think your class wants to see you bust a move!" Kyoraku turned to the class "Am I right?!"

"Yeah!!" they shouted.

Ukitake laughed again "Ok, ok!"

Kyoraku started to dance again and Ukitake copied what he did but moved forward when he stepped back, being careful that he didn't trip again. The class clapped to the beat of the song as they watched the two teachers dance away and they laughed.

Kyoraku smiled wide and secretly winked at the other and Ukitake smiled back.